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I Choose You

Chapter 1

Hermione groaned, there was a gap in the curtains and the sun just so happened to find that one gap to shine through, she slowly peeled her eyes open only to shut them tight as the bright beam of light shone in to her open eye. She threw an arm over her eyes and sighed.

Next time she would sleep on the other side of the bed, the side that faced the wall. She removed her arm only to blink rapidly as the sun blinded her once more, she turned her head and buried her face in to the neck behind her. She twisted slightly and she felt the body move, the bare arm around her waist tightened against her waist and she pushed herself against him. His skin was warm to the touch and she entwined her cold feet to his legs.

"Feet cold," he muttered as he buried his face into her wild tangles of hair on her head. She grinned and wrapped an arm around his waist and closed her eyes.

"I'm cold," she muttered only to feel him chuckle, his other arm that was laid underneath her curled around the back of her body and around her waist, the arm previously occupying her waist shifted lower only to rest on her bum.

"Bum's warm," he muttered squeezing the pale cheeks.

"So is yours," she muttered as she slid her own hand down from his waist to his bum. She could feel him smile in her hair and she finally opened her eyes, from here she could see the small scar that ran down his collarbone. Removing her hand from his bum she ran a single finger across the scar. "You never told me how you got that," she whispered as she stroked the lightened skin. The body that was doing a lovely job of keeping her warm moved away and she whined from the lack of contact, he chuckled once more and looked down to where her hand was.

"It's an old scar, I was playing in the back garden with Theo Nott when I was a kid and we were playing chase and we ran into my mother's garden, and around the roses that she had planted were vertical slates almost like a decorative fence and I tripped and as I landed I caught my skin on the corner and it cut me." He explained as his larger hand cupped hers. "If you wanting to stroke me, I have something long and hard that I could tempt you with instead." He said and Hermione laughed.

She reached up and pressed a soft kiss on his nose. "I believe I stroked that long and hard something a lost last night Zabini." Blaise chuckled he reached for her waist and pulled her on top of him. She giggled and pushed herself off, she straddled him and smirked. She lowered her head to his ear, where she took the lobe in her mouth. She pulled, nibbling the flesh with her teeth attaining a soft moan from the man underneath her. His hands came up to her waist and he rubbed his thumbs in a circular motion along her skin.

She released his ear from her mouth and the smirk on her face grew wider, she ran her hands down his chest and pushed herself off him and out of bed, the covers slid to his waist as she stood and his eyes soaked in her naked form.

"Something you like?" she asked as she watched his eyes slide up and down her body pausing on her legs and bust.

"Very much so, but I do prefer it in bed." He replied reaching out, he grabbed her leg and pulled her towards him, Hermione laughed and peeled off his hand. Grinning she rolled her eyes and reached for the shirt that was on the floor. She slipped it over her head noticing that his eyes instantly fell on to her breast as she raised her arms. The shirt slid over her body and fell just below her bum. She rolled up the sleeves and left the first three buttons undone.

"Breakfast?" she asked as she turned away and headed out of the bedroom. Blaise watched her go, he could see her legs and her bum and felt himself harden at the sight. He reached under the covers and gripped his hardening cock, with a quick squeeze he pushed back the covers and stepped out of bed, he reached for his discarded pair of boxers and slipped them on before following the brunette to the kitchen.

He could hear the sizzling of the sausages and his stomach grumbled. "Never pegged you for a cook," he said as he watched her in front of the hob, she was peeling bacon from the pack and placing it also on to the frying plan.

"Surprised Zabini," she said as she padded to the cupboard.

He leant against the wall, his eyes transfixed on her form as she walked. She had a natural grace and a killer figure. His mind drifted back to last night, her long legs wrapped around his waist as he plunged into her, her voice filled with lust pleading him to go faster, harder. Her breasts bouncing as she rode him, her head thrown back in pleasure as she neared her climax.

"What are you thinking?" he opened his eyes to see her frowning at him, he grinned and walked towards her. She stayed where she was as he walked closer watching with eagle eyes as he neared.

"Of you last night," he muttered as he wrapped his arms around her waist, he thrust his hips towards her and she rolled her eyes as she felt the clear signs of what he was suggesting.

"Is that your wand in your briefs or are you just happy to see me?"

"I'm always happy to see you," he whispered before capturing her lips with his own, she leant into the kiss. It was slow and soft and she was surprised by the gentleness of his kiss. He pulled apart and looked at the food. "I think the bacon is burning,"

She pulled out his embrace and turned to the pan, she quickly lowered the heat and flipped them. She placed the bread cakes on to the table as Blaise once again slid his arms around her waist. She rolled her eyes but continued with the food.

He had her where he wanted her, and he watched as she rolled the sausages in the plan as he slipped his hand under the shirt and rested it against her stomach. He slowly rubbed his hand against her stomach as his other slid down to her bum, he gave it a squeeze and she looked over her shoulder at him. He smirked and his eyes stayed glued to hers as he parted her legs with his own.

"Behave," she warned but made no move to stop him. Ignoring her warning his hand slowly slid down her waist until his finger slid over her clit, she gasped at the sudden movement and he slowly slid his finger around her clit in soft circular motions. He nuzzled her hair with his face and he latched on to her ear sucking gently. Her legs spread a little wider and he took the invitation to explore more, his hand slid further down and he stroked the lips of her pussy. Hermione sighed and leant back slightly, he stepped forwards and his fingers slid back to her clit, he pressed firmer and she gasped, the hand on her leg slid up her body and he slowly slid a finger into her pussy. She groaned and her body clenched around him. His fingers stroked her clit harder as he slowly pumped in and out.

"What part of behave didn't you understand?" Hermione muttered as her own hand groped her breast, her fingers teased the nipple through the fabric.

"The behaving part," he muttered as he added another finger into her cunt. "Anyway I don't hear you complaining."

"If you stop I might," she muttered to his amusement, his fingers rubbed her sensitive nub and she gasped, she could feel the moisture between her legs and his firm cock against her bum. She pushed her bum back and rubbed it against his cock. Her hand slid around her body and she stroked her finger up and down his hard length that was still confined to his boxers.

Her teasing urged him on and he moved his fingers in and out of her quicker, her breathing quickened as he found that one spot inside her that made her see stars. The second he found it she knew she wouldn't last much longer, she spread her legs wider as his hands worked in unison to bring her closer to her peak. She squeezed her nipples harder as the familiar feeling in her stomach grew, it tightened and she flew her head back as she moaned. "So close," she moaned and he dipped his head to suck at her bare collar bone, he could see her breasts from this angle and he watched the way her hand teased and rubbed her nipple.

"Oh shit," she cried as the feeling finally erupted inside of her. She clenched her eyes shut as he brought her to her orgasm, he body shook and she moaned deeper as her walls continued to tighten further around his fingers. "Oh god Blaise," she moaned. "God that's so good,"

He chuckled and removed his fingers from inside of her, he turned her around and leant her against the wall, he pushed down his boxers and his cock sprung out, hard and already leaking precum he lifted her leg as she watched him line it against her soaked cunt. She gripped his arm as he pushed into her and she hissed in pleasure, throwing her bed back as he filled her. He didn't wait for her to get used to his size, he slid out and slammed back in almost instantly, she groaned loudly as he fucked her, his hard cock hitting her walls and sliding effortlessly against her sweet spot.

His cock truly was a gift from some namely god, it was the perfect size in both length and width and man did he know how to use it. She wrapped her arms around his head and he lifted her other leg around his waist, never once stopping his relentless thrusts, but she didn't care, she was in bliss.

It didn't take long for the tightening in her stomach to return and she slipped her hands down to her cunt and she teased her clit, his eyes fell to her pussy and he groaned.

"Love watching you touch yourself," he grunted as he pounded into her harder. "Such a fucking good pussy! Could fuck you all day!"

Hermione came with a silent scream, her eyes were squeezed tightly but her mouth was wide open, her fingers rubbed her clit ferociously as her body spasmed, Blaise continued his thrust as he also neared completion.

Hermione slipped her hand under them cupping his balls in one hand, she squeezed them, rolling them in her hand. Her hand left her clit and she pulled his nipples, she could see the pleasure building in his face and she thrust back into him. Her pussy sensitive from her two orgasms clenched even tighter around him.

"Fuck!" Blaise cursed as he came, he thrust a few more times until he collapsed against the wall, her legs fell from his waist and his cock slipped from inside her. She leant against his chest as they both tried to capture their breath.

"Can I have both a sausage and a bacon sandwich?" Blaise asked once his breathing was under control.

Hermione laughed and nodded. "That was the plan," she said as she peeled herself away from him, she fixed the shirt on her back and looked up at him. He'd slipped his cock back into his boxers. "Though you should really wash your hands before you eat." She said. He winked and slipped his fingers into his mouth. Hermione shook her head.

"You go freshen up and I'll finish up in here," Blaise said as he turned on to the tap, he squirted the soap on to his hands. "No better way to have breakfast then just after sex,"

"Well you've definitely built me up an appetite," they laughed and she walked into the bathroom.

Blaise turned to the cooker and quickly finished off the sausages, the bacon was slightly over cooked but it was still edible. He slipped them on to a kitchen towel and quickly buttered the bread cakes. He knew somewhere in her cupboards there were condiments he just had to locate the correct cupboards.

"The cupboard above the sink," she said as she walked into the room, the sandwiches were laid out on two separate plates. Blaise nodded and opened the doors, he grabbed both the brown sauce and the ketchup and placed them on her small table.

"Feeling better?" he asked and she nodded.

"I'll have a bath when you've gone."

"We could share one, you know save the planet by sharing water."

"You in my bath probably wouldn't involve a whole lot of cleaning," she said as she slipped in to the seat.

"No, but it would involve plenty of fun." He chuckled as he took a bit out of his bacon sandwich. Hermione rolled her eyes as she bit into her own sandwich. "By the way, I'm going to need that shirt back," he said as he eyed the blue shirt that she was still wearing.

The smile on her face dropped and she frowned. "But I like it," Blaise rolled his eyes and slid into the seat opposite her.

"What is it with women and stealing clothes, you already own a black jumper and a pair of boxers now you want my shirt?" he asked and Hermione grinned.

"Call it a collection of mine," she said and he chuckled.

"A collection of clothes you taken after sleeping with someone," he said with a chuckle. "Can I have a pair of your knickers then," he asked and Hermione smirked.

"Why would you want one of them? I don't think you'll fit in them to be honest,"

"I know, but I can't help the fact I have a big cock Granger, it's a black thing."

"Now you see, that Muggle saying isn't right," she said as she walked to the fridge.

"Muggle saying?" Blaise asked with a cocked eye brow, he nodded as she raised the bottle of orange juice. She poured two glasses before she walked back to the table.

"Yeah, once you go black you never go back. I've slept with a few white men since I've been sleeping with you." She explained.

"Yeah, but we both know I'm the best."

"I wouldn't keep going back to them if they weren't any good," she said and it caught Blaise's attention.

"So tell me, who else are you sleeping with besides me?" he asked now leaning towards her.

"You never tell me your other conquests, why should I tell you mine?" Hermione replied taking a drink out of her glass.

"Because you've never asked me, but don't worry Granger you're up there as one of my best shags."

Hermione laughed, "Thanks, I appreciate that and seeing as we are rating others you're one of mine too. In fact I often don't have sex with someone more than once it's usually nothing more than a one night sort of thing." She explained, "But there's you and two others I sleep with quite a bit."

"So I only have to compete with two others then?" he asked and Hermione grinned. "You gonna give me a name?"

"I'll give you three guesses," she said as she started on her second sandwich.

"Weasley," he stated and Hermione looked at him. "Erm, Ron."

"I was gonna say there's many Weasley's. And no, I haven't slept with Ron since the summer after the War. The relationship was weird and we both decided we were better off as friends."

Blaise nodded and he drummed his fingers along the table. "What about, that bloke that works in your department, the one with the blue glasses?"

"You mean, Alex Aldridge?" Blaise nodded and Hermione laughed. "You've got to be kidding me Zabini, I avoid him as often as I can. He creeps me out."

"Great, now I've one guess for two guys," he muttered as he thought harder. "Okay, last guess. Cormac McLaggen." Hermione stared at him almost as though he'd lost his mind.

"I'd rather sleep with Alex Aldridge than McLaggen. Do you only see what you want to see?"

Blaise shrugged as he finished off his breakfast. "I heard that you two have had sex though."

"Where the hell did you hear that from?" Hermione snapped. "I've never slept with McLaggen and I never plan to either."

"Good, cause I don't like him either." Blaise said and Hermione rolled her eyes, she collected the two plates and placed them on the counter tops.

"I'll wash them after you've gone. Now, it's not like I want rid of you or anything but…"

"Piss off?" he asked and she laughed.

"Not exactly, I want a bath and that means you have to go. So come and collect your clothes." Blaise rolled his eyes but he stepped up from the kitchen table and followed Hermione back into the bedroom. Clothes were scattered all over the floor and he reached down to collect a sock. He stuck a foot in it and searched for another. He grabbed his blue wife beater and slipped it over his head. It looked like he would be leaving his shirt behind.

Hermione was stood at her wardrobe picking out what she wanted to wear, she threw a pair of black jeans on to the bed and reached for a purple and white shirt. Blaise paused from his clothes search as he starred in to her wardrobe, he could see his black jumper but there was another piece of clothing that looked oddly familiar to him. One he had seen once before, because he had been the one to purchase it. He walked to the wardrobe and pulled it off the rack. He stared at it for a few moments before he turned to Hermione.

"Malfoy! You're shagging Draco bloody Malfoy?" Hermione stared at him.

"How did you know that from just a jumper?" she asked not even the slightest bit bothered that he had figured one of her other lovers out.

"I bought him it last year for Christmas," he said. "It's from Italy and it's not bloody cheap either, but never mind that. How long have you been sleeping with Draco?"

"Erm, it started towards the back end of our seventh year."

"Seventh Year!" He shouted. "He never told me that. That bastard!"

"It wasn't a secret, if someone had asked me I wouldn't have outright denied it we just kept it to ourselves. We just stopped hating one another and let our emotions out in a healthier and more pleasurable way. He's still a prat."

"Oh I know he's a prat you don't have to tell me that. I can't believe he never told me."

"Well does he know you've been sleeping with me for the last 5 months?" Blaise shook his head and Hermione muttered hypocrite.

"He knows I sleep around, like I knew he slept around but I'd have thought he'd have told me about you. After all it's been five years."

"A long five years, it stopped when he dated that German girl. You know the one that looked just like him." Blaise grinned.

"That was weird, really weird." He said and Hermione nodded.

"I don't sleep with people who are in relationships. If you got with someone then I'd cut it off, I'm not going to be one of those girls that ruins a relationship."

"How fast was he back in your bed after he broke up with Annaliese?"

"Was that her name?" Hermione asked and Blaise snorted. "A few days later I think."

"Can't believe you didn't know her name?"

"I thought she was just called Anna? That's all anybody called her."

Blaise shrugged and hooked the jumper back in the wardrobe, he quickly flicked through it but didn't recognise any other items. He reached down for his trousers that had been flung down the corner of the wardrobe.

"You're not bothered that I'm sleeping with your best friend?" Hermione asked, she was still stood at the wardrobe watching him with a strange look on her face.

"Listen, this is sex. I haven't ever asked you on a date, and neither of us have ever admitted to liking one another more than just physical attraction, so what you do with Draco is none of my concern. I sleep around and you sleep around. I get checked and you get checked, it's a little odd but, Draco and I have slept with the same girls in the past. I'm not gonna stop what the two of you are doing. I am however going to give him hell for not telling me," Blaise winked and Hermione laughed.

"Fair enough, who knew you could be so grown up," she teased and he laughed.

"Keep being mean and I'll pin you to the bed Madam."

"That a promise for next time?" she asked and he winked. He slid on the final sock and wandered to the mirror. He ran his hand threw his hair and reached for his coat. He slipped it on and turned to her.

"You really do look so hot in my shirt." He said as he walked towards her. He leant down and pressed a kiss to her lips, with his hand he reached into her shirt and pinched one of her nipples. "Until next time," he said and he disapparated out of the bedroom.

Hermione shook her head and pulled the shirt a little tighter. She reached for her clothes and disappeared into the bedroom, she turned on the taps for the bath, there was a dull ache between her legs that she was certain a warm bath would cure.

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