Chapter 1

Tragic Destiny

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Applejack woke up screaming in her bed drenched in sweat. She panted as she realized she was awake in her bed, the night still blanketing the sky. Hearing hoofsteps race toward her room, Applejack wiped away the tears in her eyes as the door slammed open. Granny Smith, Bic Macintosh, and Apple Bloom were wide awake and vigilant for whatever made Applejack scream. Apple Bloom was the first to speak upon seeing her sister's disheveled state.

"Applejack? What's the matter?"

Applejack gulped. She knew what the matter was. But it was something she shouldn't discuss with a filly. At least, not yet.

"J…just a nightmare, everypony. A very, very bad nightmare."

Getting the hint, Granny Smith looked to her grandson and spoke.

"Why don't ya'll go and make some hot chocolate for all of us, Big Mac? Ya know how it always calm the nerves after a nightmare."

Also getting the hint, Big Mac led Apple Bloom to the kitchen while Granny remained behind with her eldest granddaughter. Once the sound of hoofsteps vanished, the elder Apple grabbed a nearby chair and set it next to the bed, Applejack too frozen with fear to protest.

Once she was sitting in the chair, Granny Smith looked at Applejack dead in the eye.

"Was it THE nightmare, Applejack?"

Deep down, Granny Smith was hoping it wasn't. If it were so, it would be the end of everything. The nightmare playing over and over freshly in her mind, Applejack couldn't help but burst into tears.

"Oh! It is, Granny! I saw it all! I saw him. And him! They were both there! One comforting me, the other mocking me with a sickening gleam in his eye."

Granny bit her lip to try and keep herself from crying. Trying to find a silver lining, she spoke to try and comfort her granddaughter.

"It…maybe you can suppress it. The others have tried before‒"

But Applejack erupted, her tears flowing like waterfalls.

"And they had failed, Granny! Every single one of those Apples! I may be the Element of Honesty, but how is that gonna help stop me from becoming like them?!"

As much as Granny wanted to say otherwise, Applejack was right. The others had tried before, only to fail after suppressing for so long. She let Applejack sob for a few minutes, praying that the rest of her grandchildren won't come back too soon. Still, she got off her chair and pulled Applejack into the tightest hug the elder mare could give. The younger mare wanted to pull away, but soon embraced her grandmother and started to sob on her shoulder.

After a little while longer, Granny Smith broke her silence.

"Ya know this means we'll have to let Princess Celestia and the rest of the Apple Family know, includin' Lil' Apple Bloom."

Applejack pulled away from her grandmother in shock. Tell Apple Bloom something this horrific? At her age?

"We can't, Granny! She can't learn the Secret, yet! She's too young!" But Granny huffed as she sat on the bed.

"Oh, fiddlesticks! Ya'll were Apple Bloom's age when ah told ya the Secret. Same with Big Mac. Apple Bloom has to know. Especially…"

Granny couldn't say any more. She didn't need to. As much as Applejack wanted to say otherwise, Apple Bloom would learn the Secret eventually. She just wished that she had more time to prepare her sister.

"At least she'll never have the Nightmare."

Looking to Granny, Applejack sniffled.

"L…let's keep her from school tomorrow. The sooner she knows, the better. Right, Granny?"

Granny Smith nodded as she placed a loving hoof on her granddaughter's back.

"Just remember. No matter what happens, no matter what you become, we'll still love you. We'll always will."

The next morning…

Apple Bloom was worried once she heard that she was excused for the day. Was she in trouble? Again? Or was there something wrong with a member of the family? For whatever reason, her gut was telling her it was the latter. She was the first one up after falling back asleep the night before. She was also worried about Applejack. Even after a cup of cocoa, she could still be heard crying in her room. How terrible was the nightmare she had? Was it why Apple Bloom was excused from school today?

One by one, the Apple Family entered the living room. Granny Smith walked in first, followed by Big Macintosh. The stallion had a black trunk wrapped in chains on his back. It was sometime after he set the trunk down that Applejack finally came down from her room. Unlike most mornings, Applejack was a mess this particular morning. She had dark circles under her eyes, her flaxen mane was unkempt, and her body seemed to shake like gelatin with each step. What was most noticeable was that she wasn't wearing her ribbons or her hat.

Apple Bloom's heartbeat grew in rate as the family started to close every opening to the house and covering the windows with their curtains. The filly gulped as the family gathered around her with saddened looks.

"Wh…what's goin' on?" she asked nervously.

Seeing the growing fear in the filly, Granny Smith placed a comforting hoof on her shoulder.

"Apple Bloom? Do ya know why the Apple Family has valued honesty?"

Apple Bloom gulped as she nervously gave her answer. "Be…because we don't like liars?"

A chuckle escaped Granny's lips as Applejack and Big Mac took their seats.

"Well, that too. But it's much deeper than that."

Granny then pulled out something from her neckerchief: an old brass key. Walking to the trunk, she inserted the key into the padlock that kept the chains in place. With a swift turn, the padlock clicked open and the chains fell. Granny then took another key, a black one, and opened the locks on the trunk itself. Every Apple held their breath as Granny opened the trunk.

Inside were various papers, portraits, and other memorabilia that Apple Bloom was unfamiliar with outside of a sci-fi or horror movie. Reaching inside, Granny pulled out a single portrait. It was of a handsome white Earth Pony stallion with a brown, wavy mane that was tied back. He was dressed in a white shirt with a red vest. His eyes held a kindness that made Apple Bloom feel comfortable.

"This is your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great uncle: Dr. Moonstone Jekyll."

A light went on in Apple Bloom's head. She had heard the name before.

"We've just read a story about somepony with his name in school! The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

She then raised an eyebrow as Granny gave her the picture.

"But…he's a made-up storybook character…isn't he?"

Big Mac shook his head sadly.


Hearing her brother, Apple Bloom's eyes widened.

"If he's…real, does that mean…"

She gulped, unable to finish her sentence.

Granny Smith rummaged through the papers until she found an old newspaper. She handed it to Apple Bloom. She read its headline with shock and horror.

"Murder on the Streets of Canterlot. Mare found dead in an ally on Whitechapel Street. Murderer still at large!"

Looking up to her family, Apple Bloom's eyes filled with horror. Granny Smith was the one who finished Apple Bloom's long-silenced sentence.

"Mr. Midnight Hyde was real, too."

Sitting down, Granny continued to speak to her horrified granddaughter.

"Now, the story was told by that Robert Louis Stevenscolt as a request from the princess. The book was written so that ponies wouldn't forget Jekyll's fight with Hyde. Poor stallion, may he rest in peace. Later generations grew to believe it was a fabrication inspired by a time of fear. But we Apples knew better."

Sighing, she took the paper from Apple Bloom and set it aside.

"Apple Bloom. Our family has secrets. We are honest about everythin' so that we could balance out the secrecy. Now, we are being honest with you by telling you the Apple Family's darkest secret of all."

Apple Bloom remained silent, too focused on what was going on to say anything. Granny Smith sighed as she held up eight other portraits of ponies unfamiliar to the filly.

"Our family changed their name after the Jekyll/Hyde incident and became apple farmers. Our ancestor, Honeycrisp, wanted to give her family a fresh start. But she could never forget her dear brother. However, her grandcolt, Cortland, began acting strange. He would be sweet one minute, and violent the next. His appearance would change from well-groomed to downright messy without him doing anything. His Cutie Mark even changed from a healthy red apple to a rotten one."

She then held up a portrait of a young stallion dressed in farmer's garb to Apple Bloom. Surprisingly, he looked similar to Braeburn, but with slightly shorter hair.

"One night, he killed one of his friends before disappearing into the night. Before he fled, he announced himself as 'Shadow Hyde.' Hearing the name 'Hyde,' Honeycrisp pleaded for Princess Celestia to help in capturing her transformed grandcolt. The princess did, but asked if she could observe him. It was to find out how he changed in the first place."

Apple Bloom gulped as she stared at the portrait of Cortland.

"What…what did she find out?"

The older members of the Apple Family closed their eyes in grief as Granny told her.

"Celestia found traces of Jekyll's formula within Cortland's blood. After some more investigatin', she asked Honeycrisp if she had ever helped her brother with his experiments. Turns out she did and was there when Jekyll created the formula to try and 'cure' a pony's inner evil. Seems the formula didn't just effect Jekyll. Honeycrisp inhaled the scent of the formula, her DNA changin' at a more passive way. She became the first carrier of the 'Hyde Virus,' passing the virus down through her descendants. It was thought to be bad luck that Cortland became the first Hyde since Midnight Hyde himself."

Connecting the dots, Apple Bloom looked up to her grandmother in horror.

"We're…we're ALL Hyde's?"

Granny Smith shook her head immediately at this accusation.

"No. Well, not exactly. We're carriers. It took a couple of centuries to discover that the Hyde Virus awakens once every 100 years. And it always effects ONE member of the Apple Family. It's as if each Hyde has been chosen each century. For the past thousand years, only nine Apples, including Moonstone Jekyll, have been Hyde's. So there's a very slim chance of an Apple becomin' a Hyde."

She then stared down to the floor, trying to hold back her tears.

"But when it does, there are signs."

"Signs?" Apple Bloom asked, hoping to keep a lookout in case she were to become a Hyde.

Granny Smith raised her head somberly at Applejack, who was wallowing in her own sorrow.

"The first sign is a nightmare that not even Princess Luna can get rid of. Moonstone Jekyll and Midnight Hyde approach the Afflicted One in their dreams as their life plays out before the Afflicted. Moonstone would try and offer hope, only for that hope to be dashed by Midnight Hyde."

She then looked to Apple Bloom, her gaze filled with sorrow.

"Apple Bloom…The 10th Hyde-Born has awakened. And…and she's…"

Granny couldn't help but burst into tears as she embraced Apple Bloom.

"The 10th Hyde-Born…is…" She mentally kicked herself as she practically screamed the name.


The name echoed in the filly's mind as she stared at her sister. Her sister, the Element of Honesty and, in her opinion, the best pony in Ponyville, was a Hyde. Looking to her brother, Apple Bloom saw tears falling from his eyes. He knew. She was the last to know.

Apple Bloom's tears could not blur her eyes fast enough to prevent her from seeing her sister and idol breaking into tears.

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