Another Space War

Disclaimer: Macross/Robotech belongs to Harmony Gold; with GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri is by Takumi Yanai. OC that will be appearing will be mine

A/N: Will be using the original character names and terminology from the original series before Harmony Gold imposed their own. However I do plan to use some elements from Super Dimensional Cavalry a.k.a. Southern Cross.


2016 July – The Gate opens in Alnus Hill, start of the Empire-Japan War.

2017 March – Empire-Japan War formally ends with Piña Co Lada elevated to the throne. She forms a lasting treaty with Japan.

2017 November – China and Russia finally declare war on Japan over the Gate. Still under a mutual defense treaty, the U.S. comes to Japan's aid. Fighting for control over the Gate soon spreads to many countries, engulfing the world in a Global War.

2018 April – A gigantic celestial object crashes on Alnus Hill obliterating much of the Special Region, including all JSDF presence. The Gate somehow stands intact after the impact. Many communities within the Special Region are heavily damaged. Ninety percent of Sadera is destroyed by the shockwave by the blast, killing tens of thousands. Empress Piña survives.

A worldwide cease fire is declared in light of the great disaster on the other side of the Gate. Japan finally transfers supervision over of the Gate to the U.N. on the condition that it honors the treaties it made with the Empire and with the other nations and peoples of the Falmart continent, dealing with them on equal terms. International humanitarian aid finally pours in through the Gate to the beleaguered peoples of the Special Region.

2018 June – The object that crashed on Alnus is discovered to be a huge spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. Information blackout is strictly enforced over this discovery.

Reconstruction efforts by the U.N. on the communities in the Special Region go underway.

A series of secret summits is attended by representatives from every nation, including those of Falmart. They discuss the discovery of the alien spacecraft and threat it poses to all. Almost all agree to form a united front against a possible alien invasion. They propose drafting the layout for a United Worlds Government. Some governments do not agree with the proposal and eventually walkout from the proceedings.

2018 August – News of the alien threat and the plans for a United Worlds Government is finally leaked to the public. Many are skeptical of the alien threat though and consider it as an excuse by the rich and powerful nations to push through with their one government scheme.

2018 September – With the secret finally out in the open, the U.N. pushes through with the construction of a city around the alien wreck and the Gate in Alnus that would serve as a buffer zone between the two worlds' cultures. Plans to rebuild and reverse engineer the alien craft and its technology is also underway.

2019 January – In New York, America, the U.N. formally declares establishment of the United Worlds Government. Shortly after, a terrorist bombing destroys much of the U.N. building, killing many.

Weeks after the bombing, the Anti-Unification Army makes itself known to the world and claims responsibility for the attack, opposing any plans by the powerful nations in establishing a Unified Worlds Government and to destroy the Gate which is believed to be the source of all conflict and misery in the world. Several terrorist attacks are conducted on many of the major cities across the globe by the group.

Unfazed by the group's extreme opposition, the U.N. pushes through with the formation of the United World's Government and goes on the offensive against the Anti-Unification Army forces.

2019-2028 – Construction of Alnus City progresses in spite of a number of setbacks, some AUA related.

New Global War against the Anti-Unification forces continue on much until the end of the decade with AUA elements drastically reduced and eventually pushed to a corner.

Much of Falmart prospers under the United Worlds Government. Emergence of a Falmart AUA faction comes to light, mostly coming from nations not under or opposed to the Empire.

U.N. declares total victory over the AUA on the Earth side but it is believed remnants of the group have gone into hiding.

U.N. Spacy established. Most of its assets and facilities are transferred to the Falmart side in anticipation of a possible alien encounter occurring there first.

The Armies of Falmart is formerly founded by Empress Piña through the help the U.N.'s technological and military exchanged and training program to the Empire.

2029 – Inauguration of the Alnus City and of the SDF-1 Macross. Our story begins.