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Irony Chapter 5 Interlude- The news news for a Flexible Book.

If there is one thing that history has thought us is that there is no faster way for news to travel than brag about it.

And if you didn't know best and undiluted news are always from historic figure bragging drunken in a brothel.

-Anecdotes from random Scholar in Brothel.

On the day, around a corner of a street in the business district of a town named Drite, a town located in the north east of the island of Pinpinela at the Mnemosyne Archipelago.

In a few steps once stepping out of the light of the street into a narrow alley where you can see between two walls of two different stone buildings shadowing anything within the alley from the sunlight rays of noon and morning there on the other end of the alley there one can find a shop.

Small and barely noticeable shop on the business district of Drite, its outside appearance was simple, very plain blue with its sign which showed a plain name "Drite Bookkeep" as reference to the town its located in shop and the goods the shop provides-books very original.

On its door there's a sign that reads "open" which still highlighting the plainness of its wooden brown door –which still looked plain.

Opening the door to see inside of the plain shop in the alley one expect to find its plain interior, instead one must wait for its sighting as there is stair that leads down – possibly twenty meters below ground- with the only option of walking subterranean stairs down to the light at the other end but once stepping inside the light, what one can see is well …it was mess, piles upon piles of books which were towering to the point of reaching the ceiling-the bookshop was bigger than its outlook suggested- making it a sea of hardcovers, and beside those messes were shelves full of books-all this giving the impression there are more books than spare space.

There in front of the entrance stairs, a counter surrounded in towers of books was person.

This person behind the corner which was behind the fortress of books whose face was behind a large book which title reads: How to Prey on Humans by Thalestris Fifth Lilim Princess- all the books which made the fortress that surrounded the person had the same two words at the end of the authors name Lilim Princess.

The names varied but all the books were arranged to surround-imprison-the person within the fortress, of whose only noticeable feature-as its face is buried in a big book- were a pair of white horns protruding upward from its thick mane of hair.

But if we shift our vision into something into setting which allows us to see through the fortress clearing the space which the fortress of books occupy, it will allows us to see more feature-though not enough to see under its clothes-of this person sitting behind the counter.

The person sitting was humanoid with hooved legs which are covered on silver fur, till reach its white smooth skin under the knees exposing slim thighs, which were partially covered by the side cut of its qiapo-china dress- cut in the way to look like a pelvic curtain which seemed to fit on her hips and waist on its chest cropped so a pair of appraisable amount of cleavage could be showcased in a black cloth (Litchi Faiyling style of clothes).

And lowering down the hardcover book to let a full scope view her face, which came in the form black spot forming under and around her eyes plus highlighted by the thin glasses, this person appears to have the appearance of someone suffering from insufficient sleep/sleep deprivation or something along those lines.

"It is then after browsing through the books its official this is a unique subject, that none of the researchers' worth of their scholarship, doctorate or mastery had the pleasure to study. Only the anonymous Aldia often referred to the subject yet no solid proof, which means." she gives wide grin enough to creep out anyone nearby because it appear her pearly white teeth were shining by her eyes lighted up enhanced by the glasses highlighted the black spots surrounding her eyes, wiggling her head left and right like a tick tock clock then putting her hand to hide her face as she laugh like a mad man making the discovery of the century which was 'YEAHIHIHIHIHI' pitch sounding.

And when she ceased laughing she removes her hand slowly- and the light on the room turned red.

And with an expression like if were warped person who went to the very same pits of hell and returned with an even more sickening smile which warned anyone of evil deeds up ahead…

She spoke to no one in particular.

"THAT MAN IS MINE FOR THE TAKING" with conviction.

Why was all that? Well… To understand what this mad looking person is up to, one must know what pushed her to do it what she is up to.

So let us inverse the hands of the clock till hours of the prior days to this one- 72 hours.

Starting in…3…2…1…

Flashback: One Day and Hours Before.

On the night, around a corner of a street in the business district of a town named Drite, a town located in the north east of the island of Pinpinela at the Mnemosyne Archipelago.

In a few steps once stepping out of the light of the street into a narrow alley where you can see between two walls of two different stone buildings overshadowing anything within the alley there on the other end of the alley there one can find cramped between the walls a shop.

Its door opening and someone stepping out then closing and closing it with click, this person walks until reaching the other end of the alley stepping into the street. Looking from right to left and forth, the streets seems still active but not with the same lot of people as in day.

Stepping into the lamps lights of the street the person reveals its form in more detail even if its features are covered in a coated hood which wraps in its figure like second layer of skin it is still easy to discern by its curves and bouncy chest that the person's gender is female.

Her steps clatter like hooves on the cobblestone streets. After 30 minute walk she reaches the establishment a Bar named The Horny Broodmare- name she suspected was not picked by the owner and keeper but rather her partner.

She walks a bit further to the back entrance which is in an alley. She knocks four times softly.

At hours like these the one of the few Bars in town shouldn't be closed, but it is understandable if it's after all an accident happened to its keeper while her business partner is away in an errand so it must be out of business for few days until its keeper is in top shape.

Once she stopped, a voice from the other end says "State your name and business?" monotone deep gruff voice.

The person removes her hood revealing the horns and third eye of the Hakutaku owner of the bookshop except without the thick glasses "My name is Shu Linghuo [Flexible Book], I domicile for a massage." She said while looking to the door eye with smile.

That wasn't her real name of course; this was the alias she uses for her part-time work.

"In a moment please." The deep gruff voice said.

She heard behind the sound of locks being pulled.

Then door opens revealing very tall form towering over letting her be faced by navel surrounded by ripped abs under them, the towering person wore a black trouser reaching to her knees showing bipedal hind legs ending in pink nailed paws covered in blue fur, and above it a pair of mounds rivaling her own bust, covering them a silky fabric with a golden ank on its center pining it from falling free, with broad muscular shoulder with armor covering its whole left shoulder ending in its forearm forged for gladiators, with her right arm which was as long and muscular and big hands with pink claws as the left arm, the towering beast-woman gesture her to enter, the face of the beast-woman could not be seen as she was taller than the door frame.

Once inside the empty bar she can see the face of the beast of a woman, in truth she was expecting to see the face of a variant of Anubis due to the ank and blue fur, instead she meets a cropped eared Cu Sith with copper blue eyes black sclera giving her measuring glare judging if its threat.

Subconsciously the scholar she was bred to be saw a magnificently rare specimen as most of the Cu Sith either was short 3'7" like witches pre-war or tall 5'7" like Dark Mage without heels, this one is least 8'5".

And why she isn't a tall Kobold they don't seem any different from Cu Sith? Well its quite simple the line that divide the Cu Sith from the Kobold. The while the Kobold seeks the affection of its master a Cu Sith seeks to serve and guard their masters fully like Watchdogs, emphasizing the armor and her body build the scholar can see those muscle were not sculpted for affection but to serve effectively.

But who was the master of this Beast of Woman?

The scholar was caught in though that she didn't notice that the Cu Sith was gesturing for her to follow her upstairs.

"My master and her acquaintance are in the room at the end, shall there be any need of my assistance I'll be downstairs you may call me Viril." The beast of a woman speaks in her deep gruff voice with monotonous tone.

Walking upstairs like the beast of a woman said to meet clients that have solicited her services. Nearing the door she first knocks first after all is of bad manner barging in a room with people unannounced.

"Come in." said a very well recognizable cute voice behind the door.

She opens it to see a room with three beds, each bed laying facedown are the forms of; a long black haired dark skinned centaur barkeep Olwen, and in another a Pink haired with blond bangs slim figure of the dhampire courier Helia and the indigo silver short haired chubby witch doctor Lorian Marshall, and of course in front of them mounting a guard like the nurse she is was non-other than a white haired and reddish brown eyed familiar Falna with her petite form sitting in a chair in front of her now charges.

The part-time scholar took her time to take in the sight in front of her.

It wasn't strange to see Helia wanting her service after all she was one her regular clients each time she came to crash into town or rather Roxanne district in Alean. Neither was the Olwen as her job attending her establishment tended stresses her body physically and mentally sometimes a tough patron made appearance, she wasn't a regular but still required her services.

What was surprising was that the good doctor was here with her familiar in toe no-less. The doctor wasn't one of her regular neither have she recall any time she has requested her services, often was that the doctor referred the patient to her.

What truly spiked her was that all of them seem to require her service at the same time and possibly suffer from the very same bad shape due to possibly same cause.

This gained her curiosity as scholar-or gossip material.

The scholar noted that the so renowned bitch of runt may have noted her face of curiousity and gave her a smirk utter deviousness, because she knew what the scholar wanted to hear.

"Are you not curios to know how momma and aunties ended up like this?" she was obvious covering her eagerness to tell the scholar what happened and adding some ill-intentioned wording to the other three as they seemed to twitch at the momma and aunties and intentionally baiting the scholar with information of the cause for their condition.

But the scholar hesitated, why? Because she knew that asking to a magical construct for something, would surely cost her. And more if it's a Familiar, she has read so many conspirator theories and one of them was about how the familiar is the master and not the other way around and how manipulative they can be when one owes them a favor.

She really wanted to bite, even if it was just for a little bit of information on the subject how they ended like this because the symptoms seem so similar to some incomplete notes she read while back about pre-history.

For her relief she fortunately wouldn't have to make to ask the question.

"Stop delaying and just tell her already you bitch of a runt! The sooner I am done here the less I have to suffer being stuck like this." The chubby doctor saved her from asking though rudely, still is a save.

The child like familiar pouted muttering something under her breath taking her time. If it wasn't because of her nature being known and her actual age one would say from an outsider perspective she's cute-and an insider would say downright manipulation.

And after been done with her childish demeanor-manipulative- she opened her mouth.

"Last night, Doctor Marshall (witch), Miss Falna(familiar), Miss Rozeo (centaur) and Lady Helia (dhampire) were assaulted by a creature that astonishingly resembled the same characteristics as an incubus." Instead of the bitch of a runt speaking it was gruff familiar voice from behind her.

She nearly jumped when she saw the beast of a woman behind her carrying trays in a serving cart or as one could see carrying a serving cart as if were a tray. It was scary to though someone this size was silent while carrying something that clanked at every motion, she may as well killed many if she was born in times of war.

The beast of a woman either didn't note the scholar flinch or did but didn't put much importance to it.

"Were you there?" the Scholar asked curious to know more about this.

The Cu Sith shook her head "No I came at the doctor's clinic at noon just when the incubus creature was carried by one of a Thebasian in a carriage that transported him to the Dungeons in the Mountain in wait for a trial. I found my mistress and the other at the port of the house all bound each to a wheel chair and exuding the intense scent of seed only just very different from the common scent."

She stopped suddenly as if it struck a nerve, her face covered in blue fur now shifted in expression couldn't go unnoticed as the blush creasing her heated cheeks was and though her mouth was shut one could see in her eyes she was internally salivating plus the hair on her tail stirred up"… aside from his appearance it didn't seem to have the same smell as incubus." The women finished composing herself to what the scholar could say was her usual demeanor while putting the serving cart in front of the large bed.

The doctor corrected "Of course he smelled different from an incubus those bastard reek of demonic energy and multiple Mamono's sweet juice on them, while that guy smelled…" she couldn't finish, as someone finished her line.

"Like something was missing, someone void." The centaur finished while reaching for a bottle on the serving cart in front of the bed.

"Yeah, and its blood was ecstasies in flavor as it was meant for fangs to chunk on his neck, as if that void made his blood limitless in everything." While opening a bottle of something a metallic scent of blood and the rest something the scholar couldn't nail due to its randomness, which may tell one where the brewed content may have come from… flesh vessels. One of her blood cocktails

Sipping from the bottle the women said with a feral smile showing her characteristic white fangs and former blue eyes turned slit crimson. "I would pay him a nice fortune even if he lives me this sore just to have a bite on his neck!"

The Scholar shuddered at those eyes, they were sinister when depravity and perversion where turned on, and were now focused on her.

"Say Ling, would you mind giving your special service to all five of us- and sure that includes you Viril?" the dhampire said in alluring voice meant for seduction ending teasing the beast of a woman.

The scholar sighed she sometime in her curiosity forgets this is not social meeting with academics or gossipers but business and not the kind for a scholar or bookshop keepr but rather a part timer the one which services specializes in the extraordinary kind of massager which uses the whole body and servicing other stimuli with the vast experience and knowledge of one's own anatomy and possibly beyond.

A service that is under the label the most ancient practice and the most profitable profession that even in face war or depression it always kept itself a top.

Prostitution with its charming allure survives through its relaxing form of persuasion. Where all kind of taste are allowed to be indulged as long as you are willing to pay their price.

That is how Alidia the Bookkeeper escapes her routine through the guise of Shu Linghuo (Flexible Book) a woman of the night who offers more than just good massages but a more relaxing kind of services that is you have the coin to afford it.

And right now the former form of the Scholar now turned into that of Scholar of the Art of Hedonism, as she slipped her cloak to through her body for her now five customers to inspect her naked form.

"Gorgeous as always." the dhampire complemented.

Flashback End

After fixing the soreness of the three ladies who ordered her service and indulging in their sponsor desire for an orgy with Shu Linghuo, the Scholar the next days would start to gather information about the subject of the incubus like creature which she later would learn it was a Human Male.

As a scholar she couldn't let go of such an interesting research. A human, who after having its way with four monsters didn't turn into an incubus just of the mere exposure of their mana, and even after being injected with foreign agent into its circulatory system the male was one hundred percent human, which turned his condition into a research worth her time.

But there was a problem he is now waiting in a cold cell in the dungeon to be judged by the Madames when they return. And he would surely be put in a death sentence if no one botched for an alternative mean of repaying for his misconduct.

Fortunately for him she was preparing for that.

And if things went for the right direction-her direction- well…she will lay claims of a human male for studies and make a discovery that will make history.

She felt the need to cackle out in madness, possibly the result of sleep deprivation, too much caffeine and much too much machination involving the object of her madness.

In the dungeons

A man shivering as he's instinct keep warning him with bad presentiments of what is to come after him.

Oh and indeed something was coming.

But he didn't know what or who…

Surely he'll know any time soon.


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