It had been maddening. One life trapped in solitude, seeing and hearing all, but unseen, unheard and unfelt. The icy grip Jack had felt since his birth under the moon from the ice. He had been alone for a hundred years approximately. That was what the people he heard said. He glanced up at the moon in pain. Tears pooled in his eyes as he stood alone with the winter shadows and wind. The whispery promises of safety and never being alone, but it wasn't the same. What he wouldn't give to have someone to see, to feel them as they would him.

Shaking his head, he forced his thoughts towards games and the wind he jumped from the roof tops and glided effortlessly, leaving trails of frost throughout the bustling and growing New York City. He laughed as the wind tossed him around pulling his tattered leather clothes forward and small flurries dancing behind him. His grief and sadness temporarily pushed aside in favor of the joy of flight. His laugh echoed through the alleys, unheard by the masses of humans. But he did not go unheard.

A feathered little lady peered out a window, wide purple eyes staring intently at the dancing boy in the sky. Her mouth parted slightly watching the exuberant white haired person. Who was this boy? And why had she never seen him before?

She had seen many other spirits before. She and her sisters had the ability to travel the world, see children and the spirits that lived hidden in cities and forests. Not that her sisters ever did, they were all more than happy to interact solely with others under their "mother" and perform their coin and tooth exchanging duties. She wasn't like them. She liked to see the other spirits, outside of the big four and her sisters. Even if she didn't interact with the spirits she saw, it was still exciting to confirm the human stories with a physical being.

But she had never heard of a being such as the one before her. She just had to know who this person was. Fluffing her feathers to brace herself from the cold, she darted forward cautiously, in case the seemingly playful spirit meant to bring harm. She felt the wind brush against her feathers, almost wrapping around her. The figure flitted upward, above the rooftops and into the moon's orb, his silhouette casting a thin almost translucent shadow upon the ground, barely garning attention of the non spirit life. His face appeared pale as the moon itself, accented by clear blue eyes and... And the whitest teeth she had ever seen. They put the snowflakes dancing in the air to shame. She just had to know who this spirit was. And more importantly, if his teeth were real and not some hallucination brought on by a lack of sleep.

She zipped through the air almost silently as she approached the spirit. He didn't seem to notice as he constantly moved. He dropped from the moon's spotlight drifting in front of the windows. The small feathered spirit paused for a moment as he tapped his staff to the windows, leaving behind clean fern like frost pattern rapidly growing over the panes. She gasped in partial delight and fear.

An ice spirit. She had heard rumors but had never seen one before. She had heard summer sprites speak of their cruel nature. She had heard of their cold demeanor and wicked smirk. And of washed out skin and horribly dirty and jagged teeth marred like dirty grime stained glass and tarnished with blood, perfect for ripping apart frozen corpses reminiscent of black ice.

But there was no doubting this was an ice spirit with the patterns he left behind. Perhaps he would be friendly? With teeth as beautiful as his, it would be a sin to place them with a cruel owner. She zipped closer and made a gamble. The spirit was quick but she was faster. Even if she was far smaller, she thought she could get away if needed.

She flew right up to the pale boys face making him jump back. He landed on a lit street lamp and stared at her with wide eyes, his mouth slightly agape. She moved in closer, his pearly whites peeking out behind pale lips.

"What the-?" He stared in wonder as she grew closer. She looked from his mouth to his eyes. They were open and warm, contrasting to the obvious cold that poured from his very being. An innocence sparked in his eyes that she had not seen in a long time. After all, kids were asleep by the time she usually saw them. She chirped in awe and delight. The larger spirit tentatively reached his pale hand out, his fingers slightly spread, firm and hopeful, but cautious and afraid. Of her!

This ice spirit was afraid of her. Where most elementals and seasonals would sneer, mock and occasionally attack her and her sisters, this one was almost gentle! She approached his hand and grabbed his finger. His skin was cold, like a soft untouched pillow on a cool day. The spirit cupped his hand. She followed and sat in his nimble and bony fingers. Her wings relaxed, taking in a much needed break.

"Hi there," the boy softly spoke, a grin blooming on his face revealing more pearly white jewels. She almost swooned seeing those perfect teeth. But she kept drifting back to his eyes. So full of hope and memories of hardship. She crooned at him and his smile grew.

"Well, aren't you a little lady. What are you doing out here after dark?" he asked with a playful lit to his voice. She chirped and showed him a small bloody tooth with little bits of gum attached.

"Tooth fairy? You're the tooth fairy?" He asked. The small feathered girl blushed and shook her head. She placed the tooth in her lap and gestured widely with her fingers extended.

"A tooth fairy? There's more of you?"

She nodded, her face breaking out into her own grin.

"So you help collect the teeth? That's so cool!"

The little feathered one puffed out her chest proudly. It was about time someone acknowledged how great her job was. And well... Each and every one of her sisters too...

"So what is your name little lady?"

She tilted her head in contemplation. Her sisters never had names. They were all the small helpers of the tooth fairy, their mother. She had no need for a name when she could feel their presence and call them over to her. They were usually called Tooth's helpers, Little Fairy teeth collectors, or in a few cases, called flying vermin.

After about fifteen seconds, the boy's face changed to one of slight pity and sadness.

"You don't have a name Baby Tooth?"

Baby Tooth. Oh, none of her sisters had ever been called that! Her tummy felt a little fluttery, like her wings were also flitting inside her stomach. She chirped happily and jumped up from his hand, flying to his face. Her face lit up and she wrapped her arms around his nose, cuddling her face against his frigid nose.

She flitted back with a large grin.

"Do you like that? Do you like Baby Tooth?"

She chirped, nodding her head happily.

"Well hi there Baby Tooth. I'm Jack. Jack Frost."

Jack Frost. She liked that name.

She had stayed a little longer than she had intended, and was a little disappointed when she had to leave to deliver the tooth to her "Mama". But it was either that or her sisters would come and either drag her away from Jack or try to all take a piece of him with his perfect teeth.

That had been ten years ago. The named Baby Tooth flitted to a different rhythm now than she ever did before. She now anticipated going to colder regions to collect teeth in hopes of running to her winter bound friend. Not that it seemed like her mother seemed to notice. Granted she did start sending her further up north, but that was because she didn't complain about the cold quite like her sisters. Even if it did leave her wings slightly chilled... But it wasn't as bad before. Almost as if she was growing used to it.

But it couldn't be. Could it?

As she looked at her sisters she noted that they didn't seem as big as they were before. In fact, she was one of the smallest among her sisters. And now, it seemed she was bigger. Not that she ever really interacted a ton with her sisters since she met Jack, in trying to keep him her own little secret.

But that didn't change that they seemed a little less big.

Though that was maybe her imagination as Jack never commented on her size.

She could not deny it though when her plumage lost it's signature hummingbird green. She brushed it off when it appeared to be growing smaller, rarely taking in her appearance and her reflection. But she could hear the chatter and chirps of her sisters commenting how different she was looking, she had to see for herself.

Little was known about the baby teeth to outside spirits. But they were such gossipers among one another. And her chirp was becoming common in the gossip circles. She found a small hidden reflective surface. Her hands flew to her face in suprise. Her green plumage was nigh nonexistent. A lone green feather centered on her head was the little green she had. Her feathers were now more blue and not nearly as bright, shimmering into a cool sea blue green color. She resembled no longer the lush plant life that surrounded their home, but of cool waters and... Winter twilights.

Her heart began to pound fiercely against her chest. Baby Tooth.

Oh moon what had he done?!

Her breath stopped for a moment, as if forgetting she needed to breath with the sudden revelation. Jack Frost, her friend and wintery, playful spirit had named her. And she had accepted. Oh moon!

She should have denied the nickname years ago. She shouldn't have accepted a name he had given. Even if it did make her feel all warm and cozy inside. Even if it did make her feel special.

She paused thinking about what she just thought. Her wings beat slower as she landed to the ground staring at the reflection. Her pristine feathers shimmering in blue hues mesmerizing her being. It was really beautiful. She placed her hand to the reflection and took in herself in for the first time since she had been born. As time trickled by seemingly wasted moments of staring at herself. But she felt a flicker of joy and acceptance in her new appearance.

It couldn't be changed now. She knew there was no reverse to this form.

Besides, it had been given to her by her friend and winter spirit. That made it all the more precious. She let out an unsteady sigh accepting the recent discovery.

Though she had to acknowledge that even though she was somewhat okay with her new feathers and look, she could only envision her mother's reaction to her friend's naming. Even perhaps create a frenzy of fighting guardians.

Her blood grew cold. No, she couldn't let that happen. She couldn't let her mother know. She couldn't let her mother see her. Tears welled in her eyes as she made a choice. She would collect teeth of all those she could, but she could never been seen by her mother or sisters anymore.

With a heavy heart, she flew northward, an insinctive pull into the frozen landscape with the wind wrapping around her similarly to a loving and comforting embrace. It felt like an eternity before she saw a familiar face. She chirped excitedly as she darted to the lanky pale faced immortal. He finished his current snow fall and held out his hands for her to sit in. She graciously accepted as she landed. They had all the time in the world now, not that Jack knew that quite yet.

Over the next seventeen years he never once brought it up. Not until she had become far too big to be cupped in his hands.

"Hey Baby Tooth, you're getting a little too big to just fit in my hands," he laughed at her attempt. Baby Tooth huffed knowing it was true as Jack positioned her in the crook of his arm. She would tell him. If she could only articulate in his own language. He understood meanings behind her chirps, but her language was lost unto him beyond her basic calls.

She had been around him long enough to understand he wouldn't abandon her if he knew what had happened. His own wintery energy coinciding with her mother's spiritual magic creating an ideal winter tooth fairy.

She gave a simple chirp to assure him she was fine. He didn't look so sure as he brought her up towards his face. Blue eyes stared into her own purple eyes with concern. She averted her eyes towards his teeth, shaped by a frown. The worst frame for those sparkling beauties. She crooned seeing him worried.

"What's going on Baby Tooth? I've seen others fly around, and they aren't anywhere your size, or color. Am I making you sick?"

Baby Tooth squeaked in horror. Jack wasn't doing anything wrong.

She placed her petite hands on Jack's face and crooned softly.

"Oh Jack."

Jack's eyes widened and his fingers stiffened.

"Baby Tooth? Did you- did you just say my name?"

The wind grew still as Jack's words hit Baby Tooth. She didn't speak. She could only chirp. Just like her sisters. Was he able to hear her chirps like her siblings could. She went to chirp once more, and noticed an odd tickle in her throat. She didn't stop though, and heard not a chirp, but a soft and somewhat wispy high pitched voice, "Jack."

Her eyes widened. She could speak?

"Jack," she smiled at her white haired friend. Jack laughed, a short little ha in amusement.

"When did this happen?" he asked. Baby Tooth shrugged her shoulders. This had been the first time she had heard a voice from someone like her. Like any of her mother's little tooth fairies.

But she had Jack. She touched his face, giving her own version of a short hug.

"Is there anything else you can say?"

She opened her mouth to try, but only could get Jack past her lips. Jack didn't say anything negative.

"It's okay Baby Tooth. Maybe you'll be able to say more later," he reassured. She was grateful Jack felt that way. It made it made heard her feel closer to her bonded spirit.

"Jack," she spoke again pouring her thanks into his name. He seemed to get the gist as he held her and gave one of his largest grins.

"Ready to fly Baby Tooth?"

"She nodded her head with her own large smile. She zipped up from his hands and felt there was a tooth under a pillow nearby. She gave a small chirp and pointed to Jack. He recognized the motion and noise as one of their races she instigated to collect teeth. He grinned like a fool and took off, with her close behind and gaining.

Neither caring nor knowing what the future would bring.

The sky seemed to explode with light as an aurora borealis covered the sky summoning the famed Guardians of Childhood to the North Pole, unfortunately covering a sky full of shooting stars. One star in particular fell near the moon and grew larger eventually falling into the Earth's atmosphere. Seemingly floating in the cloudy atmosphere, and basking in a crescent moon's light before falling to the earth, landing in a frozen tundra. A spiritual being, cradled in some sort of craft. Seemingly frozen within, a rabbit seemed to lay, asleep. Unaware of the world around them.

Hey guys. So, some may recognize an idea within the story. Well, I have received permission from the epic LadyPhenyx to use an idea from one of her stories. The story I took inspiration from is What's in a name.

Please check it out guys. It really is a good story. Loads better than this one, but I do have an idea so I'm going with this so I'm going up with this.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think.