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A giant inflatable penis stared straight at her. She had stared at plenty of penises in her time even had many up close to her face but none had ever been inflatable. It wasn't very realistic she mused, but kept her opinion to herself, Ginny seemed to find the whole thing hilarious and was buying several.

"Tell me what does a giant inflatable penis have to do with a hen party?" Hermione asked.

"You tell me, we are in a Muggle shop Hermione and you are a Muggleborn." Ginny's point was valid. For some unknown reason to her women and giant inflatable penises and hen parties seemed to work as well as a gin and tonic or strawberries and cream. Maybe it was the whole saying goodbye to their freedom and accepting the fact that they were destined to one man and one penis. She had always found Hen dues bizarre. Too much booze, too much pressure and someone would always make a stupid decision.

"They'll really make the room, did I tell you I had booked strippers too?" Hermione bit her cheek to hold back a wince. Another thing she hated was strippers. Whether they were the male or female kind she found them trashy. She didn't need to see a fake police man or a fireman wiggling his tackle in front of several horny screech fuelled women.

"No, why did you hire strippers?"

"Well when I researched hen parties they always talked about strippers. It seems like a laugh to me. Might even loosen up some of my more prudish bridesmaids." Hermione smiled and shook her head, a few years ago that comment would have been directed at her but obviously time had changed and now Hermione would she was the least prudish of the lot. "I'm so glad you warned me in advance about this new law Mione. I don't know what I would have done if this had come about before Harry and I had married."

"That's why I told you Gin. You deserve to be happy, both you and Harry do. I just wish I could have done more to help both Ron and Viktor."

"Ron's single and was happily single too. He isn't going to like the idea of having to share a woman with two men, you know how jealous he gets!" said Ginny, "What are you going to do?"

"I don't even know Gin, I refuse to be banished or sent to Azkaban so what more can I do? There's no other alternative but to go through with this law."

"You'll have plenty of sex, several times a week which is right up your street," Ginny teased and Hermione laughed. The amount of sex was the only thing that Hermione saw as a positive to this new law. The results of all this sex however weren't so positive.

"Three kids Gin, they expect me to have three children! I only ever wanted two. Worst thing is if I have twins I'm still expected to have two more."

"That's so shit. I've always wanted a big family and Harry hasn't got a family so the plan was always to have several children after a few years of marriage but now I'm not sure I want to bring children into the world where there's a marriage law forcing them at 18 to marry. What's the point of achieving a good education for a woman, because by the time they're 21 they are supposed to be mothers?"

"I know, I sort of feel like my entire life is being planned out in front of me and the only person who doesn't get a say in all of this is me," said Hermione as they left the store.

"You will get to choose your husbands, you have anyone in mind?" Ginny asked a sly smile on her face which quickly changed to a frown as Hermione shook her head. "Really? What about Malfoy, Zabini and Pucey?"

"I never really thought about it to be honest with you, sure my relationship with Draco feels a lot like a marriage but I'm a Muggleborn Gin, it's just sex the boys are still expected to marry purebloods and produce pureblood heirs."

"But if there's a shortage of women in general then there's an even higher proportion of male purebloods to females." Said Ginny trying to understand Hermione's point.

"But they only need 1 female. Someone like Daphne Greengrass could pop out three pureblood babies."

"True, you know there's still going to be a problem, though you only have to produce one child to each man, if you marry pureblood then you need a male heir so the family name continues. The Weasley family is a rarity most purebloods only have 1 child, so for us it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl as long as one of my brothers has a son. The name will continue through the generations. Families like the Malfoy's, Zabini's and Pucey's only have one male son. If they have a female child then their family name ends with them."

"Also take into consideration how much they are worth, they'll have every pureblood gold digger out there wanting to get underneath them."

"I can see your point about not marrying them but, I also think you are a fool if you don't. Didn't you say Zabini already dropped hints of being one of your husbands?"

"Yes and black babies are adorable. I need a Chinese husband too because Chinese babies are the cutest!" Ginny laughed.

"How about one of my brothers, I know you and Ron wouldn't work but I have four other single elder brothers just waiting for you." Hermione laughed and shook her head. She loved all the Weasley's but she wasn't sure she could marry them. She'd probably kill Fred and George, Percy was too like her so they'd bore each other to death and Charlie, though handsome lived in Romania, she'd never see him, plus she was certain the second eldest Weasely son had a thing for the other side."

"Let's get out of here already. We've got to get to the Burrow your mother will kill us if we are late." Ginny nodded and she followed Hermione in to a side alley before they apperated to the burrow.

Hermione had always loved her time at the burrow, and since leaving Hogwarts it was her one place of home in the Wizarding World, everything was so peaceful and so normal it allowed her to forget just everything. As she stepped through the door the sense of normality passed over her and for one second she allowed the threat of the up and coming law to pass over her.

Mrs Weasely swept both Ginny and Hermione in to a hug, ushering them into the room. It appeared they were the last of the group to arrive, and Hermione greeted everyone in the living room. She glanced at Harry as he and Ginny shared a kiss and something inside of her ached. She had always wanted that, that one special person to love and to hold till death did them part, now she'd never get that. After a few minutes of socialising everyone entered the kitchen and took seats at the extended table. As food started arriving on the table Hermione quickly found both her sides occupied with matching orange hair. Something was up, but she refused to let this show as she glanced at both Fred and George.

"Hey Hermione, how've you been?" George asked as he took the plate of bread from Bill who was on his other side.

"Well," she said accepting the plate before passing it on to Fred. "Considering the two of you always sit together what do you want?"

"What makes you think…"

"We want anything?" finished George and Hermione rolled her eyes.

"It's you two you always want something." She chuckled as she tucked into her meal. The two boys smirked and Hermione shivered. She knew both twins well, physically and intimately. It had started out with Fred, and then eventually with George, nights of passion and lust, intimacy and pleasure. In their darkened flat she had found a way to lose her mind. As the weeks turned into months their fling slowly fizzled away as each twin became involved in relationships. Though both relationships ended the intimacy between them never returned but Hermione remained good friends with the duo.

"We need you purely for business purposes…" said Fred

"We've started a new Adult range and we need someone to help test them out…" continued George

"And we believe you'd be perfect for the job." Finished Fred.

Hermione wanted to say no, the twins products were often embarrassing and humiliating and she had lost count how many times she had been on the receiving end of one of their products and many of them hadn't been enjoyable but the way there were looking at her made her tingle and the idea of adult products made her press her legs together in anticipation.

"What would I have to do?" she asked and the twins grinned.

"Simple, we give you the products, try them out and let us know what you think. No rush on the reviews we are still working on future lines, we'll even pay you…" said George with a grin.

Hermione rolled her eyes but nodded. "I'll try them for you, they solo or for two?"

"One is definetly solo but two would be great if used for a two," Fred said and Hermione nodded.

"I can't wait."

A few hours later Hermione left the Burrow and flew home, hidden in the bottom of her bag were three items. One was a jelly to rubbed over nipples, the head of the penis and clitoris as well as any other sensitive places, the second a potion to keep a couple aroused even after orgasm, a potion Hermione believed would do very well, and the third the only solo piece a pair of balls to be placed inside the vagina and once in would produce very small vibrations to keep a woman horny. The final object she'd heard of a muggle version Ben Wa Balls, just these were slightly different.

Throwing her coat over the sofa Hermione padded into the bedroom. It was Saturday night and she was home alone. She pursed her lips together before smirking. Quickly changing out of her jeans and t-shirt she rummaged through her draws, picking up an emerald green bra with matching thong she slipped into them and smiled. She reached for a pair of leggings and a long sleeve blue shirt that fell mid thigh. A quick dab of lip-gloss and a flick of mascara she was ready. She wandered back into her room and pulled on a pair of black boots and reached for a small bag. She looked at the three products that the twins gave her and she picked out the jelly. With a grin she walked over to the floo network and shouted in the address before disappearing from her room.


"Hello Kitten," Adrian said as she appeared from the fireplace, he had been laid sprawled on the couch announcements of the latest Quidditch games result booming from the radio in the corner.

"Hello," she said and Adrian grinned.

"What can I do for you," he said as he pushed himself up off the couch. He knew why she was here, when Hermione Granger arrived unannounced and unplanned he knew exactly what she was after and his cock hardened at the thought.

"Thought I'd pay you a visit," she said innocently shrugging her shoulders. She kicked off her shoes and sat on the sofa next to him.

Adrian scuffed, "When have you ever turned up here without planning saying just for a visit. Why don't you tell me what you're really here for," he said as he slid a finger over her thigh.

"Well if you must know I have a something in my bag that I need your help with," she said and Adrian smirked.

"And what is that?" he asked.

Hermione reached into her bag and pulled out the small purple tub. She handed it to Adrian who looked it over. "Weasley Wizard Wheezes stimulant jelly, care to explain kitten?" He had shared seven years at school with Fred and George Weasley, and knew they were both very good with Potions and the ladies.

"I was at the burrow today and they gave me this, it's a product from their new adult range and they asked me to try it, but you see it's best used with another…"

"And you thought that I'd be willing to offer my services." He said with a smirk, what was once only his finger, was now his entire hand rubbing up and down her leg, his fingers fractions away from her pussy.

"Exactly that,"

"So what do we do with these stimulant jelly?"

"Well from what Fred and George told me you take a small amount from the tub and you rub it on areas that get you horny, your nipples, the head of your penis and your clit for example, it's supposed to make you incrediably horny."

"Always like those two red heads," said Adrian before swooping in for a kiss. Hermione moaned into his mouth as their lips danced a familiar rhythm. Sex with Adrian was fun and she knew the jelly would be a perfect accessory for him.

From his spot on the sofa Adrian pulled her on to his knees, his hands slipped under her top and he rubbed his hands all over her stomach and back. Hermione looped a hand around his neck and another fisted his hair and she fought him for dominance.

He pulled away in need of air allowing her to attack his neck. There was a certain spot half way down his neck that had him seeing stars and Hermione sunk her teeth into it. She felt Adrian's hands grip her as he groaned with pleasure, she continued to apply pressure smirking into his neck as he thrusted up, his cock hard already.

"We won't need that jelly if you don't stop that!" he said before pulling her shirt over her head. He whistled as the green bra came in to view. "Slytherin green, you are one dirty girl Miss Granger!"

"Why you going to punish me?" she asked batting her eyes and Adrian grinned. He pushed her up and in seconds her leggings were pooled at her feet. She was divine and his eyes took in the sight. Her pale skin contrasted beautifully with her green lingerie. He reached for her arm and pulled her down so she was over his legs and her round bottom was on site.

"Love this arse!" he said stroking it before giving it quick a sharp slap, she gasped from the motion and moaned as he repeated it. She was a vixen and loved most things, something Adrian divulged in frequently. She was wild and he loved it. Three more quick slaps followed and her cheek started to turn pink. His finger trailed down the line of fabric covering her pussy and he grinned as he felt the dampness.

"You're wet already and I've only spanked you." he chuckled and Hermione shuck her head with a small laugh.

"What can I say you are obviously good with your hands?"

While she was laying over his knee he undid her bra allowing it fall to the floor before pulling her up. "Shall we try this jelly then?" he asked and she nodded. He unscrewed the tub, Hermione was on her knees on the floor and the thought of uncovering his cock and making her suck it was tempting but his curiosity overcame his desire and he scooped a bit of the mixture from the tub.

"What's it feel like?"

"It's cold, a little creamy not very sticky." He said and he rubbed a largish amount on to her left nipple.

Instantly Hermione groaned, and he quickly applied it to the other one. She closed her eyes enjoying the feeling, it was like having several tongues all at once playing with her nipples. She clenched her thighs together as the imaginary tongues tortured her.

"Good huh?" Hermione nodded and with a quick wave of her hand Adrian was naked. He looked down and chuckled while she reached for the tub.

"Let's see how you like it," she said placing some on each nipple and then the spot on his neck. She watched as his cock twitched and he clenched his palms.

"Fuck me, that stuffs strong." He said, gasping as she took his nipple in her hand and gave it a quick squeeze.

He dropped to his knees and licked the way up her legs before stopping inches away from her clit, his nose brushed it and she trembled. He slipped off her thong and kissed her lips before forcing her to spread her legs. Her moan was loud and raspy as his tongue finally found the one spot she wanted. With the jelly on her nipples and Adrian at her clit she knew she was going to last long and simply hoped that her orgasm wouldn't be her last.

"Fuck that's so good," she moaned as her orgasm neared her body rocked and she gripped Adrian's hair as her orgasm hit her. She moaned loudly pulling his head closer to her clit. Her orgasm longer as her nipples continued to be assaulted by the invisible tongues.

Chuckling Adrian pulled away, he licked his lips and reached for the jelly. He rubbed his finger in it and Hermione froze in anticipation, fully expecting him to place it on her clit but was surprised when he reached for her bum. She cried out as the jelly hit her anus, her pussy clenching as several tongues attacked her. Smirking from down below he pushed his finger in her tight rosebud ever so slightly and her cries grew loud as tongues flickered inside of her. She could hardly speak and her pussy leaked down her legs.

He spread her legs and his tongue took one long lick across her pussy sucking on her clit before pulling away.

"This stuff is strong, what's a matter Granger can't hack it," he was taunting her, he loved to tease her and wind her up. Frustrate her before finally giving her what she wanted.

The taunting worked and Hermione reached for the jelly, she grinned at him and he braced himself. She'd hardly touched him and his cock was leaking. She dropped to her knees moaning as the invisible tongues continued to lick all over her. With the jelly on her finger she rubbed it over his testicles. Adrian cursed loudly and Hermione chuckled she made sure to cover both balls with the jelly before turning her attention to the leaking penis in front of her.

His heavy panting and constant cursing was music to her ears as she took the head in her mouth, swirling her tongue over it. He gripped her hair and she bobbed her head along the shaft, with the way he was bucking back into her she knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Her finger still wet with the jelly she snuck it under his legs and rubbed it against his anus. He cried out in pleasure as he came in her mouth. She took his seed, swallowing it before grinning back up at him.

She'd never seen him come so fast and she'd never seen him recover so quickly, his cock remained solid and she took it back in her mouth. He pushed her off him and she fell on to her back. His eyes were wild and shivered. She knew she was in for it and she couldn't wait.

"You are a wrench! A cheeky naughty girl." He grabbed the jelly and before she could say anything smothered it on her clit, she bucked off the floor and he inserted two fingers, coated with the jelly. She was instantly seeing stars as her orgasm washed over her. Never had she cum so hard, normally after an orgasm she got a breather even for just a minute to compose herself but she didn't have that luxary now. Her body was in charge and she was just along with ride. Adrian bent down and licked her clit.

"mmm blackberry," he said "Didn't know this stuff was fruity,"

"me… neither! Fuck this stuff is so strong."

"Think we put on too much?" he laughed and Hermione nodded. The tub was almost empty and she was coming without even needing to be touched.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "I want you to fuck me until you haven't the energy to continue, I want you to fill me with your cum." She cried and Adrian didn't wait for a second instruction. He lined his cock with her pussy and slammed it straight in, he could feel her orgasm around him and in seconds he came. He laughed, the jelly made him feel like he was sixteen again.

He grabbed hold of her legs and threw them over his shoulders, from this angle he could thrust even deeper into her. Hermione sobbed on the floor as pleasure consumed her, she could hardly think straight. She could feel Adrian thrusting deep inside of her and her body reacted with her fourth orgasm or was it her fifth? She could no longer tell, she just thrusted straight back into him.

He'd never had sex like it, he was so horny and even cuming didn't subdue the feeling, he continued to thrust inside her, his cum leaked out on every thrust, his legs burned and his arms ached but he couldn't stop...

She'd lost count how many times she came as the jelly started to wear off. Where the jelly had been now felt numb. Adrian was collapsed on top of her and she was gently stroking his hair. She'd tell him to get off but she wasn't certain she could move anyway. She was truly spent and Adrian was no better. She looked at the little tub on the floor and shook her head.

She knew exactly what to report back to Fred and George… Stimulant jelly, very effective but should come with a warning note.

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