A/N: Extra scene

The bell rang as Judy entered 'Crystals and Cream'. She hoped the line for the ice cream counter wouldn't be long, after all, she had promised to meet her mother and siblings out in the square in five minutes.

"I don't care if you have the money," Mr. Curlz yelled as she rounded the corner of the cake display, "I said I won't serve a low-life like you." That fox from the fair – his name was Nick, wasn't it – was standing in front of the counter. Judy could clearly see the money in his hand, but Mr. Curlz was having none of it.

"Mr. Curlz," Judy said, walking forward cautiously.

"Hello, Judy," Mr. Curlz said. "You're here for the usual shake, aren't you? I'll get it for you as soon as this fox gets out of my store." Nick's shoulders slumped and his tail dropped to the ground. He didn't look nearly as confident as he had when he'd told Gideon off for picking on her.

"Isn't he here for ice cream, too?" Judy said.

"I don't serve foxes." Mr. Curlz spat out the word as if it tasted dirty in his mouth. "They're all scummy lying thieves with too much time on their paws. They never do anything to help others."

"That's not true," Judy almost bit the words back, but Nick's ears had been migrating back with each word and it really didn't seem fair to him after he got the tickets back. "He got Lacy's tickets back for her when a bully stole them at the fair last week." She hoped it would work.

"Is that so?" Mr. Curlz didn't look convinced. "Lacy, cream counter. " Judy plugged her ears against the yell; Nick wasn't so lucky and ended up wincing as he clutched his ears. Mr. Curlz had quite the voice when he decided to use it. It only took a moment before the black lamb was bouncing out of the back room to greet her father.

"What's up, Pa?" she asked.

"Judy says this fox helped you at the fair last week," Mr. Curlz says.

"Yeah, that's him," Lacy said. "You shoulda seen the look on ol' Gideon Grey's face when Mister here started shouting at him. He got my tickets back and I don't think I've ever seen Travis run so fast before." Mr. Curlz didn't say anything, simply looked back and forth between Nick and the two girls.

"Fine," he said. "What kind of ice cream were you after, fox?"

Nick shook himself before quietly saying, "Blueberry please, sir. Just one pint." Mr. Curlz grunted and went to get a pint container. "Thank you." Judy turned to look at Nick, but he was still staring at the glass front of the ice cream case.

"Sure," Judy said. She wanted to say something else, strike up a conversation even, but she couldn't think of anything.

"You always come here for shakes?" The question surprised her. "He was talking as if he already knew what you're going to order."

"Carrot and cake batter," she said.

"Figures." He still hadn't looked at her, but at least his tail was off the ground now and his ears weren't flat against his head. Mr. Curlz came back and started dishing up the ice cream, not bothering the pack it into the container. "Sir," Nick interrupted him.

"What?" Mr. Curlz snarled.

"Would it be possible to add on a carrot and cake batter shake?" Nick asked. Mr. Curlz looked at him for a moment, before nodding and returning to the pint. If she'd been paying attention then Judy might have noticed that Mr. Curlz was pushing the ice cream into the container a little harder now. But her attention was focused on Nick as she tried to figure out what a fox would want with a carrot flavored shake. She stayed quiet while Mr. Curlz finished packing the pint and made the shake. Nick paid and Mr. Curlz pushed the ice cream and shake over to him. "For you, kid," Nick said, holding out the shake.

"What?" Judy asked. She looked suspiciously at the cup.

"It's a thank you," Nick said, "Just take it."


"Go ahead and take it, Judy," Mr. Curlz said from behind the counter. Judy took the cup.

"Thank you," she said.

"I'm pretty sure that's my line," was Nick's reply. He held the door open for her as they left the shop.

"You know," Judy said, stopping on the front step. Nick turned toward her. "Gideon was right about one thing." Nick's eyebrows went up, but he didn't say anything. "He was right when he said that I don't know when to give up." Nick smiled at that.

"Have a good day, Carrots," he said before walking off. Judy watched him go until he rounded a corner, and then headed to square to meet her mother.