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Crimes of Passion Chapter 16: Sleeptime, finally!

"Ah, finally!" exclaimed Bardock as he typed in a few keys. He leisurely leaned back in his swivel chair and clasped his hands behind the back of his neck. After a gratifying sigh, he leaned forward to his keyboard. "Now just to click save and."


"Ahh! Bardock jumped back, clumsily falling out of his chair, expertly landing on the power cord for his machine. The screen flickered for a second before dimming completely. Bardock looked at his once full screen misty eyed. Grumbling irritably about auto saving, he turned to his son with murder in his eyes.

"Eh, he, he," Kakarot nervously laughed, one hand behind his head, the other hand balancing his unconscious brother on his shoulder. "Uh, Dad, could you give me a hand here? Your son here isn't exactly a light- weight."

Bardock exhaled loudly and motioned for Kakarot to put Radditz on the examining table. He looked over his son's wounds and came to an abrupt conclusion.

"What did he do to piss off Vegeta this time?" he asked his son while reaching for some tools and antiseptic. He got to work patching up Radditz, nodding every so often while Kakarot explained the day's events to his dad.


Night had fallen on the Saiyan Palace when Bulma decided to wake up. Very reluctantly, she fluttered her eyes open, taking her surroundings in. In her hazy mind, she noticed that the drapery and furniture where different than normal. Groggily, she sat up in the bed, letting the covers fall to her waist. Stretching her arms above her head and arching her back, she let out a powerful yawn. The door took that moment to burst open.

"Vegeta no baka! Where are you." Inuyasha stopped mid-tirade and gaped at the woman in Vegeta's bed. He turned bright as his hakama and muttered a 'gomen' as he bolted out the door, pinching his nose to stop the bleeding.

Bulma, now fully awake, thanks to the hanyou's yelling, looked quizzically towards the door, wondering what made him leave so hastily. She felt a sudden breeze from the balcony and looked down as a chill passed her chest. She stared in horror as her bare breasts came into view. She lifted the covers hesitantly, and indeed, she was completely naked.

Struggling to remember what happened before she passed out, she wondered why she was naked in the first place. Deciding that it was more important to find clothes, she got up, clinging the sheet close to her body. Walking to the closet, that she now recognized as Vegeta's, she looked around for anything that would fit her. Finding an indigo tank and spandex shorts, she quickly dressed and set out to return to her own room. She reached the door and turned the knob, only to stumble forward into a pair of arms as the door was swung open from the outside.


After flying around his planet for an hour, Vegeta landed deftly on the balcony of his guest room, needing to get his head straight before he does something even he wouldn't be proud of in the morning. He didn't bother knocking before entering the balcony; it was his palace and the occupants would sense him anyways.

Sesshou barely gave the saiyan ouji a nod as he sat at the table, reading over business papers. "Well, well. To what do I owe the pleasure, Ouji?" he said, not looking up. Vegeta uncharacteristically plopped onto the chair across the table, sighing loudly and hanging his head. At this, the youkai prince lifted his head and inclined an elegant eyebrow. "Hmm. What seems to be the trouble Vegeta?"

Vegeta ran a frustrated hand thru his coarse hair. "Damn woman. Damn heat. Damn onna bandit bodyguards." Sesshoumaru chuckled slightly at this.

Miroku took that moment to enter the room from the kitchen. He carried in three cups and a bottle of sake.

"Ah, the solution to any problem," he proclaimed and proceeded to pour them all drinks. Vegeta glared at the monk, but took his cup anyways. Sesshoumaru took his and sipped the liquid. Miroku downed his and was already pouring himself another. Vegeta took a sip and started to explain his dilemma.

"That damn woman is testing my patience in every way possible. She defies me, she publicly disobeys me, and it's not helping that I'm in goddamn heat. Then that bastard third class dares to try to contest me for her." He let out a growl and slammed his now empty cup on the table. The inu- youkai grinned at his childish behavior.

"Now, now Vegeta. No need to be hostile here."

"Yeah Ouji," chirped Miroku. "All you need to do is completely claim her as yours and your heat will subside." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively at the saiyan, who looked like he was ready to blast the priest.

"I will not lower myself to losing control."

Miroku thought for a minute before replying. "Well, I could always take her and make her a little less, hmm, virginal," he offered, a thoughtful look on his face. A less than amused Vegeta promptly threw him across the room.

"I think I've wasted enough time here. I need some damned sleep." With that, Vegeta left the room. On his way out, he was met with a flustered Inuyasha who was pinching his nose and muttering 'onna's up.'

Finally reaching his bedroom door, Vegeta could hear Bulma moving on the other side. He opened the door as his woman fell into his waiting arms. She let out a surprised 'eep' when she noticed who was holding her.

Vegeta nearly dropped her when he noticed what she was wearing. His clothes were a little big on her, but it pleased him nonetheless. 'Just more proof that she is mine,' Vegeta mused to himself. He silently carried her to the bed a laid her down.

"Sleep," he ordered her. She pouted, but obediently snuggled under the covers. Vegeta gave a last glance at his onna before disappearing into the bathroom.


Bulma was a little irked at being ordered around by the arrogant saiyan, but decided she needed to sleep anyways. After all, it was finally nighttime on this eventful day. 'And this is just the second night of mating season!' she exclaimed to herself. 'There's still five more hellacious days.'

She rolled over onto her side, her back facing the bathroom door. She heard water running and decided to get comfortable before his royal pain-in- the-ass gets out. She nodded off to sleep for a few minutes before she felt a dip in the bed.

Vegeta wrapped strong arms around Bulma. One went around her waist while the other crept under her tank to cup her bare breast. Bulma turned bright red and tried to scoot further from him. Vegeta tightened his grip, foiling her plans.

"Sleep," he growled to her. All the squirming she was doing wasn't helping his control any. She stiffened at the growl and tried to relax. After a few uncomfortable minutes, she heard a steady breathing coming from the prince behind her. Concentrating on his breathing rhythm and the warm breath hitting the back of her neck, she calmed enough to let herself follow him into dreamland.

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