Hello everyone.

I trust that everyone has had a great week so far. Vancouver is soaking in rain! and I have no idea where this November weather came from! :)

I'm sorry if I suddenly got your hopes up in thinking that this is a new chapter. Unfortunately, it is not.

However, I did want to talk to all of my readers about the reviews and a few messages that I have been getting since two days ago, once the final chapter was up.

A lot of you were surprised to see the final chapter, after only 15 chapters. And I'm really glad that you were honest to share your feelings with me.

Thus, I felt necessary to point out some of the things that had been going on my mind:

First and far most important is the fact that I am leaving Vancouver for a whole 2 months in a week, and I won't have day to day access to the Internet, and therefore, I really wanted to finish the story before I left.

I didn't want to leave everything undone for a whole few months, because personally, I believe that a writer has some responsibility to her readers and leaving them on the hook and without anything else to grab, is just not me. (at least that's what I think about my own position)

Secondly, a lot of people have complained about the limited effort Hiro had put up for Usagi and how he was so quick to let her go (yes, I am talking to you Evil Uncle Abram :) ) well honestly, I don't have an explanation for you, because I think everyone has the right to like or dislike something about a story. If you felt like the story was rushed (AimlesslyGera) or it was somewhat undone I'm sorry you feel that way.

But, I should say that I never intended to create any kind of relationship between Usagi and Hiro, althoughI love Hiro myself. But, we all know that she is destined to be with Mamoru, and honestly, at the very beginning I did wanted to create "something" between her and Hiro, but then I thought against it.

In my opinion, Usagi always needed to have a fling. (something that I always craved to see in the 90's anime, especially seeing as how Mamoru was always portrayed as a "hunk" who always had his share of a fan club). The original story came to me on that sense.

But then...I sort of remembered my own flings and how some of them just didn't work; they never even started.

Hiro truly loved Usagi, but probably not the way Mamoru loves her. After all, how can he? He is merely an ordinary human being, whose love and affections are ordinary in every single step, where as, Mamoru's love for Usagi is beyond what we believe what love can be. Even I as a writer can not compete with that!

Anyways, I just wanted to clarify somethings here, because I am currently working on a new topic and I'm contemplating whether I should post the first chapter before I leave or not.

Have a great weekend everyone and God bless.