Hey guys, so this is my newest story. Some of the characters may be a bit OOC, and parts of this are AU. Keep in mind as you read this, I haven't watched the actual DBZ in a long time, I've mostly been watching the Team Four Star abridged version. This is also the first crossover story I have written and I hope to be able to update on a regular basis. I have the next 2 chapters ready to be posted, and I will be starting the fourth soon.


"She's not normal...and it's starting to show...I think we may have to think of asking one of the others to take care of her, Oriana just...for the safety of our child, we can't keep her"

Oriana flew far from the place she once called home. She understood why they no longer wanted her, she was a freak, she wouldn't want to keep a child like herself either. 'It's for the best...I'm just a freak...I'd just end up hurting Trunks' Oriana thought, as she found herself landing on a beach. She shivered slightly as the cold night air hit her. 'I'll be okay, I don't need any of them...I was alone for years before they took me in'

"You're alone?" A distinctly male voice drew Oriana's attention, her eyes landing on the middle aged balding man, she was unaware that she had spoken out loud.

Oriana's deep blue eyes narrowed dangerously, distrust clouding her eyes "No, just leave me alone. I don't have any money, I'm not worth your time" She said, not realizing that she was backing away from the adult.

"Hey...you don't have to be scared of me. I'm not going to hurt you, I have a son about your age" The male told her, taking a careful half step towards the clearly worried adolescent.

Oriana stepped back quicker, her foot catching on an indent in the sand, causing her to stumble and fall onto the ground, her shirt shifting just enough to make a little gem on her stomach noticeable. Upon realizing that her gemstone was showing, Oriana quickly pulled her shirt back down, hiding the red gem once again. "You have a gem...look I know you don't trust me...heck you don't even know me, but I know people with gems like that" The middle aged male said, his eyes wide due to the gemstone.

"It's..." "DAD!" Before Oriana could finish her statement, a boy looking much younger than her. She raised an eyebrow at the short curly haired boy. "Oh, who's this. I'm Steven Universe" The boy said, holding his hand out to Oriana.

"Oriana" The female answered, stepping back from the two males in front of her, running a slender hand through her waist length blue hair, causing her shirt to shift again showing off the bright red gemstone where her belly button should be.

"You have a gem!" The boy, Steven, exclaimed as he saw the little gem. He pulled up his red shirt and showed off his pink gemstone "Me too, and I have friends with them too. You aren't a homeworld gem are you? Cause if you are we will beat you, but if you aren't then we can be friends"

Oriana quirked a brow, what the hell was this kid talking about. Homeworld gems? "I don't know what you are talking about, I've been on Earth since I was a little girl, and before that we lived on a Frieza controlled planet, I've never heard of a place called Homeworld. Either way, I should go..." Oriana trailed off, she still hadn't figured out where she was going to go. "Do you know any hotels around here?" She asked.

Steven smiled "You don't have to stay at a hotel, you can stay with us Oriana" He suggested, failing at hiding his hope of her staying.

Oriana pinched the bridge of her nose, the way he was looking at her it reminded her so much of little Gohan and Trunks, and she could never say no to them.

You saw what happened to her Vegeta, she's too dangerous for Trunks...She's a danger to him

Oriana bit her lip, she wanted so desperately to say yes to the star wearing boy, but the words she had overheard from her previous surrogate mother rang in her ears. "I can't..." She answered simply, turning from them and flying off without another word. She couldn't be a risk to another child.

"Stupid Bulma! How am I a danger to Trunks! Has she seen the man she married or his friends! I am the least dangerous to him!" Oriana yelled to the cavern walls, which were covered in holes and weird machinery. "I never once gave her any reason to think I would hurt him! It's all because of this stupid gem! I hate it!" Continuing to yell at the silent walls, too caught up to hear the approaching footsteps.

At the last second, Oriana ducked missing being hit by a light blue spear. "We have you cornered, you better surrender" Oriana turned to see a peach toned girl holding another spear at the ready, behind the spear holder was a tall female with dark magenta skin and a short female with purple skin.

"You're better off killing me! I'm a danger to everyone apparently!" Oriana yelled at them, her eyes filled with a deep hurt. She had overheard too many times that she was dangerous, that she believed it herself. Oriana held her arms up, showing she wouldn't fight back. "Just end it"

"She has a gem...Could she be the girl Steven was talking about?" The female with the spear murmured to one of the others, her voice still loud enough that Oriana could hear.

"Steven? The little boy from the beach?" Oriana asked "Is he okay?"

The tallest of the group looked over to Oriana "Steven is fine...We don't want to hurt you, we can help you"

"Yeah, we heard everything you said before" The shortest piped up, the whip that was in her hand disappearing.

Oriana glared at them, she couldn't risk getting close to anyone again, not after what happened before. "I am fine okay? I don't need or want your pity, I am perfectly fine on my own!" She yelled at them, holding back the tears which threatened to fall, as she desperately wanted to accept their help. "Just leave me alone, I am a danger to all of you...you heard it yourself" The blue haired girl insisted.

The purple skinned person took a step towards Oriana "I understand how you feel, we can help you. You won't be a danger to us" She promised, Oriana no longer able to keep the tears in, she started sobbing.

"Why are you being so nice to me!? I don't deserve it, I am a freak!" Oriana screamed at them through the tears that blurred her vision. She didn't see the tallest of the group walk over and pick her up, holding her close.

"You aren't a freak, you are a gem"