A/N: I've grown fond of the Natsu-Lucy-Loke dynamic from both We Are Young and Sparks. This fic is a collection of stuff with the three. Not all of it involve a poly relationship but each story has a slightly different character dynamic between them.

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01: Hitchhike



Lucy absently turned down the volume of the car stereo before she spoke. "Um, was it just me seeing things, or-"

From the passenger seat, Natsu didn't let her finish. "No, I saw it too."

"The guy?"

"On the side of the road, yeah."

"Was he-?"

"Askin' for a lift? Yup."

It was around one in the morning. They were in a long, winding country road in the middle of nowhere with only their car headlights and the occasional dim streetlights to light the path.

Lucy hit the brakes before she looked at her companion. "There's no town around here for miles. I've only seen one bus and that was hours ago."

Natsu looked back and shrugged. "It's fine by me if we help out. Plus it's rainin'. Poor dude."

"He could be a serial killer, though."

"Yeah, or he could mug us. Or steal our car."

The two looked towards the path ahead and contemplated for a few seconds before Lucy noticed movement from the rearview mirror. "Oh crap, he's walking towards us."

Natsu whirled his head to look at the lone figure approaching the car on a light jog under the pouring rain. The man had bright orange hair and was wearing a semi-formal ensemble. He looked just a year or two their senior.

He looked at Lucy before stuffing his hand in his pocket and retrieving a coin. "Alright, heads - we let 'im tag along. Tails - we hit the gas and go."

Lucy nodded, and watched as her friend tossed the coin in the air, caught it in his hand again, and then reveal the result.

She heaved a sigh and looked towards the alleged hitchhiker again before turning back to Natsu. "Okay, but just in case, get the taser and the pepper spray from my bag."

Natsu didn't question the precaution. It was better safe than sorry indeed.

So Lucy had a pepper spray tucked in her pocket for easy access while Natsu had a firm grip on the taser as they rolled the driver's seat window down to accommodate their unexpected guest.

As they finally looked at the hitchhiker more closely, they couldn't help but just sit still stupidly looking at the man's handsome face, gentle pleading smile and-... holy crap, running your fingers through your hair and sleeking it back like that under the rain should be illegal.

"Hey." the man said. "Um, good evening?"

It was unfair. His voice was unfair. And who greets strangers 'good evening' while asking for a free ride while it was raining?

Fortunately, Natsu recovered fast enough. "Hey, man. What's goin' on?"

"My name's Loke, and I'm, err… kinda stuck out here right now… Could I trouble you guys for a lift? Just to the nearest town. Or gas station. Anywhere will do, I just need to get somewhere I can make a phone call, then I'm out of your hair."

He smiled.

His smile was unfair too.

Because without thinking about it, Lucy and Natsu both instantly said, "Sure, hop in!"



A/N: Who says 'no' to a hitchhiker as hot as Loke, right?