A/N Update:

I know I know not an update like you guys want, but rather an announcement and some decisions I have made regarding Return of the King.

Return of the King was originally written and conceptualised 5 years ago - since then a lot has happened. I finished writing a novel, still editing it. I went to Uni, and I studied Professional Writing and editing. So I am going back through ALL of my stories and the ones I want to hold on to are being edited, changed and updated to make more sense?

Return of the King was originally written by a girl with a wild imagination but no sense of structure or story telling abilities but a love of writing. Two years in University studying professional writing and editing has improved my skills, given me a sense of structure, story, and character development according to a plotted timeline.

Like let's be honest, I read back through RoTK and went "WTF was I thinking?" at many different points and I will completely agree that this is was some not well thought out writing with many plot holes and little to no character development. Though, I will still be working with the premise of King Harry vs The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and each of their 4 Generals it has changed drastically into an AU crossover fic which will feature many of my favourite pop culture characters.

Without beating around the bush, Return of the King will be marked "Completed" and a new story will be posted.

Until the update, Alice out!