A/N: Gundam Wing is not mine, belongs to Bandai. The game this is influenced from isn't mine either, and while I bet a lot of people can guess which game it was... I'm not mentioning it till the end because again, it's just the idea. Not the actual place.

Warnings: Yaoi, NCS, blood and gore, angst, dark, death, murder, violence violence violence. Yay!

Living Hell

Three years had gone by since Heero had last seen Duo.

Three years since he had made that dreadful mistake.

Three years since he was left without hope of ever finding his real love again.

But something led him here, to this supposedly abandoned town. It called him in his sleep, and it called him while he was awake -- so he drove here, never bothering to tell anyone where he was going.

He ignored the "Road Closed" signs as he continued the trek, abandoning his car when it could take him no further and going on foot.

Thick fog seemed to raise from the ground, slowing him down a bit.

As he walked deeper into a foggy area, he couldn't help but to think back to that night he last saw Duo.

It had been foggy as well.

He had been drinking.

He had proposed to Relena.


Simply because, in his state of mind, he confused protectiveness for love... similar to what he felt for Duo.

Although with Duo, it had been more or less a sense of ownership. Duo use to joke about him not liking to share his toys.

Heero smiled wistfully as he thought back to his usual reaction. His response was always the same, an expression he had picked up from Duo. "Damn straight."

It had amused Duo to no ends.

So he had to ask himself again... why did he set himself up for such a fall.

Duo had been there... Duo had heard the proposal.

And he ran.

Disappeared into the fog.

Heero ran after him, sobering up rather quickly.

But by the time he caught up to him, Duo had run into the arms of Zechs.

And he was screaming.

Zechs, who for some time now, had shown an unwelcome amount of attention for Duo. It had made them both nervous. And now he stood there with Duo in his arms, a look of insane glee in his face.

He smirked at Heero as he forced a kiss on Duo, who was becoming limp. Then he picked Duo up into his arms, dropping something, stepped back, and disappeared into the fog.

Heero had run to where Zechs stood and froze.

A puddle of blood was there, as well as a knife.

Heero's brain had shut down as he knelt and gingerly picked it up. This was what had caused Duo to scream, he had realized. Zechs had injured his Duo, and he didn't know to what extent, although the amount of blood pointed to a life-threatening extent.

Heero screamed Duo's name and went after Zechs... but it was too late.

The fog covered up the blond's trail, and no one was able to trace it afterwards.

For one year Heero worked feverishly trying to locate Duo and Zechs, believing that his Duo had to be alive somewhere, refusing to believe the worst until he had physical evidence that proved otherwise.

Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa had helped.

And so did Relena, after her initial shock. Despite feeling awkward about finding out where Heero's true feelings lay, she offered comfort and support...emotionally, and physically.

But going into the second year, their hopes faded. And they slowed their resources.

By the third year, Heero had found himself searching on his own. They all tried to get him to stop, telling him that it was hopeless, but he continued on.

It wasn't until the past couple weeks that he too began to think of his search as a hopeless cause, and then he started dreaming.

Of this town.

Of this place.

And someone calling his name.

Heero's heart sped up as he paid more attention to his surroundings. Despite the fog, he recognized this place from his dreams.

The gas station and it's abandoned cars, windows broken, paints peeling.

The fast food store with it's dirty windows.

Small stores all boarded up, graffiti adding some color.

In his dreams he always saw a figure by the cross walk, waiting.

Each time he approached, the figure faded, and a trail of blood began.

Heero hesitated for a moment, and made his way to the cross walk.

There was no one there, but he stopped to look around.

Glancing at the floor, he was unsettled to see dark patches. Was that old and dry blood? It was hard to tell.

He was about to follow it when something stopped him. A faint glitter of something on the floor by the traffic sign.

Leaning down he picked up a bent piece of metal.

It was a scratched up gold cross, with flakes of what looked like dried blood on the bottom half. Attached to it was a kinked and broken end of a chain.

Heero felt himself grow light headed. This was the cross that Duo always wore... and this was the chain that he had given as a gift to replace Duo's old one.

He was here at one point.

So where was he now?

Heero looked at the dark patches on the road.

He walked to the center and looked down the road. He could not see to the end of the block, but he knew he had to go down that way. Something called him forward, faint in his heart.

"Heero..." it seemed to whisper. "Please...help me."

He took a step forward, and braced himself.

Hope flared into him once again, burning his soul.

"Duo," he murmured. "Duo, I'm here."


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