Chapter 1: James's Stupid Mistake

On Christmas Eve of 2023, all was calm in the village of Ottery St. Catchpole in Devon, England. Few people were out wandering as most were either at home with their family or out of town altogether. In fact, to the Muggles' eyes, nothing peculiar was happening whatsoever. But, if you looked closely, you would be able to see the large house that was tilted slightly due to the large amounts of additions made to it. The house looked as though it should not be standing upright at all, in fact, it seemed as though the only force powerful enough to hold this house together would be- magic.

Not only did the outside of the house not meet the normal standards of Ottery St. Catchpole, but also the inside of the house was nowhere near normal. In the bright living room, there were several teenagers playing a game of cards that seemed to explode. In the corner, two teenagers in particular, a girl with bright red curly hair and skin dashed with freckles and a boy with pale skin, an angular face, and dirty blonde, messy hair, were playing a game of chess that was moving when spoken to. A boy with jet-black hair and bright green eyes was watching the pair with a bored expression, as if this exact scenario had happened multitudes of times. Perhaps it had.

In the kitchen, several women were gossiping about their children as they cleaned the mess made during Christmas dinner. A young woman with flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes was in the corner, breast feeding a child who's hair seemed to be changing color every time a new person spoke, while she joined in the conversation. Passing through to the dining room, the women's husbands were making small talk about work and telling jokes, causing the whole room to boom with masculine laughter. They seemed to be picking on a young man with turquoise hair and brown eyes. The man was blushing, whilst laughing with them.

Up the stairs, in the attic, three young men seemed to be having a serious conversation; however, looking at the piece of paper laid out in front of them, it was clear that they were planning an elaborate prank. The young men looked to be around eighteen years of age, meaning they had just graduated from schooling the prior June.

Back down the stairs in the living room, a fight seemed to have broken out between the red-haired girl and blonde boy.

"You CHEATER!" The girl screamed.

"Oh, please! How could I have cheated?" The boy said, calmly.

The girl huffed whilst thinking of a possible way the cheating could have taken place. "I don't know," She finally replied, "but I know that you did, you big fat cheater!"

The boy rolled his eyes at the girl's feeble attempt at a comeback. "The only reason you think I cheated, Rose, is because you can't face the fact that I can beat you in a game of wizard's chess."

The girl, Rose, turned as red as her hair as the boy made the accusation. Before she could retort, however, the black haired boy stepped in between the two. "Now, come on you two. Stop fighting for once in your lives. Rose, Scorpius didn't cheat, I was watching the entire time." He explained.

"OH! So now you're taking his side, huh, Albus!" Rose accused of her cousin. Albus retorted, and the fighting continued.

Hearing the commotion from the kitchen, the blonde woman came into the living room, leaving her child with her mother, to see what was the matter with her two cousins.

"What is the matter, now?" Victoire asked with her hands on her hips, looking eerily like her mother.

As Albus and Rose began yelling over each other to explain, Scorpius went back and sat down with some of the other cousins.

While the yelling continued downstairs, upstairs, James Potter was preparing the prank with his two best friends, Fred Weasley and Frank Longbottom. Hearing the fighting match between is younger brother and cousin, he knew that now would be the perfect time to unleash his master plan. Grabbing the item he had found in his father's office at home, he, Fred, and Frank quietly climbed down the stairs into the living room.

When they finally reached the living room, Victoire was livid. After all, with a three month old, she hadn't gotten much sleep lately, and her two grown cousins fighting like children had made her blow up. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity, he unleashed the dung bomb that he had strapped the Time Turner to, not realizing the effects that this would have after the explosion.

When the bomb went off, the living room, and all of its inhabitants, was covered in a golden powder substance, and it smelled absolutely dreadful. Not only did the victims of the prank receive the golden bath, but also did James, Frank, and Fred.

Coming out of their hiding spot in the stairs, they grinned sheepishly as everyone turned to them with glares.

"Hey, we got you guys to stop yelling, right?" James said with a small smirk.

Before anyone could reply, however, they all disappeared in a great flash of light.

When Hermione Weasley walked in to the living room to see what had so effectively shut the children up, she was shocked to find an empty room covered in a weird glowing dust, but she knew where that dust was from.

Running back into the kitchen with urgency and through to the dining room, causing the other women to follow her with concern, she was almost in tears when her husband got up to ask her what was the matter.

"Ron, the children, they're…" She could hardly get out the words.

With the mention of the children, everyone became more concerned, especially the young Teddy Lupin who did not see his wife in the mix of women, assuming she was a part of the general 'children'.

"What is it Hermione? What about the children?" The speaker was Harry Potter. He had gone through so much with Ron and Hermione, and he could see when something was seriously wrong.

"They're gone." The words came out in a whisper from Ginny Potter, who had gone in the living room to see what had Hermione all worked up. "And that's not all. They took a Time Turner."