Arthur's Bizarre Adventure - Part 1 Marble Curtain

Author's note - Excuse the batshit idea, I came up with this concept on a whim. There are quite a few places I plan to go with it, but I have no guarantees that I'll keep writing. So don't expect it to be that good, but I'll try my best. Constructive criticism is always welcome of course, please enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Arthur's Bizarre Day

ELWOOD CITY! An industrial settlement founded by a lumber tycoon has blossomed into a suburban paradise by the modern era! Elwood is known by many for its beautiful greenery, cheerful populace, and publically funded values (supported by readers like you)! With a population of 60,000 this idyllic town comfortably straddles the line between small town charm and big city excitement! It would appear to be perfect… HOWEVER! In the year 2005, Elwood would face its most trying times since the nineteenth century! It is with an impending crisis looming that our story begins - Arthur Read! An average boy, unaware of the drastic turn his life, and the lives of his friends, would take…

Sunlight passed through the windows as birds tweeted about in the blue sky. Elwood City was looking as beautiful as always, a lovely day to go out and play. Unfortunately for the students of Lakewood Elementary Grade 3 Class B, there were still several hours left to school, and Mr. Ratburn showed no sign of letting up with his enthusiastic monotony. With a beaming grin, he stood in the front of his despairing class, holding a pointer at several indecipherable calculus equations on the chalkboard.

"Now class, what is the sine of two over pi on the unit circle?" He asked to the nauseated crowd. Buster Baxter, a bunny, raised his hand eagerly.

"Yes Buster?"

"Does the sign say that we can have two slices of pie?" The bunny sounded genuinely curious.

The momentary hope left his eyes when Mr. Ratburn coldly replied, "No Buster, I'm asking for the mathematical sine of the radian number two over pi, not some pastry."

"Awwww," Buster pouted, sinking back into his chair, while Francine and Arthur quietly chuckled next to him. The three friends were seated in the square of four desks nearest the back of the room the small class was divided into several similar four desk islands.

As Ratburn's gaze moved elsewhere, Arthur eased back. Listening to his droning on a day like today was pure torture. In just a few short hours, the world would be his oyster. Would he head down to the Sugarbowl with his friends, hang out at the tree house together, or maybe go swimming? Who knows, he could do anything. With a groan he glanced up at the clock hanging above the board. Still about two hours left.

Next to him Buster was already asleep. With the promise of pie gone there was nothing to keep him awake. Francine's eyes were on the teacher for the moment, but had already begun to glaze over. Glancing back to Arthur, she whispered "Do you know what we're doing after school today?"

Letting himself fall further over his desk Arthur could only reply "I don't care as long as it's not here." With that, the two of them resigned to fatigue. Francine rested her head against her arm and fell asleep, while Arthur's fluttering eyes kept loosely focused on the teacher.

It was in this blur that the young aardvark first saw it.

For a moment he thought he was imaging it, but when he repeatedly blinked it was still there. A strange little man was hovering by the window, looking right into Arthur's eyes with a wicked glint and a sly grin. He had a fat purple face, four beady eyes, a black bowl cut that looked like plastic, and metallic rotund body attired in a Japanese school uniform. He was holding a little notepad and pencil, not breaking eye contact with the stunned aardvark. Arthur let out a gasp and started to shake his friends next to him.

"Buster! Francine! Do you see that little thing over there?" He whispered in a tone more than slightly panicked. His drowsy friends looked around for a moment, before looking back with irritation at Arthur.

"I don't see anything Arthur, did it look like an alien?" Buster asked. This was followed by a slap on the back from Francine.

"Of course not Buster! There's nothing there at all Arthur's just being dumb!" she huffed.

"B-but guys!" Stuttered Arthur pointing now at the little man who cackled in response. "He's right there by the window!"

"Arthur cut it out!" Francine said. "This class is boring us to tears, but you don't need to play stupid games!" With a huff she went back to her resting position, while Buster shrugged and went back to snoring.

Sweat began to trickle down Arthur's face as he realized he was the only one who could see this little creature. When he looked back the thing, it was holding out a note it had written on its pad, "Hi! Arthur!" with a fanged smiley face. The thing then promptly tore up the sheet of paper and turned its attention to the rest of the class, looking around with a malicious smile.

Arthur started to slowly tremble in his seat, he had never seen anything as weird as this, could he be dreaming This little monster was right before his eyes and he had no idea what it would do! After a few tense minutes, the aardvark began to feel a bit at ease as the thing had stayed put. Maybe it was all a dream, and it would just disappear eventually. Arthur managed to look away from the little thing and turn his attention back to the clock. It didn't take long for his boredom to take center stage again, and he took to tapping his pencil against the desk.

Arthur's tired eyes wandered back to the window, and a sudden sense of dread arose in him when he saw that the thing was no longer there. He had momentarily forgotten how he had told himself it was a dream, all he could think about where it was or how it had disappeared. Arthur's bespeckled eyes began to search all over the small room. He looked up and down the green walls, over the desks, around his friends and on the floor. The little man simply was gone.

While still quite afraid, Arthur began to feel another additional pressure. Who knew what that thing's deal was, or what it might try and do! He wanted to wake Buster and Francine up, but he knew they wouldn't be of any help right now. He needed to figure out if it was still in the room and what it was doing. As his eyes kept scanning over the room, he finally caught a glimpse of movement in the corner of his eye.

To his far right, at a different desk square, the weird little man was now hovering behind Sue Ellen, another friend of Arthur's. It was directly staring at Arthur again, its lips curled up menacingly. The thing leaned towards the girl's ear and began to whisper something. While he had no idea what it was up to or what it was doing, Arthur felt for sure that it wasn't good. He sprung up out of his seat and dashed forward towards Sue Ellen to try and stop the little creature, in the process hurling Buster and Francine out of their chairs.

"SUE ELLEN WATCH OUT!" He cried, as he leaped forward and tried to tackle the floating monster.

The whole class turned and gasped collectively, while Mr. Ratburn bewilderedly demanded "Arthur, what is going on?!"

As Arthur picked himself off the ground, he realized he had tackled Sue Ellen to the floor and that the creature was again gone.

"O-ow!" the girl said rubbing her bruised knee as she sat up. With a blush spreading over his face, Arthur replied "Sorry Sue Ellen I...I don't know what came over me…"

Getting to her feet Sue Ellen looked embarrassed, "Uh it's okay Arthur just...don't do that again please…" She awkwardly shuffled back into her seat, while Ratburn approached the stupefied aardvark.

"Arthur, I have no idea what the meaning of this is but I'm afraid we're going to have to talk about this after school!" Arthur looked back to Buster and Francine for support, but they both looked as stunned as he was.

"But it's not my fault!" Arthur protested. "There was this little man over there and -" The poor aardvark's stammering was interrupted by a chorus of laughter. Humiliated, Arthur made his way back towards his chair. Just as he was about to sit down, he realized that the strange creature was sitting on his desk. Before he could respond, the thing smiled at him and handed him a slip of paper.

Looking at that leaflet, Arthur saw the simple message "Sue Ellen has a crush on you." Again, before he could react the creature tore back the paper and shredded it to bits. With a flash of an even wider grin, the thing vanished into the air. Sighing with exhaustion and frustration, Arthur sank into his chair. This was going to be a long day.

On the other side of town at the Elwood City Katzenelenbogan Airport, a private helicopter bearing the insignia "SPW" touched down on its own pad. As wind blew up around it, a small figure emerged from the vehicle.

"So this is Elwood City. Reminds me of Morioh, though that's not a surprise."

To Be Continued