"Hmph! That jerk, Satomi, keeps on saying how I'm useless without her, and how if it wasn't for her, I would have let the world fall into despair by now! But if anything, I'm better than her! I have the amazing aura of courage, but she just has hope! What does hope do anyway? At least you need courage to kick the enemies in the face!" Hotaru was walking home from school, and having a giant rant. Satomi was still boasting (well, not really, but that's how Hotaru saw it, and the author is too lazy to find better words to describe it.) about how she had saved Hotaru a few days ago. She was saying how Hotaru should be more careful, or the world could have been destroyed, and the only reason it wasn't was because of her, well you get the idea. This really angered Hotaru.

"Erm, Hotaru…~yu?" The small bear on her shoulder said, uncertainly. Hotaru gave him a death stare.

"What?!" She said, with a deeper voice than usual. Dreami stayed still, startled. He had never seen her act this way. Sure, he had only known her a few weeks, but surely he would have seen this side of her by now.

"Well, erm, you kinda decided to go the long way. The way that takes one hour to go to a restaurant five minutes away from your school. Pretti and Satomi would have been there for half an hour now! Why didn't you just go the short way with them? We'd already have started the meeting, plus, I'd get to see Pretti longer-yu~" Dreami had hearts in his eyes. Hotaru gently slapped him, making him return to his senses.

"Yes, but I don't want to see Satomi for any longer than I already have to! In fact, why do I have to go to this stupid meeting anyways?! The name of our team won't save the world! Who said we were a team in the first place?!" Dreami sighed as the redhead continued her rant.

"She can be so cruel at times~yu"

"Let's Go! The true colours of your heart, Precure Rainbow!" Have fallen out already?!

"And the first Precure meeting now be-" Pretti began, only to be interrupted.

"Hmph! You want me and her to be a team, but you know nothing about us?! How are enemies supposed to work together?!" Satomi stood up, angered by what Hotaru had just said.

"Geez, Hotaru! First you're really late, then you interrupt Pretti?! Learn some manners!" Pretti and Dreami looked at each other uncertainly

"I should learn manners?! Well, maybe you should learn to think about other people's feelings more!"

"Why should I?! When haven't I thought about other people's feelings anyways? And it's not like you're making much effort on your side of the deal!"

"You know exactly when. Plus, I have been trying!"

"Well, you obviously haven't tried hard enough!"


"This isn't why we came here~ pre!" The two fairies shouted. They were pretty annoyed. When they had found the legendary warriors, they hadn't expected them to act like this. Why did they hate eachother so much? It didn't make sense.

"What could possibly matter more than this?!" The two girls snapped back. Not many people tried to interrupt their arguments, and for good reason too.

"Oh wait, I forgot, two little girls arguing is so much more important than the fate of the entire universe." Hotaru and Satomi nodded, not realising Dreami was being sarcastic.

"... What are we going to do with them, yu?" the bear mumbled to Pretti. She sighed. It pretty much seemed hopeless. Dreami looked at the two girls, worried. Could they really save the world like this? Plus, they needed a name. Every team in the Precure history books had a name. The one's that didn't, well, they weren't in the history books, so they couldn't have saved the world. It was more important than it seemed, probably. Well, it was too big of a coincidence to let pass. Dreami wanted anything but for this generation to be a failure. He looked at Pretti in the eyes, and she nodded. They had a plan, they were going to make it work no matter how stubborn the two girls were.

"Why are you two fighting, pre?" Pretti asked, curious.

"Because she only cares about herself!" Hotaru snapped.

"Because she won't think about others!" Satomi snapped back.

"She's a know-it-all! And annoying!"

"At least I'm not an idiot, like you."

Dreami and Pretti nodded at each other. They had found a reason why they're fighting, despite it seemingly being stupid. This was the first step to finding a solution.

And so, a new day dawned. Dreami and Pretti still hadn't found out anything new about the two girls arguing, and were exhausted. It's tiring listening to girls complaining all night. At least now they had a break, while the girls were at school. Even if they had to stay at the school, in case of attacks, they could have a quick doze, surely the legendary warriors if there was an attack…

"Dreami! I need your help! It's an emergency!" A voice shouted, while someone shook Dreami's shoulder.

"Agh! It must be an attack, yu!" The bear's sapphire blue eyes jolted open. Hotaru was shaking his shoulders, with a rather distressed look on her face. He looked around. She seemed to have stuffed him into her school bag. There was a surprising amount of books, at least seven books, which might not sound a lot, but it was for the lazy, thick, and easily distracted Hotaru. Dreami shook his head, this wasn't the problem at hand. He transformed into the sun pact, and placed himself into the teenagers hand. She looked at him, puzzled. Just what was this little bear thinking? Then it hit her.


"Huh? What?" Dreami transformed back into his normal form, and thought about what had just happened. Actually, it was very strange. There was a lack of monsters and chaos for an attack. In fact, people were acting strangely how they normally would. Was this the monsters power? To make it seemed like nothing had happened? Yes, that must be it. The cure of courage wouldn't have disturbed his precious sleep if that wasn't the case.

"There's no monster." Hotaru replied, bluntly. Dreami sweatdropped.

"You do realise that half of my life is normal, right Dreami?" It was? Shouldn't a Precure devote her life to her duties as a cure? Devote her life to saving the world? Or maybe she was just a bad cure, yes that must be it, the fairy thought. He would just have to train her into the ways of Precure! It couldn't be that hard, right? Then again, it was Hotaru he was talking about. He was thinking deeply, when someone coughed.

"Ehem, there's still a mini-crisis going on." Oh yeah, he had forgotten about that. What could it be? Surely it wasn't that important. All that was important was project Precure!

"I completely forgot to study for a test! And I have it next period! What will I do?!" Her voice clearly shown her state of panic, same with her eyes.

"I don't know, but I know what I'll do, yu. Sleep." He started to slouch back into her school bag, when she shouted after him.

"Don't you remember your school days when you forgot to study for tests?!" The bear paused. No, he didn't. His days at the Fairy Academy ended ten fairy years ago, and who knows how many human years. And even then he remembered being a fairly decent student. So he continued to slouch into the bag. A Precure shouldn't care about test scores anyway, they should only worry about whether they can save the world or not.

"Oh look, Yuki-san's talking to her bag!" Kaori scoffed, "And look, she hasn't studied for a test!" Hotaru groaned. Of course Kaori and Satomi would appear out of nowhere and say something. It was practically their job.

"Geez Hotaru, you should study for tests if you want to pass them. Isn't it just common sense? I don't see how we can work together like this."

"Huh, even geniuses can be idiots," Hotaru thought to herself.

"Work together?" Kaori (obviously) queried.

"We paired for a project in our History class." Maybe she wasn't an idiot after all. She had lied so perfectly and gracefully, without hesitation. Nobody could question if she was lying or not. Satomi started walking away, so Kaori followed. It was times like these Hotaru missed Hinata more than ever. But she was out enjoying herself in Spain. Dreami popped out of the bag.

"See, she saved you from further humiliation, yu!"

"No, she saved you. Big difference."

It was 5pm, and Hotaru was lolling round on her bed. She had done bad on her test, or she had a strange feeling she had.

"Hey, Hotaru, since you're not doing anything else right now, why not go talk to Satomi, maybe think of a team name, yu?" Dreami asked, with a hopeful tone in his voice. All he wanted was for the two girls to get along for even five seconds so they could choose a team name.

"Eh, I'd rather not. Satomi would just end up complaining. I would too, if I'm perfectly honest. Maybe we shouldn't be a team~" Hotaru gazed up at the ceiling.

"Sure you should! You might not be friends now, but I'm sure in a few days you'll be inseparable! That's how Precure team goes!" Hotaru shook her head, and walked over to the window.

"I wish it were that simple. But it's not. You see that tree stump over there?" She said, pointing outside of the window. Dreami nodded. The stump was rather ancient, and, well, dead. It had a grand sign in front of it, " Sakurato's Great Tree. Cut down due to spacing issues."

"You see, I used to have a friend. A best friend. We used to meet up by that tree, and play games, climb it, even have picnics. But when they decided to cut it down, because of the awkward place it was, we didn't know where to meet up anymore. So this so called friend decided that she didn't want to see me everyday, maybe just once every week, since she wanted to focus more on her studies. And, a giant argument exploded from that. Maybe I was overreacting, but it felt right at the time. We never saw each other again, and I miss her sometimes. Then, I realise that she's a jerk. Feelings really are strange."

"Don't you know where she is, yu?"

"Yeah, our parents are friends~"

"Then why don't you just say sorry to her, yu?"

"It just doesn't work like that sometimes, even though I wish it would."

She was pretending to be fine about everything, but Dreami read her face. It was like an open book.

"You can't quit being a Precure! Sure, your partner might not be your favourite person in the world, but would you rather be her partner, or let millions of people die before your eyes?! Please, you can't think that the former's worse. And before you say, "Oh, can't you just find a replacement?" I can't. You have the aura of courage. And it's one that shines immensely, it's practically swallowed me up! You and Satomi are part of the only three who can save the world! You have to do this, he fate of the universe is in your hands!"


"What, yu?"

"You said 8 whole sentences without saying yu at the end!" Hotaru beamed at Dreami. He was right. He somehow read her mind. She was thinking of quitting, but he opened her eyes. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to stay on the team a bit longer.

"Death Petal, appear!" On the opposite of the street, a young boy became a death petal, and flew onto the roof. Dreami turned into the Sun Pact, and flew into Hotaru's hand. She ran outside, ready to transform. Satomi was already there. The two nodded, and transformed.

"Precure, Blooming Colours!" They both shouted, as the transformation occurred.

"The sun of courage that lights the tulip path, Cure Ray!" Hotaru introduced herself, surrounded by an orange light, a garden of tulips and with the sun shining down on her.

"The music of hope that reveals the daisy path, Cure Harmony!" Satomi introduced herself, surrounded by a blue light, a garden of daisies, and with an ocean right behind her.

The two joined together, and were surrounded by a rainbow coloured light.

"Let's go! The true colours of your heart!" The two called out, and held hands. A rainbow coloured heart appeared behind them, and it came to them.

"Precure Rainbow!" The heart exploded, and rainbow sparkles fell down from the sky. Dreami watched one of these sparkles fall down, and disappear once it touched the ground. Did they really just think up a team name on the spot? That was unbelievable. The previous teams hadn't done that, had they?

The two girls jumped onto the roof.

"Ying!" Harmony shouted, very determined. She wasn't going to make a fool out of herself when Hotaru was watching. In fact, her plan was to do the opposite.

"You again? You'd think that the almighty Fonce Kingdom would send out some new generals now and again." Ray remarked, putting her hands on her hip. It sure felt great to say something like that. Is this what Satomi felt like every time she said something sassy?

"Actually, for the time being I'm the only person who can do this job. The rest of the Fonce kingdom are 'asleep' and can't fight for the time being. But soon, they'll all wake up, so be warned, since they're all more powerful than me. Especially Shadow, you'll have a day trip when he, our King appears."

"Wait, really?" Ray questioned. Maybe her remark wasn't as great as she had thought.

"Well, of course. When have I ever lied to you?" The demon like girl replied. Ray and Harmony looked at her blankly. They barely knew her, but she was obviously the type to lie. But whether she was lying or not wasn't the main problem here. The main problem was the Death Petal. Ray and Harmony nodded at each other, held hands and ran towards the monster. They kicked it in the face, with perfect harmony. Were they finally getting along? Were they finally getting past their differences? Was this kick a sign to a new friendship? A perfect one?

Of course not.

"Geez, Ray, you ruined that kick! If it wasn't for you, I could have easily gotten that Death Petal on the floor!"

"Well you were bad yourself. If it wasn't for me, I bet your aim would have been completely off!"

Ying looked at the two girls with a blank expression. They were supposed to be fighting her, not each other. She turned to Dreami and Pretti, who were hiding in the Sun and Music pacts respectively. She gave them a look saying, 'This is why you choose cures that get along.'

"Death Petal, get them!" Ying shouted out, as a surprise attack might help them continue their duties as cures. Might. As the Death Petal charged at them, the two girls jumped at the exact same time, jumped the exact same height, and landed the same time. Their harmony couldn't be better. It was strange, they thought similarly, despite hating each other. Maybe, there was more to it than meets the eye?

"Hey you, Death Petal, stop interrupting our arguments!" Ray shouted across the roof, pointing at the monster. This time it was in the shape of a bird, which meant...

"...It can fly…" Harmony gulped. How were they going to fight a flying Death Petal, when the closest thing to fly that they could do was jump high? Ray gulped too. They were doomed. But they had to save the young boy inside.

"Death Petal, let me hear the music inside of your heart!" Harmony jumped to the Death Petal, and put her hands by the Death Petal's heart.

"I just wanted to help" The Death Petal whispered. It was awfully vague though. I just wanted to help? That could mean anything!

"Sorry, Harmony. That move only gives a very vague description, so it's not much help, pre." A female voice came from the Music Pact.

"It's okay, Pretti." Harmony comforted the distressed Music Pact. Still, what were they going to do? They hadn't managed to weaken it yet, so they couldn't just do their attacks.

Ray wanted to fix that though. She jumped as high up in the air as she could, and punched the now flying Death Petal. She repeated this as much times as possible, before Ying ordered the monster to fly somewhere else. And that somewhere else was even higher up than the Cures could jump. It didn't stop Ray from trying though. She repeatedly jumped, and jumped, and jumped. Harmony stared at her.

"Ray, what on earth are you doing?" She mumbled, embarrassed of her teammate.

"I'm jumping! Maybe if I do it enough times, I'll be able to jump high enough!" Harmony facepalmed. That was never going to work.

"What, do you have a better idea? Why don't you do it then?" Harmony nodded. I will, she thought, I will. She put her hands underneath where Ray would land.

Meanwhile, while those two were doing their thing, Ying was enjoying the show. It was so much fun to watch enemies suffer and struggle. They would never catch up to her level. They were done for! Or, so she thought.

"Precure, Orange Courage!" A familiar voice shouted. The boost Harmony gave Ray had let her jump high enough to do the finisher. As she was surrounded by orange lights, Ying clenched her fist. The Precure Annoying had beaten her, despite her perfect plan.

"I'll get you for this, Precure!" She shouted before teleporting back to the Fonce Kingdom. Ray put her hand on either side while in mid-air, proud of herself. She had done the finisher this time, not Harmony. Ray started landing, but somehow she managed to miss the roof…

"Harmony! Pull me up already!" Harmony was holding Ray, and stopping her from falling to her death.

"I'm trying~" She muttered, with a very blank expression on her face.

Hotaru done her favourite thing in the world, and flopped on her bed again.

"She saved your life, yu! That must mean you're friends now, yu!" The bear shouted with glee. He was right, Precure always became close quickly.

"We're not friends, however much you want us to be. And did you see her face as she was saving me? She obviously didn't want too!"

"Maybe that's because you were whining like a baby, yu," The bear muttered, hoping his partner wouldn't hear.

"What did you just say?" Hotaru mumbled, with that deathly tone of voice. Dreami stayed still, terrified of what Hotaru might do to him…

Next time on Precure Rainbow!

Dreami: We need to train you into being good cure that devote their lives to Precure, yu!

Pretti: Dreami, you seem to have the wrong idea…

Hotaru: Ooh! Can we do a race?!

Satomi: A race? I'm so gonna lose…

The Precure Race!

All four: See you next time!