John was out at Tesco (likely having another row with the chip and pin machine) and Sherlock was playing his violin when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

I'm bored. - JM

A small smile made its way up Sherlock's face.

Make me not bored. - JM

Don't you have some sort of terrorist attack plotting to do? - SH

No. I finished that this morning. - JM

Hmm... I finished my experiment this morning. Then I had a case, but it was only a 3. Child's play, really. I enjoy your cases much more. - SH

Yeah, it's almost painful to hire criminals these days. None of them have a clue. I have to train them up as soon as I get them.- JM

Getting more arrogant now days, aren't they? - SH

Tell me about it -JM

I probably ought to do an experiment on that... figure out why... -SH

Let me know the results if you do. Might make for an easier time on my part. -JM

I will. - SH

It's been a long time since I've done any experiments... I've been too busy, you know, controlling the criminal underworld and all. -JM

You can never be too busy for experiments. - SH

I don't know, I haven't had hardly a second to myself since that cab driver thing. - JM

What are you doing now then? -SH

Well, I'm talking to you, but I'm supposed to be listening to this meeting thing I'm sitting at a table for. - JM

Dull. - SH

I agree. - JM

Why should you be listening? - SH

A little group I developed to help get my network going is trying to decide their future, they don't seem to have figure out that they don't have one yet. -JM

Are they ordinary? - SH

Most of them, yes. There's one that I think I'll keep, but the rest of them are idiots I only use them to gather funds. -JM

That explains it. - SH

Yeah... - JM

What? - SH

What what? - JM

You're going to ask me a question. - SH

How did you know? - JM

John always sort of trails off before he asks me a question. Other people do too. Even Mycroft. So what do you want to know? - SH

Have you ever met someone like us before? - JM

No. - SH

Does that bother you as much as it bothers me? - JM

Sometimes, yes. - SH

I mean, there are 7.349 billion people on this planet, yet it's just you, me, and Mycroft. And not even Mycroft really, he doesn't count. - JM

I agree, but out of curiosity, why don't you count him? - SH

I don't know, he just seems different than us. Not to say that he's not a genius, he is, just in a different way. -JM

I know what you mean. Irritating when we can figure out how to put our thoughts to words, isn't it? -SH

I don't think others know the torture. - JM

Me neither. - SH

Gosh, why isn't this meeting over yet?! They've already covered everything 16 times! - JM

Normal people have shorter memories and they can't think well on the fly, you'll just have to deal with it. Annoying as it may be.- SH

Speaking of normal people, how is John? I didn't actually mean for them to hit him that hard when I kidnapped him last time. - JM

He's fine. A little sore still, but fine. - SH

Yeah, I got onto my kidnapper ring about that. They said they were just defending themselves. -JM

Possible, but that's not the story I got from John. I don't see why he would lie to me. - SH

He probably didn't. I hired a new group of kidnappers, so next time should be a little more professional. - JM

You work fast. - SH

I do, when I want to. - JM

Other times I'm slow as a slug. - JM

Maybe slower. - JM

I have actually seen some pretty fast slugs. - JM

Hilarious. - SH

I know. - JM

Where is John anyway? - JM

Shopping. - SH

Hmm... too overstimulating. -JM

My thoughts exactly. - SH

I hate it when he brings me a long. - SH

Why do you go then? You could just say no.- JM

He always gets the groceries, it's only fair I come sometimes. - SH

I don't know how you live with John. He must be so annoying. - JM

He is sometimes, but he's also very nice and helpful other times. - SH

Like when? - JM

Well, he does get most of the groceries, and he makes very, very good tea. Much better than the tea I make. He also is handy for reducing boredom most of the time, and he makes sure that I don't run myself ragged. Which is actually quite the problem. - SH

Yeah, same here. Maybe I should get myself a 'gold fish' as Mycroft calls them. - JM

It has improved my life significantly, but it's also made it much more complex. Normal people, while not as smart as us, are just as confusing. - SH

How so? - JM

Well, if you want them to stay not angry with you, then you have to learn all these little things about them, for example, John doesn't take sugar in his coffee. Stuff like that. You also have to learn the different facial expressions they have and what they mean, as well as what you're supposed to do in response. - SH

Sounds like more trouble than it's worth. - JM

I think it's worth it. There's more to it too though. It feels really good when they're happy, and really bad when they're mad at you. It's quite a strange phenomenon. I've yet to find the scientific reason behind it. - SH

Hmm... that is interesting. I'll try it and text you the results. - JM

Sounds good. More input would be useful in an experiment like that. - SH

I've got to go, John is back. - SH

Alright. Bye. - JM

John walked into the room to see Sherlock sliding his phone back into his pocket.

"Did you get the plastic forks?" Sherlock asked.

"Yes, though I'm still not sure what you want with 1,000 of them." John said.

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