When Dipper got the e-mail from Mabel to go to her place ASAP, he didn't hesitate. Given this did not happen so often, he made the run for it. He didn't care if he would be called out on his sister complex again by his friends at Campus. The only thing that rushed in his mind was Mabel may be in danger because she would either have called him or left a message. For her to write an e-mail was almost unspoken of. With this, he concluded that this e-mail was not sent by his twin but by someone else. So if someone else sent it, how did they get the control over her address and password? Which must have been Waddles for all Mabel was worth she gave the worst passcodes ever in history.

His legs carried him faster than he remembered they could do. Mabel's room was at the backside of the big dormitory hugging the old school building. How many times did he ask her to change vacancies? How many times did she refuse, all the time saying he was a silly-billy worry wart? He gulped when he finally reached the big door to the dormitory. It was still middle of summer, only some freeloaders loitered around the building. He took the first step cautiously, checking his phone once again. He got here fast, still it felt like an eternity.

The dormitory was empty expect the janitor who was whistling an annoying song while almost dance mopping the marble floor. Dipper took extra care not to be seen, then run for the room 220. Mabel decided to move in early, pushing the Dean to let her live here for the rest of august. The boy halted before the door which was decorated with a big rainbow and her name in glitter. No matter how old she became she was still her extraordinary self. He had to smile at her antics.

When he finally pushed the handle it gave in way too easily, so he could get in without any problem. The room was, however, empty, and neatly decorated. He was expecting hints of fighting or a corded Mabel wincing in the corner. None of that was there, and he felt a second of relief. Then his brain started to push more absurd scenarios, and his imagination went overboard.

The room had only one bed and a chair bed in the corner, a desk where her over-stickered laptop lay without a scratch. The wall was plastered with old and new photos of them and Gravity Falls. Then her new friends here in Collage. The middle had her picture with Waddles and the blue ribbon of them winning.

Dipper felt his fingers twitch as his eye scanned the room for any evidence of why he had to come here ASAP. She never used ASAP before. She would say it in a totally wring up way, not this standard shit.

It wasn't her style.

While he contemplated all the possibilities someone started to tinker with the lock on the other side of the door. His body got into fighting position automatically. Mabel would not have to tinker she would just burst in because she knew that the door was not locked. He heard metal hit the floor then a small swear from a shaky voice before the culprit finally barged in the room. Pushing the door back with all their might, so it almost broke by the handle.

Dipper's eyes widened in surprise because, it was not Mabel, but it wasn't a culprit either.

The burglar had long blond hair braided into a long tail behind their small frame, which now pressed against the door. Her body shook, and she heaved, the symptoms of running. Her feet seemed to root into the old wooden floor as her whole weight pressed against the door.

Before he could ask what she was doing, a tremor ran down his spine. From the hallways direction, a low grumbling could be heard. He wasn't the only one, the girl seemed to push even harder as the voice got closer and closer.

"Come, come, come out…." the low voice chanted sweetly as he knocked on every door while advancing towards them. "I know where you are…" it was almost like a song.

The girl whined and her shoulders stiffened, her back flexed as her muscles gave 120%. For a minute, it became completely silent and Dipper almost spoke up when the door started to rumble. Someone kicked it fiercely and the blonde slipped back. She was already on her toes pushing back with all her might. "I found you ~" the voice filled the air while hammering the wooden door from outside.

"GO AWAY!" the girl cried out, her voice hoarse and filled with anger and fear.

"Come, come, come out!" the voice chanted. "You know I love you~"

"GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!" she shouted back. Her words were calculated and as far as Dipper could see from behind her, her head remained held high all along. Her stare bearing holes into the wood before her.

The rattling became stronger as the stranger started to vary between kicks and hits. The girl was holding her ground pushing back and holding her helpless sobs back. "THIS IS MABEL'S ROOM!" she cried, and Dipper finally realized where he was.

"YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!" she shouted. Then her voice broke as a stranger's hand pushed the door with her.

She glanced up at the boy who she didn't remember seeing when she burst into the room, her body froze.

"You heard her!" Dipper said his voice filled with promise.

A small whine could be heard from the other side, as for the last time the door rumbled and the guy from the other swear calling the girl names before his voice disappeared completely.

Dipper sighed and his stare wandered down to the girl who now was still in her pressing posture but her face was turned towards him. Her big blue eyes were filled with fear as she examined the boy behind her. Her hands tingled on the wood and Dipped could tell she was contemplating running for it. Was it not for the guy who must have still been outside the dorm.

After a long moment of silence, Dipper finally found his voice and let the door go stepping away from the frightened blonde. "Hi…"

"Who are you?" the girl asked, she turned so now her back was pressed against the door, her hands crossed before her chest. She stared at the taller guy, her voice was wrapped in intimidation, but Dipper could tell she was still afraid.

He felt the stare heavy on his face, and when he wanted to scratch the back of his neck the girl's muscles flexed, ready for anything. He let his hand fall and watched the girl follow the movement, then finally finding his face again.

"I am Dipper, Mabel's twin? And you?"

The knotted blonde eyebrows finally let up slowly then they started to wander upon her face. Her eyes became bigger and a new and kind emotion filled them. Her body became lax and her knees gave in. She slowly slid down to the ground, her breathing becoming normal again.

Dipper watched the whole ordeal with amusement, as her head rolled back looking up at him, and a small smile playing on her chapped lips.

"Look it's Mystery twins minus one…" she chuckled, wiping the sweat from her forehead, then realizing what she was doing she started to rearrange her bangs.

The familiar nickname rang a bell in his head, plus the blonde hair the high and mighty attitude and the bratty voice, he made his calculations. For now, it was his turn to turn into a surprised mess.

"Pa…Pacifica Northwest?" he crouched down, staring at the still ruffled girl.

"Who else?" she gestured richly.

"I can't believe it!" he sighed, finally pulling his cap off and running his fingers through his hair. "What are you doing here?"

"What are you?" Pacifica's voice changed so much from the time she first stepped into the room that Dipper could make two different type of girl out of them.

"Mabel called me." he stood up grabbing a stack of papers, flipping them through while still looking for any clues.

"And you came running, hm?" she drawled on still sitting on the floor.

"You came running too." his eyes never left the desk so he missed the light pink flush that painted Pacifica's face.

"That's because I was…" she tried to push herself back up, but her arms and legs thought otherwise so she remained on the ground swearing about how useless her limbs are.

"Have you seen Mabel lately?" Dipper continued to disregard the girl behind him and started up Mabel's old PC.

"No…" almost a whisper as she tried to get up, without any effort yet again.

"You lie, " Dipper pointed out, his eyes staring at the blank black background of the monitor where only two video files sit on the desktop. "you wouldn't have come here running if you didn't know she was already here."

She clicked her tongue in irritation. "Okay…" her sight was so long that the boy thought that she finished her sentence "…she told me to come here when…" she gulped "…when in trouble."

Her head rested on her left shoulder and she desperately tried to avert her eyes from the guy before her.

Dipper finally turned to her direction and examined the scene before him. The room was untouched, leaving the opened lock alone. Which again, wasn't broken up, Mabel simply left it so. Everything was in order, then here was the laptop and the fact that Mabel would always use some bright and irritating coloured background rather than leave it black.

Then here was Pacifica who had just so conveniently run here from whatever guy she must have made angry. His head started to hurt just by the thought of his sister taking care of Pacifica's unwanted suitors. Said girl still sat on the floor, trying to escape any eye contact if possible.

"So why are you here?" he asked.

"I said I…" she started her voice pitching high.

"You told me why you ran here." he pointed at the door, leaning forward towering over the small girl. "You never told me why you were on Campus in august."

Pacifica flinched.

"I don't even remember Mabel telling me you choosing the same Collage as she." his fingers counted the questions she had to answer or else. "When was the last time we saw each other by the way? Three years? Was it five?"

The girl averted her eyes again finally pulling her long legs up to her chest. After a big gulp, she looked up to Dipper, her eyes full with irritation.

"Me studying here, don't make me laugh!" she smirked, the corners of her lips twitching a bit. "Your memory must be shit, the last time we met was three years ago on your birthday party at the Falls."

"Hm…" Dipper scratched his chin, pushing his cap back a bit. "And Mabel?"

"Mabel what?" Pacifica's desperately sidestepped the question.

"When did you last see my sister?" his voice now became irritated too.

"Don't talk to me like that!" the blonde snapped up, finally pulling herself up so she could turn tables and tower over her interrogator. "Last week, okay! I met her last week here, are you happy now?!" her hands on her hips she leaned forward, her nose almost touching Dippers.

"Actually no, I am not." the boy said not letting her gaze go. "Mabel called me over, but it was way too unsuited for her." he pointed at the laptop "Now I find you in her room, and on her PC I find only two video files addressed to me and a Paz."

Pacifica finally looked up at the monitor, where a panel blinked with the word password in red. She let her hands fall and sidestepped the boy who turned with her to look at the screen. Her brows crooked and her head tilted to the side contemplating the kind of thing the silly Pines could have given as a secret password.

"Did you try the dirty pig's name?"

"Waddles was not the password."

"You really tried it?" she snorted.

Dipper shrugged, her sister tended to have the difficult things at most unconventional times. All her passwords were Waddles back in the day, she didn't really care for her private things. The more he found in this room the lesser he understood.

"Wait…" Pacifica leaned over the boy, her fingers running on the keyboard. Hitting enter with way more force than needed. Just to listen to the irritating *beep* sound again.

Dipper snickered at the girl's disapproving snort.

Pacifica huffed, pouting a bit then she turned and started to peel off her sneakers. Dipper watched the ordeal. She then proceeded to fold out the chair bed and slumped down to the furniture.

"You are staying."

"Yes." her hands promptly let her hair down, the braid leaving small waves in her long blond hair.

"But you don't want to help." he concluded, leaning back in the chair, his eyes still on the screen.

"Nope." she lay down the mattress, pulling the old baby blue blanket over herself.

Dipper heard her swear under her breath when he tried to decipher the password for multiple times before he decided to lay down himself. He had chosen Mabel's bed, off course. He glanced over his temporary roommate for the last time before, checking his phone again. It was so not his sister's style just to disappear like this. Not when she – if it was really her – wrote to him to hurry over. He looked up to the ceiling where Mable made him paint constellations. She bought a fluorescent paint and they used that, so now all the stars of the night looked down on him, faintly luminescent on the dark blue paint.

He felt sleepiness take over him, the half hour running without restraint and the strain that this whole situation put on him finally started to strike back.

Before he realized it, it was already morning. The morning sun shone through the small window, illuminating the whole room. He grumbled and turned to see how his roommate was doing. He almost jumped out of the bed when a long pale leg clad in baby blue blanket came in his vision. Pacifica sat on the chair before the laptop, her eyes were drowsy and her features all screamed fatigue.

He tried to stop his thundering heart, he didn't expect to see anyone so close to him this early in the morning. His gaze followed the girls, and he saw how she silently typed, just to be rejected once again. She huffed, but she seemed like she tried to do it quietly so Dipper would not wake. He watched her fingers tap to a rhythm that only she could be hearing in her head. When he tried to listen carefully he could hear a really small hum from the blonde.

She typed away again and tsk-ed when it was wrong again, grabbing the notepad he used last night to write up his tries, she added something to the list and finally turned to his direction.

When she caught him staring red handed she smirked, seductively lowering the blanket so her bare shoulders would show. She chuckled when Dippers face became red from embarrassment.

"Good Morning, sleepy head…" she said leaning back, still waiting for Dipper to finally get himself together and look at her properly.

"Go..Good Morning…" his gaze turned to the window where the sun was already happily shining. Today was going to be hot again. "Found anything?"

Pacifica, rolled her eyes pushing the notepad to the guy's chest. "Nothing…" she pulled her hair up to messy bun. "Whatever she give as a password she made that secret hidden away really good." she huffed pushing the chair back and letting Dipper get to have his way with the device.

He grumbled about Pacifica's handwriting which was hardly readable, and he just knew that if he asked her she would just make it harder for him. He tried to look over the hundred words she tried while the girl hummed quietly next to him. He didn't know the song but it was somehow familiar, he felt anger take up his soul as he flipped a page filled with words one after another.

He ran his hand through his hair and swear "Mabel was never good with secrets…why now?!" his voice was filled with agony.

The blonde looked at him sceptically. "She is great with secrets now, just so you know."

"Yeah, like you would know…" he laughed ironically.

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever…" she pouted and flexed her toes out and in again and again, watching her painted toes lazily.

"You tried every name, every band, and every food she likes…" Dipper finally said.

Pacifica nodded, now spacing out on the small light fleck on the table.

"How do you even know these?" his voice was filled with surprise when he finally get to the last word where his real name was written in her messy handwriting.

She smirked, her head resting on her knees. "It's a secret." her nose wrinkled from the smile she beamed at Dipper.

"Heh.." when Dipper remembered this girl, her smile was always either cruel or mocking. Leaving that one time when they hid away in her family's secret room. "I don't have any more ideas."

Pacifica rubbed her eyes, staring at the screen all morning wasn't good for her. When she got up and found Dipper sprawled on Mabel's bed she felt sorry for him a bit. So she tried her best to further the search for the secret password. Before she knew she heard herself hum again, glancing over to Dipper just to make sure he didn't hear that. Slumping down in the chair she watched Dipper try yet another false password.

His head lowered in disappointment, it seemed like he had no other idea either. She smirked, this was so not Dipper, he loved mystery and to unlock hard theories. Finding secrets and unfolding them. Seeing him this distraught, even after three whole years was kind of a let-down.

Suddenly a realization hit her. She almost toppled the chair over as she bent forward pushing Dipper back to the bed.

"Hey!" he repined.

"Sh!" she tapped on the keyboard, then stopped for a second for the dramatic effect.

When she pushed enter and the video player finally blinked green and started to play. She stopped it fast, glancing at her companion with a superior smirk.

"How?!" Dipper almost pushed the girl from the chair while examining the device. "What was the password?!" his face beamed.

"It's secret." Pacifica smiled, ruffling her bangs.

"Come on tell me!" the boy was so distraught from the rejection that he almost pouted.

"It is SECRET." Her fingers wrote the letters one after another into the air.

For a moment, Dipper looked at her with a dumbfounded face before breaking out laughing. After a while, the girl joined in and they almost couldn't stop themselves. When Dipper brushed a tear away from the corner of his eye, he finally redirected his attention to the video, which was addressed to him.

* Is this on?* Mabel's voice was filled with mischief just like always. *Ah, it is!* she giggled and the watchers had to smile. Finally her face came into view. She wore one of her sweaters light pink with big white stars, her hair looked messy and she beamed. *Hello Dipper! If you watch this it means that I am lost…* her face became deadly serious. *Dun! Dun! Dun!* she laughed after her dramatic effect which didn't convince either of the onlookers.

*No, actually it means that you got my e-mail!* she pointed to the background where her PC blinked happily. *Which is funny because I haven't sent it yet.* her brows knotted for a second. *Wait, I am speaking from the future, from the past to the past future?* She giggled then proceeded with her speech.

*This year I wanted to give you a really great birthday gift Sir Dippingsauce!* she blew into a party horn.

Pacifica looked over to Dipper who was so immersed in his sister's monologue that he seemed to forget that she was still in the radius of 1 meter.

*Because this year - again - you didn't want to go to Gravity Falls, because of some dumb school stuff…* her smile broke for a split second which both of them caught. *I present you with a birthday chase!* she popped a party popper.

"What?" Pacifica tilted her head.

"Sshh!" Dipper instructed while watching intently.

*You have a month to find me, I am one week before you.* Mabel winked. *Your starting point is my room, and the next hint is hidden here! You may use help if there is!* she opened her arms including the whole room. *Good luck Dipper!* she blew a kiss and the recording ended.

They remained silent, for a long time before Dipper wanted to play the video again. Pacifica stopped him.

"Wait I have a message too." she pointed at file entitled to Paz.

"It really is you then?" the boy asked not surprised at all. "Is that your nickname?"

"She gave it to me one-sidedly." she scoffed while starting the record.

*Hi Paz!* she shouted. She was wearing the same outfit as before so she must have made the two the same day. *If you are watching this you found out my Secret.* Mabel giggled. *Secret, get it?!* she wiggled her eyebrows.

Pacifica couldn't help but smile.

*So, he came back huh?* her demeanour changed altogether. So much that Dipper stopped checking every book on the desk searching for the clue. The blonde became smaller in the chair and could only hope that Mabel won't tell anything too detailed.

*It may be that you and my brother are here together…* she contemplated rubbing her chin.

The watchers looked at each other. *So if he is there you can go with him, it will be fun!* she chuckled. *Or stay here, it's safe here.* she smiled sincerely at her audience. *If Dipper finds me I'll be back soon and we can go to have fun again!* she smiled and waved bye.

The video stopped and Pacifica stood up. Letting the blanket hit the floor she stomped over to the temporary bed and started to rummage behind it. Dipper watched for a while, then decided to rewatch Mabel's message. No matter how long he watched he couldn't find out her motive. Well, he knew she wanted to go back to Gravity Falls this summer too, but it was just too complicated now with school work and real work. Leaning back he looked up at the photo with Waddles. From his point of view, the pictures corner was a bit creased. His fingers touched the picture lifting it a bit, so something slipped down.

His body moved faster than he anticipated and he ripped the picture from the wall revealing a small paper. He smirked and unfolded the paper.

*nice try :9*

Dipper frowned and pushed the little scrap into his pocket. He peeled the second picture from the wall. Another paper fell from it.

*nope w*

As relieved he felt when he found out that his sister was safe and sound, just as irritated he started to get after a few minutes of ripping down picture one after another.

*too bad T-T* *not this one…* *almost…haha* *nope Ow* *try again!*

Pacifica sat on the out folded mattress, duffle bag on her lap and watched the guy get madder and madder by the second. Each and every picture fell to the destroyed bed.

Dipper became taller, way taller than her. Well, Mabel was taller than her a bit too so she should have seen this coming. She hugged her bag and watched the guy work. His cap, which he never put down back then, lay on the desk. His hair was a mess, and every now and then he ran his hand through it irritated. She smiled, this seemed to become a habit of the guy.

She examined his arm from the distance, the red hoodie hid a lot of it but she could see a hint of a tattoo on his left arm. She tilted her head to the right, then back and her brows knotted. She repeated the movement and waited for Dipper to rip the last photo from the wall.

She watched him grumble than empty his pockets. All the small white and pink papers lay before him. Pacifica already knew what he was trying to do. It amused her to no end how this guy become when it concerned his sister. She remembered how jealous she was back then. She really wished someone cared so much for her.

She snickered when Dipper didn't find anything and wanted to play the video again.

"Hey, Sir Dippingsauce!" she waved at the guy when he finally turned to her direction.

"If you say it, it sounds like an insult…" he grumbled but jumped down from the bed.

Pacifica shrugged and waited till Dipper got to her.

"What?" he looked down on her, meeting clear blue eyes.

She smirked and pointed at the direction he just came from.

"Are you trying to joke with me?" he lowered his voice dangerously.

"No." she stood up and had to stand on her tiptoe just to turn the stubborn guy's head. "Look." she pointed again.

When Dipper finally looked to the direction his breath caught. The wall was slightly coloured where sun and dust could touch it. However under the pictures, the wall remained pure white. If one squinted a bit it looked almost like numbers. Well roughly disfigured numbers, but still numbers.

He heard the low beeping sound indicating that Pacifica already put the numbers into her phone's navigator.

"With this it's 2-0 to me Pines." she smirked, flashing her phone before the angry boy.

"Who said this is a contest?" he asked pulling his backpack and arranging it.

"Me." Pacifica pushed the duffel bag so its holder crossed her chest.

"Who said you could come with me?" he continued while watching the girl close the door behind them and falling into his pace.

"Mabel." Pacifica smirked again because she knew this one thing was the only thing Dipper wouldn't disregard.

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