Bella watched as her mum and her as a child who is hiding from her mum then she heard a evil laugh so she turned around to see it was James "that's my favorite part.. Stubborn child, weren't you?" he teased her with a evil smirk on his face which caused Bella's face flushes with rage and relief that her mum is safe "She's not here" Bella said in a relief voice

James takes a step towards her "Sorry.. But you really made it too easy" he said to her as he stood in front of her "So to make things more entertaining,
I'm going to make a little film of our time together.. Borrowed this from your house. Hope you don't mind" he asked her as he showed her the camera then turned it on "And... action!" James said as he filmed her

So Bella flings her purse at him and made a run for the door

James turned around to see her running to the door "Excellent! An escape attempt" he said in excited voice as his prey was fighting back which he loved so he jumps in front of her to stop her escaping him "It'll break Edward's little heart.. that his pet is in danger" James teased her as he picked a bit of her hair and he smelled her hair "you smell amazing" he said to her "Edward has nothing to do with this" Bella shuddered in fear "He will.. His rage will make for you.. more interesting sport than his feeble attempt to protect you" he informed her as she got out her spray from her pocket

He's having too much fun to notice -the peppers spray in her hand. She spins around and sprays him. Then she runs, as James REELS back briefly. But he leaps over her and lands right in front of her "you shouldn't have do that" James said as he flings her across the floor like a bowling ball

She SMASHES hard into a mirrored column as James captures it on film "Beautiful! Very visually dynamic.. I chose my stage well" he said to her as he walked over to her and stops then knees down to her level "Still stubborn, aren't you? Is that what makes you special? Because frankly, I don't see it" he said

He inhales her strawberry scent "too bad he didn't have the strength to turn you.. Instead, he kept you this fragile little human. It's cruel, really" James said to her with a smirk on his face and flips off the camera

He hand shot out and broke Bella's leg causing her to scream out in pain and agony so he turns the camera back on "tell Edward how much it hurts" he said to her as
he put the camera in her face "Tell him to avenge on you" he commanded her "No! Edward, don't do it" Bella screamed in the camera

Before James can do anything else someone knocked him away from her and he flew into the mirrors

He stood up to see it was Edward "You're alone... because you're faster than the others. But not stronger" he angrier said to him as he pushed Edward into the mirror which caused Edward's face to crack a bit

Edward quickly shot back up "I'm strong enough to kill you" Edward informed him in annoyed voice as he flings James backwards smashing through freestanding mirror what's near the doorway then Edward scoops Bella up and leaps toward the balcony exit door when suddenly he and Bella are jerked backwards so he landed away from Bella

James crouches beside Bella then James grabs Bella's hand as he looked directly at Edward with a sinister grin as he SINKS HIS TEETH into Bella's hand!

Bella screams in agony

Bella's horrified face saw Carlisle was standing beside Edward who had his hand on his son's shoulder so he turned to face his dad as Emmett, Jasper and
Alice was dropping down from the balcony who went straight to James to kill him

Carlisle rushes over to the injured Bella who was screaming again in pain "she's losing to much blood" he said to himself so he stiches up her leg quickly "It's on fire! My hand!" Bella managed to say though the pain "venom" Edward whispered as he walked over to them "yes it is spreading through her body.. we have to let it happen" Carlisle said to his son "NO" Edward shouted at his dad

Edward grabbed her hand and suck the venom out "stop Edward.. I think you got it all.. you're killing her" Carlisle ordered his son so he did what he was done but she blacked out

Bella woke up to see she was in the hospital so she sat up quickly "hey Bella" she heard a male voice say to her so she turned in that direct to see it was Edward then she sniffed the air and snarled at him so he takes a step towards her "STAY AWAY FROM ME" Bella growled out to him so he stops

Carlisle walked inside the room "Edward" he whispered to his son so Edward looked at him "what.. Carlisle" he asked his dad "I got some bad news" Carlisle informed his son "what.. what is it" Edward question him "well.. the venom did spread.. but you managed to get half of it" Carlisle said as he looked at Bella with a sad look on his face "WHAT DO YOU MEAN" Edward shouted at his dad "it means.. she's half human.. half vampire" Carlisle told Edward "what are we going to do" Edward said to him "well.. we need to take Bella away from here.. till she get's her self in control of her vampire side" he said to them

The Cullen's leave Forks with Bella