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Note: Ok, 'afore we get started......There is a ton of bashing and OOCness on pretty much everyone's parts, but it's all in good fun, ok? Isis' OOC- pill addiction (you'll see what I mean ^_~) is meant purely to be funny. I'm sincerely sorry if I offend anyone in any way. Oh, and I love 'Phantom of the Opera'; that's why I did a bit of a parody of it. ^_^

Note #2: You all know why Isis is a cow, right? See, Kirstie read that the goddess Isis had her head chopped off and replaced with a cow's head, so we started imagining Isis the character with a cow head.....and yes, we know Isis the goddess and Isis Ishtar are two completely separate entities. We were just having fun. ^_^ Oh, and OOC stands for out of character. You all knew that, ne?

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Mojobubbles: *stands at the door in a light purple-ish kimono* Konban wa, minna-san! ^__^ Welcome to Harry Potter and the Hunt's CAST PARTY!

Kamilah: *wearing a light colored dress and gold necklace and these really huge gold earrings, along with an armband that spells something out in hieroglyphics* ....I haven't worn this in a while. *sweatdrop* GO EGYPT! \V/

Mojobubbles: .....Kami-chan, you look like a Mary-sue.

Kamilah: *sigh* I know. ....WELL SO DO YOU!

Mojobubbles: IT'S NOT MY FAULT! It's Isis-neechan's. She's letting me borrow it. ^_^

Isis: *from inside* ......DON'T CALL ME THAT!

Mojobubbles: Well anyway. *turns to guest/reader* Just head right over there. Amelda and Raphael are providing the security for tonight's event, and they're checking everyone's invitation.

Kamilah: And dare I ask how you got them to do that?

Mojobubbles: At the threat of bodily harm. Duh.

Kamilah: What about Varon? He's the other Doom-member-guy.

Mojobubbles: *shrugs* I haven't really formed an opinion on him yet. He seems cool so far, though. Not to mention Yesima would kill me if I did anything to him. ^____^

Yesima: ¬_¬ Damn straight.

Mojobubbles: ^_______^;; So, c'mon in! We're, um, mingling. We're gonna watch the bloopers and the interviews pretty soon; and they're a scream. ^_^ So enjoy yourselves. Excuse me, though, I'm off to throw darts at Dartz. *runs off*

Yami: *glaring at Dartz and Raphael* *protectively glomping Yugi-kun* I won't let them steal your soul again, aibou!!!!!

Yugi-kun: *turning blue* Air.....need.....

Yami: Oh.....sorry. *lets go*

Yugi-kun: *gasps* You almost made me drop this.......*holds up black camera marked 'BC'*

Yami: *gasp* No.....not........the BLACKMAIL CAM!

Yugi-kun: ^_^ Mojobubbles is letting me have it for the cast party.......

Malik: *comes into room, randomly wearing Rare Hunter robe*

Isis and Rishid: *notice* O.O

Isis: GYAH! *jumps back*

Yugi-kun: *snaps pic and runs off giggling insanely*

All: .......

Malik: x.x Sorry, Neesan. *walks off to go change* *comes back in his black kimono-thing*

Bakura: *walks up to Kamilah*'re unusually calm, seeing as all of *us* are together in one room......

Kamilah: ^^ I'm letting my hair down, so to speak.


Kamilah and Bakura: *sweatdrop*

Mojobubbles: *pauses in the bodily harm of Dartz* Oh boy. *goes to door* Um......what's going on? *blinks* Oh, hi, BECA! ^^

Blue Eyed Canadian Authoress: ¬_¬ Your security won't let me in.

Mojobubbles: And you showed them the invitation?

BECA: *holds up invitation*

Mojobubbles: o.O; *turns to Amelda and Raphael* Um......guys?

Amelda: She had these. ¬_¬ *holds up huge bag of Pixi Stix*

Mojobubbles: Oh.......

Raphael: And you clearly stated those carrying more than 10 of any sugary/caffeinated food item were not to be allowed in.

Mojobubbles: *scratches cheek* I know......

Malik: *comes up, hearing the noise* A hyper limit? Imouto, I'm shocked.....

Mojobubbles: Well, yah see......*gestures toward gigantic building where party is being held* I kind of don't own this place, and the guy who lent it to me will sue the pants off me if we all end up on a hyperampage.

Kaiba: *off in the corner* Damn straight. ¬_¬

Mojobubbles: ^^; It's ok, guys, let her in. We'll make an exception.

~*~Off at the refreshment table~*~

Yami and Kaya: OLIVES! *attack bowl of black olives*

Bakari: *standing over at the punch with Yami M* .....are you sure this is gonna work?

Yami Malik: ^_____^ Why would it not?

Bakari: ^_^ Point taken. *takes out glass bottle and unscrews cap*

Yami M: *shifty eyes* *stands in front of Bakari* *whistles*

Bakari: *hisses* Stoppit! That looks suspicious! They're gonna figure out we're spiking the punch! ¬_¬ *pours alcohol in punch*

Katiekat1414, AKA Katie: LOOK! PUNCH!

Bakari and Yami M: O.O SHIT!

Katie: *runs over*

((Screeching tires heard from outside))

All: *freeze* o.O;;

Mojobubbles: *peeks out the door* O_____O MINNA! THE ENTERTAINMENT'S HERE!

Kamilah: O_O YES!!!!!

Hermione: ......who's the entertainment?

Ron: I'm almost afraid to find out.

Evanescence: *walks in*

All: O_O

Katie: SUGOI! *runs off and forgets punch*

Yami M: *sigh of relief* That was close. *pause* ......right? Uh......Bakari? *pokes Bakari*

Bakari: @.@

Yami M: *anime fall*

Kamilah: *randomly pops up behind Bakari* *eye twitch* *anime flames appear in background*

Bakari: *tears off* AAAAAMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Kamilah: *poppy anime veins*

Yami M: .... *scoots away – *far* away*

Shogo: o.O; Who's Amy Lee?

Isis: O.O WHO'S AMY LEE!?!?

Malik: *comes up and shoves Isis out of the way* Ignore her, Shogo-kun, Neesan's just a rabid Evanescence fan. -_- Amy Lee is Evanescence's lead singer......person.......thing.

Evanescence: *performing Tourniquet*

Random backup singers: I WANT TO DIIIIIIIIE!

Inuyasha: Oh yeah, THIS is pleasant. ^¬_,__,_¬^

Evanescence: *stops playing*

All: *cheer*

Mojobubbles: *runs up to Amy* CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!

Amy: Sure. ^_^

Mojobubbles: ^__^ *snaps fingers and piece of paper appears out of nowhere*

Amy: o_O *signs anyway*

Mojobubbles: *to Amy* ¡Tú eres mi tía!

Amy: ......what?

Noa: She said, "You are my aunt!"

Amy: o___OUUU

Mojobubbles: ¬_¬ Dun ask. The short-shorts can speak Spanish. (Oh, and dun get me wrong.....I was 'AWW'ing at the end of the Noa arc, but....the Mokuba-fondling scares me. -.-) *snaps fingers*

Raphael: *walks in, grabs Noa, and chucks him out TW* ^_^


Raphael: ^^ *walks back to the door*

Marissa: *to Amy* See, Lisabubbles here had to do a project in Spanish class where she made up a fake family tree, and she picked you as her aunt.

Amy: I guess I'll take that as a compliment, then....

Mojobubbles: *to Marissa* When did you get here? o.O

Marissa: *shrugs* Where's Kaiba-kun? ^_^

Aneko: *nearby* ¬_¬

Sanura, Marissa's yami: KITTY! *dragging Balrog from LOTR on leash*

Mojobubbles: *to Marissa* SHE BROUGHT IT!?

Marissa: T.T I couldn't get her to leave it!

Bakari: *comes up* *stares at Amy*

Amy: Um.....why?

Bakari: Must.....stalk.....

Amy: *scoot scoot*

Mojobubbles: ...^^; *notices Kami-chan all alone by the food table* *walks over*

Kamilah: V.V *sipping soda* *sniff*

Mojobubbles: Aw, what's wrong?

Kamilah: *gestures to Bakari, staring intently at Amy* WHAT DOES HE SEE IN HER!?

Mojobubbles: Um.....maybe......

Kamilah: T_T But she's not his tyyyyype!

Mojobubbles: .....why?


Mojobubbles: *anime fall*

~~Off in a dark corner~~

((One of those therapy-lounge chair things is occupied by Duke. Someone, with their face hidden in the shadows, is sitting on a chair next to him, jotting things down on a clipboard))

Duke: Thanks for agreeing to talk to me on such short notice.

Shadow person: No problem.

Duke: I mean, I've never really been to therapy before.....

Shadow therapist: Yeah, I know. That's why we've got a lot to talk about. Now Duke, why do you think you need therapy?

Duke: Well.......sometimes I just feel so *alone*.

Shadow therapist: Have you been having friendship problems or anything?

Duke: Nope. It's pretty frustrating; I don't know what's wrong with me.

Shadow therapist: Duke......did your parents love you?

Duke: .......NO! *sobs*

Shadow therapist: *shadow sweatdrop* Ok. Now we're getting somewhere. *awkwardly pats Duke*

~~Back at the party~~

Evanescence: *now performing 'Give Unto Me'*

Amy: *sings* Giiiiiive unto meeee your troubles/I'll endure your suuuuuuuuffering/plaaaaaaace unto meeee your buuuuuurdens/I'll driiiink your deeeeeeeeadly pooooosion......

Kirstie: *randomly runs toward Amy* YOU SIIIIIIIIIIING! DIIIIIE!

Malik: *tackles Kirstie* YOU IDIOT! SHE *WROTE* THE SONG!

Kirstie: ......oh. Right.

Evanescence: *finished the song*

Amy: .......does she have problems?

Malik: *sigh* You don't know half of 'em.

Kirstie: ^________^ Malik, you're welcome to stay on me for a while......

Meht-urt, Kirstie's yami: *walks by* Malik, get off her, you don't know where she's been......

Malik: Good point. *gets up and dusts himself off*

Kirstie: T.T NO RESPECT!

Meht-urt: *runs up to stage* AMY! MEET MFN!!!!

Amy: .........did I just see you a minute ago?

Meht-urt: *sweatdrop* Um. No, not technically.

Kirstie: *runs up* HELLO!

Amy: oO;;;;;;; Did someone clone you or something?

Mojobubbles: *joins conversation* No, because the world would not be able to handle two Kirsties.

Meht-urt: *suddenly* I don't like you. -- *whacks Amy with MFN* ^_^ *walks away*

Amy: Ow. @.@


Bakari: O_O *runs in circles* NUUUU! AMY'S IN PAIN!

Kamilah: *looking as though she wants to wring some necks*

Meht-urt: *whacks Amy again*


Malik: Mr.....Fluffer....nuggets?

Kirstie: MFN for short. It's what she named the pole. ¬_¬

Meht-urt: o.o Nu!!! He shall never leave! *whacks Lisa with MFN* ^_^ RUN AWAY! *does so*


Meht-urt: NO FAIR!

Mojobubbles: LIFE ISN'T FAIR!!!!!

Kamilah: *smacks face* Oh Ra, just *smite* them all *now*.

Lightning: *crashes right outside the building*

Really big booming voice: THAT WAS JUST A WARNING.

All: .........O.O

~~In the therapy corner~~

Duke: *gets up* Well thanks, Dorito, I feel much better.

((Suddenly, the light shifts, and the shadow therapist is no longer in shadow!))

Shadow therapist:'s DARICIO!

Duke: Oh......because the girl who's going around telling us to come back here said it's Dorito.

~~At the party~~

Kirstie: *walks up to Isis* Ms. Cow, you have an appointment with Ms. Dorito in about five minutes.

Daricio: *taking a break at the refreshment table* Ok, who gave Kirstie SUGAR!? -__-

Mojobubbles: *walks up to Raphael and Amelda* WHY DID YOU LET KIRSTIE IN WITH SUGAR!?

Raphael and Amelda: O.O SHE DIDN'T HAVE ANY!

Mojobubbles: .....huh?

Amelda: She did, however, have about 5 gallons of milk.

Mojobubbles: Oh GREAT!

Bakura: *listening* Uh......doesn't milk make Kirstie hyper?

Mojobubbles: Yes. X__X

~~Back in the corner~~

Isis: *sitting on the chair thing*

Daricio: Hi there, Sisi Woc! n.n

Isis: ¬_¬ Why am I here?

Daricio: Mojobubbles thinks you need therapy.

Isis: I do NOT.

Daricio: Uh-huh. *writes on clipboard* *mutters under breath* Denial.....

Isis: Gah.

~~At the party~~

Mojobubbles: *hopping from foot to foot* Isis better hurry up with her therapy session......IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR THE BLOOPERS/INTERVIEWS!

Yami M: *sitting in the corner reading something*

Melissa: *walks up* .....what's that?

Yami M: *holds up the book*

Melissa: ......'Watership Down'? I guess I won't ask.

Yami M: Mojobubbles bought me a copy 'cause I promised not to ruin the party.

Melissa: .....o_O And you're actually keeping that promise?

Yami M: Hell, no. ^_^

Nunoko, Melissa's yami: *pops out and glomps Yami M* THAT'S OUR PSYCHO!

Yami M: Ack....x__X How do you get her off?

Melissa: Watch and learn. *clears throat* Freezer.

Nunoko: *jumps off* WHERE!?

Yami M: She's scared of freezers? o.O;

Melissa: Uh-huh. I stuffed her in there one time.

Abby: *pops up* That's why there's a killer in Melissa's freezer! ^_^

Joey: *walks by*

Abby: SQUEE! *glomps Joey*

Joey: XD

Kilalah, Abby's yami: *sigh* Fangirls.

Sanura: *walks up and starts whispering something to Kilalah*

Ramla, Katie's yami: *walks up to them* ¬_¬ What are you two doing?

~*~Back in the therapy corner~*~

Isis: .....and then I woke up the next morning, and they were both GONE!

Daricio: Aww.

Isis: And then I saw Battle City with the Millennium Necklace and the only reason I knew Rishid and Malik weren't going to die was because I knew that in five years they would be evil. V.V

Daricio: Aww. *pat pat*

Isis: *sniffle* Then there was Yami no Malik......He scared me. *shudder* But if I could, I'd like to-

Yami M: *pops up behind Isis* BOO!

Isis: *jumps up* GYAH!

Yami M: *cracking up*

Isis: ......¬.¬ *slaps Yami M*

Yami M: ......o__o Ow.

Daricio: ......GO SISI WOC! ^_^

~*~Back in the party~*~

Mojobubbles: *snaps fingers and a giant screen TV surrounded by fluffy cushy cow-patterned leather couches appear* ^_______^ Shcouc-oom!!! OK EVERYONE! BLOOPER/INTERVIEW TIME!!!

All except Katie: *zip in and sit on couches*

Katie: ....

Mojobubbles: ^^ *snaps fingers, and a cow-patterned leather beanbag appears*

Katie: n.n *sits on beanbag*

Isis: *looking around* O_O Oh, the humanity!

Mojobubbles: ^_________^ *puts tape in VCR that appears out of nowhere*



~~Chapter One Bloopers~~

"How did you know!?" Bakura gassed. He stopped and blinked confusedly. "'Gassed'?"

Mojobubbles ran in. "Sorry! That was a typo!"

Bakari came out of the ring, spotting a golden opportunity to tease his hikari. "Geez, did you have to!?" he asked, waving a hand in front of his nose.

"He who smelt it, dealt it," Bakura replied sagely, nodding.

Mojobubbles and Kaya grinned. "Good one!" they chorused.

"WHY YOU LITTLE-!" Bakari exclaimed, launching himself at Bakura and throttling him Simpsons style.

"Oh forget it," Kaya rolled her eyes. "Lemme know if you need me."


It wasn't until he was nearly asleep did Yugi remember Yami's reaction to the boy.

/Yami, remember that boy? Well, what did you sense about him?/

//It was nothing, Yugi. Just go to sleep.//

/No, I want to know!/

//I'm not going to tell you, now go to sleep!//


//O_O Such language and that's *not* in the script!//



~~Chapter Two Bloopers~~

The Millennium Item Holders fell to the ground, gasping.

Bakari: Great, now this place is reeeally gonna stink up!!!

Cast and crew: *start laughing*

Bakura: You won't let me forget that will you?

Bakari: ^_^ Nope!......Beano

Mojobubbles: *attempting to say 'cut' but laughing too hard*

Kamilah: Ok, CUT!!! *cracks up*


The fried chicken blinked.


Mojobubbles: Sorry, that was supposed to say friends instead of fried. ^_^U

Everyone else: *look like fried chicken to Joey* (As in a mirage) O_O *begin to run with Joey following them*

Joey: Come back chickens!!! I just want to eat- I mean 'pet' you!!! Come back!!!


~~Chapter Three Bloopers~~

"Interesting," Dumbledore said to himself, leaning back in his chair. However, he leaned back too far, and fell out the chair with a thump.

"OH CRAP!" Mojobubbles yelled. "Is he ok!?"

Dumbledore, being helped up by Yugi, appeared once again behind the desk, looking rather frazzled, but unharmed. "I'll have to not do that in the future," he said, winking at Mojobubbles.

She sighed and walked offstage, muttering about 'headaches' and 'more trouble than it was worth'.


~~Chapter Four~~

Ron raised his eyebrows up at the girl, and Hermione said quietly, "That's Adara Mina. She's not that bad to the Gryffindors, but she's really eccentric."


"Well she enjoys throwing stone dragons at her bed and has a collection of small rocks next to her animals."

Ron blinked.

"Exactly," Hermione said.

Ron cracked up. "Hermione, that was *not* the line!!"


~~Chapter Five Bloopers~~

Then they heard the announcement. It was during Transfiguration, their last class of the day, and McGonagall told them to pack up a few minutes before the bell. Then she told them that this concerned the exchange students as well. And then she dropped the bomb.


Mojobubbles: *eye twitch* *battle scream* *tears after Bakari* GET BACK HERE!!!!!


~~Chapter Five Bloopers~~

No one noticed the lime green face that had been peering at them the whole time, his cold orange eyes glittering maliciously.

Yami Malik: *sitting at Mojobubbles' computer* *sniggering* I love Photoshop.


~~Chapter Six Bloopers~~

"Bakura's so naïve," he growled, trying to mask his feelings. "He doesn't know anything about real life. One day, he's going to have it all taken away-" Malik cut him off.

"That's already happened," Malik said darkly. "You've never heard of Amane? She was Bakura's younger sister."

Suddenly, high pitched giggling echoed throughout the common room. Bakari and Malik screamed like girls and grabbed each other.


Mojobubbles walked in, pale. "Don't be so ridiculous! There's no such thing!"

"But it's true!" Malik protested. "There's no other explanation!"

(Offstage, Kamilah shook her head and rolled her eyes, noting that Mojobubbles was getting into another 'Phantom of the Opera' moment.)

Mojobubbles, Bakari, and Malik suddenly burst into song: "In sleep it saaaaaaaaaang to me, in dreams it caaaaaame, the voice which speaaaaaks to me, and caaaaaalls my naaaaaaaame.....AND DO I DREEEEEEAM AGAAAAAAAAAAAIN!? For now I fiiind the Phaaaaaaantom of the Fan-fic-tion is theeeeeere, insiiiiiiiide my miiiiiiiind....."

(Kamilah slapped her forehead. "I'm surrounded by idiots.")

"Quit joking around!" came a voice from offstage. "Things like this have been happening lately!" Joey spoke up, walking on to the set. He turned back. " 'em."

Yugi walked into the scene dejectedly, shoulders drooping.

Everyone stared at him. "What......happened to your hair?!" Mojobubbles gaped.

Because indeed, instead of sticking straight up in it's normal gravity- defying position, Yugi's hair flopped down across his shoulders and face. Mai, the hair/makeup artist, was following him, still trying desperately to get it to stick back up again.

"Someone stole my hair gel," Yugi sighed heavily.

"D00d....and here I was thinking it naturally stuck up like that...." Malik blinked.

"Wait, someone stole *all* your hair gel!?" Bakari asked incredulously. "You had like 5 million bottles!"

Mojobubbles looked a bit annoyed and turned to Bakari and Malik. "Ok, guys, we kind of need Yugi's hair gel."

"It wasn't us!" they said simultaneously.

"......PSYCHO-PERV!" Mojobubbles yelled offstage. Yami Malik stalked on the set, looking a bit peeved.

"WHAT!?" he demanded.

Everyone blinked, the current situation forgotten. "Um......why do you have glasses on?" Joey asked.

"They're my reading glasses," Yami Malik answered, irritated.

" read?" Bakari blinked.

"Yes," Yami Malik sighed. "And if you'll all excuse me, I was in the middle of 'Great Expectations'." And with that he walked off, muttering something about how they'd all enjoy the works of the Charles Dickens.

Mojobubbles blinked. "Ooookay, I think I'd rather not know." She turned back to the others. "So.....if it wasn't you, then who's doing this stuff?"

Suddenly, the same high-pitched voice echoed about the set. "You don't know who I aaaaaaaaam!" it squealed.

Everyone on the set looked at each other. Then, as if on cue, they all began to sing: "Track down this murderer - it must be found! Hunt out this animal, who runs to ground!"

"Hey, I didn't murder anyone!" the voice pouted.


Mojobubbles looked around a bit nervously, no longer playing the little 'Phantom of the Opera' game. "Weird......"


~~Chapter Seven Bloopers~~

(WARNING: This next blooper may leave you with some rather disturbing OOC mental images. You have been warned. ^_~)

Up in the girls' dormitory, they were all very giddy. Even Isis, who seemed to be infected by their excitement.

Actually, Isis was being a bit MORE giddy. Even for Isis. ESPECIALLY for Isis. In fact, Isis was running around singing Michelle Branch's "Are You Happy Now?" very loudly.

"Umm, what happened to *her*?" Hermione asked uncertainly. The other girls shrugged and watched, quite disturbed because they weren't used to Isis doing this.

"Think we should get Malik?" Ginny asked. Isis stopped singing and running and glared at Ginny.

"Never......." Isis spat, still glaring, "NEVER doubt my brother's ability!!" she then resumed singing and running, jumped on a trunk, and a box fell out of her pocket. Ginny scooted over to pick it up.

"OOC pills," she read. "Where did she get those?" Suddenly Katie opened the door and ran in.

"Hi," she said. "I'm Katie. You may remember me from such bloopers as.......uh......actually, I'm not in any other bloopers......yet.....ANYWAYS, has anyone seen my OOC pi-" she noticed Isis. "I'll take that as a yes. Isis, come here."

"It's FRITO!" Isis corrected her.

"How many pills did you take?" Katie asked uncertainly. She turned to Ginny. "How many are in the box?"

"Uh.......2." Ginny counted.

"Greaaat. She took 46.

"46?!" Hermione asked incredulously. After a short break from the big word, Katie nodded. "When will she snap out of it?"

"Um....." Katie thought. "......I have no clue. Pray for the best and gimme back my pills," Katie said, snatching the bottle from Ginny. "See ya!" She said, throwing the doors open and making a grand exit.


Aneko darted out the main doors and shit them right in my face.

Kaiba: Wait, 'shit' them?

Mojobubbles: Sorrrryyy! That was a typoooo!!!!

Aneko: *laughing from the other side of the door*

Kaiba: *sighs* ¬_¬


~~Chapter Eight Bloopers~~

"What are you, deaf *and* stupid?! That's what I just said!" Adara snapped.

"NOO! DIE! NOBODY INSULTS MALIK!" Katie shouted, running and glomping Malik.

"Katie......the chapter isn't over yet." Mojobubbles said, sweatdropping.

"Oh. Sorry. Fangirl reflexes." Katie apologized, walking off stage.


~~Chapter 10 Bloopers~~

"You know that getting mad is exactly what he *wants* you to do?" Yugi assed.

".......assed?" Joey replied, looking at Yugi.

"Sorry! Another typo!" Mojobubbles called from somewhere off in Mojobubbles- land.

"You sure make some strange typos......." Bakari commented. "And they seem to be themed, too," he said, making a face at Yugi.

"It's not my faauuuult! SHE made the typo!" wailed Yugi, being cute and sad. Which, in Yu-Gi-Oh, are synonyms, by the way.

"I feel your pain, Yugi," Bakura said solemnly in that kawaii lil accent of his, his hand on Yugi's shoulder. "I feel your pain."


"Malfoy?" Snape questioned icily, his lip curling. "Malfoy's been quietly brewing his potion this whole time."

"No, actually, he's been insulting our friends and family, who were almost *murdered* by *Voldemort* last night!" Malik spat.

Snape's smirk vanished and he leaned on the table, so that his face was only six or so inches from Malik's. "You may think you own this castle because you're one of Dumbledore's special guests, *Ishtar*, but you're no more special than any other student in this school." He leaned closer. "Got it?"

No one said anything. You could've heard a pin drop, as Snape and Malik continued their glaring contest.

Suddenly, Malik's lip quivered. His friends stared, confused for a moment, until they looked behind Snape. Then they understood.

Malik clenched his hands into fists, and bit the inside of his cheek.

But eventually, the sight of his sister, of all people, giving Snape bunny ears became too much, and Malik collapsed to the ground, laughing hysterically.


~~Chapter Eleven Bloopers~~

The ground suddenly seemingly gave way, and the friends fell down into a gaping black hole.

Adara, Aneko, Ginny, Lindsey: *walk over and point to the hole* Dey go down the hooooooooooole.........

Mojobubbles: *snort snerk* CUT!


As she pushed her way through the crowd, Isis felt her panic growing. Something was terribly wrong. Just then, she noticed Rishid pushing through the crowd streaming up the stairs.

Isis: *thinking* He must have sensed it too.....

Rishid: *suddenly trips on someone's robe and falls down the last two stairs, landing flat on his face* GAH! Ow.....

Isis: *snorts, then bursts out laughing*

Mojobubbles: *turns to Katie*......Katie, you're gonna have to put your OOC pills in a safe or something, I swear......

Kamilah: *snort snerk* CUT!


Sirius: *bounding up to the window* *crashes into the window and flies backwards*

Mojobubbles, Kamilah, the cast, and crew: O.O

Mojobubbles: ......He didn't jump through the trick window! X.x

Kamilah: Oh geez! *runs off* Is he ok!?


~~Chapter Twelve Bloopers~~

You know what!?" Sirius snapped suddenly. "I'm getting sick and tired of you and your over-confidence! You're worse than Yami Yugi, for God's sake!"

"Ahem?" Yami asked, popping up with a glare.

Sirius looked a bit confused and sheepish. "Yami, y-you aren't here....."

"I am on the SET, Black." Yami replied.

"No fighting on the set, people!" Mojobubbles shouted, separating the two only to find herself the recipient of two death glares.

Yami Malik grinned to himself, sighing.

Bakari raised an eyebrow and turned the psycho. "And what has you all nostalgic?" he demanded.

"Remember that time I dueled you and Malik? Remember how you couldn't get through a single move without fighting with each other?"

Bakari sighed, his hands clenched into fists and anime veins popping on his forehead.

"Oookay, this is the part where I hate myself for not hiring security......" Mojobubbles added, backing away warily, noticing Bakari and Yami Malik's side conversation.

A few snide comments were exchanged before suddenly a wave of screams filled the room and the four found themselves carried off.

"What.....was that?" Mojobubbles asked cautiously.

Katie stood next to an open door grinning. "Never underestimate the power of fangirls."

Mojobubbles paused. "Well, that's all fine and dandy, but WHERE ARE THEY NOW!?

Katie's eyes widened. "Good question."

With that, the two of them tore off after the fangirls.


~~Chapter Thirteen Bloopers~~

Mojobubbles: Ok, so Yami, in this scene, you're gonna ask Isis to go take a walk with you, and she's over in that chair. *points* Ok?

Yami: *nod* Got it.

Mojobubbles: Ready? And......action!!

Yami: *goes over to chair, looking nervous* Uh, erm, Isis, I, uh-

((The person in the chair turns to reveal not Isis, but George Weasley in a black wig!!!))

Yami: o___-

George: *high girly voice* Ooh Yami, you dooooo care!!!

Yami: _____

Everyone else: *trying to keep a straight face*

Mojobubbles: Um, guys, as much as I love seeing Yami being pranked, where's Isis!?

Rishid: Didn't we tell you?

Malik: She's at her OPAA meeting. X_X

Mojobubbles: What the heck is OPAA!?

Malik: OOC Pill Addicts Anonymous.

Mojobubbles: *anime fall*


~~And now for something completely different - BEHIND-THE-SCENES BLOOPERS!~~

Mojobubbles: *holding video camera in face* *whispering* Hello, Mojobubbles here, along with Kurama and Hiei of Yu Yu Hakusho. *turns camera to show Kurama, who waves, and Hiei, who merely nods* We're outside Voldemort's, or Baldie-bort, as Katie calls him.....o___O......*ahem* Anyway, we're outside his trailer, trying to dig up some dirt on everyone's favorite deranged evil wizard. Ok, now we're gonna go quietly........*sneaking up to trailer window*

Hiei: *off-screen, or OS for short* I hear music......

Kurama: *OS* I've never heard that song before......

Mojobubbles: *voice over, or VO for short* *sounds scared* I have.......*zooms in on window*

Voldemort: *dancing in boxers covered in smiley faces* *belting* Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-forget I'm a lady/Men's shirts-short skirts/Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah, doin' it in style/Oh, oh, oh, get in the action- feel the attraction/Color my hair-do what I dare/Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel/Man! I feel like a woman!

Mojobubbles: *swivels camera to Hiei and Kurama*

Kurama: O_O

Hiei: O_O

Mojobubbles: I am now scarred for life. Although this isn't as scarring as when my friend sent me a fanart of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, and it was an incest lem-

Hiei: .....YOU CAN STOP NOW....

Voldemort: *still dancing* The girls need a break/tonight we're gonna take/The chance to get out on the-*goes over and turns off music* *looks at window*


Mojobubbles: CRAP! HE SAW US!! *runs*

Voldemort: HOW DARE YOU-!!! *running out of trailer*

Mojobubbles: *is holding the camera behind her as she runs* GAAAAAH!!!!

Kurama: *trips on random tree root*


Mojobubbles: *stops and looks back* NUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!

Hiei: WOULD YOU SHUT UP!?! *grabs Kurama and they both start running like heck*

Mojobubbles: GAAAAAAAAAAH!! *runs*

((Suddenly, the camera flies from her grip and crashes onto the ground, causing the scene to fuzz out.))


~*~The scene begins with a close-up on Isis' face. The scene is taking place in a dark room.~*~

Isis: *ahem* I'm here, in the trailer I'm sharing with my brothers, to prove to you all that though I am the OOC-pill addict, I'm not the only nutcase on the set.

~*~She swivels the camera around, and gets up and begins to walk with it~*~

Isis: *whispering* Ok, exhibit one. *gently pushes a door open just a crack, to reveal Rishid painting his toenails electric pink* *shuts the door and swivels the camera back to herself* See the terrible injustice I'm facing here!?

~*~She walks a little further down the hallway, pausing outside a closed door. She opens this one a crack as well~*~

Malik: *in the shower* *sings* SMIRKY MCSMIRKLEDORF! HE LIKES TO WASH HIS BUTT! SMIRKY MCSMIRKLEDORF, YES HE DOES!!!!! *shuts off the shower and walks out* *humming* *sees Isis* 0.0 HOLY *mooo* NEESAN GET THE *mooo* OUT OF HERE!!!!!!

Isis: *laughs hysterically and tears out of the trailer, leaving the stark- naked Malik behind, much to the disappointment of all the hyperventilating Malik-fangirls*



Mojobubbles: After some 'persuasion' *coughcough* from me and Kamilah, we got cast members of Inu-Yasha, Rurouni Kenshin, and YuYu Hakusho to go around and interview the cast and crew of 'HPH', with some pretty interesting results. Let's take a look!!

Malik: Oh yeah, I remember these.......*evil smirk at Isis*

Isis: *glare at Kikyo*

Kikyo: *glare at Isis*

Mojobubbles: ^_________^ *plays tape*


(Malik is sitting in one of those director chair things)

Malik: Well, see, at first- *looks at the camera and sweatdrops* Uh.....kitty?

Inuyasha VO: I am NOT a kitty!!!

Malik: Well, um, the camera's......upside....down.....

Inuyasha VO: *pauses* Aww crap! Kamilah, how d'you work this thing!?

Kamilah: Erm.....*takes camera, but has no idea what to do, being from ancient Egypt* Maybe you.....*pushes button*

Inuyasha: No, that just turned it off! *grabs camera* Give it back!

Kamilah: No!! I KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!

Inuyasha: NO YOU DON'T!!!!

((Suddenly, the camera flies from their grip and crashes on the floor. Before the scene completely blacks out, we hear Mojobubbles screaming in the background, "WHAT THE *mooo* DID YOU DO TO MY CAMERA!?"))


Inuyasha VO: Is it right this time?

Malik: *rolls eyes* Yes......

Malik: Right, first I wasn't so sure about doing a Mojobubbles fic. See, I've been in her fics before, and she always makes me all tortured or angsty or.....dead.....but then I found out about the romance between me and Adara..........*grins seductively*

Adara: *from off-screen* HENTAI!!!



(Now Shogo is in the chair)

Kagome VO: Tell me, Shogo-kun, why did you decide to do this fic?

Shogo: *looks around* Um....I dunno.......

Kagome VO: So kawaii!! Do you like Mojobubbles?

Shogo: Um.....she's ok......she gives me ice cream.....but sometimes she glomps me too hard and *looks behind camera* Ooh, Kurama! Wait up! *runs off after Kurama*



(Joey and Tristan each have one of those chairs)

Joey & Tristan: ........

Tristan: Uh.....priest-guy, I think you're s'posed to ask us something.....

Miroku VO: Actually I'm a monk, but anyway......erm, what was your favorite part of doing this fic?

Joey and Tristan: *monotone* The food.

Miroku VO: What was your favorite food?

Joey and Tristan: *monotone* The pizza.

Miroku VO: What is this 'pizza' you speak of?

Joey and Tristan: O_O

Joey: You mean you've never had pizza!?

Tristan: We'll find ya some at the cast party.



(They're in chairs......duh)

Adara: *looks uncomfortable* Well, I had a lot of fun doing the gum scene with Malik.......

Kaya: And, um, I liked any scene where I got to be hyper........

Naraku VO: Whaaaaaat? You keep looking at me weird.

Adara: It's nothing personal, it's just......

Kaya: We've never been interviewed by an evil guy in a baboon suit.....

Naraku VO: .....oh.



(Both in chairs.....)

(Oh yeah, Sango's rather dumb in this interview. O___o We have nothing against Sango, it's just for giggles. ^^U)

Sango VO: Are you really a pharaoh?

Yami: -_- Yes.

Sango VO: *pause* Really?

Yami: -_- Yes.

Sango VO: Yugi, why are you so short?

Yugi: ......I just am.......-_-

Sango VO: *pause* Oh. So you're not a midget?

Yugi: -______- No. Just short. And a duelist.

Sango VO: ......what's a duelist?

Yugi: ......someone who plays Duel Monsters.......

Sango VO: Oh. *pause* What's Duel Monsters?

Yami: *spazz out*

Yugi: Can we please go on to the next interview!?!?



(Once again, this involves much OOC-ness. You have been warned. I know the beginning's pretty boring, but just keep friends all think this one is funny. Even my friend Autumn, who never watches anime o.OU)

(Isis sitting in the chair)

Kikyo VO: So, did you enjoy working on this fic?

Isis: Yes. It was a nice blend of humor, drama, and action, and that's something I don't get to do much.

Kikyo VO: How do you get along with the rest of the cast?

Isis: For the most part, very well. Except for a few thing is that my brothers are part of the cast, and we've all come so far together.

(Malik: *backstage* *glares at Yami M* Gee, who could it be that she doesn't get along with? ¬_¬)

Kikyo VO: Hm, really? I don't really get along with the Inu-Yasha cast very well.

(Mojobubbles: *backstage* Gee, imagine that.....¬_¬)

Kikyo VO: Isis, ever since the bloopers were released to the public, people have been wondering – what is the real story behind your addiction to OOC pills?

Isis: ¬_¬ My agent says I don't have to answer any questions of that sort.

(Mojobubbles: *backstage* ......does she even *have* an agent?

Kamilah: Nope.

Mojobubbles: That's what I thought. *sweatdrop*)

Kikyo VO: What are some of the qualities that make you different from the cast?

Isis: *thinks* Well......I'm very dramatic.

Kikyo VO: Mm, the same is true with me.

Isis: *nods* I've seen a few Inu-Yasha episodes in Mojobubbles' authoress lounge.

Kikyo VO: *amused* So, I suppose we both know which of us is more dramatic.........

Isis: *amused* Yes......

Isis and Kikyo: *at the same time* Me..... Isis: *icily* That's funny, I thought I heard you say you're more dramatic than me......

Kikyo VO: *icily* Yes, yes I did.....

Isis: You wanna reconsider that cuz you got nuthin' on me, gurl!! Kikyo VO: What yo talkin' 'bout, beeyotch!? (All: *backstage* o___O Malik: I smell a catfight...... Yami M: Rweeear! *clawing motion*) Kikyo VO: I am soooooooo much more dramatic! I mean, my boyfriend killed me!!!

(Inuyasha: *backstage* *twitch*) Isis: Well my brothers ran out and the only reason I even knew they were alive is because I saw them five years in the future and they were EVIL!

(Malik: Oh yeah. She just haaaad to bring that up. V.V) Kikyo VO: Well I was a priestess! Isis: So was I! *mutters* In a past life.....

Kikyo VO: I was guarding a jewel that could destroy the world!

Isis: Well I was guarding a necklace that can see the past and predict the future! HAH! BEAT THAT, YOU DEAD LUMP OF CLAY! Kikyo VO: DEAD LUMP OF CLAY!? YOU GOIN' DOWN, BITCH! *launches herself at Isis* Isis and Kikyo: *catfight*

((The camera falls, but it's still filming. Now all we can see is a big anime dust cloud with the occasional leg or arm sticking out)) Everyone who was backstage: *run out*

Yami M: GO ONEESAMA!!! ^_^

Malik: *eye twitch, eye twitch* SHE'S MY NEESAN, YOU FREAK!

Kamilah: ^^ I love it when he gets all protective of the cow.

Bakari: *grabs camera* THIS IS PRICELESS!


((Scene: *fuzzes out*))



((We assume Bakura and his yami are in the chairs, but we're not sure because when the scene begins, all we can see is their legs.))

Bakura: *OS* Um......could someone get him a stool?

Bakari: *OS*

Shippo VO: *indignantly* I'm a kitsune!!

((Just then, we hear the sound of footsteps from behind the camera and hear Youko Kurama's voice))

Youko VO: Is there a problem, Shippo?

Shippo VO: *high whiney chibi voice* The dead Egypt guy is being meeeeaaaan! *points to Bakari*

((Suddenly, the camera is raised, because Youko picked it up, unaware it was still filming. It is held at his side in such an angle that we can see Shippo pouting on one side, and Bakura and his yami in the chairs on the other.))

Bakura: ..........x_X

Bakari: This is nothing that concerns you, you pansy-fox-boy. *glare*

Youko VO: You've spoken your last, tomb raider.

Bakari: Oh, really? You may have the hair, but you ain't got da skillz!!!

Bakura: o____-

((Youko sets the camera on the ground, so that the whole scene is on its side))


Youko and Bakari: *start fighting*

Shippo: *jumps up and down* GO YOUKO! YOU CAN KICK HIS BUTT!!!!

Bakura: *silently gets up, walks slowly over to the wall, and begins repeatedly bashing his head against said wall*

Kirstie: *walks up to him* You know, that can't be good for you.....

Bakura: *points at Bakari* NEITHER IS HE!

((The camera runs out of battery and the scene goes fuzzy))



(They're each sittin' in separate chairs)

Sojiro VO: So, what did you two think about this fic?

Kaiba: sound like......*looks from Mokuba to Sojiro*

Mokuba: We're the same person! ^__^

Kaiba: o_____O;;;;;;;;;

Sojiro VO: Kaiba, how did you get so stoic?

Kaiba: .......Are you gonna get all 'the strong live and the weak die' on us? ¬_¬

Sojiro VO: *embarrassedly/amusedly* It's a hard habit to break, I'm afraid.

Kaiba: You Meiji people are all very odd. *gets up and walks away*

Mokuba: ......*blink*

Sojiro VO: I get that sort of thing a lot. V.V

Mokuba: We can be friends! ^_^

Sojiro VO: Ok! *puts camera down, even though it's still filming*

Mokuba and Sojiro: *walk away*

Mokuba: You know the first time I saw you, I thought you were a girl.

Sojiro: *sigh* I get that a lot, too.



(Rishid's kinda OOC, just for giggles ^^)

(Rishid's 'a' sittin' in a chair)

Kenshin VO: You gave a very good performance in this fanfiction, that you did.

Rishid: .......thank you......?

Kenshin VO: Did you have a favorite scene?

Rishid: I liked doing the scene in which I tell everyone that light can overcome the dark.

Kenshin VO: That was very inspirational, that it was.

Rishid: talk weird.

Kenshin VO: I do talk oddly, that^_^;

Rishid: Have you ever tried to stop?

Kenshin VO: No. It's made me very popular with the fangirls, that it has. ^_^; But I suppose everyone has their own idiosyncrasies, that they do. For instance, you have odd hair, that you do.

Rishid: Well......Egypt....has a very....different.....culture.....

((Mojobubbles: *backstage* Why *does* he have his hair like that? o_O

Kamilah: You know, I don't think even *he* knows.))

Both: *pause*

Kenshin VO: *randomly* Do you like cheese?

Rishid: o.o I LOVE CHEESE!

Kenshin VO: ^_^ I love cheese, that I do!

((Mojobubbles and Kamilah: *backstage* *fall over laughing*))

Kenshin and Rishid: *hear them* ....o.o

Rishid: Wait.....aren't these interviews going to be shown to the public?

Kenshin: .....that they are.

Rishid and Kenshin: *groan*



(Written by the interviewer ^^)

Katie: Woo! I get to interview Harry, Ron, and Hermione!

Ramla: Wait, wasn't Kuwabara supposed to do that?

Katie: into.....a little accident.....*cough*

Ramla: o_O.....okay.....

Katie: ANYWAYS! *snaps her fingers and a bean bag appears* ^__^ *flops into the bean bag*

Mojobubbles: Since when did you have AP?

Katie: Since I started writing this interview, Ri-chan.

Mojobubbles: Right. *walks off*

Harry, Hermione, and Ron: *enter uncertainly and sit in the chairs*

Hermione: You don't look like a Kuwabara.

Katie: Yes, Kuwabara.....couldn't make it. *cough*

Ramla: Must you always cough?

Katie: Yes, because the cough masks the words I am saying that provide information you should know but I don't want you to.

Everyone: .....

Katie: .....I never said that. Anyways, let us begin....LE INTERVIEW DE LA GENS!

Ramla: You don't know French.

Katie: Désolé! Je ne comprends pas!

Ramla: Stop that.

Katie: Fine. *turns to the invité - I mean, interviewees* Now then, how does it feel to NOT be the main characters in this fic?

Harry: It's actually sort of nice, not to be the focus.

Hermione: Gives us some backstage time. You know, to catch up on things.

Ron: And to dye our hair.

Katie: .....what?

Ron: I mean our clothes. To dye our clothes.

Everyone: o_O;

Ron: ....Gryffindor colors.

Katie: Right..... Next question. Ron, do you and Hermione get along out of the fic?

Ron: Yes.

Hermione: *at the same time* No.

Katie: Ahem, Miss Granger, this is Ron's question.

Ron: Yeah, we get along out of the fic, just.....not as much as some may think.

Hermione: We get along.....with fights.....every now and then.....

Harry: .....every 3 minutes.....

Hermione: .....yeah.....

Katie: Quel dommage! *Ramla glares* Now then, each of you, what was your favorite scene?

Harry: I dunno, I kinda liked the scene where Hermione and Ron snuck into the kitchen and stole a-

Ron: SHH! That's in the sixth book!

Harry: CRAP!


Katie: do you all feel about Sirius dying in the fifth book?

Hermione: *bursts into tears*

Ron: *scoots away from Hermione* Um, well, actually, off-page, I never really spent that much time with the guy. He wasn't the socializing type, if you know what I mean. He spent a lot of time in his dressing room, trying on hats and shoes.

Harry: He had more pairs of Stiletto Heels than me!

Everyone: *stares*

Harry: *quickly* I mean, because I don't have any, of course.

Hermione: *still sobbing* He-he*cries harder*

Katie: Moving on! Have any of you read my old and worthless fic, WHEN HERMIONE ATTACKS?

Harry: No.

Ron: No.

Hermione: .....yes.

Katie: Well forget you ever did, because it was written in 6th grade and is total crap. people are hard to interview. I don't know what to ask next. Ramla! Ask a question!

Ramla: are your favorite colors?

Hermione: Green.

Ron: Red.

Harry: Pink!

Everyone: *stares*

Harry: I, uh, thought you said least favorite colors.....yes.....I like BLUE. Yes. Blue.

Katie: ......*walks away* Ramla, you get better replies, you take over. *turns around and flops back into her beanbag*

Ramla: Well, lets see. Do any of you have a boyfriend or girlfriend in real life?

Hermione: Actually, I do have a boyfriend.

Harry: Me too. *realizes what he said* *rushed* I mean, girlfriend! I have a GIRLFRIEND!

Katie: Okay, wait a second. Harry, you make mentions of Stilettos, you like pink, you hint at having a boyfriend, and you quite obviously have PMS in the fifth book! Are you REALLY Harry Potter?

Harry: .....I don't have to answer this. *runs out*

Katie: Looks like the interview's over. However, because I'm still writing...*snaps her fingers and the room fills with various chocolates* ^.^ YAY! I love writing stories.

Ramla: .....

Katie: *snaps her fingers and grapes appear near Ramla*

Ramla: YES! *eats the grapes quickly* Whee! *bounces around the room*

Katie: Well, this concludes our interview! For those of you who don't know, I'm Katiekat1414, a friend of Lisa's. Ramla's my Yami, and she goes completely insane whenever she eats grapes. Okay, this is Katie - signing out!

Ramla: *in the background* The hills are alive.....with the sound of platypi......



(Sirius is sitting in a chair)

Hiei VO: *smirky tone* So. How did you feel about who JK killed off in 'Order of the Phoenix'?

Sirius: ¬_¬ Not funny. AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE THREE EYES!

Hiei VO: Hey, having three eyes is a very fashionable.....thing.....

Sirius: Well I saw Yusuke kick your sorry demon ass. :P


((Yusuke: *backstage* Oh. Great. So now it's all about me, huh? -___-

Mojobubbles: ^_^U I'll stop them, ok?))

Hiei VO: *growl*

Sirius: *smirk* *pause* *notices Jagan eye opening on Hiei's forehead* OH SHIT!

Mojobubbles: *runs out* HIEI! O-O STOP IT!

((The camera is dropped as Hiei flies at Sirius))

Mojobubbles: MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIIIIIEEEEEEIII!!!!!

((Scene: *fuzzes out*))



(Mojobubbles in the chair)

Sesshomaru VO: What gave you the idea for this fanfiction?

Mojobubbles: *_* *drooling*

Sesshomaru VO: *pause* drooled.......

Mojobubbles: Whatever you say, Fluffer-sama......*starry eyed*

Sesshomaru VO: ^-_,__,_-^ Don't call me that.

Mojobubbles: Can I call you Sessahomie?

Sesshomaru VO: ^-_,__,_-^ No.

Mojobubbles: Darn. What about Sessy-kun?

Sesshomaru VO: NO! It's Sesshomaru-sama, Lord of the Western Lands!!

Mojobubbles: o.O

Sesshomaru VO: Alright, fine......You can call me Sesshomaru. ^¬_,__,_¬^ *mutters* Let's try this again........what gave you the idea for this fanfiction?

Mojobubbles: I dunno.

Sesshomaru: *sighs exasperatedly*

Mojobubbles: Really, I don't know! I read some HP/YGO crossovers and I liked them, so I wanted to write one!

Sesshomaru VO: What's a little-known fact about this fanfiction?

Mojobubbles: Aneko is based on my friend Marissa (minus the little brother part ^^), Kaya is based on my Internet-self (the real me has some.....issues), Adara is based on Kirstie/Katie, and Lindsey is based on my sister Laura.

Sesshomaru VO: What are your thoughts on the dubbed version of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Mojobubbles: *gasps* YOU SAID THE D-WORD!

Sesshomaru: What, dub?

Mojobubbles: STOP SAYING IT!

Sesshomaru: I take it you don't like the dub, then?

Mojobubbles: Well, actually.......I just hate that they cut so much stuff out. But that's about it. Although.....I hate what they've done to the Ishtars. I mean, how could they have even *thought* about calling Malik 'Terrance'? And then his dubbed voice his completely opposite his Japanese, and.....there are certain *names*.

Sesshomaru VO: Like.......?

Mojobubbles: ODION!!!! O.O *claps hand over mouth* I SAID THE O-WORD! *runs off to the bathroom and begins washing her mouth out with soap*

Sesshomaru VO: *blink* Riiiiiight. Tell me how you got into Yu-Gi-Oh! and Harry Potter.

Mojobubbles: *comes back, scowling, but suddenly perks up* Weeeeell, with Harry Potter I bought the first book about 4 years ago and after reading the first chapter on the bus, I was hooked.

Kamilah: *appears next to Mojobubbles* ¬_¬ That's *real* interesting, aibou.

Mojobubbles: -_- Shut up, Yami. The Yu-Gi-Oh! thing is better.

Sesshomaru VO: *sigh* Care to explain?

Mojobubbles: Well it all goes back to the time I found nothing on TV except PowerPuff I watched it.

Sesshomaru VO: What does that have to do with anything?

Mojobubbles: I'm getting there! So anyway, I really liked PPG and it was my new thing. So then, I went onto the Internet trying to find pics, and I stumbled upon a PPG fanfiction site. Now, I've been writing fics for years and years, just in my head, y'know? I just didn't know that they were called fanfictions. It was like, "WOW! I'm not the only one who comes up with these weird little story/plot things!"

Kamilah: *raises eyebrow*

Mojobubbles: ^^ So, I messed around on this site for a few weeks, and liked it. Then I noticed that they kept talking about this website on the message board. Yep, So, I tried it out. And it was like, "WOW!" So....I joined, stumbled upon a really funny Blue's Clues fic, then I wanted to read more by that author. She had written "Yami in Blue's Clues Land", a Yu- Gi-Oh! fic. I liked that I read it. Now, this was back quite a while ago, when I hated Yu-Gi-Oh, and made fun of it......I read this fic and really liked it....but I was confused.....for one, they used the Jap. names, and it was Yami/Yugi shounen-ai, and I didn't know what that was yet, so I though Yami was a girl and Yugi's girlfriend.....for the longest time I kept calling Yami a she.....but that's beyond the point! After the fic, I watched Yu-Gi-Oh!....and again......and again......and again......and pretty soon I was obsessed!

Kamilah: And then you got ME! ^_^

Sesshomaru VO: .......alright then. Ok, Kamilah, while you're here, tell me what exactly you think of Mojobubbles. And be honest.

Kamilah: She's cool! It used to be the opposite, I was the crazy one and she the sane one. I dunno.......sometimes she gets too hyper for me......she's great, though. And then I have a bit of trouble dealing with her when she gets all depressed. Sometimes things get rough, but we stick together.

Mojobubbles: YAY! *hugs Kamilah* Thank you Kami-chan!!!! ^^

Kamilah: ^___^

Sesshomaru VO: *ahem* Both of you tell me what you thought about this fanfiction. And be completely honest.

Mojobubbles: It was hard. *laughs* But I think you all knew that.

Kamilah: At times we did consider scrapping this story, at least for a while.

Mojobubbles: But we were getting too many loverly reviews to do that. ^^

Kamilah: Parts of it were kind of messed up.......

Mojobubbles: Yeah, because there were still quintessence that I didn't fully understand.....

Kamilah: Like lots of things about Malik.

Mojobubbles: Yup yup. And then giving Kaya and Isis yamis was weird.

Kamilah: Uh-huh.

Mojobubbles: I mean, there are not different 'categories' of yamis.

Kamilah: See, before our Japanese DVDs, we thought Yami Malik actually did come from the Rod.

Mojobubbles: But nuuuu, Malik's just 100 percent schizo. ^_^

((Malik: *backstage* -__________- Not funny.))

Scene: *fades to black*


All: ^___^

Yami M: *quietly gets up and sneaks off into the corner, which no one notices*

Inuyasha: Soooo......who was that 'Phantom of the Fanfiction' thing, anyway?

Mojobubbles: .....O_______O We........never found out.......

Evil high-pitched laughter: AAAhahahahahahaha!!!!


Lights: *flicker off*

Phone: *rings*

Creepy voice: 7 daaaaayyssssss.....

Malik: O_O *screams like a girl and hides behind Rishid*

Lights: *flicker back on*

Mojobubbles: O__O Everyone ok......?

Evil high-pitched laughter: AAAHAHAHAHA!

Kamilah: *points up* LOOK!

Rishid: IT'S A BIRD!

((Shadowy figure swings above all on a rope))

Ramla: IT'S A PLANE!

Shadowy figure: *no longer in shadow*

Bakari: .......IT'S A FLYING ALBINO!!!!!!

All: .......WHAT!?

Mojobubbles: *squints* O_O HE'S RIGHT!

Flying albino: *loses grip on rope* GYAAH! *falls*

Bakari: CRAP! *runs, and catches albino* OOF!

Both: *topple over*

All: ........

Kamilah: *walks over* ok? *gasp* It''s.......

Bakura: What, who is it?


Amane: *gets off of Yami B* Uh.....sorry, Uncle Tomb Robber......

Bakura: AMANE-CHAN! *runs over and glomps Amane*

Amane: ^_^ Hi, oniichan! *hug*

Yugi-kun: *snaps pic on Blackmail Cam*

Mojobubbles: Amane-chan! ^_^ *hugs Amane too*

Amane: Lisa-neechan! ^_^

Mojobubbles: were the Phantom of the Fanfiction?

Amane: Uh-huh.

Mojobubbles: .....Makes sense, seeing as you first started doin' stuff when we first mentioned you......

Amane: V_V I missed oniichan and Uncle Tomb Robber. They were taking to long to film.

Bakura: I'm sorry. V.V

Bakura, Bakari, and Amane: *group hug*

Malik: This is getting disgustingly fluffy. ¬_¬

Nunoko: *snigger* You're just mad at her for saying '7 days'.

Malik: Hey, you never know when Samara might just pop out and-

Samara: *pops out* Boo.

Malik: HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER! *jumps a mile*

Shogo: *waves* Hi, Samara-chan! ^_^

Samara: Hello! *waves* ^_^

Mojobubbles: long have you been here?

Samara: I've been hiding up in the rafters with Amane waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Mojobubbles: Oh. guess I can't really welcome you to the party, then, since you've been here since-

Samara: Give me toast. ¬¬

Mojobubbles: Heheh. ^^;; Ok, ok. *snaps fingers*

Giant mound of toast: *appears*

Samara: YAY! *jumps in toast*

Yami M: *in the corner on a payphone* Ok......what's the number......*punches in numbers for about five minutes* Ow.....ow.....fingers....numb....*listens for a moment* this the reporter hotline thingy? *pause* Yeesss.....I'd like to report that I just saw Lisa and Kamilah and Kirstie and Meht-urt and their little gang.......*evil grin* *pause* Uh......yes, they're here in the building. They're, um, so terribly scary. *monotone* Help. Help me, please. Send someone immediately.

Loud voice from outside: FREEZE! THIS IS THE REPORTERS!

Yami M: .....that was quick.....thanks. ^_^ *hangs up*

Mojobubbles: .......WHAT!? *THE* REPORTERS!?

Malik: o_O You mean the virtual reporters from that chat where you and Kirstie reported on how Saddam Hussein was hiding in a hole oddly similar to my old house?

Mojobubbles: ......YES!

Reporters: *run in*

Reporter 1: Yes, folks, here we are, at the hideout of *deep breath* Kirstie and Lisa and Kamilah and Meht-urt and Malik and Rishid and Isis and Yugi-kun and Yami and Amane and Bakura and Yami B.

Reporter 2: Lisa and Yami B appear to have been hiding under the aliases of Mojobubbles and Bakari!!!

Mojobubbles: *turns to all* OK! WHO CALLED THE TIPLINE!?

Hermione: ......tipline?

Mojobubbles: Yeah! It was something like......*deep breath* 1-800- IjustsawKirstieandLisaandKamilahandMeht-urtandMalikandRishidandIsisandYugi- kunandYamiandAmaneandBakuraandYamiBs onowi'mcallingtoreportwhatijustsaw.

Yami M: It's a bitch to dial, you know.


Yami M: .......yes.

Malik: Why *did* you call them?!


Yugi-kun: *snaps pic on BC*

R1: *takes BC* EVIDENCE!

Yugi-kun: T.T

Yami: There, there aibou.....*hugs Yugi*

All: *look pointedly at Mojobubbles*

Inuyasha: *mumbles* Shounen-ai nut.


Reporter 3: Another crime to add to their ever-growing list – fourth wall breakage! Our expert researches are working on what a fourth wall is right now!

Bakura: 'Crimes'? What are our crimes?

Police guy: *walks in* You're all under arrest.

All: WHAT!?

Mojobubbles: WHY!?

Police guy: For kidnapping Mary-Sue and Annie-May, and breaking this fourth wall you speak of.

Mojobubbles: Oh yeah....I did mention a Mary-Sue the first time with the reporters......but who the heck is Annie-May?

Bakura: .....Annie-May......Annie-May.....ANIME!

Kamilah: Ohh! They think'

Police: *handcuff the gang, and somehow manage to get them all in a truck*

SCENE: In a large jail cell, far, far away....

Inuyasha: Well THIS sucks.....*smooshed up against the wall*

Mojobubbles: C'mon, guys, we have to plot our escape! *attempting to pace, which isn't really working due to the lack of space*

Kurama: *suddenly perks up* o.o *hand shoots out of the bars and closes around something*

Daricio: *blink* What is it?

Kurama: *opens hand* .....I don't know......

Katie and Mojobubbles: o.o

Mojobubbles: K-chan....isn't that....a GO piece?

Katie: *blink* It is!

OS voice: The Matrix has you! ^.^

Shadowy figures: *pop up in front of the bars*

Taller figure: The Matrix has you! ^.^

Smaller: said that already....

Bakari: Oh, enough with the shadowy figures....-.- *yanks flashlight out of nowhere and shines it at the figures*

Kamilah, Mojobubbles, and Katie: It's Sai and Hikaru!! ^_________^


Sai: *wearing Matrix sunglasses*

Kirstie: Gooood Sai.

Another voice: Oh c' guys have no idea what you're doing......

Bakari: .....*shines flashlight at newcomer*

Shugo: *is there holding out Kite's bracelet*

Jail door: *melts*

All: YAAAAY! *begin running*

SCENE: Outside.......jailbreak....duhduhdun.....

Random glowing hole: *opens up in ground*

Kamilah: *points* Look, a plot hole!

All: YES! *crowd over to plot hole and jump down it*

Plot hole: *dumps us all back in the party building*

Joey and Tristan: Whoo! *randomly shove a piece of pizza at Miroku*

Mojobubbles: Is it....cheese? ^.^

Joey: Mmhm. ^^ *tosses her a piece*

Mojobubbles: *CHOMP* ......*shares the cheese with Rishid*

Rishid: ^.^ Thank you, imouto-chan....

Mojobubbles: *suddenly looks at watch* ......OH CRAP! ALL OF YA OUT! This building's not mine, remember?! And you had to be out of here.....three hours ago!

Kaiba: *runs out of nowhere and chases Mojobubbles* SUE! SUUUUE!

Mojobubbles: *running* And so it seems our party has come to a rather rushed close!! (But it IS over 40 pages.....) ^______^ Hope ya'll had a great time reading, I had a great time writing!!!!

Kamilah: \V/ Review, onegai? ^__^