TIME LINE: Riley's gone. Joyce is alive. Glory is defeated. Buffy didn't die and thus was not brought back with a load of angst thrown in! Season Six didn't happen.

Split Personality


"Brrr!!!!!" Buffy shivered loudly for the sixth time that night.

"You know what, Slayer? If you're that cold why don't we drop off at your house and you can change." Spike suggested a trifle too irritably to ring true. Buffy was dressed in a skimpy satin-type strappy top and a short leather mini-skirt; both of which clung far too faithfully to her curves. It was also the middle of November. They had been patrolling for nearly two hours and he wasn't sure if he could stand being with the slayer for much longer without being able to touch her. She looked decidedly evil tonight, which made her appear even more delectable then usual.

"Touch-y! No need to bite my head off! I can't help it if you can't feel the cold."

"Maybe if you wore more clothes to begin with..." Spike cut off as Buffy glared at him then turned and started heading towards her house ahead of the vampire.

Spike turned and groaned as he watched her walk away, her behind wriggling inticingly as she moved. With an overburdened sigh he followed her.


It was now three months since Glory had been defeated and the end of summer had brought about a resurggence of demons, though fortunatly no apocolyptic- type threats. Joyce had been off her pain medication for two months now and Dawn had accepted that although she wasn't more than two years old she still had friends and family who loved her for being her. Things were finally appearing to return to a normal keel for the Summer's family.

For the Scooby Gang it was business as usual. Most of them. Giles had returned to England a month before with promises to return as often as possible.

Anya and Xander were busily planning a wedding, set for April. Two days ago Willow and Tara had put a deposite down for a flat and were preparing to move in next week. Spike had been accepted into the group after his heroic efforts in bringing the Hell Goddess down and Buffy had appeared a little healthier these past few weeks.

All seemed okay.

Which meant that a great pile of celestial shit was probably hanging over thier heads, waiting to fall.


They heard it before they saw it.

Well, what they actually heard was gravestones being ripped out of the ground and slamed to the ground one by one.

Buffy and Spike shared a look as the pathway stretched out, stopping infront of them.

Then suddenly it appeared. A tear in reality as a figure, at least seven foot tall stepped out hidden in a long black cloak. It carried a long wooden staff in its unseen hand. The staff was two types of wood, dark and light, woven together until they met at the top where they supported a orb of swirling light. It's feet collided with the gravestone path, emmitingg a sharp sound.

"Talk about making an entrance!" Buffy murmured to Spike as they watched, both in imediatly adopted fighting positions, as the creature clicked its way towards them.

"Overated!" Spike waved an arm infront of him. "Just a crappy parlour trick. I knew this bloke who made this potion that made it look like you appeared infront of your enemy cube by cube."

Buffy turned her head to him, surprised. "Like in that film we saw last night?"

"Yeah. Except he appeared from the ground up. But that was what the exit looked like." Spike explained, referring to the film - THE CUBE .

"Uh hmmm!" The thing cleared its throat and they looked at it as it stopped infront of them. "If you're quite finished?"

"Hey! A polite demon! Now theres something you don't see everyday." Buffy quipped as she shot out with a right side kick as Spike simultaneously kicked with his left.

The creature raised it's staff, muttered a few words in latin and a jet of white and black light soared from the orb slamming into the slayer and vampire before their kicks had time to connect. The blast lifted them both into the air and the demon watched, satisfied, as the vampire and slayer began to seperate forming two identical pairs.

He brought his hands together, watching as the slayer and vampire pairs followed the same movement whilst being suspended high in the air. Then, he threw his hands apart watching as one slayer and vampire flew to one end of town and the other pair flew to another.

As they separated, a small metalic computer chip fell to the soft grass below, unheeded.

Satisfied, he walked back to the portal opening, gravestones flying back to their original resting place as he walked over them. With a grin, unseen due to the long hooded-cape, he climbed back into the portal and it dissappeared.


At one side of town, the slayer stood up slowly eyeing the vampire across from her spectively as he did the same.

The slayer reached into the waistband of her tight skirt and retrieved one of four stakes left on her person.

The vampire growled.


At another side of town, Buffy raised her head with a groan and slowly opened her eyes. With a sharp gasp she scurried away on her bottom back towards the wall, far away from the man who still knelt by where she had lain.

"Don't be frightened. I mean you no harm." The man spoke softly in a cultured English accent. He looked about as scared as she felt and Buffy felt herself relax.

"Where am I?" She whispered.

"I'm not all that certain. I just woke up myself." He looked around the back alley. "Though I think we should move. This place does not seem alltogether safe." He offered her a hand.

Buffy took it warily and with his help, stood. "Whats your name?"

"William. Will." He looked at her gently, still holding her hand. "Whats yours?"

"Elizabeth. Buffy."

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