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Harry yawned and snuggled into the warm body next to him. He was very relaxed, comfortable and content. He smiled to himself. The festival had been fun, and he had a great time with, well, everyone. He was still a little shocked at what had happened at the end of the night, though.


Siles opened their bedroom door and ushered Harry into the room. Harry shifted uncomfortably. He was still overheated, and as much as he would love to hide it, he was aroused still. Siles placed a hand on his back and guided him into their large bathroom, where he turned the shower on for Harry, adjusting the temperature. "Hop in and rinse off, Harry. I'll go grab you some night clothes."

Harry fumbled his way out of his clothing and into the shower. The hot water felt nice as it ran over his back. It however did not help with the problem he was sporting between his legs. Harry blushed, and shifted uncomfortably.

"Everything all right?" Siles asked when he entered the bathroom again.

Harry blushed even redder and turned around in the shower. The glass surrounding the shower was wavy and lightly frosted, so Siles couldn't see anything, yet Harry still felt the need to turn away from Siles' voice.

"Harry?" Siles asked again.

"I'm…ahh…okay," Harry answered, a little hesitant.

"Is what happened with Sarah bugging you? Succubi are not dangerous, they can only feed off someone who is truly aroused. She did not in any way influence your feelings, she just pulled the sexual energy that you were displaying out of you," Siles explained.

"Oh… So, she didn't make me…ahh…bothered?" Harry asked, glancing down at his still-present problem.

"She could make you get aroused the normal way, by you being attracted to her. But she can't force you to feel attracted to her, if that is what you are asking," Siles said.

"So, she can't…make it…umm…linger?" Harry struggled to find the right words.

"Linger? Harry, what do you mean? Do you feel all right? Is something wrong?" Siles asked, worry laced in his voice.

Harry could feel his body still pulse with heat, and shifted a little more, glancing once more down at his problem. Oh, how to explain this. Merlin, it was embarrassing! "I, ahh, still have a problem," Harry said hesitantly.

"Problem?" Siles said, prompting for more information.

Harry groaned and leant his head against the cold tile of the shower wall. "I'm hard still," he whimpered.

He heard Siles chuckle. "It's not funny!" Harry whined.

"Ah, you are just so cute. Should I step out of the bathroom, then? Let you tend to the issue. Or would you like me to get in the shower with you and lend you a hand?" Siles responded teasingly.

"Why didn't it just go away?" Harry asked.

"Just go away?" Siles asked. "Harry, I know you're young, but you shared a dorm room with other guys. Surely you know how to take care of a hard-on."

"Don't I just have to wait for it to go away?"

"Only if you want to be uncomfortable. It would be easier just to use your hand to get yourself off," recommended Siles.

"Use my hand?" Harry asked in a whisper that Siles almost missed.

"Yes, stroke yourself until - " Siles started, only to be interrupted by Harry, his eyes wide with panic.

"NO, you're not supposed to do that!" Harry said hoarsely. "Freaks shouldn't touch themselves down there. It's filthy and if you rub it spreads the filth, and then your hands could fall off! Or it will fall off! And then I wouldn't be able to pee anymore! And I'll explode!"

Siles was stunned; never had he ever heard anything that ridiculous. "Where on earth did you hear that from?"

"My Aunt told me so, that's why you always have to wash your hands really good with soap and water, cuz you don't want to spread the filth," Harry explained in a rush.

"She lied to you, Harry. I would never tell you to do something if it would harm you in any way," Siles reassured him.

Harry panted and rolled his heated face against the cold shower walls. Trusting Siles, he slipped his hand down between his legs and slowly traced up and down his hardened flesh. He squeezed his eyes shut as a bolt of pleasure ran though his body. Licking his lips, he spread his legs a bit more and grasped himself slowly, starting to stroke. Harry let out a gasp and panted more. Oh Merlin, it felt so good! Harry kept his hand moving in slow strokes, His body shook and twitched at the sensation, causing him to pant harder. The pressure kept building and building, and then something snapped and his legs gave out, causing him to collapse on the shower floor.

"Harry?" Siles called out, panicked.

"Ugh! It didn't help! I'm still hard! Siles, help make it go away! Make it stop!" Harry cried out.

Siles didn't need to be asked twice. Without undressing he stepped into the shower stall and knelt on the floor behind Harry's huddled form. He reached out and wrapped one arm around Harry's chest, pulling Harry so that his back was flat against his chest. "I've got you," he replied as he brought his other hand around to Harry's aching need. That was still hard, even after the two times Harry had released. Siles fisted Harry in his hand and started stroking.

Harry squirmed in his arms, arching up in need, panting from the pleasure. Siles didn't still his pace, as he worked to bring Harry to another release. Harry's body was arching more and more, his cries becoming louder. Until he finally let out his mouth opened in a soundless scream, and his body convulsed against Siles. Siles was not surprised at the small amount released, nor was he surprised when Harry blacked out from this last orgasm.

Siles shifted Harry to get a better hold on him to rinse him off. He pulled Harry from the shower and used his Air magic to dry both of them off. He carried Harry out into the bedroom and laid him on the bed, before grabbing and dressing Harry in a long nightshirt. During the dressing, he couldn't help but notice that Harry, despite his three orgasms, was still hard. Siles hoped that he would be able to sleep it off.

It was a curious thing though. Siles had sniffed Harry to make sure he did not smell like heat. His smell was normal, the young fox just seemed to have been highly stimulated by something. Perhaps he was slipped something? Siles considered, but everyone had watched Harry very closely. Severus himself had sniffed all their food and drinks, smelling nothing abnormal. Harry didn't eat - oh! But Harry did eat something that the rest of them had not: the courting chocolate that Aeson had given him. Siles chuckled. Helps them mate indeed. He couldn't help but wonder, if this small amount of venom placed in the chocolate made Harry react so strongly, what would an actual bite do?

Chuckling, Siles left his young mate to sleep. He took a shower himself, and dressed for the night. Returning to their shared bed, he pulled Harry close and then drifted off to sleep.

_~_~_~End Flashback~_~_~

Harry pulled himself from the warmth and slipped out of the bed. He glanced at the clock, and wasn't surprised to see that he had slept in quite late. His parents would have already finished breakfast by now, but Harry had questions that were not going to be answered by staying in bed. He moved quietly around the room, so that he did not wake Siles while getting dressed for the day. He grabbed his hairbrush, and silently left the room in search of Anna.

The first place Harry checked was Anna's office, and he was very lucky to find her sitting at her desk reviewing some paperwork. He knocked lightly on door, causing her to look up. "Good morning, Harry. Did you have fun last night?" she asked, setting her papers aside with a smile of welcome.

"Yes! I had lots of fun. We played some games, tried lots of new food, and I got to see fireworks for the first time." Harry moved into the room and sat on a chair in front of Anna's desk. "However, at the end of the night I ran into a Succubus, who decided to make a meal off the sexual energy I was giving off. Or that's how Siles explained it…" he said, trailing off. He clasped his hands in his shirt nervously. Merlin, this was har - difficult. He trusted Anna not to make fun of him, but after last night he couldn't even think the word "hard" without wanting to blush.

"There is more to it than that, isn't there?" Anna asked gently.

Thankfully, Harry saw no trace of amusement in her face or her voice, only a sympathetic understanding with just a trace of concern. He relaxed a bit and nodded. "It left me with more questions. Questions that Siles had expected me to know the answers to."

"And what questions are those?" Anna asked.

Harry blushed despite himself and averted his eyes. "Well…last night I, I got hard, and it wouldn't go away. My Aunt always told me that part was filthy, and that if I touched it too much the filth would make my hand fall off, or even make it fall off… and then I would explode from not being able to go to the bathroom. Siles told me this isn't true, and I tried to make it go away… however, I realized that Siles indicated that it was hard because I was aroused, and I didn't know that was why it got hard. Is that why I get hard?"

Anna made a hmming sound, and stood up from her desk. "What do you know about sex, Harry?" she asked.

"Well, two people get undressed and kiss, and touch one another… and it's supposed to feel good, and can end up with babies," Harry responded.

"All right, now I know where to start. Come, let's move to a more comfortable room. I'll do your hair while I explain more," Anna requested. Harry and she moved to a sitting room down the hall. Anna closed the doors, and requested some hot cocoa from Tiptop. "Sit down here, please." She pointed to the spot on the floor in front of where she sat. Harry handed over his brush and sat down as requested.

Anna began brushing his hair. "Well now, let's start with your first main concern. Neither your penis nor your hand will fall off from rubbing, or from germs. Proper hygiene is important so, yes, you need to keep properly washed, but germs are not going to make it fall off, nor is your hand touching it or even rubbing it. I think your aunt was just trying to scare you."

"Oh, so it getting hard?"

"It is natural for it to get hard. It's part of being aroused and part of sex. Yes, sex is when two or more people get undressed, kiss, and touch each other, but there is quite a bit more to it. Penis releases sperm, sperm fertilizes eggs, and eggs grow into babies. Its normal for men to get hard, and its normal for them to get hard without stimulation. I am sure you have woken up in the morning hard? Nothing caused it to get that way, it's just happened. Then there are dreams that can also cause you to get hard, and wake up hard, or in some cases during the dream you could have released sperm."

"Where are the eggs?" Harry asked, interrupting Anna. He looked quite puzzled.

"Well, it's different for boys and girls. You know boys and girls have different parts, right?" Harry nodded that yes, he understood that part. "Well, girls have an extra entrance into their bodies, called a vagina, that connects to a uterus. This is where the eggs are, and where the baby grows. Now, not all boys can have babies, just carriers like you. You have a magical uterus that is fertilized through your bottom."

Harry turned and gaped at her. "My bottom?"

"Yes, your mates will insert their penis into your bottom during sex, to fertilize your eggs," Anna explained matter-of-factly.

"Isn't that dirty? I mean, bodily waste comes from both those areas," Harry questioned, wrinkling his nose.

"Cleaning spells and showers, my dear. Sex involves lots of fluid exchange, so showers and cleaning spells are needed after." Anna finished styling Harry's hair and tied the end off.


"I will find you some books on puberty, reproduction, and pregnancies if you would like. I am sure your fathers even have some instructional materials stashed away." Anna suggested. Harry gave her a small smile and nodded his head in confirmation. "I will get them to you later today, now go enjoy your last day of summer, school starts tomorrow."

"Thanks mom." Harry said, before leaving the room.

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