Cursed in Life, Cursed in Death
" " are speaking
' ' are quotes
{ } are thoughts
* * are sounds
### are flashbacks
Prologue : Here's Ranma...

Nerima's graveyard.

A burial was ongoing and the priest was giving the final
farewells to the dead. The family and friends were united
around the coffin. Most of them had tears running freely on
their faces.


"Hey, let her alone!" shouted Ranma, seeing a group ganging on
a girl.

The four assailants turned to face the newcomer and Ranma
could see their faces... but were they truly humans? Their
sharp teeth seemed able to tear apart flesh and bones with the
same ease, their eyes shined an evil greenish light and their
brow was bulging, ruining the faces of these beings
so similar to their victim yet.

"Just when we were done with the appetizers, here come the
main course all by himself, we are some lucky guys!" shouted
one of the assailants.

"He came at just the right time, I was starting to get hungry again,"
added another creature.


Nodoka was crushed, supported by Genma who was staying
impassive despite the tears running on his cheeks, betraying
his real feelings.

For once, Soun wasn't trying to imitate a waterfall because he
needed like his friend Genma to support his family. Kasumi was
in a state alike Nodoka's. Nabiki was trying to keep her
heartless mercenary fa├žade, but the wetness in her eyes was
talking for her. Akane closed herself from the outside
after his death, beginning a refusal phase.


"Hu? What da ya mean 'you're hungry'? Are you some kind of
cannibal?" Ranma was surprised by their remark.

"So innocent, so ignorant, your blood must be delicious,"
stated one of the females of the group.

"First come, first served!" shouted another male, rushing forward
with lightning speed, surprising Ranma and catching him by the
throat with outrageous strength.

"What's the... urgh!" {Damn, he's strong, I must get free or
I'll lost consciousness,} thought Ranma, gripping his inhuman
opponent's wrist and preparing a counter.

"Not bad, you nearly got me there, but I won't let myself be
surprised anymore," Told Ranma to the monster before throwing
him into a wall while freeing himself in the same movement.

"He got notions. But we'll get him, dinner's ready!" shouted
the other male while rushing like his friend had.

"Blood!" added the female, joining the fight.

"Come get me!" Ranma taunted them.

The two creatures made random blows, not having the same level
of martial arts mastery than Ranma. He blocked or dodged the
hits with ease and grace like he always do.


The others girls were doing better. Ukyo was putting a brave
face, crying nonetheless at the injustice, having lost
everything all again. Kodachi was silent, rumor wanted that
the emotional shock restored her sanity. Shampoo, despite
being a proud amazon warrior, was the worst yet, showing that
the Kiss of Marriage wasn't the only thing that pushed her to
chase after her airen.


All was good for Ranma in that fight until... the monster that
Ranma had thrown into the wall caught him from behind, Ranma
thinking he was out cold and didn't pay attention to him, which
proved to be a mistake. This gave the two others the opportunity
to hit him dead on.

Ranma spat blood.

{How can they be so strong? Even Ryoga's blows didn't have a
tenth of that power.}

The last monster came closer to the one holding Ranma and
helped him. The two hitting Ranma smiled evilly before
starting to hit him again.

{I must get free or I'm done for. Don't have much choice, my
arms are caught and I don't have strength in my legs to hit
them hard enough. Time to take off kid the gloves.} He concluded,
starting to shine a golden light while his battle aura was
spreading around him.

"What the fuck is..." Instinctively, the creatures backed off,
understanding that their prey was going to use a devastative

"Moko... TAKABISHA!!" shouted Ranma, sending his ki in both
his hands and hitting the two monsters that were still holding
him. They immediately died, turning to dust with a scream from
beyond the grave. Freed, Ranma fell to his knees, gasping for
air and more than astonished.


The boys, on the other hand, were taking things differently.

Ryoga should have been jumping all around in joy from getting
rid of his nemesis, but it was only this one gone that he
realized what he really was for him : his only true friend.

Mousse didn't have that problem, and seeing his injuries he
surely thought that shampoo would finally be his, but she
seemed to not have the same opinion.

Kuno wasn't present but running to Akane to announce that he
had 'at last vanquished the sorcerer that keep them apart'
wasn't that good an idea, Akane having broke several of the
kendoist's bones in a fit of rage.


"What in hell was that!?" shouted Ranma, agape between the
newly formed piles of dust.

"You'll pay!" screamed the female , kicking him in the head
and sending him backward.

"Your blood won't be enough, you killed them and you'll regret
this!" screamed the remaining male, jumping to get to Ranma
faster. He caught him by the throat and lifted him easily off
the ground.

"All that excitement got me hungry. Shall we dine?" the male
asked his friend before directing his teeth toward Ranma's

"I hope he's juicy, he sure made us work up an appetite!" the
female answered before biting on the other side of their
prey's neck.

Ranma was felling faint, falling into darkness, while his
blood was being sucked out of his body. It was only now that
it was too late that he understood the true nature of these
creatures : vampires


Keeping themselves apart were a 'troll' and a 'ghoul', and
even if their eyes were devoid of tears, their faces showed
great sadness from having lost so young an adept so good at
their respective arts. He had been their last student,
combining the strongest parts of their arts without any of
the weakness.

Knowing Happy, he was surely weeping after his student's girl
body. Cologne's heart went out for Shampoo, knowing the
pain of losing one's love.


After the two vampires drank their fills, they laid Ranma on
the ground.

"And now, his turn," sniggered the male, cutting his palm with
a sharp nail and letting his tainted blood flow into Ranma's
mouth kept open by the female.

Ranma's body acted on instinct to keep from drowning and
swallowed the blood gathering on the back of his throat.

If Ranma had been conscious, he'd have spat the vampire's blood,
knowing what the cursed liquid would do to him. But it wasn't
the case and Ranma couldn't prevent fate from running it's


After the ceremony, the graveyard was emptied slowly but it
was only late into the afternoon that the last person
departed, leaving the nightfall and a feeble wind to watch
after the fresh grave.

After the sun disappeared, a couple came to visit the grave.
Strangely, their eyes were shining a greenish light into the
darkness of night.

"Hmmm... I feel him living already. We were nearly late," the
girl said to her friend.

"Pff, we are here in time to celebrate the rebirth of the newest
member of our little family," he replied, grinning evilly.

The freshly moved earth on the grave moved then shoot out
while a hand was trying to free itself. Then came the arm, the
hole into the earth grew until a head appeared.

A familiar head, with black hair tied into a pigtail, but the
eyes were glowing the same green as the two nocturnal visitors
instead of two blue-gray orbs.

A few more efforts and the new undead finished to dig himself
from his own grave, dressed in the same clothes he liked so
much when still alive : chinese red shirt with black tai-fu
pants, matching sleepers and combat bracers.

After he got rid of the last remain of confusion he was
feeling, because of his troubling awakening, Ranma cast a
glare at the couple in front of him. For a short time, he
didn't recognize them, then his memories started up again.

"You!" He shouted, wanting to jump them, but he tripped, his
body still sore from his rebirth. "What did you do to me?" He
screamed surprised of the strange way his body reacted.

"I offered you eternal life, welcome into the family of the
night's children," explained the man.

"After you killed our two friends yesterday, it was rather
nice of us, don't you agree?" added the woman. "You'd have
died anyway."

"So we changed you like us," completed the man.

"NOOOO!" screamed Ranma, jumping on the man and sending both
of them rolling between tombstones. "I'm not like you! I'll
never be! NEVER!" Ranma continued to scream, punching the man
between two rolls.

"Is that your way to thank us?" shouted the woman, coming to
the help of her friend. Her only reward was a punch from
Ranma, pushing the vampire back from where she came.

"I never asked you to make me into a... a..," said Ranma.

"Vampire?" asked the man, still pinned under Ranma, then he
used his vampire's strength to push Ranma back who rolled
backward and fell into an open grave, already dug for the next
day. Ranma exited the hole a few seconds later, holding a

"All you had to do was to die!" said Ranma before breaking the
shovel's handle on his knee. "Last time, I didn't know what
you were, but now I do!" He showed off his self made stake.

"You think you can kill both of us?" shouted the girl, jumping
on Ranma.

On one fluid movement, he deviated her punch with his free
hand before planting the stake on her heart with the other
hand. The nocturne creature was dusted without even having
time to scream.

"Bastard! As if the Slayer wasn't enough! Are we going to get
killed by our own now?" shouted the man, in rage.

"The Slayer? What's that?" asked Ranma.

"He, he, he. Why should I tell you?" the vampire asked back.
In a blink, Ranma was on him, holding the stake only
millimeters away from the vampire's heart.

"Because I can kill you without breaking a sweat if you don't
answer," Ranma told him coldly.

"Uuh... if you see it that way... the vampire slayer, that's
her title. She's a girl with the power to fight against us and
win. Each time she's killed, another girl inherit the power
and become the next slayer," The vampire explained obediently,
trembling out of fear and backpedaling. But for each step
backward, Ranma took one step forward, keeping the stake at
the same distance from it's target.

"And where's the actual slayer?" asked Ranma, making the stake
to touch the man's torso.

"Som... somewhere in the USA, near Los Angeles. A small city.
Something like Sonnydale, or Sunnybale. I know only one more
thing : you must keep as much distance you can between
yourself and a slayer if you value your skin," told the
vampire, trembling more and more.

"If you have nothing more to add, then I'm finished with you!"
said Ranma even colder than before, pushing the stake past
the torso and into the heart, killing his own sire.

"Sunnydale? Here, everybody think I'm dead, and I'll not add
to their mourning by imposing them this new curse. USA, here I
come!" Ranma decided, turning his back to his old life.

Prologue - End