The street was empty and dark. Too dark. Street lamps had shattered not moments ago, no apparent reason walked the streets. The muggles slept soundly in apartments 11 and 13. Apartment 12 didn't seem to exist.

The building lets out a great shudder, going unnoticed by the residents of the apartments. Slowly, the border of 11 and 13 began to separate to reveal number 12. After the new apartment emerged, a wrought iron fence sprung from the ground in front of number 12, the apartment looking like it had always been there.

The street was quiet for a while longer. Nearly-silent footsteps approached the building from around the corner. The owner of such footsteps was moving hurriedly, wrapped in a black cloak to blend in with the moonless night. In their arms bundled with multiple dark blankets was a child. No more than eight months old, her tiny fist held a silver necklace. Inscribed into the metal of the round locket was the initials "W.E.B" on one side and the other "R.A.V".

The figure reached the iron gate, hesitant to proceed any further. The woman in the cloak looked down at the child, tears glistening in chocolate pools. She reached forward with trembling hands and pushed open the gate with an audible squeak. Unsure feet led her up to the doorstep where she placed her precious cargo down. She knelt next to the sleeping girl, stroking her deep purple hair.

"Farewell, Willow. I hope to never see you again... It's what is best for you..." The woman said, "Grow up strong and independent. But remember, my dear, it is alright to rely on those who love you. Goodbye..." she bent down and pressed a kiss to her daughter's head. "I love you so, so very dearly." Her words were lost in the wind. Sighing, the woman redirected her attention to the door of the apartment. "Take care of our girl, Sirius." She said sharply, rapping her knuckles against the wooden door. She waited until footsteps could be heard from the other side before she disapparated away. No evidence left of her being there, but the child and a small white letter laid on Willow's stomach.

The door creaked opened to a man with shaggy black hair and a fuzzy black robe on. He opened his mouth to address who had knocked on his door to find nobody there. His piercing gaze scanned the streets, he found nothing. Just as he was about to close the door and return to bed, he heard a cooing sound just below him. His head snapped downwards as fast as lightning. A purple haired and blue eyed baby smiled up at him. She giggled and wiggled in her blankets, reaching up her hands to him, the locket still held firmly in her hand.

Sirius swept her up into his arms, already in love with the girl. Who would ever leave their child alone at someone's doorstep? He assumed that whoever left the child was a witch or wizard, seeing as only magical folk and find his home.

He cooed at Willow and reentered his home, closing the door behind him.

"Kreacher!" Sirius called.

"Yes, master?" A scratchy voice replied after a few moments.

"Prepare a place for this child to sleep. Preferably in my room, for now." Sirius commanded the house elf.

"Of course, master. Kreacher lives to serve the house of Black." The grouchy elf bowed and left the room to carry out his task.

Meanwhile, Sirius carried Willow to the kitchen and placed her in a small wicker basket that was on the table. He hummed as he looked at her. He noticed the letter peeking out from her blankets. Taking the note, Sirius hope to find out who had left this child in his care.

Dear Sirius,

I'm sure you do not remember me, as I had given you a false name of Dawn Eliot, however, I do remember you and your embrace. We had had a wonderful night together in London. I shall hold it close to my heart for as long as I live. But that is not the reason I am writing this letter. As you can see I have left a child to you. She is called Willow Eliot Black. She is your daughter. I regret to say that I can no longer care for her because as you are reading this letter, I'm sure they have already found me. I'm sorry. She needs someone to raise her right, to make her strong, I could only think of you as the person for this job, her Father. Please, take care of her.

With love,

Ruby Aurora Vasquez

P.S. By looking at her hair, you may already have figured out that she is a Metamorphmagus.

Another slip of paper behind the note gave the basic information of the baby, such as her birthday and what she eats. Sirius looked blankly at the note. Ruby? Dawn... Yes, that's right. Seventeen months ago he had been in London and met the beautiful, black-haired woman. He looked to Willow, who had once again fallen asleep. She did resemble him greatly, despite her odd colored hair. Sirius contemplated the truth of the letter but soon came to a conclusion. Daughter or not, Sirius made it his duty to raise this girl as his own.

However, it was never meant to be...