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Flying through Tokyo's night sky, a helicopter was about to reach its destination. It had a passenger capacity of 5 but right now it was currently being used by two people, one of which was the pilot. Even though she was a student of Academy City, this girl was given permission to go beyond the high walls. It had been three months since she started this gig, but no matter how much time had passed, she never got used to this kind of lifestyle.

Sitting behind the pilot's seat while staring at the nightlife below, she wondered how much of a difference Tokyo City and Academy City had. To be quite honest, both had the same glaring features: high rise buildings, flock of people moving around as they go about with their personal lives, and sirens blaring as police cars tailed a runaway vehicle. With the exception of high-tech equipment roaming about the streets of her home city, it goes to show how much similar Academy City was in other urbanized areas.

The city she lived in was completely isolated from all of Japan, becoming a country of its own, much like how Vatican City became a city-state inside Italy. Its top priority was research and as such, the city became an education-providing center for the world. The main topic of research, however, was something that became the envy to outsiders.

Supernatural abilities and Power Development.

From her silent reverie, Amata Kihara's ear-grating voice called out to her while he continued to pilot the chopper, effectively cutting off her thoughts.

"Hey, kid! Better prepare for drop-off! I made a breakthrough in my research today, so I won't be picking you up! Better be nice to your escorts."

Of course she knew that already. She could see the open-roof stadium a number of meters ahead, its powerful flashing spotlights reaching way above the clouds. She kept her voice soft in preparation of the upcoming performance.

"Yeah, yeah."

The girl with albino features pulled in the duffle bag that was sitting next to her. Opening it, she pulled out what appeared to be an outfit composed of a pink vest, pink pin-on tie, a white button shirt with puffy short sleeves, a striped skirt with frills underneath, thin white leggings, and lots and lots of ribbons. The pink made her eyes sore and she scoffed, readying herself for a quick change.

"Are you seriously changing here? You seducing me or something, brat?"

"Shut up, old fart. It's your fault for lifting off so late."

"Huh? Did you really just call me an old fart? Besides, how is it my fault you came so damn late? Did you do something before coming to the airport, you fucking brat?"

"None of your business, bastard."


Amata Kihara sat inside his van when a call suddenly woke him from his tender nap "Who the fuck?" He pawed for his phone and pressed it lazily against his ear. He was confused for a moment due to the mixed cacophony of explosions and screams coming from the other end, but he managed to hear the girl's tired voice regardless.

"Eh? What do you mean prepare a faster vehicle? What? An aerial transport?! Are you fucking kidding me right now?! Where do you expect to get- the airport?! Wait just a- Eh? That motherfucker hanged up on me! GAAAAAAAAAAH!"

At least he acquired a new skill: learning how to fly a damn helicopter in a span of 30 minutes.


Opening the door to the right let all of the cold air into the aerial transport, with it circulating as the light below revealed her white hair billowing to the wind. Facing her manager for the first time since they left, she asked Amata regarding what he had mentioned earlier.

"What are you researching on this time? Could it be something related to me again?"

The older man laughed as if what she said earlier tickled his funny bone. It really hurt her ears every time he laughed in near proximity; she felt tempted to stab her own ears to at least have something else to focus on.

"Oh? What's this? This is the first time you've asked me something about my research in a reeeeeaaaaally long while. Interested in becoming my guinea pig again, Accelerator?"

The title Academy City gave her...every time she heard that designation she wished that she was a Level 0 Esper instead. Inside her home city, most people knew her as the notorious "Accelerator", one of the top ranked Espers with a very powerful ability unknown to most people. Hearing the words "guinea pig" and "experiment" in one sentence meant that it was the kind of research that included "physical activity". After giving Amata the middle finger, Accelerator looked away to stare at the outside view.

"Now you're ignoring me? You just made papa sad..."

Now that gave her more chills than every experiments combined. Continuing to ignore him, she checked to see her destination a few meters closer than earlier. She pulled out her cellphone to call in someone from inside the building, "Here goes nothing..." She took a deep breath to get 'in-character'. She heard a few rings before she answered the person on the other line with a cheerful greeting uncharacteristic of her earlier thug personality.

"Hello~, it's me! I'm really sorry for the delay! I'll be there by...Let's see..."

Her phone clock showed that it's 08:56 P.M.

"I guess 4 minutes, is enough? Anyway, no need for me to pass by the dressing room. I'll do my preparations on the way. I'll be making my entrance on the clock, so see ya there!~"

"Eh? W-Wait a-"

Accelerator cut off the conversation and measured the time needed for her to dress up and do some light make-up. She then noticed the apathetic stare coming from her manager.

"Da hell you looking at?"

No matter how many times the researcher had seen her cutesy act, he just couldn't get used to it and the urge to vomit never faded.

She called out to her manager and gave him instructions.

"Decrease Altitude by 1000 meters. Also, once we reach target destination, tilt the chopper with a 45 degree angle to the right, this particular door should be facing slightly downward."

"Oi, Oi, you're asking for too much here, brat! You really want me dead, don't you? Who's going to bring you outside the city if I'm gone?"

Indeed, with her instructions, the helicopter would surely lose balance, especially now that he was sure the girl's going to use her ability to quicken her fall.

"If that happens, I'll just call a taxi."

"Heh...cheeky bitch."

While calculating things in her head, she pulled out a bottle labeled "Tempo Dye": A washable hair coloring product that didn't last long when cleansed with water, the result of her chemical expertise and made for her use alone. Black liquid oozed out of its twistable nozzle and covered her hair with lightly, enough for her to spread it quickly with a quick comb.

She then took off her top and jeans as quick as she could while counting off the remaining seconds in her head, leaving her with only her undergarments. Only 180 seconds left...

"At least my little girl grew a little there" Kihara laughed, eyes leaving the controls to look her up and down with a leer. Now she was tempted to stab him instead, "It would be sad if you didn't."

"Shut up, don't distract me!"

A whistle came from the pilot/manager before he turned back to focus on his job. Accelerator then continued to dress-up after losing 2 seconds from the earlier exasperation.

She quickly buttoned the white shirt and slipped on the white leggings to tuck away the upper clothing. Lock in place, she closed up the frilly skirt's zipper and wore the vest after pinning the neck-tie to the collar. She quickly pulled out the pink, non-laced sneakers from the bag and easily slipped it on her feet. Only 100 seconds left...

"Don't forget your contacts." He called out cheerfully.

"Oh fuck, I should have done that first!"

At her manager's reminder, Accelerator searched for the case where she hid her eye wear and found it in one of the pockets containing various perfumes and colognes. Carefully applying the dark-colored contacts above her crimson iris, she winced a bit from the temporary pain and moved on to apply a quick blush-on and minty cologne. 60 seconds left...

Once she was done with the preparations and the desired target was reached, the noisy manager signaled her of his next move.

"Here we go! Better clench your butt cheeks cause you'll owe me an experiment for this! "

Accelerator felt both the weight of Amata's words and her body going to the right of the chopper. Hearing the whole statement, she gave herself a mental reminder to not visit his lab office tomorrow. Wearing the duffle bag on her left shoulder, she pushed herself down towards the roofless stadium.

The exit was quick enough that Amata Kihara missed her figure even with his sharp eyes. The chopper shook a few times in the air before it fully stabilized, almost hitting a high-rise building once he got back in control. In his panicked breath, he murmured his complaints.

"Damn that Crowley! What is he up to this time, letting that kid do as she pleases outside of his city?! For that matter, why is she even wasting her time with this?! Did that brat fall in love or something?"

He may have meant for the last sentence to be a sarcastic remark, but little did he knew that her reasons were partially related to that.

30 seconds left...

The director for tonight's show paced worriedly, teeth chattering from extreme nervousness. The main performer wasn't on stage yet, but her call earlier assured him that she would be on time. Even then, he couldn't relax at all.

Still, If she said she would come on time and be fully prepared, he might as well have trust her words. With that, he asked for the technician to play when prompted.

20 seconds left...

The more seconds passed, the more intense the cheers coming from the audience, especially from the batch of people wearing pink robes and bandannas over their heads, chanting the name of the performer they're excited to see.

The leader of this group had a distinctive spikey, blonde hair and had the loudest voice of them all. He kept waving his glow sticks as if he was a composer of an orchestra, the group's cheering getting louder and louder.











And the crowd was suddenly hit with total silence when a loud, crashing noise suddenly popped in their ears, smoke engulfing the stage.

The spotlight started to focus on whatever was there but...

"Hello everyone~ Did I make you wait too long~?"


And the crowd went wild, their yells turning to excited chants as the most awaited performer finally revealed herself on stage. Techno music with various melodious keys started playing in the background, exciting the audience even further. Of course, the fan group also started cheering for her name as well as they waved their glow sticks in unison.

The director was left speechless, wondering how this idol appeared like that seemingly out of nowhere. But that didn't matter right now, because the show needed to go on. The gaping hole on the stage, however, still worried him.

Right now, as she sang to the tune of her song, the audience kept chanting her name.

These people didn't know that she came from Academy City.

These people didn't know that she was an Esper.

These people didn't know that she had a ridiculous title of "Accelerator".

Right now, they only knew her as one of the most popular idols of Japan.

The crowd continuously cheered for her name.


Yuriko Suzushina's life as an idol continues, her reasons for becoming one started from a certain event three months ago, at the opening ceremony of her 1st year in highschool...

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