Split Personalities by PassionFish

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· Epilogue

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Buffy shivered, trying to bury herself further under the mountain of duvets her mother had scavenged from around the house, but nothing could warm her.

*Just go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep...*

She continued to chant the mantra in her head, attempting to ignore the aching mark on her neck and the throbbing between her thighs at the distance from her mate. The feeling was unlike any she had ever encountered. It was primal. It was pure. It was need.

And it wasn't going away.

She should be furious with Spike for doing this to her, for allowing this to be done to her.

She should be, but she wasn't. It was almost as if she couldn't be.

Her biological make-up seemed to have changed somehow, distorted by the ancient magics that had woven within her just a few nights ago.

During the day the pull was quieter, she could just about function.... but at night....

It was as if her very soul pined for what she had lost, and even though she hadn't really lost him there was simply too much between them. It couldn't be.

It just couldn't.


Not even with Drusilla had the pain been this bad. And they had been mated for six decades.

Not three days.

But his body's reaction was violent. His very being cried out for him to reclaim his mate, to feel her writhe beneath him, to touch, taste and caress her.... to keep him with her forever.

His demon raged within him, banging at the proverbial cage Spike had erected around him. He needed his mate with him, by his side. The magical pull was phenomenal.... it was ancients magics that bound them now. And it was a deep-rooted imperative within him to be as close to his mate as possible in order to protect not only her, but also the bond that bound them.

It took all the strength he had and then some to force himself to keep to the shadows, to keep away from her. Because he knew, that if they met he wouldn't be able to control himself. Or prevent himself from controlling her.

And he knew she didn't want that.

And it killed him inside.


The moon was high in the sky and the stars shone brightly. Outside the Summers' residence, a cat meowed loudly, chasing a mouse across the street.

Buffy tossed and turned in her sleep, sweat drenching the sheets that were caught between her limbs.

She'd been 'back' two full nights, and her dreams were already haunted by images of the previous days.

"I was, uh, I was w-wondering if you would a-allow m-me to, uh, court you."

Buffy moaned in her sleep, tears leaking from her eyes.

The Vampire grinned up at the Slayer as she rode him, her small breasts bouncing softly with her movements. She returned the lusty grin, moaning as she moved.

She flipped on to her stomach, rubbing her heated face into her wet pillow.

Their laughter escalated when he tried to get out and was unable to do so, instead appearing to waddle around like a big duck.

"Spike..." Buffy's red eyes opened slowly, the Vampire's name on her lips.

She knew what she had to do.


The length of wood felt familiar in her hand. It had been nearly a week since she'd carried it; nearly a week since she'd seen the need to.

But, familiar was good. Familiar was normal. Which was ironic in itself, but she chose not to dwell on it.


Buffy watched as the Vampire's chest rose and fell with habitual breath. Her mouth grew dry as the sheet covering his body, slipped to his waist, revealing his muscular chest.

She jumped as he murmured her name longingly and was about to retreat when his eyes opened, pinning her in place with their clear intensity.

Not a word passed between them as she slowly moved closer to the bed. She reached the side and he lifted the covers in offering.

With a silent sigh she slid beneath them, rubbing her face into his neck, her lips nudging her mark there, as his cool arms enveloped her.

"Couldn't sleep..." She murmured softly into his chest. "Need you to hold me."

"Me too." He admitted, pressing a kiss to the top of her head, his free hand absently playing over his bite on her neck.

Spike smiled as he felt the Slayer yawn against his skin, "I love you." He whispered.

A moment of silence passed between them, and for a second he was afraid she wasn't going to answer him.

"Love you, too."

The End….

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