Jo's perspective:

I wanted to send my mom to a mental hospital when she said moving to Minnesota would be fun. Unfortunately I can't and I'm moving. Goodbye sun and warmth of North Carolina, hello frostbite and icicles of Minnesota.

********4 days later in Minnesota********

"Sweetie, hurry up, you have school!" My mom yelled up the stairs.

"Coming!" I replied. I looked in the mirror one last time, I was in light blue jeans and a pretty patterned shirt. My VeraBradley backpack was on my shoulders. As I walked downstairs, my white vans squeaked. My mom drove me to school, I found my locker, then went to class. So far this day wasn't very interesting, well until about 10 minutes into 1st period. A boy with dirty blonde hair and sparkling green eyes walked in. He was wearing a gray shirt, jeans so dark blue they were almost black (but not quite) and black vans.

"Why are you so late, Mr. Knight?" The teacher asked.

"Why do you care? I don't pay attention in your class anyway." He replied, high five-ing three friends before sitting down. The teacher handed him a detention pass but he ripped it up. Right before he got yelled at he explained, "Don't worry, I'll go to detention, but I go there everyday, I don't need a pass- if I'm not there the principal calls home to see if I'm in the hospital!" Everyone laughed, including me...this kid was bad news but he was kinda funny. But our teacher sighed and went back to teaching. At the end of class I walked up to the late boy.

"Hey, I'm Jo Taylor, I'm new." I introduced myself, he almost laughed. I don't understand why he would laugh.

"Sup, I'm Kendall." He replied and I moved on from the laughing thing.

"Cool, what class do you have next?" I asked him, maybe he would have the same one as me.

"Ugh, I have to go to English next..." He replied. He did have the same class as me, maybe he could show me the way!

"Same!" I said, smiling.

"Cool," he started as we walked towards the door, he seemed nice enough. "Tell the teacher I died, okay." He punched my shoulder and walked to his friends.

"Let's go play some hockey!" One of Kendall's friends said.

"But we have school," Another stated, clearly the most behaved.

"Who cares?" The last one questioned. Soon they were too far away to hear but I stood still in shock. Why would I tell the teacher he died? And how am I even supposed to find the teacher?

'I can do this,' I thought as I began searching for my class.

Kendall's perspective:

"Dude, who's the chick?" My friend, James asked.

"I don't know but she didn't seem to know I don't do preppy girls." I replied as we continued walking to the ice rink.

"Well, I do!" James replied.

"We've noticed." Another one of my friends, Logan, replied.

"This isn't about girls, it's about hockey!" My crazy friend, Carlos, replied.

"I agree with Carlos," I said as we entered the skating rink. We decided to go back to school in time for lunch so we could get food. At lunch, I saw Jo again. Wow, her blonde hair was pretty. "Yo, Jo! Did you tell the teacher I died?"

"No!" She snapped.

"See, unreliable, I told you James." I glared at Jo, even though I thought she was super hot.

"Their shouldn't have to be reliable sources!" Logan exclaimed.

"Oh shut up, Logan." Carlos muttered.

"Carlos, that was rude! Nice work!" James laughed as we walk to our normal table.

Jo's perspective:

Today had been an interesting first day but I was happy to go home.