It's kinda funny (considering this is the ending), but I think I've finally figured out why I hate these last few chapters. It's because they're more about Blake than anything else, and I feel like it doesn't work because Roman and Ruby were the stars of the story, it didn't have enough foundations to stand by itself. Too late now, I guess.

10. Change

Yang finished brushing her long golden locks, bearing through the stinging pain at the back of her head. Today she wanted to look her best, in order to hide her grieving pride about the defeat at Adam's hands. Her sister would smother her in foolish praise and comfort if she allowed, but she just wanted to pick up the pieces and use them to get stronger, as quietly as possible.

Moving out of the bathroom, she walked to the closet and stated to choose the outfit she would dress that day, her bare body swaying with each step, caressed by the breeze blowing in for outside. Standing by the wardrobe, she had her back turned to the window, and did not notice the crawling figure with entered through the opening.

"How's the head?"

She didn't need to turn to know that voice belonged to Blake. Her nakedness became so much more evident to her, but she made no effort to cover it. After all, the dark-haired faunus had seen her in much more compromising situations before. Instead, she proceeded with picking the clothing, and answered.

"It's still there, so I'll live. How's your… everything?"

"Sore and bruised, the usual deal." Her former partner seemed calm, just like she was back at Beacon, a far cry from the mess they had found in the White Fang base.

Yang adjusted the underwear into place, and bent over to put on a pair of shorts. There was no teasing implied in her action, not a sliver of seduction, just a girl getting dressed as normal.

"Anyway, what brings you here? It's still over an hour until we meet with Ruby at the bakery."

"I was hoping to catch you alone." There was a slight hesitation in her voice, which was understandable considering what it sounded like.

The brawler slid a t-shirt over her chest, and turned to face the other girl. She wasn't yet fully dressed, but was presentable and the route the conversation was taking required eye-contact. Eye-contact and her trademark amused smirk.

"Planning on a booty call, Miss Belladonna? How naughty of you."

The black-clad ninja rolled her eyes, but huffed a suppressed laugh.

"I wouldn't dare, I met your new girlfriend. She seems… possessive."

"She is, but you don't need to be scared of her. I bet I could even talk her into a threesome…" The brawler waggled her eyebrows suggestively, although she had no real intention of fulfilling that promise.

"Why did we ever break up?"

"It wasn't me, I'm purrfect. You must've gone into heat or something"

"Oh now I remember. It was because you're a racist cunt."

"Hey! You loved my cunt!" Yang threw her tongue out playfully, causing the woman in black to chuckle and roll her eyes yet again.

"You really haven't changed a bit, have you?"

"Nope!" She bowed proudly, as if not growing up was an accomplishment. "But you have."

"Yes. All that time in the White Fang made me realize: I'm done running. I think it's time I face what I am and what I've done. Maybe I'll even ditch the bow." Yang reached a hand to it, but she slapped it away. "I said maybe."

"I'm proud of you. It's a great step you're taking."

"Thanks, Yang. It's good to know you're still my friend after everything."

"I don't know... It's kinda hard being friends with someone after you've seen how much their body can bend backwards."

"Ms. Xiao Long! That was not very ladylike of you!"

"Oh great, now I'm imagining Weiss bending over. Hello nightmares." They both laughed heartily for a good minute, before seriousness returned.

"I should go. Take care, Yang."

"You too, Blake."

Ruby was the first to spot Blake approaching in the distance, her sniper-trained eyes allowing for much better eyesight than the rest of her teammates. She stood up from her seat and waved vigorously, startling the other three people at the bakery table.

The faunus was carrying a travelling backpack, not too large, as would be expected from her. She walked up to the group, greeted them, and took the free chair that was waiting for her.

"What's with the bags? Are you going somewhere?"

"Yeah, I was thinking about going to Mistral for a while. Neptune and the gang deserve to know what happened to Sun." There was a slight pause due to the tension filling the air. "And since team RWBY is over, I might even consider joining them. They're one man down, and you seem to have a good team right here."

"Oh, that would make you... B-N-S-S... Team Buns!"

"Nice one, sis." Yang applauded. "And it makes sense with Blake there. I mean, it's not like Scarlet was the one bringing in the buns."

"Anyway, why did you call us here, Ruby?" The ninja directed the question at the youngster, but it was her sister who answered.

"Does she really need a reason to want to visit a place that sells cookies?"

"Hey! I just wanted to do a little victory celebration with everyone! But I guess it's a no go, if Blake's leaving." She made her best sad-puppy face, but no one fell for it. Maybe she was losing the touch, after so much time spent with Roman's cynicism.

"Oh, before you go, I have something of yours."

She took out the small back object and stretched her arm forward to offer it to the dark-haired huntress. The other girl's eyes widened in terror, and she nabbed it quickly, trying to keep the book away from sight. "I told you I'd give it back later."

"You don't need to be so ashamed, Blakey. It's not like you hid it very well when we were at Beacon. We all read it, even Weiss. Oh, you should have seen her face, it was priceless!"

"Ahem… I think I should be going now. I'll see you guys later, okay?" The faunus excused herself, trying to hide her crimson cheeks.

Yang got up and crushed her in a bear hug, much to her girlfriend's annoyance, who was glaring daggers at the two. Ruby jumped from the chair and joined in.

They watched the former teammate walk away until she disappeared in the crowds filling the streets. The scythe-wielder returned to the table, but the brawler didn't.

"Well since this was already a bust, it's cool if we go too, right? I promised Neo I'd get her some ice cream as an apology." The mentioned girl face up with a tinge of sparkle in her eyes, a strange change from the usual bloodlust, and turned to the two remaining costumers, hoping for a positive answer.

"Sure, you can go. Have fun." Ruby looked defeated, but conceded their wish.

Only she and Torchwick were left, as they saw the couple leave hand jn hand. The mobster, who had been quiet up to that point, finally spoke.

"Look at our babies, leaving the nest. I'm so proud."

"They grow up so fast, don't they?"

"They sure do." The two shared half a laugh at the terrible joke. "Hey, Ruby? Thanks. For coming back for me and for... everything."

"No problem. We make a good team. And you can call me Red, I kinda like it."

They sat in silence, enjoying the peaceful moment of bonding. It didn't last long, though.

"Hey, Roman. Wanna go to their place, switch every bottle with flammable stuff and see how long it takes until Yang burns down the house?"

He smiled and grabbed his hat.

"You're damn right I do."

And so it ends.

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