I didn't knew that there was so many roads of life...Kinda got lost in one of them.

Naruto/Elfen Lied crossover

Pairings: Obito/Number 03

Mentions of one-sided Obito/Rin


One-sided Yuka/Kouta

A/N: Another Naruto/Elfen Lied crossover! Since Obito is one of my two favorite characters (The other one being Kimimaro), I decided to create that fanfic. Enjoy!

Summary: In an alternative universe where Obito died during the Kannabi Bridge battle, he is sent in another world by a mysterious individual. Meanwhile, in the Kakuzawa facillity, people were studying not only horned people, but a one-eyed boy with a heavily scarred face.

On with the story...

Shitty prologue

Uchiha Obito was currently trailing behind his teammates Hatake Kakashi and Nohara Rin. Obito and Kakashi just finished rescuing Rin from the clutches of 2 Iwa-nins and now they were running to escape the collapsing cave. Kakashi was having difficulty running in a straight line with his only good eye remaining. Rin screamed when a boulder landed before her.

"Rin, keep moving! Go!" Kakashi barked.

"Holy shit!" Obito yelled as he dodged a boulder.

They kept moving until finally Kakashi was struck in the head by a falling rock. He hit the ground with a hard thump, dazed and confused. Obito turned around and saw Kakashi struggling to push himself up. He hustled over to his fallen comrade and lifted him up. Looking up, Obito saw a large boulder coming directly at them. Using his strength he pulled Kakashi to his feet, tossed him to Rin, saving him...

...But Obito didn't saved himself...

...and was crushed by the large boulder.

After the cave stopped collapsing, Obito weakly opened his eye, Sharingan still activated.

"Kakashi...Rin...are you okay?"

Kakashi and Rin opened their eyes...and immediately wished they didn't.

Their comrade Obito had the right half of his body crushed by a huge boulder.

Kakashi stared back, horrified.

Rin fell to her knees at his side, her hands clamping over her mouth. Tears, no, rivers of tears, poured down her face.

"Good...you are..." the other boy whispered. Kakashi's legs failed him. He joined Rin on his knees.

"Obito-!" Rin hiccupped, unable to finish her sentence. The Uchiha outcast glanced at her as Kakashi tried to push the rock away from Obito.

"Stop Kakashi. There's nothing you can do. I can't even feel a thing down there." He vaguely gestured to his lower body, the movement of his arms halting and feeble. They barely got off the ground. "It's totally crushed. At this point, all I can do is wait for the Shinigami or the reaper to take my soul."

Kakashi spoke "It...It wasn't supposed to end like this...you unlocked your Sharingan...we were just getting along with each other...how we can continue if you're dead?"

Obito looked at him, chuckled and muttered "Does it seems like I've got a choice? I'm happy to have been a member of your team...I'm happy of having Minato Namikaze as sensei...I'm happy to have you guys as teammates...I'm happy I met you guys...and I'm happy...That I'm dying like this." It made Rin and even Kakashi sadder, remembering their past as Team Minato.

"Three things...three things to tell you...First: Protect each other...Second: Do your best to reach your dreams...Third...Kakashi...I didn't gave you anything for your promotion to Jonin...Take...my Sharingan..." Kakashi's eyes widened.

"With my Sharingan on you, I won't completely disappear...I will see the future in you...Rin...can you perform the transplantation, please?" The medic-nin nodded, before transplanting Obito's eye to Kakashi.

Unfortunately, more Iwa-nins arrived, intending to not leave anyone alive. They made handsigns, as more boulders begun to crush the poor Obito.

"Protect...Rin." Obito said to Kakashi as he fled the place with Rin.

"I never had the time to tell Rin about my feelings for her...Kakashi and I had a better relationship recently...Too bad..." Obito said to himself, before losing consciousness, and possibly dying.



"Where...am I?"

That was the question Obito asked as he opened his eye...

"So...this is the afterlife..."

"I'm afraid it isn't. You're alive and well." I responded. Obito immediately looked at me.

"Who are you...and where am I?"

"I can't answer the first question, but I can tell you we are in a dimensional void." I said calmly.

"A dimensional void? What the hell?"

"Allow me to explain everything. You've been saved by this guy, your direct ancestor." I pointed to a picture representing Madara Uchiha.

"What! IMPOSSIBLE! He is DEAD!" Obito yelled in surprise. I can't blame him through, even if his screeching was at an Haruno's level.

"While I understand your surprise, please stop yelling. He survived his fight against Hashirama Senju, and used some of his blood left in the battle for his own gains. He implanted the blood inside him, so he could gain the Rinnegan, the Mokuton and the Sage Mode. He kept a part of the Shodaime's blood for later. He created the Zetsus, using the Gedô Mazô and the Shodaime's cells. He saved you by implanting a Zetsu's cells in you. However, he wanted to use you for his own gains, which led us in why I snatched you from your original dimension...

Do you want to live?

Do you want to die? " Obito looked at me like I was insane. And you know what?

He's right. I'm insane.

"Well, if I can help my friends, I think I will live." He replied, unaware of his future.

So I did what was necessary.

A huge screen appeared from nowhere and began to show Obito's future. Obito saw everything. Rin's death, Obito's life in Akatsuki, the Kyuubi's attack in October 10th, himself controlling Yagura, the Uchiha massacre, the Fourth Great Shinobi War, the Juubi's revival, Obito as the Juubi's jinchuriki, Obito's redemption, Madara as the Juubi's jinchuriki, Kaguya's revival, and Obito's real death. The black sheep of the Uchiha's eyes widened in horror. He would never forgive himself for that, if everything in the screen happened.

"Now, the left path. You won't be able to return to your home dimension (But who knows, there is possibilities.), you will be sent in another world, and you will have to move on. You will also remember everything about what happened here. What is your choice?" I asked. At first, Obito looked skeptical, hesitated, and finally made his choice.

"I'm going to move on. He said. Better never see my friends again than hurt them. Besides, by doing that, I save Rin from death, since Madara-teme won't use her."

"Okay. Let's do this." I said as Obito vanished.

Such a pain in the neck. I'm never going to appear in my stories ever again.