"I wonder how Shanks is doing" spoke Luna, it had been serval weeks since the red haired pirates had left both, Luffy and Luna were adamant about staying with their new brothers.

"He's probably reached the second half of the grand line by now Luna" reasoned Sabo.

"Still I wonder" said Luna, as she glanced at the sparing match between Ace and Luffy.

Ace leapt to the side to avoid the bolt of lightning all the while swinging his metal staff colliding with Luffy's own metal staff, "lightning surge" immediately stray bolts of lightning shot from the staff at random.

"Watch it Brother" cried Luna who had just teleported out of the way of one such bolt. Meanwhile Ace had leapt back to avoid the bolts battling away the ones that had gotten to close with his metal staff that was inserted inside a rubber tube. He also had rubber gloves and boots on to hit Luffy in their spar.

Getting in close again he swung dodging a another bolt, before connecting the hit to Luffy's face sending the younger boy flying straight into a tree.

"So that's fifty one to Ace and forty nine for Luffy" spoke Sabo. The four siblings had been sparing constantly throughout the past weeks, currently Luna had the most wins due to her Tele Tele no mi, otherwise known as the Teleport fruit, allowing her to well Teleport away from their attacks such as behind them and then counter. Only Luffy's lightning devil fruit came close to matching her speed, of coarse Ace always insisted that he let her win because your supposed to be nice to girls this of coarse would prompt another spar which Luna would win, and the cycle would repeat itself everyday.

"So what do we do now?" asked Luffy having unstuck himself from the tree.

"Well we do have these crocodile skins to sell." spoke Sabo.

"That we do." agreed Luna, Luffy nodded.

"Well looks like we're going into the city." stated Ace.

"We should get some Ramen to." said Luffy.

"Ramen sounds nice." spoke Luna.

"Oy you in the cloak." called a guard.

"Yes." replied the stranger.

"What business do you have in the city?" asked the guard.

The man in the cloak turned around opening a bag "Crocodile skins" he responded "that a problem."

"N-no problem." stuttered the guard.

"Good then I'll be on my way" he said, before heading into the city and turning down an alley.

It didn't take long to draw unwanted attention as twenty thugs soon surrounded them "how about you just hand over that package" smirked the ugliest looking thug there "you guys really should pick your targets more carefully" spoke the stranger in the cloak, before flinging it off revealing four kids standing on each others shoulders.

"These thugs are too weak" complained Ace as he easily battened them aside.

"No it's not that we've gotten stronger" spoke Sabo.

"I know they can't even touch me any more" giggled Luffy as if to prove his point Luffy dissipated into lightning allowing a sword to pass harmlessly though him. "spark shot" tiny balls of lightning shot from Luffy, Laughter was heard from the group that were attacking Luffy, Luffy merely smirked "storm" he whispered immediately the balls exploded shooting out bolts of lightning everywhere.

"Careful Lu" yelled Sabo as he leapt aside to avoid it.

"Sorry Sabo" replied Luffy.

"I know what you mean" interrupted Luna whilst parrying a strike from a sword with her Sai before touching his hand "bye, bye now" she waved cheerily as all her opponents had been marked they simply vanished.

"Huh we win" the two twins yelled cheerfully.

"Only because you two have devil fruits" reasoned Sabo who quickly smashed the last thug attacking him just Ace did the same. retrieving the contents from the thugs pockets and placing their disguise back on the four kids under the cloak continued further into the city eventually arriving at the tannery to sell their crocodile skins which would later be turned into leather. Upon receiving payment the cloaked stranger left heading for the restaurant district.

"This place looks nice" whispered Ace as they stopped in front of a fancy looking place called The Emerald Saloon.

"Hello and welcome to the oh I'm sorry we don't serve your kind here" spoke the waiter.

"No matter I think this will clear it up" spoke the cloaked man as he revealed a golden medallion.

"What an honor a Noble entering my establishment please allow me to escort you to the VIP room" spoke the waiter as he lead them upstairs to a private room "now here is the menu please let us know if want any drinks or starters I'll be back in a few minutes to check if your ready to order"

"Here you are four orders of Ramen, I shall leave you in peace" said the waiter just like the waiter said he did return and the "noble" ordered ramen which had just arrived

"Get back here you brats" yelled the restaurant owner from the second story as four kids rushed though the streets.

"Dam it Luffy! did you have to turn into lightning to grab the food from the waitress?" yelled Ace.

"Don't bother it's Luffy" was Sabo's uninterested reply.

"Want did you expect from my brother?" asked Luna.

"You guys are Jerks" yelled Luffy.

"Luna can't you just teleport us out?" asked Sabo.

"Ace needs the exercise" responded Luna.

"Oy I do not" protested Ace.

it was then they ran past a nobleman who called out "Sabo is that you?" immediately all four stopped in shock as the stranger continued to talk to Sabo, eventually the four continued moving.

Sabo was tied to a tree as his three siblings began to interrogate him. "Alright Sabo who was that old man?" asked Ace.

"No one I've never seen that person in my life" answered Sabo.

"Seems to me like that person thought different" remarked Ace "so who is he" there was short pause "your not a runaway Noble are you, I mean it adds up when you showed that waiter the crest he called us a noble" reasoned Luna.

"No" denied Sabo.

"I see so your a Noble then go back to high town" spat Ace.

"How did you figure that out Ace?" asked Luffy.

"Well that guy was obviously a noble and nobles only associate themselves with other Nobles and if he's not a runaway then he's Laughing at our stupidity" reasoned Ace.

"Ace don't you think your being a bit to hard on him I mean sure he's hiding something but he's still are brother" her voice was gentle now "he'll come clean when he's ready, but I'm hurt Sabo aren't we siblings didn't we exchange sake cups didn't we agree to not hide secrets from each other" she was screaming now "all was that all for nothing" she yelled with tears streaming down her face, Ace put his arms around and held the sobbing girl as she buried her face into his chest.

"Meanie Sabo" yelled Luffy

"Fine I was born a Noble but I couldn't stand it for the longest time my parents told me I would be happy if I married someone of a higher station but after a run-in with the prince where I injured him in self defense. my Basted parents punished me after that I ran away, I know Ace never met his folks and Luffy and Luna's had to give them to Whitebeard for their own protection, but I'm ashamed to be born as their son"

"Untie him" said Ace.

"Thanks" said Sabo.

"No more secrets Sabo" said Luna between sniffles.

"Yes Luna no more secrets."

"So what are you going to do when your older?" Asked Sabo.

"I don't plan on doing anything in fact I think I may stay with Pops maybe fall in love and have a child of my own" said Luna while taking a subtle glance at Ace who blushed.

"Well I'm going to take down everyone that crosses my path, the world will know my name the name of the Portogas D Ace" spoke Ace.

"Alright then I will become the king of the pirates" yelled Luffy.

"And who said I'm going to let you three become pirates" roared Garp "and you" said Garp rounding on Luna "What makes you think I'm going to let you marry a pirate."

"I never said I'd marry a pirate I said I fall in love with a cute boy for all I known he might be a young marine" said Luna trying to pacify Garps anger.

"What" was Ace's outburst, luckily he was ignored.

"Really you think so" said Garp getting right up into her face.

"Of coarse he'd have to be cute and around the same age oh and have freckles, I like freckles" Ace blushed again. Meanwhile Garp had taken out a transponder snail and began dialing Sengoku.

"What is it?" asked Sengoku.

"Oy Sengoku are there any Vice admirals or admirals with sons or grandsons around Luna age?" Garp yelled excitedly.

"Oh it's you" mumbled Sengoku "and to answer your question I would have to check the files and stop trying to hook your granddaughter up with children of respectable marines" there was the unmistakable sound of the den den mushi hanging up.

"Right" said Garp putting away the transponder snail "I believe you three need a" Garp blinked, he Blinked again, there was something missing namely all four kids.

Said four kids bolted though the forest as if the hounds of hell were right behind "is he following?" asked Sabo.

"Who cares just run for it" yelled Ace.

"Thank god Luna distracted him" spoke Sabo.

"Yeah thanks Luna your a life saver" said Ace.

"Happy to help" said Luna with a wink.

All four were at the opposite end of the forest now "I think this is far enough" said Luffy.

"Captain captain" spoke Doc.

"What?" asked Shanks.

"He found us" replied Doc.

Shanks gulped in fear as soon as he returned to the new world he had been avoiding Whitebeard like the plague "run for it" Shanks yelled, as he started running only to end up on the ground "and where do you think your going?" asked Whitebeard.

"Whitebeard what a surprise I was just on my way to Kryrst to contact you" Lied Shanks.

"So where are the two brats?" asked Whitebeard.

"Funny story" replied Shanks "you see they found two kids on dawn island in east blue and well they kind of became siblings and didn't want to leave their new bothers I believe Luffy's and Luna's exact words were 'the old geezer can come here and get us' toddles" yelled Shanks while bolting past Whitebeard as he let the shock of the news distract him.

"Unfurl the sails" yelled Shanks as he jumped onto the red force "I don't care if you get left behind" yelled Shanks to the crewmembers behind him who quickly jumped onto the ship.

"Captain serval of Whitebeards allies are heading straight for us"

"Full speed ahead maybe we can nick past them"

"I think not brat" yelled whitebeard as his ship rammed into the red force, Shanks was thrown face first into the deck.

"Anyone get the name of the ship that hit me?" muttered Shanks "oh that's right I'm screwed" said Shanks as he met the eyes of the furious Yonko

"Your in for some serious trouble now brat" roared Whitebeard.

"What are you going to do?" asked Shanks, Whitebeard simply strolled over to the cargo hold, before ripping off the door "such and irresponsible brat doesn't need all this booze" said Whitebeard before removing two barrels and heading it to Marco who flew it over to the Moby Dick "No no you can't be serious" yelled the red harried captain

"I'm not serious I am Whitebeard"

"Oy Marco" called Whitebeard

The circling phoenix landed "what is it Pops"

"It seems we're taking a vacation to east blue" stated Whitebeard

"Those two are always trouble, Yoi"

"Next time how about we just count on Luffy and Luna getting into trouble and plan how to get them out of trouble" joked Thatch.

serval hours later

"My my booze" sniffed a certain red harried captain he had been repeating this mantra ever since whitebeard left for his trip to east blue.

Marines freaked: Yonko arrives in East Blue

The higher ups of the marines were into thrown into a frenzied panic when Marine captain Bulwark reported that the Yonko Whitebeard briefly appeared in loguetown, before heading further into east blue, concerned civilians are calling for an admiral to be dispatched in order to ensure there safety. In an interview fleet admiral Sengoku stated that an admiral has been dispatched along with serval vice admirals and should arrive within a few days time. When asked for advice on what we should if whitebeard's ship is seen approaching your island, he stated contact the marines and then clear out, you must absolutely avoid a confrontation with anyone from his crew. It is unknown if this will effect the World Nobles tour of east blue we also don't know what whitebeards intentions are, a big time pirate Shanks a veteran of the New world caused a similar scare when he arrived in east blue a few months ago, many speculate that Shanks did something to anger the Emperor during their meeting shortly before Shanks's arrival in east blue.

"Great just great" mumbled Marco.

"what's great?" asked Thatch, Marco just pointed to the article.

"So what there's an Admiral chasing us we'll just send him back to marine HQ Brocken and bruised" explained Thatch.

"That's not the point, Yoi" raged Marco.

"Look on the Brightside" said Thatch.

"What Brightside, Yoi" replied Marco.

"Luffy and Luna know where coming" said Thatch with the biggest smile on his face.

Author Note well it took me awhile but I did it so tell me your thoughts on it till next time


"So Luna where did those thugs go when you teleported them" asked Ace.

"No idea I wasn't exacting concentrating on the where" answered Luna.

Sengoku office

Sengoku was currently enjoying not having any paperwork as he glanced at the innocent paper weight that Garp had given him saying it was a gift from his granddaughter Luna to him when suddenly it started glowing bright picking it up and throwing it away as a safety precaution, there was a bright flash of light and suddenly five thuggish looking man stood in his office "hand over your valuables old man"

Sengoku sighed somehow he just knew Garp was responsible for this.