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As the summary said, in this story, if it can even be called a story, you will find Mortal Kombat-style fatalities I created for most of the Touhou characters. If you know anything about Mortal Kombat, then you'll know that things are going to be very brutal, bloody, and disturbing, hence the M rating for this story, which is a first for me. I'm not going to go into extreme details about the gore, but this story can still be off-putting to those who don't like bloody violence or read about attractive-looking girls getting killed in brutal manners.

I don't plan on giving every character fatalities. Some characters simply don't look like they are capable of performing brutal killing moves, and some have "anatomy issues" that make it impossible for fatalities to work on them properly. For example, Wakasagihime and Medicine will not be appearing in this story. The former lacks human legs, so fatalities that involve removing legs won't work on her. Medicine is a doll, so she is supposed to be hollow inside, thus fatalities that involve disemboweling and such will not work on her.

In order to give you an easy time visualizing things, I will be saying whom the fatalities are being performed on. Each character will be performing them on the next character I will be talking about, and when I get to the last character in the chapter, that character will perform it on the first character in the chapter. You'll understand when you read it.

Also, I don't really have plans to keep this story around if it doesn't seem to be getting reviews, so yeah, I'll be deleting it if barely anybody reviews it, since I don't want to keep around a story that really isn't a story and is rated M.

I think I said everything I want to say, so we're going to start now. Again, if you get turned off by large amount of violence or simply don't like reading about attractive-looking girls getting killed in bloody and gruesome ways, then you should turn back now.

Reimu Hakurei
Ascension Decapitation
Reimu runs at Marisa, and when close to her, performs an Ascension Kick, in which she performs a back flip while kicking, so hard that she separates Marisa's head from the body. While the head is in the air, Reimu throws amulets at it, and they attach onto it for a few seconds before exploding, blowing the head into pieces.

Demon-Exterminating Pillar
Reimu puts an amulet underneath Marisa. The amulet then glows before creating a pillar of orange light that engulfs the latter completely, scorching her with spiritual energy. Marisa screams in agony as she gets reduced to bones and then into nothingness.

Marisa Kirisame
Master Sore Throat
Marisa forcefully stuffs her hakkero into Sakuya's mouth and then tilts her head upwards. The hakkero then unleashes a laser beam down the maid's throat, destroying her from the inside. The beam gradually increases in thickness until her body is torn apart by it, leaving only the head, which Marisa holds up in triumph.

Master Flamethrower
Marisa uses her hakkero to unleash a scorching flamethrower, burning Sakuya down to the bones.

Sakuya Izayoi
Sakuya's World
Sakuya freezes time completely before walking up to Youmu to slash her rapidly with her knives. After she is done, she restores the time, and then Youmu's body falls apart into pieces.

Elegant Pincushion
Sakuya freezes time and then places several knives around Youmu, all of them floating in midair. She restores the time, and then the half-phantom has only one second to react in shock before the knives fly into her, stabbing her all over the body.

Youmu Konpaku
Flower Cutting
Youmu runs in circles around Sanae very fast. The latter then feels herself being cut down the middle twice. Youmu stops in front of the opponent while sheathing her sword, while the latter's upper torso split open in four like a blooming flower.

Bush Trimming
Youmu dashes past Sanae fast with her sword in hand, severing the latter in two by the waist. While the upper torso is in the air, she jumps at it and slashes it rapidly, cutting it into tiny pieces. She falls towards the lower torso and cuts it in two down the middle afterwards.

Sanae Kochiya
Fortune Bomb
Sanae swings her wand at Reisen's body, the area just below the chest, to cut a hole there and then stuffs a bomb into it. She then runs off and closes her ears, while Reisen tries to remove the bomb in panic. The bomb explodes, blowing the lunar rabbit to pieces.

Forgotten Ritual
Sanae uses her wand to draw an energy star in the air and then makes it fly at Reisen. The star goes through her, pushing her back a step. Nothing seems to have happened at first, but then her body breaks into pieces.
Note: This is inspired by Cyrax's Nothing but Net from MK9.

Reisen Udongein Inaba
Rapid Fire
Folding her fingers into the shape of guns, Reisen lets loose of a barrage of bullet-shaped projectiles at Reimu, pelting her with lots of holes. She then shoots the shrine maiden in the middle of the forehead, killing her.

Liquid Explosive
Reisen takes out a vial containing yellow liquid and then fires a projectile from her finger that pierces a hole at the area just below Reimu's neck. With precise aiming, Reisen throws the vial at the hole, plugging it up. She then fires another projectile, this time at the vial, causing it to shatter and explode, releasing yellow fume all over the place and blowing apart Reimu's upper torso.