I apologize for the delay, I realized that I truly do love this story, and I get so upset when an author who is writing a story I begin to like, and am intrigued by, suddenly stops updating.

Here's part 3 of the Domina story, hope you enjoy. First proper Tomione encounter in this chapter.

Chapter 3:

This was her third class and Hermione had witnessed many students head to the infirmary for different injuries inflicted by her faster and better students.

One of those being Tom Riddle.

She despised the boy, who constantly tried to grab her attention but seemed to grow more aggravated with her lack of acknowledgment that she knew he was well familiar with from his other professors, like Slughorn, the blithering idiot.

"Stop." Her voice rang throughout the classroom, and every single student froze in their spots, as she approached them, her voice cold, and firm. This was something they'd grown accustom to since her first lesson, the fear she instilled within them had stuck with them since, and they did not dare anger Professor Granger.

"Well done everyone, although I'd like to see more power behind the shields you put up, it is never smart to assume that your opponent has been defeated, with magic, anything is possible." She began, roaming the classroom, her wand held in between her fingers, twisting it, and feeling the familiar static course through her veins and she almost closed her eyes, basking in the darkness that surrounded her, but she carried on.

"This will be the last lesson in which we will do practical activities, at least for the next few weeks, there are many spells I'd like to teach you, and then test you on. For now, I'd like you all to do some research on a spell you might find sounds very familiar, the Patronus charm. It is important that you learn this soon, darkness is always lurking in the corner, and we must always be well prepared. I would like two feet of parchment on whatever research you find. Goodluck, and do not disappoint me. Class dismissed."

And she made her way to her desk that sat at the front of the classroom, taking a seat and grabbing one of her many books that were usually kept hidden under charms that disguised them to resemble the defense book that the seventh years used, but is instead a book of dark magic, one that she could only decipher, and she pulled out a piece of parchment, grabbing a quill and began scribbling down some notes, not noticing the looming shadow that stood before the table, blocking the light and making it harder for her to take notes.

Looking up, she almost grimaced at the sight of Riddle, who stood there, waiting for her to notice him. What did the little fucker want now?

Putting her quill done, and shutting the book, she folded her hands and placed them on the table, raising an eyebrow, as if expectant and waiting for him to say something, unless he was just here to stare at her.

"Uh…" he stumbled with his words, and she was truly shocked. All she heard from the other teachers and the headmaster himself was: how brilliant Mr. Riddle was, and how responsible and kind he was. He seemed to be inept at the moment, and she couldn't exactly see the brilliance so she remained quiet, and watched him writhe underneath her scrutinizing gaze, and she basked in his little weaknesses.

"Professor, I had a question about our next lesson, and about the course in general. If you don't mind me asking, of course." Ah, the boy has finally caught his tongue, and he even graced her with a charming smile, one she completely ignored and instead lifted her hand to rub at her temples, closing her eyes and picturing the many different hexes she could use on him, specifically the ones that inflicted excruciating pain.

"And what would you like to know about the course, Mr. Riddle?" she asked, her tone bored, as if she were already done with whatever he wanted to know, and he frowned slightly, but hid it quickly. Professors loved him, and yet this one didn't. Professor Sapiens always enjoyed his company, always praised him, that was what he was used to, not this, this ignorance! It angered him, but he calmed himself down, working his 'magic' on the witch sitting before him, who did not look a day over twenty.

"Well, I wanted to know if you were planning on teaching us anything about dark magic, such as the Unforgivables?" and he folded his hands behind his back, waiting for her answer.

"Mr. Riddle, I would appreciate it if you didn't nose your way into my lesson plans. However, if you would like to know, I do plan on dedicating a lesson on the Unforgivables, and would be more than happy to use you as an example for the rest of the class, seeing as you seem to be so excited about it." And the witch dared smirk at him, her eyes growing darker, and he felt it then, the magic that radiated from her being, and licked at his own magical aura and he almost shivered.

It was glorious, and he almost threw himself at her, but self-control was his expertise and so he only nodded, forcing a smile onto his face.

"I would like nothing more than to assist you Professor." And he bowed, he fucking bowed. He was mocking her, and she almost grabbed her want but she only narrowed her eyes at him.

"Are we done here? I have work I need to return to, and I am aware that you have a rather important assignment due tomorrow, wouldn't want to anger any of your professors Mr. Riddle, might just make them question your brilliance." And she returned to her work, feeling him stand there for one more moment, mouth open and slightly shocked at the nerve of her, as if he was not used to this tone being used on him by any of his teachers.

How dare she?

How dare he?

Eventually the annoyance of a boy left, and she continued scribbling notes until it was time for supper, and she closed the book, taking it up to her office and locking it inside one of her many drawers, before locking the door, adding different charms that would impose horrifying pain to anyone who dares to intrude.

Smiling to herself, she made her way to the Great Hall, analyzing the confrontation she had with Tom today, and when she looked at him, she wondered how he'd managed to turn his beautiful face, something that could not be denied, the boy was gorgeous, into something that looked more serpentine, more monstrous.

I bet he would be horrified to see what the dark magic did to him eventually, and if he continued making those horcruxes he would eventually find himself losing the charming face that fooled people for so many years, and instead find it replaced by something that put fear in the heart of many, but also made people defy him, and everything he stood for.

And as she found her seat next to Slughorn, and listened to him ramble on and one about his little club of extraordinary students, she thought to herself, of when insanity truly hit Tom Riddle, and when did he lose the intelligence, that she knew would've made him a greater and more powerful leader, one that she would make sure would do nothing to muggle-borns such as herself.

She thought of these things, and made sure to keep an even closer eye on him, and the rest of his little group.