AU, Stiles & Scott were both bitten together but after Derek killed the Alpha the boys instinctively submitted to him & joined his pack. Now they have to fight a compulsion to obey their jerk of an Alpha, who is slowly trying to be less & less of a jerk. WARNING: Spanking of Teenage Werewolves, No resurrected Peter, Lyia is not immune & successfully turned, uses different Lore



They did it, the Alpha was dead... along with the bitch that killed his family and destroyed his pack. They were dead.

He looked beneath his feet, at the corpse of Peter Hale... his Uncle. A man he deeply loved... and who had betrayed everything their pack stood for. Who had killed a member of their own pack to take their place as Alpha... and now that title was Derek's. That responsibility was Derek's.

Coming back to his senses after the adrenaline high that came with becoming an Alpha he noticed the two 16 year old boys wonder over to him in a daze. He wondered why for a moment then remembered. He killed the Alpha. These two little Betas had witnessed him kill an Alpha and they didn't know enough about themselves to fight their instincts.

The boys got right next to him and raised up their heads, revealing their throats, offering their very lives if it was what the Alpha desired of them. They gave pitiful, puppish whimpers asking for him to claim them, to accept them. Derek smiled, a pack, a real pack. He could finally have a family again. He lifted up his own head and let out a fierce howl that shattered apart the clouds. As he howled the boys joined in, shaking the very Earth. Derek wanted to laugh as he felt it, his soul attached to another's. He could feel the boys, they were a part of him now... unfortunately the boys themselves didn't seem as pleased.

They stumbled a bit as they came back to their senses "What just happened?" Stiles, the more annoying but definitely the smarter of the two, asked.

Derek smiled and happily explained "You saw me kill an Alpha, you're instincts to submit to the new one took hold and now, I'm your Alpha" Although the boys technology never submitted to Peter they were turned by him so the connection existed even though it wasn't very strong.

Both boys' eyes grew wide. Scott was the first to find his voice but what he said wasn't the happy celebration of someone just brought into a new pack "D-did you just fucking mind rape us?" Derek didn't know what happened. The comment took him so off guard and frankly really pissed him off. His hand flew on it's own and the next thing he knew Scott was on the ground with blood dripping down his chin. That wasn't right, the pups were so young and only turned a couple months ago, they didn't understand any of this. That's not how an Alpha was supposed to act with newly turned pups. That's not what Derek's own Alpha would have done to him when he was a boy and said something stupid. Before he could explain that such instincts were nothing like 'mind rape' Stiles helped his friend back to his feet and they both quickly ran off... his own pack was running away from him. They were scared of him... his own pack. How the hell did something that was supposed to be one of the happiness moments in a werewolf's life go so wrong.

"Well that went well" Derek growled as he looked back at the gloating hunter. He'd completely forgotten about them. He turned and walked away, in the opposite direction of his pack. He'd fix this. He could fix this. It would be just like it used to be. He had a pack... everything was going to be fine... it had to be...

Now outside the forest and driving down the road at less then safe speeds in his messed up jeep, Stiles was freaking out "What the hell did we just do?"

"I think I feel him" Scott mumbled sitting next to Stiles "I feel all angry and confused and... sad... but it's not coming from me"

Stiles paused and let himself feel it for a moment "Yeah... I feel it to. Jackass what the hell does he feel sad about. You're the one that got hit. Oh god... you don't think it's some whacked out Wife Beater complex. Next thing you know he's going to ask 'why are you making me hurt you', freaking psychopath"

Scott groaned "What are we going to do?... better question, what is HE going to MAKE us do? I mean can he do that freak mind rape thing anytime?"

"I don't know" Stiles growled "Half of the werewolf shit on the Internet comes from old movies the rest comes from table top games. I have no idea if any of the info is actually true"

"But there was something?"

Stiles groaned "Yeah okay. When I was looking up stuff on Alpha's one of the sites said that they CAN control Betas, but it only turns into flat out 'lose all free will' control if you submit to them"

"Which we did?" Scott stared as if asking that he got what just happened wrong

Unfortunately Stiles confirmed "Which we did"

"We are so screwed"

"Look okay cool it" Stiles insisted "Let's just get to the hospital and make sure Lyia... oh god"

"No don't do that" Scott shook his head "Get that look right off your face. We have enough to worry about, don't you add to it"

"... Peter bite Lyia"


Chapter One

Scott groaned as Stiles was busy freaking out next to him as they walked down the hallway at school.

"Someone dug up a grave last night and stole a dead woman's liver" Stiles freaked

"You think it was her?" Scott whispered

"She's been missing for over a day" Stiles growled "And she's the only other werewolf we know of. What are we going to do? It's another full moon tomorrow"

Scott shook his head "Three moons in a row, this has been one hell of a month"

"She is probably freaking out of her goddamm mind, not understanding what's happening to her between the rare moments where she can actually think and is not a mindless beast"

"At least she's only eating dead people" Scott insisted "And the liver is the most nutritious part of the body"

"Doesn't change the fact it's completely disgusting. Oh and there is the tiny fact that IT'S A HUMAN LIVER!" Stiles managed to scream well whispering.

"We'll find her before anything bad happens" Scott promised "We'll..." he stopped spotting Derek standing outside the school

"Get in the car" the man demanded

"Like hell" Stiles glared

Derek's eyes turned red, literally glowed red, as he growl out in some bizarre tone "Get in the car" and both boys felt compelled to obey.

When they got in Derek started driving and an ackward silence swept over. Both boys were in the back as neither wanted to be near him "It's not 'mind rape'," Derek broke the silence "It's instinct, it comes from you not me. All I do is talk with a commanding tone and it's your own bodies that tell you to listen. If you wanted you could ignore it"

"Trust us" Stile glared "We really don't want anything to do with you"

"Yes you do" Derek growled

"How do you-"

"Because you got in the car!" Derek snapped "If you 'really' wanted nothing to do with me you would have kept walking. Werewolves are pack animals. You instinctively want someone to be in a pack with. You two can satisfy that by gravitating to each other but without an Alpha you were going to clash sometimes in a fight for dominance. Now you have me so you don't have to worry about that"

"We never-" Scott began but was interrupted

"How many times did you almost kill Stiles the last couple of months" Derek didn't really ask "You have a more dominant personality that instinctively wanted Stiles to obey. He didn't do that because he sees you as an equal so your first impulse is to kick the crap out of him until he submits to you or kill him if he doesn't. Since Stiles is still alive and you're still a Beta that means you are able to repress that at least a little bit. It's the same with disobeying an order from your Alpha. It's a good deal harder but the theory is the same. You got to want it bad enough to ignore your instincts. Now that you have an Alpha you are no longer going to want to force Stiles to submit to you since instinctively your role as equals as been verified"

Scott turned his head to Stiles who was staring at him "You know that's not what I was doing" he insisted "I just went all wolf crazy"

Derek informed "Everything you do as a wolf as purpose. It is driven by your own subconscious desires and instincts. Just be thankful you didn't rape your girlfriend when you were still learning to control it"

"WHAT!?" Scott gaped

"It happens" Derek shrugged

Stiles spoke up "I'm more concerned with the fact you want to make me your werebitch"

"I don't want-" Scott groaned trying to come up with a reply "Since when do we listen to anything he has to say!"

Derek rolled his eyes "Look you might not always like what I have to tell you but I'm the only one with the answers. And frankly the answers you don't like are the most important ones... and yes Stiles, Scott wanted to make you his werebitch"

"I did not!"

"Maybe in the literal sense" Derek joked.

"NO!" Scott insisted "No, just no. Stiles you... you know what FUCK THIS. We need to find Lyia"

"Which is exactly why I got you" Derek informed "But it's not just her we need to worry about"

"Why what's the other thing?" Stiles asked

Derek groaned as he muttered "Fucking pups" then snapped "If you shut up and let me talk you'd already know, wouldn't you?" he took a calmly breath "Well I was tracking Lyia I caught another scent. There's a new werewolf in town"

"Wait, a new one?" Scott gaped

"Just how many of us are out there?" Stiles asked "And what are they all coming here for?"

Derek growled but answered the question "There are millions of werewolves scattered all over the world but considering the world's humanoid population is seven billion that's not actually a lot. And Omegas tend to rush to any area where a new Alpha appears. A new Alpha is more likely to claim them to boost there numbers. You can't exactly afford to be picky when you start a pack from scratch. More then likely this guy heard about Peter but got here after he died so now he's frantically searching for whoever took his place... this place also used to have a pretty high werewolf population before Kate killed off my pack. Nice sized town, not too big or too small, lots of open land with deer and other wildlife, It's actually a pretty good place for a modernized werewolf pack to settle... maybe you guys would like to help me pick out a house"

"Seriously?" Scott started at him like he was an idiot.

Derek couldn't help but growl with irritation "I just figured you'd like a say in your future home"

"Wuh wuh wuh" Scott glared "What's this 'future home' nonsense?"

"We're a pack" Derek glared right back through the rear view mirror "we got to stay together. Once you guys graduate high school you'll move out of your parents homes and into mine"

"Life hell" Scott growled and Derek growled right back. Scott couldn't help but cower in response.

"I AM NOT SEPARATING THE PACK" Derek snarled before taking a calming breath "After school, you WILL live with me Just like every other member of our pack. We'll be one big happy family, even if I have to beat the happiness into!"

"... What about college?" Stiles asked

"This town has a small college, you can go there, but you won't be staying in the dorms"

"That's not-" Stiles groaned "Dude I'm smart enough to get into Harvard!"

"I weep for you" Derek grunted unsympatheticly "but you can't afford to wander that far away from the pack and fact is no one else will likely be able to go to an Ivy League School"

"So l'm supposed to just put my entire life on hold?" Stiles glared

"No, you're supposed to abandon your old dreams completely" Derek informed "Look it sucks but you need to put the needs of the pack above your own desires... You can still go to college, someone as smart as you would easily get a scholarship to the local universality, then you can get the job of your choice in town. That's your new life plan"

"And if I don't want that?" Stiles growled his eyes actually turning yellow

Derek shrugged "Then I pull this car over and kick the crap out of you until you agree" thankfully that got Stiles to deflate and his eyes went go back to normal. Good, the boy might not realize he was doing it but he was officially challenging his Alpha on this. It was good all Derek had to do was threaten punishment for the kid to stand down "Be happy you got that. Scott is obviously too stupid to go to college at all and will most likely work as the school janitor"

Scott gaped "WHAT!?"

"World needs janitors Scott" Derek shrugged "No one in the pack is going to be a freeloader. You can get whatever job you want but you WILL have a job"

"What about you!?" Scott snapped

"My job will be taking care of the pack, that includes the pups when you guys have children" Derek informed "It's what Alphas do"

Stiles blinked "So their like homemakers? You'll basically be the stay at home dad?"

Derek groaned but went along with it "A stay at home dad that rips the throats out of threats to the family, yes"

"... will you wear an apron?" Stile smirked

Derek growled "No I will not wear an apron"

"How do you even have the money to buy a house?" Scott asked

"... My old pack was pretty big and my mom, she was our Alpha, made every able body adult get a job. She let all them keep half of their paycheck to spend on whatever crap they wanted, used what money was needed to manage the bills, then put the rest in a savings account for emergencies... after they were gone my older sister inherited the family vault... she used to send me a monthly check-"

"Like an allowance?" asked Stiles but Derek didn't dignity that with a response

"I was going to College out of state... she decided to let me do my own thing before coming back to the pack... and now she's dead"

Stiles sank in his chair getting the message.

"When she died I inherited everything... It's a little over 120 million dollars" as the boys gaped as Derek went on "It might sound like a lot but in the real would that money wouldn't last very long if I was stupid enough to spend it on every little thing I wanted. Want proof of that, look at the poor sods who win the lottery. Most of them end up going bankrupt because they don't understand the money isn't endless. The interest is enough to let me live comfortably and would allow me to support my pack. When you get jobs I'll use a similar system to what my mother had. You keep half your pay check to spend on whatever you want, which by the way is more money then most people get to see out of their's since they have to pay their own bills, the rest goes into the pack's account and the bills will be paid through the interest. I just need to find a big house with lots of rooms in the middle of no where"

"Can't you just build your own house" Stiles suggested

"I'm not spending that kind of money" Derek rolled his eyes

"Well you want a big pack right? A place were Werewolves can grow up over the generations? Sounds like you're going to have to spend some money... you could probably build a compound. You know like a little Werewolf neighborhood. Your family used to own those woods right? The city might have taken them over but you still have a legal claim to them. It be as easy as walking into city hall and filling out paperwork. Then you can clear out some of the trees to build some apartment units, hook up each one to it's own well system and use windmills for power so your off the grid"

Derek sighed "That would take a good chunk out of the pack's money. It isn't just for us Stiles. The money is meant to support our pack and future generations for the next thousand years"

"Then wouldn't a compound be the perfect thing to use it in? I'm not saying spend all of it but you could build a nice sized neighborhood on a private estate. A single apartment unit of 4, 2 bedroom, apartments with a garage and storage unit for each apartment would cost like $300000 to build. Probably a bit more to give each unit a septic tank, a well, and a windmill. You could build a few of those without dipping too much into the emergency money and everyone would live close to each other well still having privacy"

Scott decided to pitch in ideas "You don't have to worry about giving the apartments kitchens either. You could also build one big club house deal with multiple floors, one being where we'd eat all our meals together. The other floors could be places for us to hang out like an Arcade and a pool"

Derek groaned "I should have know better then to ask a couple of pups what they wanted in a house. Let me guess, it should also have a bowling alley and our own private Wendy's"

Scott pouted sitting back "Jerk you actually had me excited about the idea for a second. Then I remembered YOU'D be there"

Stiles shrugged "Give it some thought. Our own private werewolf compound sounds more defensible then a house and could hold more werewolves"

"It would also be harder to conceal" Derek commented

"The hunters already know about us being in town and where we live. Since they know anyway might as well have a place they can't hope to penetrate"

"... I'll think about it" Derek finally said

Stiles nodded as they drove down the road. The stopped just outside the very woods Stiles had been talking about. A boy his age was waiting for them. Stiles stiffened as his group stepped out of the car. A familiar sent was coming off the boy, looking at Scott it seemed he picked it up to.

"Scott, Stiles" Derek introduced "This is our latest addition to the pack, Isaac"

Scott gaped "You TURNED someone!? What did you follow some kid into the woods and jump him!"

Isaac's eyes widened in shock well Derek sighed.

Derek explained "How you guys were turned is NOT the norm and not how I'm going to do things. I asked Issac if he wanted to join us and he said 'yes',"

"Why would anyone WANT to be werewolf?" Stiles gaped

Derek groaned "I don't know Stiles. Why would anyone want super strength, speed, agility, enhanced senses, and near immortality. Can you seriously tell me that you aren't the least bit excited about the fact you will be young and beautiful for the rest of eternity? That it doesn't feel good to be the star players on the lacrosse team. And a pack gives the added bonus of being a source of unconditional support and acceptance" as the boys glared at him he assured "Look what happened to you two sucks but I'm not like Peter. I'm not going to go around randomly biting people. Everyone I turn will be given a choice beforehand and will have the full list of issues and benefits given to them"

"Really?" Scott glared "The full list?" he looked over at Issac who had been very quiet during all this "Did Derek happen to mention trying to turn you was just as likely to kill you"

"Yes" Issac nodded, standing at attention

Scott blinked not expecting that.

Stiles tried "Well how about the fact that if the bite didn't kill you there is a small army of werewolf hunters in town you would like nothing better then to make a rug out of you?"

Issac nodded again "He told me"

The other boys stared at him and shock before Scott yelled "And you STILL said yes!?"

Issac looked away ackwardly "I have my reasons"

Derek snapped his fingers to get everyone's attention "Alright, now that that is out of the way I need you pups to get your attention back on the matter at hand. You can pry into each others business later but right now we got a few omegas wondering our territory. Obviously we can't let that stand, not with all these hunters running around. We need to find them and convince them to join our pack. Stiles, you take Issac, show him how to sniff out Lyia. Scott, you come with me and we'll find the new guy"