Seeing as this story takes place after the tomorrow boys episode, I would advise you to refresh your memory on that haha. That episode is one of my favorites so I definitely had to put my own twist on things. Hope you guys like it!

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They sat on the couch watching indignantly as the boys cleaned after their reckless disaster

"So aren't you like somewhat curious to see what we're like in the future?"

"Yeah girl! And since Jimmy like totally ruined my party I say he owes it to us"

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Mmhmm you already know"

Hours earlier that same day, Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl just finished saving the future. Carl had accidentally switched Libby's gift of perfume for megalomanium causing her to become an evil dictator in the future. So in order to prevent that, Jimmy had to find the megalomanium that was gifted and the only way to do that was by destroying all of Libby's gifts.

"Ohhhh Neutron!"

Jimmy looked up from sweeping the remnants of what used to be a CD to see the blonde girl eyeing him mischievously

"What do you want?"

"Well seeing as poor Libby here didn't get a gift from you and also you destroyed her house.. on her birthday I might add, I think she at least deserves something"

Jimmy gritted his teeth as a pang of guilt hit him

"Yeah I guess you're right…

So.. CandyBar then? I'm buying"

Yes ooh I can't wait to try the rocky road surprise, I heard that the surprise parts are actually meatloaf chunks" Carl sighed dreamily

Cindy rolled her eyes

"Can it Llama Boy! We are not going to the CandyBar"

"That's right, I actually have something else in mind"

Libby said while placing her hands on her hips

"What! No way!"

Jimmy couldn't believe the girls had made it up in their minds that they wanted to go to the future. Even though he understood their curiosity, He couldn't risk letting them go. What would happen if they did something to alter it like what had just happened? He didn't really want to take that chance again

"But you owe me!" Libby snapped

"Wouldn't you rather have a milkshake or something? You know what, if we forget about the whole time traveling thing I'll even throw in a trip to retroland? What do ya say? He said with a grin, trying his best to be as convincing as possible

"What are you so afraid of Neutron? Scared that we'll find out that you're a major loser in the future? hmmm" Cindy smirked

"Actually he's probably scared that you'll find out you two are mar-"

Being elbowed in the stomach, Sheen was quickly cut off

"Ahem anyways, I'm not scared at all because I'm quite aware that I grow up to become VERY successful, Thank you very much"

Cindy knew he couldn't resist a challenge, and because of that she knew she could certainly get under his skin.

"Oh really? Prove it!"

"I don't have to prove anything Vortex"

"So I guess you really are a dweeb in the future too huh? Wow, what a shame"

Jimmy tensed up after hearing those words

"Am not!"

"Are too! Just admit that I'm right"

"I will not admit to such lies"

"Well I won't believe it till I see it"

"You know what! fine! but prepare to be amazed"

He then marched out the door with Sheen and Carl trailing behind him

"You sure know how to do some convincing girl" Libby laughed

"Well what can I say? Neutron is just so easy"

They quickly high fived each other before running to catch up with the rest of the gang

What they didn't know is that they would definitely be in for more than they bargained for and soon would be embracing an adventure that they never would forget