I didn't knew that there was so many roads of life...Kinda got lost in one of them.

A/N: Another Naruto/Elfen Lied crossover! Since Obito is one of my two favorite characters (The other one being Kimimaro), I decided to create that fanfic. Enjoy!

Summary: In an alternate universe where Obito died during the Kannabi Bridge battle, he is sent in another world by a mysterious individual. Meanwhile, in the Kakuzawa facility, people were studying not only horned people, but a one-eyed boy with a heavily scarred face.

On with the story...

Chapter 1: It starts...NOW!

It was a beautiful day on the coast of Kamakura. The sun was up and shining through the slightly clouded sky, its majestic rays shrouded by cotton-steel wool framing it on either side. The inhabitants of the tiny town continued their daily lives without worries, enjoying the beautiful day as they ate in restaurants , worked in businesses, studied in schools and pursued their own individual interests in their own homes.

Unfortunately, some of the inhabitants had darker ideas than just living peacefully without a care...

Chief Kakuzawa wasn't really an impatient man. Far from it, from the day he's conceived his plans for Diclonii supremacy, he had carefully planned everything since the last detail, and waited patiently for years.

However, he couldn't deny that there was something he had overlooked in the last weeks, and was currently bugging him.

Said something was the "newcomer", as he came to name him. Recently, a 14-years old teenager was brought in the facility. He had an huge scar on the left side of his face. Not only that, but he had also more endurance than a normal 50-years old man.

Kakuzawa had wrongly dismissed the boy's potential, opting to think of other matters, however, after further consideration; Kakuzawa concluded that he just couldn't keep ignoring this pesky detail anymore.

However, after receiving a call from Nousou to go to his secret lab, it would appear that some of his questions regarding the boy would be solved soon…

"Alright, can you explain this to me again?" The middle aged man asked.

"Like I said, on my free time, I've analyzed the samples we recovered from our newcomer..."

"And you say it was neither human nor Diclonius? And that there is two DNA in the newcomer's body?"

"More or less, both DNA is most surely human, but there seems to be some key mutations on them that I've never seen before, it's probably no big deal though."

"What about the DNA?"

"That was the biggest surprise we had, we managed to separate and replicate a few chains of DNA, and what we found was shocking, to say the least…We both know that there were exceptional cases where human beings had been born with either overdeveloped strength or superhuman resistance, thanks to a different density of their bones or muscle tissue. Now, this child seems to have developed very similar genes to those super humans all at once. Not only that, he has also some sort of coils inside his body. More specifically, energy coils. And said energy is unlike any other humanity as a whole has ever seen before, And the scar...It isn't a normal injury. Most of his organs were replaced by new ones, a huge transplantation process. At least 44% of his body is filled with transplanted organs. Normally, the body would have rejected the transplanted organs, since their DNA and the blood are completely different, but the energy inside of his body stopped the rejection process. In other words, this boy, at a specific moment of his life, almost died, and barely survived."


"That's not the end of it, I've analyzed some alleles and some of them have a rather strong resemblance with..trees. This one, for example…" Nousou continued his explanation, motioning the man to look at one of the genes zoomed on his computer.

"What is this?"

"I've studied the same gene before when I studied trees; Basically, this gene create wood. " The young scientist concluded. Kakuzawa found himself at a loss of words.

"A breed of super-powered wood-creators humanoids using an unseen energy and able to admit every type of DNA possible in their body… I've definitely hadn't counted with that!"

"What do you suggest we do Kakuzawa-sama?"

"I…" The man trailed off, until a rather sinister idea occurred to him.

"Maybe we could use this new development to our advantage."


"Nousou, you think you can replicate his DNA to apply in our little project?"

"Yes, but I need to study the other DNA, which is quite strange too." Nousou answered him.

Kakuzawa smirked and looked thoughtful for a few seconds.

"Continue your work, Doctor. I can't wait to see the results." Kakuzawa stated, exiting the lab.


Obito opened his eye. He quickly looked around, trying to understand his surroundings. And he failed.


"Damn...Where am I?"

The Uchiha clan's black sheep would have expected to wake up in a whole new world. Unfortunately, when you expect something, it won't always happen: hence why he was wondering what the fuck he was doing in a small, white room.

"What happened?" he asked out loud.

No answer.

"Well...Crap. Anyone? Help?"

Silence was his only companion.

"Why I'va landed on such en empty place?" He wondered. Perhaps some deity wanted him to pay back for his lateness. Or for throwing his life away. Or for being a loser in an elite's clan. Or for making his whole team sad because he died.

Or for being a damn idiot, because for all he knew, the door might not be locked.

Obito got up and reached for the door. Too bad for him, it was locked.

"Damn" was the chunin's thought. He could use the Fireball Jutsu to fry the door and get away, but he was in unknown territory: this world's guards might be strong, unlike all grunts in animated series.

Wait...Obito was actually smart regarding the last part.

But that didn't matter: the Uchiha had 2 choices: staying here, unaware of anything, or try to escape. Obito made his choice as he made handsigns:

Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!

The ball of fire burned the door to ashes, allowing Obito to get out. A grin appeared on his face:

"This is so going to be fun!" he thought cheerfully.

That was, until he saw the guards.

'What are these things?' He thought, looking at the guards's guns. The guards remained silent.
"Oh well, I guess I'll see by myself", as he rushed past the guards.

The Uchiha underestimated the guns' efficiency, as he was shot in the shoulders and fell to the ground.

"What was that? Where does this noise come from?" He thought as he lost his consciousness.

"Let's finish him off" One of the guards said, only to be interrupted by another one.

"We've been told not to kill him. Let's bring him to another room." He said as he looked where the door to Obito's room once was.

"Damn...Who is that kid?"