Hello Everyone!

It has been over a year since I last posted to this story. I cannot thank you enough for all reading it and I hope that all of my readers are well. In our time apart, I have written another Krumione fanfiction and a Game of Thrones fanfiction. But, this Christmas, I had to come back to my most loved story and offer it to you in a whole new way!

From now until Christmas, I am going to be uploading audio chapters of this story, read by none other than myself. I hope that you guys will love listening to this story and enjoying it in a new format! Please, let me know what you think, as always, feedback is priceless.

This piece can be found on SoundCloud under the username Peachpaaige. But a search of "The Flower Shop" and the title of the chapter will bring it up!

Happy Listening!