Crimes of Passion

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Chapter 1:  Taken

Bulma sighed and put her hands behind her head as she fell backwards on her bed.  It had been a long day and she wanted to relax.  Earlier, she had attended a going away party for herself and her crew.  Finally, they were on their way to Fervia to visit a scientist convention where she was to be honored for her inventions on Chikyuu.

"Finally, I can get some sleep," she said to no one in particular.  She closed her eyes and sleep washed over her.

"My Lord, we have the ship in our sights.  Should I deploy the attack?"

A lizard like man walked up from the shadows.  He came to stand next to his captain.  All around his involuntarily cowered slightly.  "No," Frieza hissed, "Zarbon, you will take a few men and infiltrate.  Gather all the scientists and bring them to me."  His blue skinned captain nodded and left the room.

 Bulma stirred in her sleep.  She felt the urgency to leave, to run away.  'Just my imagination,' she thought to herself, 'I've been told so many times to be careful that my senses are acting up.'  Suddenly, she shot up, sitting on the bed, hugging the sheets to her chest.  She looked around, frantically, before her eyes fell upon a man standing at the doorway.

She could not make out his details.  She only saw a silhouette of a large man, muscles encompassing his whole body.  She gasped as the figure slowly made his way to her bed.

"Well, well, well.  What do we have here?"  The figure chuckled amusingly.  "It seems as if these human scientists have good taste in concubines."  He came into the light and Bulma saw him clearly for the first time.  She gasped and backed up in her bed as she looked upon his green hair, framing his blue face.  He had dark features, not friendly at all.  A smirk came across his face.

'Concubine?!' she thought wildly.  Before she had a chance to respond, he scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder.  She thrashed wildly about and kicked at him, but to no advantage.  His muscular arms held her tighter.

She finally gave up and fell limp in his arms.  He let out a chuckle before stepping out of the room into a control center that was obviously destroyed.

She felt herself slowly slipping in and out of consciousness, every time waking up to new surroundings and different conversations, trying desperately to understand what was going on around her.

"…found her on board the…"

"…may I…"

"…away.  I don't want..."

"…filthy monkeys…"

Finally, she let herself go, falling into a deep sleep she can only hope to never wake up from.

"Get up woman," and voice bellowed to her.

Bulma covered her ears to stop the ringing as she slowly made her way up to her feet.  She faintly opened her eyes to find that she was standing in a giant room, elegantly decorated with flowing velvet curtains and exotic flowers.  Surrounding her were many tall, muscular men, dressed in fighting armor.  In front of her was a large throne.  A man was sitting side by side, with three very large men standing at one side, a short spiky haired man at the other.

'Oh no, what now?' she thought to herself.  She weakly looked around for answers, but then felt herself weakening.  She fell back to the floor.  'What's wrong with me?  Why can't I stay up?  Argh, they must have drugged me or something.'  She tried with all her strength to get up, but she couldn't.

"Such a fighting spirit she has.  A very good asset indeed."  Frieza stood beside her.  "King Vegeta, I do believe that your son may get some good use out of her."  Prince Vegeta glared at the lizard with a look of disgust.  Frieza chuckled to himself at this.  "Of course, I do have another fine young girl here, who would do nicely for my favorite Elitist."  Nappa let out a low growl.

Nappa hated the lizard-like man, but was intrigued by the thought of having a concubine.  He thought to himself, 'Its been awhile.'  He silently chuckled in his head, while maintaining his unruffled exterior.

Frieza continued.  "They are both natives of Chikyuu.  A weakling race of people.  I believe their names are Bulma and Kikiri."  Frieza turned on his heel to leave the room.  He motioned for Zarbon to follow.  Before he left the room, he turned his head back.  "Enjoy, boys," he hissed before taking his leave.

Bulma slowly stirred awake to find herself still lying on the floor in the throne room.  Standing over her was a short man with spiky hair.  He had a disgusted scowl on his face, to comment his other dark features.

"Get up woman," he bellowed.  Startled by his intensity, she shot up onto her feet.  "That's better.  I am Prince Vegeta."  He motioned for the two men behind him to come forward.  "This is Radditz and Kakarot."  Bulma just slightly nodded.

Vegeta angrily trudged back to his throne, followed by Radditz.  She watched them walk away, momentarily mesmerized by the taller man's long, spiky hair.  Glancing to the corner, she saw a large bald man smirking to himself, with a small woman kneeling in front of him.  She looked up at Kakarot, who was concentrating on a conversation between Vegeta and Radditz.

"But sir," the taller man explained, "to refuse a gift from Frieza is highly punished."

"Radditz, I do not need this.  I have no time to play around with a stupid woman."  Vegeta looked extremely annoyed at him.

"You know you cannot refuse a gift from Frieza.  If you have no need for her, you should impart her on someone else.  At least that would be better than what would happen if she was in the hands of Zarbon, which you know very well is going to happen if she is returned to him."

Vegeta growled at his officer.  He was going to reply, but suddenly was surprised when Bulma spoke up.

"Excuse me, but don't talk about me as if I'm not here!  I'm standing before you!  I do not appreciate people talking about me as if I were an object!" she screamed to them.

Everyone one in the room looked at her in shock.  Kakarot quickly grabbed her and covered her mouth with his hand.

"Please miss, you must never talk to him like that," he whispered into her ear.  "He holds much power and trust me, you don't want to get on his bad side."  Bulma only screamed muffled obscenities at him.

"That's right," Vegeta growled, using his saiyan speed to stand before her, causing even Kakarot to jump back a little.  "You never talk to me like that, understand?"  Muffled cries.  "Kakarot, let her speak."  Slowly, Kakarot lifted his hand from her mouth, but maintained his grip on her waist.

"Let go of me!"  She tried to wiggle her way out of his grip.  Vegeta laughed aloud at her plight.  This earned him a murderous glare from the blue haired captive.  "Now listen here, mister…"

"That's Prince Vegeta, wench!"

"Wench?!  Why you little…"  Quickly, Kakarot muffled her insults once again.

"You will address me as Prince Vegeta."  He chuckled and glanced back to his royal guard.  "You know, Radditz, I may keep her after all.  Yes, I think she might be worth my time just yet."  He lowered this gaze to meet the young woman's eyes.  "Listen to me, woman.  You will drop this bullshit act of yours."  She whimpered behind Kakarot's heavy hand.  "Take her to my quarters, Kakarot, and see that she gets some decent clothes."  With that, he turned on his heel and left the room, a nervous looking Radditz following close behind.

Kakarot slowly let go of his grip on Bulma, letting her free.  She dejectedly sank to her knees, sobbing.  She felt a surprisingly comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Come on, miss," Kakarot sadly whispered.  Picking her up into his arms, he took her down the hall towards the royal rooms.

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