They all halted when they came to the end of the hallway.

There they saw that older Jimmy was strapped to a chair with duct tape covering his mouth.

"We'll get you out of here" Cindy whispered

Older Jimmy's eyes grew wide as he heard her but his voice was muffled and not understandable

Libby looked around " So where's young BG?"

"Oh why I'm right here"

The kids turned quickly to see her appear right next to them.

"So we can do this the easy way or the hard way."

Jimmy pointed at her "We're not backing down until you let my older self go!"

"So the hard way it is then? Okay don't say I didn't warn ya" she smirked

All of a sudden a few hypnotized prom goers emerged. They held blank expressions as they walked over and grabbed Jimmy by the arms.

He tried his best to wrestle away from their grip "Hey! Hey! Let me go!"

"Tie him up and put him with the other" she commanded

She looked over at Cindy and Libby "Now girls, are you gonna listen to me or are you gonna join your little friend?"

The mindless prom goers proceeded to tie Jimmy up in a chair next to his older self and then silenced him with duct tape.

"Actually we're glad you tied up Jimmy.. Ugh that boy..Talk about annoooying.."

Libby looked confused "Uh.. we are?"

Cindy winked at her friend before turning back to young BG "Yeah he was getting on our nerves and I'm actually beginning to see things from your point of view ya know. The whole brainwash him into making you his slave so you can be rich.. Man I wish I would've thought of that myself"

Young BG grinned proudly "it's a great idea isn't it?"

"It definitely is, well we better leave you off to your work now. Wouldn't wanna interrupt your brilliant plan" Cindy said grabbing Libby by the arm

Jimmy freaked out. He shook his chair to get their attention as he tried his best to yell through the duct tape covering his mouth.

They faced the hallway once more and began to walk back the way they came

"Cind are you crazy? We can't just leave them there!" Libby whispered loudly to her friend

"Wait for it…"

"Wait for what?" Libby muttered slightly irritated





"Actually girls.. I was thinking maybe you could be like my assistants"

Cindy shot Libby a smile "Bingo"

They turned back around

"Assistants you say?" Cindy asked faking her curiosity

"Yeah it's hard to come by decent help without having to hypnotize for it"

"Aw I bet.. Well okay, only if you don't mind.."

Young BG shook their hands "Welcome to the team"

Cindy nodded "Sooo just curious, what made you think of this masterpiece of a plan?"

"Well Jimmy had always foiled my plans countless times during his childhood, so I decided to take a break so I could strategically analyze my next move. During the six year break, I was able to formulate a new plan. I would use his brains against him and for my benefit. I plan on hypnotizing him into being mine and into making countless inventions for me so that I'll become stinkin rich in the future. In order to go about this though, I received some age serum from my father. You may know of him.. Professor Calamitous. Anyways, I made myself appear seventeen so I wouldn't be as recognizable and so I could easily steal away Jimmy's attention. Easier said than done by the way.. He is a loyal puppy to whoever his girfriend is.. ugh.. But anyways, as I was going to initiate my plan my future self came and told me that something went wrong and it would ruin everything. She said she would take care of the issue and then told me to proceed. So here I am about to hypnotize big brain over there. However, I wasn't expecting his younger self to try to stop me. He must of been the issue my older self was referring to. Well if she couldn't stop him good thing I will" She laughed mischievously

" good thing.." Libby chuckled nervously

Young BG whipped out her hypno-beam and pointed it at older Jimmy "and you ladies are just in time for the show"

LIbby stared at her friend anxiously. She didn't know what her idea was but she sure hoped she thought of something quick.

Young BG pressed the button on the hypno-beam and Older Jimmy was now in a trance "Jimmy Neutron.. You are now my-"


Cindy suddenly kicked the hypno-beam out of Young BG's hand. It sailed through the air, she did a backflip before catching it.

Young BG turned around furious "Y-Y-YOU LIARS!"

"You were just too gullible" said Libby

Cindy pointed the hypno-beam at young BG "oh and just for the record your future self wasn't here to stop Jimmy.. She was trying to stop me.. well older me but doesn't matter, I still kicked your butt"

She turned on the hypno-beam "Beautiful Gorgeous, you will free both Jimmys before turning yourself into the police"

LIbby chimed in "and you will tell us where you got those heels from because they are super cute!"

Cindy rolled her eyes but laughed to herself as she saw young BG carry out her orders

"Must free Jimmy. Must go to police. Got cute heels from forever 21." She chanted mindlessly

Once freed, older Jimmy peeled the duct tape off his mouth. He looked at everyone astonished "Whoa this is insane, I can't believe what I'm seeing. You must have-"

"Time traveled" Young Jimmy said completing his sentence

"Yeah wow I definitely don't give my younger self enough credit. Man, who would've known that the new girl was actually"

"Beautiful Gorgeous" Young Jimmy finished

"This has definitely been one heck of a day.. But thank you"

"Ahem" Cindy cleared her throat

"Yes right! Can't forget the star heroine, Thank you Cindy, You were awesome out there" He said hugging her

A love struck look spread across her face "hehe don't mention it"

"Cindy.. Oh no.. my date..Cindy! I've got to find her!"

"Hold your horses there Neutron.. I'm right here" she said emerging from the hallway

"Whoa where did you come from?" younger Cindy questioned

"I saw you and little Jimmy leave once I woke up and decided to go check out what was going on so I followed you guys here but looks like I missed the whole epic battle"

"Oh girl you did! Cindy just taught that beautiful gorgeous a big old lesson and just saved both Jimmys" Libby smiled

"Super awesome!" Older Cindy high fived her younger self "and by the way Cind, just for the record you're gonna save Jimmy a lot more than you realize" she whispered

Confusement spread across young Cindy's face "Wait what do you mean?

"Oh you'll see."

"You guys! Sheen and Carl are back to their normal selves again!" Young Jimmy interrupted

Sheen rubbed his head "W-W-Where am I?"

"This is where young BG tricked us into thinking she had those cheese munchies" Carl replied

"Right! Where's she at?! How dare she fool the sheen with cheesy flavored snacks! Let me at her!" Sheen yelled taking a fight stance

"Guys, it's all good now, She won't be bothering us any more"

Carl looked around "But did she leave behind any cheese munchies though?"

"I kind of miss when you idiots were mind controlled zombies" Cindy rolled her eyes

"OH YEAH! WELL… if you give us some snacks we'll be your mind controlled zombies"

Carl scratched his head "Um I don't know about that Sheen.. Zombies kinda give me nightmares"

"I am a zombie. I like brains. I am coming for you Carl" Sheen said walking slowly towards his friend

"AHH stop it, Sheen you're scaring me!"

"Well as much as I'd love to stay and watch this… I kind of would like to try and salvage some of my prom before it's over" Older Cindy replied grabbing her date and heading down the hallway

Sheen tapped Libby's shoulder

She turned around surprised

"Would my queen care to dance?"

"You're such a dork" She giggled "But sure let's go dance"

They ran off together hand in hand

Jimmy, Cindy, and Carl stood there alone

Carl looked at them "Well.. they probably have free food there so I'm gonna go.."

"Hey! Libby! Sheen! Wait for me!" he yelled running after them

Jimmy and Cindy stood by themselves awkwardly

"Uh…" Jimmy rubbed the back of his neck nervously "Thanks you know.. for saving me"

"Don't mention it" She replied sheepishly

"Just curious.. Why did you?"

"Why did I what?"

"Well.. Why did you save me? You could have let me become Beautiful Gorgeous's slave then you wouldn't have to deal with my crazy inventions or being second place in the science fair.. You could be top of our class again and you wouldn't have to put up with me anymore"

Cindy had so much to say but it just seemed as the words wouldn't come to her. A lump grew in her throat and her stomach flipped upside down. Why was it so hard for her to talk to him normally without returning back to their fighting? I guess it was just easier to hide behind the pointless banter and rivalry. However, she was vulnerable now and she had a choice on how to proceed with this conversation.

Suddenly a familiar voice echoed in her mind "Just follow your heart, it'll always lead you in the right direction"

Cindy knew what she had to do. She wasn't gonna hide anymore.



"I saved you because well…

"Well?" he questioned

She moved closer to him and closed her eyes before pressing her lips gently upon his

As the chaste kiss ended, He stood there with a goofy grin on his face. She smiled and grabbed his arm

"Come on, let's go dance"