Wow. Well, howdy everyone. To get this out of the way quickly: no, I will not be adding to this story in the future. I've lacked interest in continuing the story for a good while now, to be truthful. Looking back through the story, I realized a lot of things. For one, I've changed a lot as a writer since this story, so I just wanted to say a few things.

Looking back, this story was very experimental in nature. It started out simple enough, but over time, I tried to implement too many different themes, characters, ideas, and so on. It became a mess by the end, and people have pointed that out. Looking back through TLATF, I fully acknowledge that. I want you guys, the readers, to remember the story for the good things it did; the helpful messages that it conveyed, and whatever emotions it made you feel. I just don't know if I could save this story, even now that I've come a long way since then.

Thank you to all who love this story and my writing — perhaps I'll try something Zootopia in the future with a better gameplan. Just wanted to update you guys so that you know I didn't die after all.

Until next time