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"So are you going to tell me what's bothering you?"

Ash looked up at Stiles in surprise, "What do you mean?"

"Something's going on that you're not telling me".

Ash fidgeted anxiously in his chair, he and Stiles were in Stiles' bedroom and had been catching up. Ash had told him about Emma and Stiles was so excited for him though he had been anxious after what happened with Lara. Ash had assured him Emma wasn't like Lara. "Nothing's going on".

Stiles put his hand on Ash's shoulder, "Buddy please I'm worried about you. You know you can trust me right?"

Ash looked away he wanted so badly to just break down and tell Stiles the truth, he was still reeling from Denman's torture and what she had planned for him and Lara, "I know but there really is nothing bothering me".

Stiles sighed, "Ash you could open up to me about Lara why not this?"

Ash looked back at Stiles and could see genuine concern. He and Stiles had been best friends for years, he knew he could trust him with this. He would just have to keep Zane and Lewis' secret, though Ash was only starting to trust Lewis he didn't want to betray his trust. The thought of Lewis reminded him of the hard drive, maybe Stiles could help him go through it.

"Okay I'll tell you but there is something about me you need to know. You probably won't believe me if I tell you so I'm going to show you".

Stiles looked confused but nodded reassuringly at him. Ash took a deep breath and poured Stiles' water on himself. Ten seconds later he was lying on the floor.

"Wow man that is so cool!" Stiles said excitedly as he sat next to Ash.

Ash's eyes widened, "That's your reaction?" Ash said in disbelief, "I thought you might be shocked or scared". Ash still remembered the look on Emma's face when she first saw him in merman form, though she fully supported him now the fear in her eyes still haunted him.

"You're not the only one with a secret like this and before you ask I'm sorry I'm not the one who is a supernatural creature so I can't tell you".

"I understand", Ash said and told him about Denman kidnapping and experimenting on him. "She found Lara, she wants us to have a baby together I'm so scared Stiles".

Stiles hugged Ash tightly, "I won't let Denman or Lara hurt you again".

"Awe that's so sweet", A voice said sarcastically.

Stiles and Ash sprung apart startled by the voice. Ash was terrified by the sight of Lara, how had she found him? He had been so careful. Stiles stood protectively in front of Ash.

"I won't let you hurt Ash!"

Lara just laughed and pulled out a gun increasing Ash's terror tenfold. "If you don't step aside I'll kill you".

"I meant what I said I won't let you hurt Ash".

"Have it your way then", Lara said coldly and pulled the trigger.

"NO!" Ash screamed, he slowed down time and pushed Stiles so that they both fell to the floor and the bullet hit the wall.

Lara yelled in frustration and grabbed Ash, Stiles tried to push her off Ash but she pointed the gun at Ash threateningly and he reluctantly stopped. She pulled him up and kissed him ignoring Ash's struggles.

"I have missed that so much my love", Lara said.

"Please don't do this let him go", Stiles said, he was so afraid for his friend he wished Derek or his father was here.

"I'm afraid I can't, now Ash and I need to get going".

"I'll find you Ash, I'll save you!" Stiles said as Lara dragged Ash away.

Ash smiled sadly at Stiles, "I know you will".

Lara threw Ash into her car and started driving. Lara smiled happily at Ash and looked at him lustfully making him inwardly shudder, "I can't wait to get to our new home".

Ash looked at her in fear and confusion, "You're not giving me to Denman?"

"Of course not, she was spending to much time experimenting on you. I want you all to myself".

Ash flinched he was so scared being trapped with Lara again and he knew that even if Lara wasn't going to hand him over to Denman she would never stop looking for him. It was only a matter of time before she found him and Ash didn't know if he was more afraid of Lara or Denman. He missed Emma and his friends so much. He just wanted to be wrapped in Emma's arms.

Emma looked out of the plane window dreaming of Ash. She missed him so much she wished he was with her right now, she understood why he ran but she wished he hadn't gone without them, without her. Emma was so scared for Ash. Emma jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, Ash is going to be okay", Lewis said comfortingly.

"He's in so much danger Lewis, what if we can't get to him before Denman?" Emma kept the information about Lara a secret from the others. She knew that Lara wanted Ash as much as Denman did, but Emma couldn't tell them she was Ash's ex without his permission let alone that Lara had abused him.

"We will get there and we'll bring him back home".

"What are we going to do about Denman though? Even if we do bring Ash back she'll never stop coming after him", Cleo said, she, Lewis and Emma were sitting together while Zane and Rikki were sitting together and had immediately denied being a couple when a passenger had said they would make a cute one making them all laugh. Magnus and Alec had wanted to help but they had been dragged back to somewhere called the Institute and couldn't come.

Lewis sighed, they couldn't go to the police without them finding out that Ash was a merman. "I don't know but we'll think of something".

A while later they arrived at Ash's friend's house and rang the doorbell, a young man answered the door after checking the peep hole, he looked very distressed and his eyes were red rimmed from crying.

"I'm sorry this isn't a good time", the young man said and tried to close the door but Emma stopped him.

"Wait please is Ash here?"

The young man looked at Emma suspiciously, "Why do you want to know?"

"I'm Emma his girlfriend, I can't tell you too much but-"

"Oh you're Emma? Ash told me a lot about you, I'm... I'm sorry Ash was kidnapped by Lara".

Emma's heart shattered she was so afraid of what Ash's ex was doing to him.

Ash and Lara were on the road and had been for a few hours. Lara thought it was time to stop for lunch so they stopped at a café. As soon as she opened the door Ash tried to run for it but Lara grabbed his waist and pulled him far too close.

"Try that again and I will kill the next person I see".

Ash's eyes widened in fear, having seen Lara nearly kill Stiles he knew she wasn't bluffing, "Please let me go".

"I love you Ash I can't let you go".

Lara was about to kiss Ash when she was interrupted by Denman.

"I thought we had a deal", Denman said angrily.

Lara pulled Ash in front of her and pointed her gun at him and at the same time Denman pointed her gun at Lara making people panic and rush to escape in their cars. Denman's henchman were flanking her. Ash's heart was pounding in his chest he was so afraid.

"So did I! You said I could have Ash but I barely got to see him because of your stupid experiments".

"They aren't stupid they could change the world. I was going to let you be the mother of the first half human and half merperson baby, I guess I'll just have to give someone else that honour".

"Really?" Lara said in surprise.

"I promised you time with Ash didn't I?" Denman said with a smirk.

"That's a tempting offer but I want to have Ash all to myself I won't share him with you", Lara said and pushed Ash into the car. Lara ran fast to the other side dodging the bullets and drove off.

"Lara what are you doing?" Ash said his voice rising in panic.

Lara gave him a terrifying grin, "I have always wanted to be in a car chase".