(EDIT holy shit... theres some REAL MUSIC based on this story now... litsen here you tube watch?v=HhoeJoeXlas NOTE IT CONTAINS SPOILRESR FOR THE FINAL CHAPTER)


elsa and anna were sitting on their bed in the mythical and magical wonderful kingdom of ardelia of which they were also twin lesbian incest queens. elsa was reading books because she is smart. and anna was just eating doritos or something like that cause shes just normal? i dont really know

AND THEN elsa sudenly grabbed a KNIFE! a REAL KNIFE made of ICE STEEL which is a cool metal that is produced in ardelia and is 1000000 times better than diamonts, there fore explaining the surrounding economical situation that allows elsa and anna just have hot lesbien sexx every day while their kingdom some how doesnt just fuckin collapse and have revolutions and shit.

AND THEN elsa thursted the ICE STEEL KNIFE into ANNAS HEART! she was bleeding, but for some reason, the bleed was gears and other robot parts.


and elsa said: "TRY ME, FUCKIN NOOB."

so anna used her magical FIRE POWERS! which were like elsas magical ICE POWERS but instead of shooting ice they were that anna could shoot fire, which she did, and totally burned elsas right arm off.


and then elsa and anna had inter course while stabbing and freezing and firing and otherly violencing each other all the time, until both had pretty much died and were just a leg or an arm twisting on the floor.

"wowwwww that was hot", said the real elsa. and the other elsa had been a robot.
"yeessssshhhhshshhhh", ejaculated anna. "but my lesbian queen love..."

"what?" axed elsa and at the same time called her maids on the phone so that they would clean the remains of elsabot and annabot from the real queens room, and also put out the huge fire that had started due to annabots fire powers. fire safety is everyones business.

"i dont really know, buut... that... wasnt the HOTTEST thing?" anna wondered sadly.

"what u mean? arent my elsannabots exxxxtremely hot and saucy?"
"yeah, sure my lesbian queen love, but like theyre not the HOTTEST and the SAUCIEST and i guess i forgot teh point i was making"

"hmmmmmmm", elsa thought. she was very extremely smart and the intelligentest dude in all of ardelia. "can i maybe improve my bots?"

"i dont know how that would be possible", sadly said anna. "nothing beats a hot bot lesbian death-sex off with knifes and fires and ices."

"sadly, that is indubutably true. hmmmmm... what if you think of a solution and i walk around the knigdom, just doing stuff and presumably fore shadowing future events?" asked elsa.

"sure, but dont stay long. im gonna make PANCAKES yeeeeeeeesshhh", anna said exitedly. elsa faked a smile and quickly left. what the HELL was it with anna and pancakes? god fucking damning pancakes EVERY DAY FOR EVERY TIME BASICALLY EVER kind of made u sick of pancakes, except if you were anna she guessed. anyway, the point: pancakes, what the hell?

but then elsa anyways left. the castle was very big, probably bigger than the city of new york, so it was pretty impossible to walk through, so elsa grabbed an annabot and used its jetpack thrust to get around (wow that sounds a bit wrong? but anyway) she basically flew to a BIG magical room with a big black board.

and on the black board there were math equations like "e = mc2". that were related to the elsannabots elsa had constructed. and, the question is: how do math turn into robots?

and the anserw is: MAGIC. that the explaination, studpid. elsa and anna and the whole kingdom of ardelia were pretty much magic, and thats why.

but anyways, elsa checked the equations to make sure they were right. if something was wrong, the robots could do all kinds of bad stuffs, like going on MURDEROUS RAMPAGE. of course that would never happen, because elsa was the best math-magic-programmer-robotmaker.

"hmmmmmmmm", she whipsered worryingly. there was one equation that was WRONG! it was like this:

c = 100%

where c = "chance of going on murderous rampage in near future"

"that should maybe be something like 0%", elsa said aloud. "maybe i should ask anna if murder rampages are hot? hey, maybe thats the solution to her troubles!"

elsa basically hi-5:ed her self because SOMETIMES she was self indulgent as fuck.

"ELLSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" anna screamed from somewhere with a volume that was larger than 1000 puppies being crushed. or your mom when she sees u looking at elsanna pixs.

"im coming!" elsa screamed back and grabbed a near by elsabot which automagically knew where to take the hot lesbian queen.

"i came as fast as i could", elsa said but was shocked to see anna writhering on the floor in pain. "wow, why are you writhing in pain on the floor?"

"its not because im pregnant or something, b-baka", anna said tsundereisly. but wow anna, that wasnt sensible at all? learn to know the animes better before trying to reference them.

"hmmm what else could it be", elsa wondered. "did you eat too much pancakes? my fucking god that i am me my self I TOLD YOU THOSE PANCAKES WOULD –"

"NO I LIED IN PREGNENT!" anna cryscreamed, which is when you cry and scream at the same time. or would be more accurate to say: cryscreameated, because she was also eating pancakes. annas mouth was capable of many wonderful things (wow, that sounds a bit wrong? true tho)

"GASP!" elsa gasped. "whose the father?"

"the father... i cant tell you that elsa"

"ok then", elsa said annoyedly, "but we run paper work properly in this kingdom and i will there fore need to know who the hell built ur snowman."

"pls ask me whos the baby", anna axed.

"ok, whos the baby anna?"

"the baby..." anna said an took a break to sound dramatic and also to stuff more pancakes in her mouth, "... IS YOU"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" elsa nooooooooooed. "or i guess, YEEEES, because i have no idea what the hell any of that means and it could as well as be a positive thing."

"being pregnent means giving birth to a baby, stutid", anna said.

"yeah i know that did you maybe forget im THE BESTEST AND SMARTETEST SCIENTSIT IN THIS KINGDOM OF ARDELIA?" elsa said furiously. "but how the hell can you be pregnant with ME?"

"thats the magic of ardelia."

"ok", said elsa and sighed at the fact that she could get no scientific explanation out of anna, despite the fact that she just built an army of robots by writing things on a black board, you fucking hypocrite. "but since im your lesbian queen incest lover, i should call someone who knows how to deliver a baby to help your pregnancy."

"who is that?" axed anna.

"he is an expert at babymaking and slash or delivering..." said elsa and paused dramatically... "... who is called... KARKART VANTAS!"

to be contiuned