Hi, I am new to the fan fiction writing thing so if I'm not that good please say how I can improve. This story starts off when Maddy leaves Rhydian at the end of series 2.

Maddy POV

I couldn't bear it. It felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. I had been like this ever since I left to the wild but it had never been this bad. I can't believe it took this long to realise I loved Rhydian. I wish he was here right now. I wished it until my heart felt like it was about to burst. As I woke up to the morning wolf howl, I felt like I'd rather die then face another painful day doing my chores and being without Rhydian. As I ate my breakfast (raw rabbit) my head started to whirl. I could hardly concentrate on what any one was saying. Jana came up to me and asked if I was OK. I replied saying I was fine but she didn't seem to convinced. Neither did Keri when she came to find out what was wrong. They asked if I wanted to stay in bed but I said no. At least working I could slightly forget the pain in my chest. That's when I fainted.

Rhydians POV

Shannon:"Are you ok Rhydian, you don't seem OK, what's a matter, you've been down ever since Maddy left. I know it's sad but it's been over a week."

Tom:" Come on mate, lets go play football, that will cheer you up."

Shannon:*rolling her eyes at Tom*"Not everyone is a mega football fan like you Tom.

Tom:" Then somethings wrong with the world."

I tuned Shannon and Tom's argument to a faint blur. They didn't know what was happening to me. I felt like my head was about to burst. Suddenly my head started spinning. That's when I fainted.

Shannon's POV

As the doctors swarmed in I could hear them yelling stuff. That's when I heard. We need to give him a blood test.

"No,"I yelled"He is allergic to a lot of hospital stuff, his doctor gave him pills for another problem, he said if this happens I had to call him and Rhydian has to be laid down in piece till then.

Doctor: "Fine yet him home." He instructed his team.

As soon as I could I called Emma…

Phone call

Emma: Hello

Shannon: Hi it's Shannon, Rhydians just fainted. Ever since you left he's been sort of dead and quiet.

Emma: Maddys just fainted to, and she's been just like Rhydian…

Shannon: Hello?

Emma: I will be back in a minute Shan, wait there.

Phone call ended

Emma's POV

I knew what was happening. As I realised loads of questions started swirling round my head. Why are they so young, why is the pull so strong.

Daniel: "Emma what's happening?"

Me: I think Maddy and Rhydian are soul mates…

Daniel: "ehm… Well… Are you sure?"

Me: "Well Rhydians fainted to, and he acted just like Maddy did according to Shannon."

I started to explain to Shannon.

Phone call

"Soul mates are 2 wolfbloods who fall in love and can't be apart for long. If we don't get Rhydian and Maddy together in time they will die…"

I gasped as I realised what I said and that it was true.

Me: "Shannon, meet me in the woods, I'll start coming, bring Rhydian"

Shannon: "OK see you then"

1 hour later

Me: Shannon, hi, we need to put the pm together on this rug.


Maddy's POV

I slowly woke up wondering what had happened and how the feeling in my chest had disappeared. I looked up and saw Mum and Shannon.

Me: "Shannon, Tom what's happening? Why are you here? Not that's it's bad to see you…

Then I saw Rhydian, I couldn't believe it. As he slowly began to open his eyes a hugged him close, as if I never wanted to let go ever.

Rhydians POV

I slowly woke up wondering where I was. Then nothing mattered any more. Maddy was here! Touching me! Hugging me! I returned the hug and then looked at her face, she is so beautiful I thought to myself before I leaned in and kissed her. It wasn't then till I realised we had company. Emma, Shannon, Tom, and my mum. I leapt up to hug my mum and then missed Maddy instantly. I reached her and hugged her back, never wanting to let go…

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