Been a while since I have written anything. Been more focused on reading. But I have found my want to write again. So here it is, My first Harry Potter Fanfic! I don't own anything . Please enjoy and tell me what you think. This WILL be a creature FIC! This will be a M/M FIC! This will have LOTS of Yummys in it. IT WILL be Multi/Harem FIC!

Harry regained conscious not long after drifting to sleep, awaking to a flash of light and a thump of thunder. Rain was beating against his window, as a storm raged outside. Harry began to roll over on to his side, pausing briefly to let out a shuddered breath as the Pressure brought shocking pain threw his body. Finally Harry managed to shift to a sitting position, and shakily standing as well. He groaned at his bodies protest from the pain of the beatings, the hunger in his stomach, and the pressure of his bladder. He moved over toward the window to glance out. Lightning flashed across the sky once more, Harry was able to glance about Privet drive from his window during the flash. Spying no one. All lights were off in the neighboring houses, the street lamps were visible, however quite dim.

Spasms of pain ranked across his body from the beating his uncle had given him not but 2 hours before. He was bruised, starving, and tiered. However he was unable to sleep restfuly. No letters had come so far this summer. No contact from his friends, or contact from Sirius. Not a peep during the first two weeks of summer break. Things were bad for Harry right off the bat. His uncle was in rage because he had lost a big client the day he had to get Harry from the station. The beatings started as soon as they got back to number 4 Privet drive.

Harry had been locked in his room since arrival. His uncle would come in sporadically to beat him, he was let out of the room twice a day or so by his aunt to use the loo, sometimes even this was forgotten. Food he got maybe once a day if he was lucky, and even than it was leftovers scrapped into a dish shoved under the cat flap on his door. Left over that were mainly vegetables which lead Harry to believe it was whatever Dudley didn't eat from his meals during the day.

Harry let out a shaky breath, and he cracked the window. Harry closed his eyes and signed as he proceeded to undo his pants and empty his bladder out the window. He smiled slightly to himself as he thought about how his aunt would react to know that he pissed on her rosebushes under his bedroom window a few times a night. If he was ever found out he would be in for one hell of a beating. But at night was the safest time for Harry to be awake. Harry glanced over at the floor by the door. No supper "dish" had been given to him today. This would be the 3rd day without food. Harry signed and moved over to a corner of his room. He wiggled lose a floor board, and reached his hands inside the hole, pulling out what appeared to be a brown sack. This brown sack however had an expansion charm on it. And inside was Harrys emergency stash of food. It was small and most of the food was candy or junk food that Harry was able to stock up on his last trip to Hogsmeade before summer vacation started.

Harry pulled out a pumpkin pastry and opened it up. The wrapping on it had a preservative charm on it that made Harry extremely thankful! Even when in Hogworts Harry was unable to eat much because of being raised on little to no food. So the bean bun, that was about the size of a deck of cards, would fill him full. Harry nibbled on his meal, and packed the bag back up into the floor. He sat in the darkness of his room and rested his stomach full for now. Harry watched out the window, as the lightning flashed across the sky, and the booms of thunder echoed in their wake. Harry felt calmed by the storm, and relaxed. He felt his body start trembling, and lay down once more in his bed. The last thing he heard was the sound of the thunder crackling threw the air, as Harry drifted back into the void of sleep.

~_~_~_~_~_~ Time Slip to the next Morning~_~_~_~_~

Harry startled to the sound of the locks on his door being removed. He sat up stiffly, and watched the door. After the beating he took the evening before, Harry couldn't believe that his uncle would return so soon again. Also, it was a week day, and a little later in the afternoon, so his uncle was normally at work. The handle turned and the door opens to reveal his aunt, looking at him in disgust. "Boy, go and clean yourself up, your stinking my home up. After return to your room in no more than 15 minutes you hear! Or I'll tell Vernon!" His aunt hissed at him. Harry replied and grabbed his bathroom stuff before stumbling from the room. It was rare she let him 'Clean up' as she put it. So he knew to be quick. The he striped as quick as he turned the shower on, striped quickly and got in. Rubbing his body down with soap, at the same time as relaxing from the hot water. Managing to be quick about it all.

Once he was clean he grabbed the raggy old towel that he was given for drying. In the bathroom mirror he was able to look at the damage done to his back. Some of the lashes from one of his whipping he could tell were infected. Not a good thing because he didn't have anything to clean them with anymore. His loving relatives didn't keep anything in this bathroom, to make sure he didn't steal it.

Knowing that his time was nearly up, Harry quickly dressed himself in his clothing. He turned on the sink faucet and got a nice filling drink of water before filling up the water bottle. Cleaning his stuff up quickly he made his way back to his bedroom. 'Ding' the timer that his aunt set to make sure he didn't break her rules went off just as he managed to close the door. He had cut it close, but by now he was very good at estimating his time limit.

The locks he heard start slamming back into place, and then from the cat flap a plate was shoved threw. On it was surprisingly a piece of toast, and a cut up apple and a plastic cup of water. Fruit was never given to him normally. It was strange, but harry still happily picked the food and water up and went to eat it on his bed. He ate it slowly enjoying it well he could. Once finished he set the plate down by the cat flap and pushed it out just a little, his aunt would notice it at one point. Then he was left to his boredom, which turned into nap time very quickly.

~_~_~_~_~_~TIME SLIP Just before Midnight!~_~_~_~_~~_

Harry stared out the window, in to the darkness. He had heard nothing from his family; they had all left earlier that day. They packed the car up, so Harry could only assume that they were going for a night or so. With it being the weekend he was not surprised. More often than not they would go to Marge's home in the country. This however meant that Harry would be locked up again, all weekend until they got back. Guess that's why he was so lucky to have gotten the apple earlier.

Shivers raked down Harry body, he was sweaty and feverish, from the infections on his lashes. He had washed them as best as he could today, but that was the first time he had been able to wash in a week and half. He knew that they were bad, and was worried. He didn't know the date, having lost track of time in his prison of a bed room. He knew it was late July. He would be able to easier tell the date when he got his Hogwarts letter in the mail, Dumbledore always made sure that Harry had someone get him early for his school stuff.

~chime~ rang the old grandfather clock from the living room, One, Harry counted, ~Chime~ Two… He was always glad for that clock, listening to it late at night, because it was the only time he could tell the time. Listening for the quite chimes from it. During the day it was drown out by the telly, or by the family making noise. ~Chime~ five, but at night, it was a happy sound to Harry. ~Chime~ Nine, its chimes told Harry that time was passing, that soon, he would be out of here. ~Chime~ Ten, Soon he would be out of here, and back at Hogwarts. ~Chime~ Eleven, soon he would be reunited with his new found godfather ~Chime~ Twelve, Soon everything would be different.

The clock struck twelve, and Harry relaxed against the cold glass of his window. He was happy that the time passed, and in his boredom waited for it, but at times like this he wanted it to last forever. To be safe, his so called family gone, safe from the dangers of the outside world. It's all he really wanted, was to be safe, loved, cared for.

His eyes drifted close, and he felt like he was drifting. Hopefully to sleep, because the side effects of his beating and the infection had taken a lot of out of him. He didn't want to sleep, but it would be a safe sleep. He shifted against the glass, moving to a cooler spot again. The room was getting warmer; he was at the point where he might need to open the window. Just to cool the room down more. Harry moved to stand, and then a ripple of pain shot threw his whole body.

Harry doubled over on to the floor he curled into himself, tears ran down his face. He was hot, so hot, and the pain. Tears flowed freely down his face, and an inhuman cry ripped from his lips. His body contracted violently, and he cried out even more. Magic seemed to flow around the room in waves, most of it wrapping over him. All Harry could do was lay there, and cry. Tears running down his face, little whines and whimpers falling from his lips as his voice went horse for crying out.

~_~_~_~_~TIME SHIP~_~_~_~

Harry lay on his floor still, weak, sick, in pain, scared. Whimpers, whines, and sniffols falling from his lips. ~Chime~ the clock, it rang again. ~Chime~ Two, Harry shivered, the air from the window was cold now. No more chimes sounder after that. Two hours, it had been two hours of strange pain. His body, he didn't think he could move, he didn't WANT to move. Fiery pain ransacked his whole body. His head pounded, and he kept his eyes clenched. All he wanted was sleep, to fall into oblivion, and not have to worry about anything else. Another cry echoed from his lips, the very sound of it making his head pound all the more.

~BOOM~ Harry's head pounded as a loud noise from down stairs echoed up. Harry whimpered out again as pain blossomed all over his body. ~Thump Thump THUMP~ Harry whimpered, as more noise managed to reach his hears, his head pulsating in pain. ~Clank, Clank~ harry wanted so much to move his hands to his ears, but he could not move his body. The noises all pounded his head, the pain increasing with every clank, Harry cried out. The pounding and the pain preventing him from hearing anything any longer, but the pounding and did not stop.

He felt his body shifted, and he cried out from the movement. He opened his eyes but could see nothing but a white fog. He kept crying wishing so much for the pain to stop. So much pain. Hands, he could feel hands on him. Someone was holding him? His head pounded, was someone talking? He could not make out any of the noises, he could not see anything. He whimpered more, and then felt something cold pressed up to his lips. A little bit of cold water slipped into his mouth. Merlin did it feel so good flowing down his parched and ripped throat. Only sips flowed threw his lips and he was very thankful for what little he was given.

His water source disappeared from his lips, and something else was pressed up. Harry could smell it, a very powerful smell, it made his head pound. He whimpered and tried to turn his head, but a hand on his face held it in place. The glass pressed once more to his lips, and some of it managed to slip into his mouth. It was FOUL! Harry choked on it, and whimpered more. The hand moved from his face, and when his lips cracked next he found his mouth full of the foul tasking fluid. A hand clamped over his mouth to follow the liquid. Harry managed to choke down the vial tasting fluid quickly to get the taste from his mouth. He whimpered and whined gagging.

A hand on his tummy, made small circular rubbing. It was soothing, despite how foul he felt at this moment. The pain however started fading, and the pounding started to go away. Harry felt his body relax and funny waves of what he could only describe as a bubbly sensation blanketed his body. Then his head fogged up, and he felt himself drifting to unconsciousness. Lightly before he managed to drift off, he heard a cooing noise coming from the body he leant on. Then there was nothing.

NEED SUGGESTIONS! I want to have LOTS of different Creatures in this fic, sure there are the normal creatures (Warewolves, Veela, Elfs, Ect.) fom Harry Potter itself. But I am thinking of adding more. SO if you have a creature Toss it out to me in a Review! I will Prob use any that are suggested. Cus there will be LOTS! SO GIVE THEM UP BABIES!

This WILL be a creature FIC! This will be a M/M FIC! This will have LOTS of Yummys in it. IT WILL be Multi/Harem FIC!