Living Hell

Chapter 6

It felt like he had been running upwards forever. But there was a door there in sight, and he pushed himself as hard as he could to reach it. With trembling hands, he grasped the handle and pulled it towards him. He stepped in, and the door shut behind him.


And somewhere before him, he could see a tiny bit of light.

He pulled out his flashlight and tried to turn it on. The light bulb flickered, then went dead. Heero groaned inwardly as he put it away.

He took a step forwards and paused. Everything seemed so silent, he couldn't even hear the sounds of his foot steps.

Heero, your friends are here...

Heero whirled around at the sound of that voice. There was no one around, yet he was positive that he had heard it. Moving quickly, Heero's heart rate began to increase as he heard whispering coming from the shadows.

Heero, please, just leave.


Relena, will you marry me?


You always made him cry, you still do!


I just wanted to be happy.
Every time I nearly get away, I'm thwarted.
It hurts, Heero... It hurts....
Heero, forget it... it's been over a year.
Duo's gone, just let things be.

Over and over, many voices began to whisper, filled with grief or anger. Quatre's voice, Trowa's voice, Wufei's, Relena's, Sally's... It was starting to drive him mad as he continued his trek forward.

After what felt like hours... Heero began to slow down.

He stopped to catch his breath, having succeeded in blocking out the voices plaguing him. A moment later, a rumbling sound was heard. And sirens. They began to increase in volume, hurting his ears. Heero clutched his head, wincing in pain.

Then he was thrown to the ground as the floor beneath him began to shift in an upward motion. A bit of light could be seen coming from above.

The floor then stopped, and a loud slamming sound of metal against metal could be heard.

Blackness followed as his head slammed against the ground.


Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei moved silently along the clean halls.

There in front of them was their destination.


Heero grunted as he gingerly picked himself up.

He touched his lip and winced at the pain.

A pain filled scream was suddenly heard, and it made him jump.

He recognized it. Duo!!

Heero ran with another burst of energy, heading towards the sound, knowing in the back of his mind that he was unarmed and ill prepared. But he didn't care. He needed to see Duo, save him, claim him.

Up ahead, the light got more clear. He could see a bed, and two people.

Metal bars were behind them, looking like a giant cage.

Someone was standing behind that, a small someone.

Heero realized with dread that it was Rena behind the bars, Duo on the bed, and Zechs hunched over him, thrusting into him.

"Leave him alone!" he screamed, desperation rooting him to his spot.

The mask Zechs wore only showed the evil grin on his face. Duo continued to struggle underneath him, crying in pain and humiliation.

"Please, please, stop," he was moaning . "It hurts, it hurts..."

Zechs thrust in one more time, and panted heavily. "You will only be mine, even in death," he murmured, before bringing up a large kitchen knife, and bringing it down.

"NOOO!!!!" screamed Heero, as he watched the blood from Duo's neck splattering the face and chest of Zechs.

Duo's body went limp, head falling back, and Heero could see the lifeless eyes.

"NOOOO!!!! You BASTARD!! Why'd you kill him?!"

Heero rushed towards him, ready to strangle the blonde with his bare hands.

Something stepped in front of him, and pushed him down.

It was the creature that had knocked him off the hospital, the same one that was in the painting titled "Judgment." It towered over him, spear in hand.

Heero crawled backwards, trying to stand. But the creature raised a leg and kicked him back down.

Heero moved back again, but realized that the creature was doing nothing more. For some reason, it wasn't going to try to kill him now, but he wanted him down there.

Behind it, Zechs got off Duo's body, and walked towards him.

Everything seemed off... Zechs's firm body covered in blood and gore... yet the face and hair seemed to be absolutely clean. A chilling smile was on his face.

"Why did I kill him?" he asked.

Heero felt his throat tightening. It wasn't fair, it wasn't fair at all. "You took him from me three years ago! Wasn't that enough?! Why kill him?"

"Three years ago?" murmured Zechs. "Was it really three years ago since you last saw Duo ...alive?"

"Relena, will you marry me?"

A gasp.

Duo running away, hurt.

Into the arms of Zechs.

Who takes him in, astonished, then angry as he glares at Heero.

Holds Duo tight and then leads him away.

Relena looking bewildered by the actions.

The sudden memory forcing itself into his head hurt. He leaned forward, clutching the sides of his head as he let out a pain filled cry. Gasping for air, he opened his eyes to glare up at Zechs.

"What are you..?"

"Who are you, to question my actions... when you haven't questioned your own?"

Zechs raised a hand, and Heero screamed in pain again, thrashing against the floor.

"With this ring, I do thee wed..."

Cold eyes scan the room, and land on a pair of sad cobalt eyes. Nothing is felt until their owner's hand is gently grasped by another hand.

Duo turns and gives Zechs a sad but gentle smile.

A wave of bitter feelings rises inside him, and his hands clench a little tightly on Relena's.

Heero moaned as he tried to open his eyes. He found himself on his hands and knees, trying to crawl away from Zechs and the monster with the spear.

"No, no, no," he kept muttering. "That didn't happen... I never married her..."

"You didn't?" he heard the doubtful voice of Rena asking. Glancing back, he froze. She was standing there... looking at him with such hatred. Bloody tears streamed down her cheeks. And the little white dress she wore looked so much like Relena's on their wedding...

"No," Heero whispered again, confused to the point of tears. He tried to stop, he really did, but all of Dr. J's teachings were so faded now, and everything human was coming to the front.

"We never went through the wedding. Not when you took him that day I accidentally proposed! I was drunk!"

"An excuse... Heero?"

Heero let out another groan, as he was assaulted yet again with more images.

Holding Relena's hand, he escorts her down a staircase, and falters in his steps as he sees Duo walking in, with Zechs.

A hand so quick that only he spotted it, slips away from Duo's back, caressing it.

Duo glances at Zechs and offers him a gentle smile, one no longer filled with sadness... but one of uncertainty, and also of promise.

Heero clenched his fists and his eyes, trying to block out what he knew was coming next.

Their second year anniversary. That was what they were going to celebrate, and they had met with Duo and Zechs to discuss party plans. But Zechs took Relena away, to tell her something important.

All alone, he stares at Duo, sitting there, sipping his drink. He scoots over, startling Duo, and raises a hand to caress his face.

"I made a mistake."

Duo looks at him, perplexed. "Heero... I... What do you mean?"

"I never should have said 'I do.'" He leans closer. "I still love you." Lips ghost Duo's cheek.

Duo pulls away, eyes wide. "B-but Heero..."

The familiarity of warm lips touching his sends a burning sensation throughout his body.

Duo pulls away, looking more upset.

Tears flowed down Heero's cheeks. "I don't want to hear it," his words came out, in a soft sob.

He pulls away from Duo in time, as Relena and Zechs approach.

Relena looks slightly puzzled, but also happy, and Zechs looks relieved.

"Congratulations," she says to Duo.

Duo just gives her a nervous smile and nods.

"Congratulations for what?"

Zechs looks at him, then Duo. "You didn't tell him?"

"I was about to," whispers Duo.

"Tell me what?"

Zechs looks at Duo with passionate eyes. "Duo and I've decided that we wish to become legally joined. I guess you can say, we're getting married."

Eyes glance down to their hands, and both men wear gold bands with diamond studs.

The pounding of his heart is loud in his ears.

He glances back at and sees red as Duo looks at Zechs, giving him that special smile that had once belonged to him.

Duo was Zechs now...


Duo was his...

He would never be Zechs's.

Duo turns to him, and he waits to hear Duo deny it.

"I've been looking for happiness for so long..." Duo said. "And I found it with Zechs. Doing this officially is something that we both want, a promise to the whole world that we are in love and wish to be together forever."

"NOOO!!!!! No!!! He loved me, dammit, not you, never you! You stole him away!!"

"Oh really? Then tell me, Heero... why is he dead?"

Heero felt something in his hand. He loosened his grip and opened his eyes. He found himself staring at blue satin. He realized that it was wrapped around a leg.

Eyes moving upward, Heero could see the rest of the body taking shape. The blue satin cloth soon gave way to pale flesh. The beginning of pale pubic hair peeked from underneath, and above that, a belly button. A muscular abdomen gave way to a smooth chest, and something red coated part of it, running down to his armpits.

Heero felt his stomach lurch as he arrived to the neck, where something had cut it down to the bone.

In the reflection of the window, he can see pale blue eyes widen in fear and surprise, as his hand roughly grasps the long blonde hair on the back of his head.

The mug in his hands falls to the ground and shatters, as a large knife digs deep into the skin, and blood spurts out, coating the window.

The pale, long hair gently rises and falls, as the body moves towards the floor.

Pale blue eyes stared at him without seeing, as all the life had been drained away.

Heero pulled away, his mind going into shock.

"It can't be," he whispered. "But you... you're..." Heero looked away from Milliardo Peacecraft's dead body, and stared at the man with the trademark mask.

A hand reached under the mask, and began to pull it up.


Quatre's hand trembled as he held it up to the glass in front of him.

A feeling of dread threatened to overwhelm him. He hated this place, and Allah forgive him, he hated the people here. There was such despair, and evil, and he so wanted to leave.


Heero shook with overflowing emotions as he stared at himself.

His exact image just smirked at him, Zechs's mask in hand. Blond hair was attached under the mask... a wig.

"Don't you remember?" he whispered. "Reclaiming Duo..?"

In the dark, cobalt eyes look violet, and beautiful as they widen in surprise. Then in fear.

He cries out "Heero" in growing panic as he makes his way to him. Despite the two years of peace, he trained himself to remain in top shape, and easily pins Duo back onto the bed that he shared with Zechs.

"Heero, no, stop! Where's Zechs?!"

"Downstairs. He won't ever bother you again."

"No!! Zechs!"

He slaps him, angered by the name. "You were mine," he screams, taking advantage of Duo's naked state. "And you will always be mine."

He takes him by force, believing that the screams of pain and begging to stop was sounds of extreme pleasure and begging to continue.

Tears rolled down Heero's cheek, as grief settled in. He remembered. He remembered it all... and after his horrendous act...

"I love you," he whispers, kissing Duo's neck.

"What did you do to Zechs?" Duo answers back, weak and in tears.

"Why do you care so much about him?!" Once again, rage flows through him, and he savagely begins to strike at the worn out body beneath him.

He pulls out the same knife he used on Zechs, and brings it down. Duo's eyes widen in shock, and as he bleeds, he resumes his actions. "You are mine," he grunts. "Mine in life and death! Not Zechs, you hear?! Mine, mine, MINE!!!"


Quatre hid in the bathroom, overwhelmed with the emotions he was picking up. One of them triggered his memory of that night... that night they realized that Duo and Zechs were in danger...

And they had been too late.


He kisses the cold lips of Duo, and stares into the blank eyes. He stands up and sees that he is coated in blood.

A smile rests on his face, relishing in the fact that he was the last to have Duo all to himself.

Then reality sits in.

Duo's gone.

And he is responsible.

He begins to shake, as he moves backward, until he rests against the wall. He raises his bloodied and shaking hands in front of him in horror. What has he done? With a wailing cry, he sinks down to the floor. What has he done? Duo...

Tears pour out as unearthly wails continue to come out from deep in his chest, and he swears that he can hear Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa shouting Duo's and Zechs's name. He hears the bedroom door opening, but everything begins to fade black.

"What have you done?" someone asks in horror.

"It wasn't my fault." And soon, he is unaware of anything.


Wufei's face was pale as he eyed the body of the female before him.

"Who was she?" he asked, the feel of the place making him feel ill.

The doctor sighed. "She was a former nurse in the hospital. A good person at first. Very loving with children. Then one day, she just snapped. Killed all the children in the pediatrics ward before she was stopped."

"Why?" Trowa asked, sadly.

The doctor shrugged. "I can't say. She really didn't have a reason like the others. But personally... I think it's this place. I mean, you look around and half the people are enjoying life here. They have it made or are at peace. But the other half... they live a life of darkness. Take Momoru, for example." The doctor pointed to a room.

"Ever since he was five, he was physically and sexually abused by his family, except for his father. At thirteen, his father found out what had been happening while he was away, and took him with him. But one night, Momoru just snapped and went on a murderous rampage, taking out most of his family. When his father found out, he tried to stop him. However, in Momoru's state, he didn't recognize him and killed him. The police found him in shock, holding the body of his father, rocking back and forth. He regained enough lucidity to ask where his father went... and then... he became like that. A living doll."

Very much like Heero, thought Quatre.

"This poor unfortunate... she also lived in a bad situation. Her step mother sold her to pedophiles on a nightly basis, and was freed when her mother was found dead. No one quite knows who did it, but it seemed like a turn for the better for Serena. And when the Maxwell-Peacecrafts took interest in adopting her... well, she just shone. But then... well, you know."

Quatre nodded. He remembered very well. That same time they found Milliardo dead on the kitchen floor, and Heero huddled in a corner upstairs near Duo's mangled body... a little blond girl had run in and begun screaming.

Quatre struggled against the tears in his eyes. She wailed in such grief, before turning on Heero and screaming such obscenities that tore into his heart, cursing Heero and threatening to make his life hell as long as they both lived.

Then she broke down and cried some more, and soon went into shock, following the same fate as Heero... captivity in an asylum.


Heero shook his head, weeping.

"Heero..." he heard a whisper.

He raised his head, tears blurring his vision. There in front of him stood Duo, his eyes looking so sad. Behind him was Milliardo, and together they made a lovely, heavenly vision. They seemed to float in mid-air, radiant light emanating from within.

Heero raised a trembling hand... and he knew... he knew that if he touched them... he would be...

"No..." Heero pulled away, his grief turning into rage.

Duo pulled back and buried his face into Milliardo's chest, as Milliardo held him tight, a look of defeat on both of their faces.

"No, no, no! This is all a trick! Duo was with me first, and we were the ones meant to be. I will not let him go!"

The floor began to shake as the monster with the spear slowly rose behind Heero.

Rena remained without an expression, and the clone of Heero simply faded, a malicious grin on his face.

Duo turned to Heero, tears wetting his cheeks, and he said in a pleading voice. "Please, Heero... please, just let us be and rest in peace..."

Heero lunged for their fading images, hatred and insanity in his eyes.


Quatre glanced back at the asylum, shivering as he began to see traces of the fog moving up. This was the last time he would ever come up here. There was no way his mind would stand another visit. The others were silent as they drove away, but he had a feeling that they felt the same way. Especially with the words of the doctor that still rang clear in their heads.


"I can't even begin to describe it. This town, the people, they live off the land. And the land seems to live off of them. Everything here is so black and white, and at the same time, so damn secretive. The happy people, they enjoy walking out in the sun, going out by the lake, enjoying life. It's like they're blind to the evils in the world. Really good people that seem to be protected with good luck and faith."

Heero's hand passes through Duo and Milliardo, as Rena steps back, blinking only once.

"Then there are the others. The ones that seem to live in darkness. They are blinded with fear, rage, hatred, envy, greed... you name it. And all they see is the fog... the fog that blinds them and cuts them off from everyone else. The fog that is so thick, it slowly chokes the life out of you. "

Heero screams in rage, then gasps in surprised pain, as the edge of the spear suddenly pokes out through his chest, blood spraying and dripping all over the floor in front of him.

"Years ago, there was a cult that was the purest of evils. Many speculate that maybe that had something to do with the way this town is turning out. The evil lingers, infecting those most susceptible to it, so in a way, everyone is at risk. And even with that knowledge, we seem afraid to move on out. It just calls us back."

Heero's hands are slick with the blood, as the glares at the laughing Rena. He tries to pull out the spear, and instead screams in agony when the monster behind him wrenches it to one side. Blood begins to come out of his mouth, choking him.

"It's a haven, and a jail, at the same time. I fear to say that I see the fog. I envy those that haven't been touched yet by the evil that lives here. And seeing your reactions, I know that you, too, run the risk of seeing that fog. I suggest you stay away, although if it is meant to be, you will return, regardless. To those that know the taste of evil... this place will never be sanctuary."

Rena steps in front of him, bending down to stare at him. Angry, yet remorseful tears fall down her face. Words fail to come out as he lays in his back, a gaping hole in his chest. Above him, the ceiling begins to cave in as the floor continues to shake. Yet, Rena remains untouched, and still. The vision begins to go black, and he knows he's dying. Yet... he refuses to accept it. He can't... he won't...Duo will never belong to Zechs. Never...

"This place, this town, this... Silent Hill..."

Heero stares in wonderment as he looks around this foggy place. He's been here before... but in dreams.

" nothing but a living hell."

'Duo's here... somewhere... and I will save him.' Heero steps out onto the deserted road, and disappears into the swirling mists.


A/N: *grins wickedly* So? Yes, I wasn't going to originally use the town, but decided, what the heck, if I based it off the game so much, might as well use the town's name. One thing about the game is that it still leaves so much unanswered... especially when you play it wrong!! So true to the game... there are many things unanswered. Is Rena responsible for Heero's punishment? Is it just Heero's guilt fabricating the world he lives in? Does Silent Hill exist to punish the guilty? Or is all in the imaginations of those that live there? It was fun writing this, and so I bid thee all farewell. I can assure you, there will be no sequel. So the biggest question now is... did the others escape the fate of Silent Hill..? You decide... *fades with an evil laugh*