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Lily Potter nee Evans looked over the runic array one last time and nodded to herself it was something she had spent the last 4 months creating just to give her daughter her little rose the best possible chance to survive should she and James die, the reason for all this is due to her increasing suspicion that there was something not so benevolent in the seemingly kind eyes of her old headmaster as he looked at her daughter, sadly she didn't know how right she was as less then a week later on Halloween of 1981 both she and her husband was killed and her daughter survived how ever the runic array was a ritual created by Lily to give her daughter the best possible chance to survive in the worst case of her and James's wills being ignored yet even Lily didn't know how far reaching her runic array's design truly worked.
{Line Break/Time Skip}
17 year old Andromeda Rose Potter sighed a month ago she had finally killed Voldemort and ended the needless second blood war, how ever Andromeda sighed as she got everything packed up as she prepared to leave the wizarding world and even earth as you see the array her mother used had the unexpected effect of her DNA becoming 33% Wraith, 33% Alterran, and 34% human though the array had also given her a genetic memory of the Wraith and Alterran parts of her DNA.

Andromeda ran a hand through her pale red hair and smiled at the Wraith Hive Ship she had managed to grow using a mix of her Alterran and Wraith knowledge giving the large ship a Alterran cloak along with making it a lot more energy efficient then the ships of her Pegasus sisters and brothers.

{Flashback Andromeda age 13}

Andromeda stared at the letter she had just received from Gringotts and sighed before she made her way out of her aunt and uncles house and down the street a ways before summoning the knightbus to take her to the leaky cauldron as it seemed she was able to claim her inheritance from her parents now that she was 13 and she would have to visit them today on her birthday else she would have to wait till she came of age at 17.

The trip by knightbus was as always sick inducing and made her wonder if wizards and witches that are raised in the wizarding world are dropped repeatedly on their heads as children though from the tales Neville a Griffondore spoke of his great uncle it was a very likely possibility.

{Line Break}

"Hello Griphook" Andromeda says cheerfully at the goblin that had taken her to her vault when she was 11 getting a startled look from the goblin he managed to compose himself.

"What can I do for you today Miss Potter?" Griphook asks while eyeing the next pile of gems for him to sort and weigh was located.

"I'm here to claim my inheritance Griphook could you help me with that?" Andromeda asks as she widens her eyes slightly in a hopeful way getting a grunt in respond from the goblin.

"Follow me to the Potter Account manager he'll do the inheritance test that'll tell you everything you need to know along with any ladyships you can claim besides being Lady Potter" Griphook says as he leads her through the maze of hallways that made up gringotts before stopping at a pair of large oak doors that had Account Manager, Potter, Black, Bones, Greengrass on it and knocked 3 times before getting a response and entering the office before coming out 5 minutes later.

"The potter account manager BoneClaw will see you now Miss Potter" Griphook says as he allows the young witch to enter.

{Flashback end}

Andromeda had found out many things that day she still had the Inheritance test results in her trunk though the results will be going up on her wall in her room on her hiveship soon as she starts her new adventure among the stars as she really didn't have the patience to deal with the aftermath of her defeat of the halfblood son of a squib and muggle with daddy issues called tom riddle A.K.A Voldemort as Wizarding Britain laws had more holes in it then swish cheese and she kids you not as there's at least 5 loops holes for every single wizarding Britain law heck she didn't even know why some of the laws even was made or passed as they had so many loopholes that they didn't even work.

{Line Break}

Andromeda's Inheritance Test

Name: Andromeda Rose Potter-Black

Gender: Female

Race: 34% Human, 33% Wraith, 33% Alterran

Status: Pureblood, Wraith Queen

Family: Lillian Rose Potter Nee Evans {Mother: Deceased}

James Charles Potter {Father: Deceased}

Petunia Violet Dursley nee Evans {Aunt, Squib}

Dudley Dursley {Cousin, Squib}

Sirius Orion Black {Godfather, Cousin, Imprisoned: Awaiting Trial}

Alice Longbottom nee MacKinnon {Godmother, long term care ward}


Lady Potter {Blood}

Lady Black {Blood, Magic}

Lady Gaunt {Conquest}

Lady Slytherin {Conquest}

Lady Le-fey {Blood, Magic}

Wraith Hive Queen


Genetic Knowledge: Altteran, Wraith


Life Force Feeding: Wraith

Life Force Healing: Wraith

Telepathy: Wraith

Touch Healing: Alterran

{Line Break}

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