Dear Mr. Dipper Pines and Miss Mabel Pines,

After hearing about the talents of you two from my old friend and your great-uncle, Stanford, I would be honored to have you two attend True Cross Academy and The Exorcist Cram School. It is my understanding that you two have faced many amazing and dangerous beings in your time and I believe you would make excellent exorcists. Please send your reply quickly or this invite WILL expire.


Headmaster Johann Faust the Fifth

Mephisto Pheles: Honorary Knight of the Knights of True Cross

Dipper and Mabel stared at the strange pink paper, once, twice, thrice, until finally Stan took it out of their hands and looked at it again. Then he handed it to his twin, Ford.

"You have got to be joking me right Point-dexter?"

Ford sighed and straightened his glasses, "Sadly no. It appears my 'friend' has found out about the twins and wishes to have them go to Japan."

"Japan?!" The pines twins shouted in unison, surprised and slightly excited.

"Well let's go!" Mabel squealed, she began to run upstairs to pack.

Dipper on the other hand, was more than worried. "How will we understand japanese? What if we can't handle the classes? We're just fifteen, we could die! What if Mabel can't take Waddles? What if we fail a test or something? What if Bill returns? What if-" He was starting to carve a groove into the floor from all the pacing he was doing.

"Now, now Dipper. Calm down. You two will go and everything will be fine. The classes don't start for 2 months. We can work out details until then. 'Sides, you two are probably more accomplished than any of the exorcists in the world! Right Stanley? Stanley? STANLEY!"

Grunkle Stan snapped out of his trance and stopped staring at the paper, "Huh? Oh yeah. You kids would kick those namby-pamby butts straight outta here!" He fist pumped the air for emphasis.

*Sigh* "Expected nothing less from you. Anyways to answer at least two questions, I have some universal translators downstairs for you two to use until you can speak Japanese naturally, and second, Bill probably won't be coming back until, oh who knows how long!" This did nothing to comfort Dipper and his now very stressed mind. Ford saw this and gave a small smile. "Hey, I need to give you something. Come on." He led the twin down the stairs into the lab that was located in the basement. Dipper hadn't been down here in a few years. He stared at the once gleaming machines that were littered around. "Come along Dipper!" He shook his head as if to remove any dust that might have built up while he was staring at the inventions. He followed Ford into the room, that once was filled with paintings of Bill Cipher, which Mabel had taken the liberty of burning them when they came for one summer. "Here we are. Take a look" Lying there in a glass case was a forest green, genuine leather, book. It appeared similar to Ford's journals except for the fact that it was green and on the cover was a beautiful bronze pinetree.

"A journal? Why?"

"It's for you. Since you already filled out mine, I thought it would be nice to give you guys your own. He pointed to one that looked like the green, except it was a rich violet and instead had a silver star on it. "I have extras just in case. And don't worry about the information in mine. I wrote down the most valuable and important in your's and Mabel's for you. So that's that. I have a few more things I need to make before you two are ready. Speaking of which, do you think you can write up a letter to Pheles saying that you two can go? That is, if you want to and your parents say yes." Ford gave a cheery smile to his great-nephew.

"I want to go and Mabel… yeah. I'll go ask Mom and Dad then write it up as soon as possible." Dipper ran back up the stairs and was so excited he almost ran into Soos. "Sorry!"

"Don't worry hambone. I'll live." The friendly new owner of the Shack stepped out of the way to let Dipper up the stairs to the attic, where he found his slightly older sister attempting to shove another sweater into an already packed suitcase.

"Mabel. It won't fit," he looked over her shoulder and saw that the only things that were in the suitcase were sweaters, "And shouldn't you take something besides your sweaters?"

"What is this evil you speak of? Not take my sweaters?!" Mabel turned and jumped on me, "Dipper, are you possessed again?" She looked about ready to kill me.

"Mabel, I'm not possessed. I just saying this because you need to take something other than sweaters to the Academy, besides, Most schools in Japan have uniforms so you won't even be able to-"

Mabel immediately started to switch out her sweaters for craft supplies, including: yarn, knitting needles, sewing needles, thread, glitter, sequins, glitter, stickers, glitter and more glitter. "Do you understand what this means Dipstick?"

"That you can't wear sweaters all the time now?"

"What? No! Well I mean yes, but that's beside the point! I get to decorate my uniform and make it look awesome! I'm even more excited! Aren't you?"

Dipper was about to sit down in his bed and read his book, "What? Oh yeah, sure."

"Dipper? Are you okay? This isn't like you. What's bothering you?"

"Nothing Mabel. I'm fine."

"Liar," She sat down on his bed, "Tell me."

He sighed, "Mabel, I found something in the woods and I don't like it." He looked over at his sister, who nodded for him to continue, "I found a statue of Bill in the woods, the exact same one from when he went into Stan's mind. Mabel, do you realize what this could mean?"

She shook her head, "Dipper, I think you're over reacting again. Maybe we should tell Grunkle Ford about-"

"No," Dipper said harshly, "We can't tell him. This could mean that he's still out there, waiting. If we tell anyone else, they might panic."

"And won't let us go to Japan," Dipper nodded and Mabel sighed, "Dipper, I trust you more than anyone, but it's been two years. I'm pretty sure he's gone for good."

"This is Bill we're talking about, he's a master when it comes to waiting. He waited a trillion years for Weirdmaggeddon, remember?"

"Yeah, you're right. Again."

The twins heard a knock from the door, "Can I come in? Aw forget it." Stan burst in carrying the Journals Ford made, and Ford was right behind him with some weird tech things that looked like computer chips. "Hey kids, here's your stuff from Brainiac over here." Stan dropped the books on Mabel's bed.

Mabel ran to her bed and picked up the purple one, "Are these for us? They look awesome!"

Dipper smiled and picked his up, "Well yeah. Their for when we go to Japan, So that we can do some research."

"Research! That's for nerds like you! I'm going to use this for arts and crafts!"

Ford smiled at this, "You do that Mabel. Oh, and here's the translators I was talking about. I had to modify the one I used when I was 'Dimension Hopping'"

Mabel looked at Stan who was standing there with a smile, "Hey, are you going to give us something to take Grunkle Stan?" She smiled an innocent smile.

"I may have something…"

"Stanley, you know they're too young for weapons yet, right?"

"They're going to a school to kill demons! They need something to fight them with!"

"They won't be allowed to actually fight until they finish their training, which takes a few years. And even then, not all of them fight with guns."

"That's boring."

Dipper's ears practically flew up with interest, "You mean there's different ways to fight demons?"

Ford smiled, "Yes, there's I believe five classes, or meisters. There's Dragoons; that's the ones with the guns, Knights; who use swords, Tamers; they fight with demons, Doctors; their the medics, and Arias; who use scripture to defeat them." Ford smiled to himself, glad he could still remember that information.

"Shoot, I forgot to write Mom and Dad about this!" Dipper nearly fell over running to the desk with the laptop on it. He signed in and opened his email, "Wait, how do I explain that we're going to a school for learning how to kill demons?"

Mabel gave an evil smile, "You don't. Just say that we got an invite to go to a fancy school named True Cross in Japan. They have to say yes." Dipper wrote just that and sent the email.

"Now we wait. Who's up for some card games?" Stan said with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

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