It had been no more than two weeks since Lovino had found out that he was pregnant. Two blissful weeks filled with more smiles from Lovino and definitely a strong sense of happiness. The two had tried not to show excitement over the new baby while in Ale's presence since they decided that they wouldn't tell their son for another couple of weeks. It had become a recent routine for them to retreat to their room at night and talk about the baby that was finally, finally going to be here in a few months. Antonio was so excited that he couldn't help himself from rubbing Lovino's still flat belly which would soon become cute and round like it had been years ago.

The day after Antonio found out his lover was pregnant, the two had scheduled an appointment for Doctor Sanchez so she could examine Lovino and make sure he was healthy as well as their little one. Today was the day of their appointment although a certain someone couldn't bring himself out of bed.

"Lovi, mi amor, it's time to wake up."

"No, lasciami in pace."

Lovino, who was supposed to have been up already, only snuggled further under the covers at the sound of his husband's voice.

"But Lovi, we have an appointment today!" Antonio reminded the sleepy Italian as he stood by the bed, already dressed.

"Ma sono stanco." Lovino mumbled still mostly asleep.

"Lovi I have no idea what you just said but you have to get dressed, mi corazón." Antonio told him as he opened up the wine red drapes to let some sunlight into the room.

Lovino groaned at the brightness seeping into the room. "Antonio, si no me dejas solo te voy a pegar. ¿Lo entiendes?"

Before Antonio had a chance to say anything, Lovino sat straight up and groaned, there was that familiar churning in his stomach. Antonio gave him an odd look before the Italian threw the blanket off of himself and rushed to the bathroom. Morning sickness. Antonio should've guessed it. At least Lovino was out of bed one way or another. The sounds of gagging filled the room for a few seconds before the toilet flushed and Lovino walked back into the bedroom.

"So much for sleeping a little longer." Lovino complained as he stepped out of the conjoined bathroom.

"Well we have to get going anyway, our appointment is in a little while." Antonio told him. "And you take long to get dressed I don't want to be late."

"Yea says the guy who was once late for our date because you had to make sure your hair looked good." Lovino teased as he walked to the dresser to pick out an outfit.

"You were almost late to the altar at our wedding because you started having second doubts about the shoes you were going to wear." Antonio retorted with a laugh which resulted in a laugh from Lovino as well.

"You have to admit, the black shoes did look better with the suit." Lovino replied, trying to justify himself.

There were a few knocks at their bedroom door and a little voice that called out "Papi!". Antonio, with a bright smile, walked over to the wooden door and opened it for their son.

"¿Ale, que paso?" Antonio asked.

"La puerta, there's someone at the door." Ale told his father as he peered into the room. Upon seeing his mother who was awake, the little boy practically ran into the room.

"Buongiorno mama." Ale smiled as he hugged the Italian's legs.

"Buongiorno bambino." Lovino grinned, ruffling the little boy's curly hair. "Oh that's probably Alvarez at the door, right?" He looked to his husband at the bedroom doorway.

"It should be, I'll go see." Antonio said with a nod before leaving the room to go check.

Downstairs, an impatient Portuguese nation knocked at the door a few more times. The door opened revealing his nearly identical brother who displayed a smile.

"Hola, thanks for coming over to watch Ale." Antonio said as his brother stepped in.

"Ah it's no trouble." Alvarez said with a smile as the Spaniard closed the door behind them. "I love spending time with the kid, he's my favorite nephew!"

"He's your only nephew." Antonio reminded him.

"Which is exactly why he's my favorite." Alvarez replied with a little laugh.

The sound of fast approaching little footsteps caught their attention and within a second, Ale was standing at the top of the stairs with a bright smile plastered on his face.

"¡Tio!" Ale exclaimed happily.

Alvarez laughed and held out his arms at the bottom of the stairs, Ale wasted no time in running down the stairs and into his uncle's arms.

"You're gonna be here all day right tio?" Ale asked as the two broke their embrace.

"Sim!" Alvarez nodded.

"Guess you can't complain that I take too long to get ready." Came the sound of Lovino's voice as he descended the stairs, dressed and ready to go. "Hey dork face."

"Hello to you too short stuff." Alvarez teased which earned him a scowl from Lovino.

"I'm not short." Lovino retorted even though he was. The Italian turned to his son, "Bambino did you eat yet?"

"Mhm! I ate cereal." Ale nodded.

"Alright, in that case we better get going." Lovino said to which Antonio nodded.

As usual, Alessandro asked his parents if they really had to go and they told him yes like they always did. Antonio was quick to assure him that they'd be back in no time when he saw Ale's pout. Lovino was quick offer the boy a special surprise when they got back, that seemed to make him a lot happier.

Not too long after leaving, Antonio and Lovino found themselves in the waiting room of the doctor's office. As they sat in the plastic lobby chairs, Lovino was leaning his head on Antonio's shoulder. His leg was bouncing slightly as he tried to distract himself from the disgusting nausea that welled in his stomach. He had almost forgotten how annoying morning sickness was, it was really the worst thing thing about being pregnant. Well that was a lie, swollen ankles and mood swings were definitely up there for 'worse symptoms of pregnancy' but thank God he wasn't there yet.

Just as Lovino's stomach gurgled quite loudly, Doctor Sanchez came out and called his name. They three of them made small talk on the way to her office down a small corridor. Lovino and Antonio took a seat as Doctor Sanchez closed her office door behind them.

"So how is everything going for you two?" Doctor Sanchez asked with a smile, obviously referring to their baby troubles.

Before Lovino got the chance to put in a word, Antonio happily piped up beside him, "Lovino's pregnant!"

Doctor Sanchez's smile grew brighter and she even did a little clap of happiness at the news.

"Ay Dios mio, that's great news!" She exclaimed happily. "Then today I'll just give you a little check up and give you a prescription for your prenatal vitamins, then you should be good to go."

Doctor Sanchez motioned for Lovino to hop on the examining table so she could look him over. Lovino complied and within in moments, Doctor Sanchez had the ultrasound machine wand pressed against the Italian's abdomen. Antonio stood beside Lovino and held his lover's hand, he was surprised when Lovino gave his hand a small squeeze in return. A few seconds went by before an imaged was displayed on the ultrasound machine.

"Hm." Doctor Sanchez hummed to herself, moving the wand further down on Lovino's abdomen. "There we are, it's your teeny, tiny, little one." She said with a smile.

The couple was faced with the ultrasound image that did in fact have a tiny little dot which was their little one. Lovino of course tried to hide the fact that he felt like smiling and crying tears of joy. As for Antonio, he didn't care that he was smiling like an idiot, he was overwhelmed with joy. They worked so hard for this, to have a new addition to their family. Seeing that little dot on the screen, was proof that they were gonna have another little trouble maker toddling around the house soon and it just made Antonio feel amazing.

"So you seem to be about six weeks along which is just over a month." Doctor Sanchez spoke up with a smile. "As you know around this time or probably within the next few weeks, you'll start experiencing mood swings in addition to the morning sickness that I'm sure you already have. Do you want me to make print outs for you?"

The couple nodded their heads eagerly in unison and Doctor Sanchez smiled at their excitement and proceeded to type something on the machine with her free hand. Within a few minutes, Doctor Sanchez had printed two copies of the ultrasound image and Lovino was all set to leave after cleaning that disgusting gel off of his abdomen. She scheduled an appointment for them set within a month when Lovino would be just about 10 weeks along. They thanked her and left the building in complete bliss. It was almost as if Lovino couldn't take his eyes away from the little ultrasound picture. Even as they walked and Antonio talked, Lovino couldn't help but to look at the image with the small dot. He knew anything could happen within the next few weeks but he tried to push those thoughts out of his head and instead thought about looking on the bright side. There was a good chance that that little dot would become an adorable little baby really soon and just that thought alone put a smile on his face.

When the two got in their car, Antonio continued to chat about various things and Lovino responded though he was still focused on the picture.

"Just eight more months." Antonio piped up as they were now driving down a highway.

"Yea eight more months until the house is filled with screaming and crying again." Lovino added, looking over to his lover.

"Ah that isn't much different than hearing Ale's tantrums." Antonio smiled as he drove. "And Ale- our bebé is going to be a big brother!"

"Do you think he's going to mind having a sibling?" Lovino wondered.

"Well I'm not sure," The Spaniard shrugged. "I think he'll be happy with the new baby."

"I was definitely not happy when Feli came into the picture." Lovino replied. "I used to hate him at first, always crying and screaming and drooling, y'know? I really hope Ale is happy with the new baby, I wouldn't want my bambino being upset about it."

"Mi amor, you worry too much." Antonio waved off a gesture with one hand. "I'm sure Ale will be fine I mean he must get lonely being an only child so another baby will be fun."

"I guess." Lovino said as he turned to look out the window. "But if my bambino gets upset because of the new baby I don't know what I'm going to do. Like- I don't know how to make him feel better. And then he's going to hate us and then what if-"

"Lovi! You're working yourself up too much, stress isn't good for the baby." Antonio reminded his distressed lover. "Ale will be fine everything is gonna work out. Now let's go calm you down with some ice cream before you explode."

"Okay." Lovino crossed his arms over his chest with a slight pout.

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