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This story has been plaguing my dreams for the past couple nights, it's on repeat playing over and over in my head, it's very distracting so I must get it out of my mind, so here it is!

Rated M for violence, bad language and possible lemons

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Chapter One

I can't believe I'm freaking lost, it's just my luck really. I had to go looking for that damn book store by myself, I should have had Leah and Emily come with like they offered.

Stupid book addiction.

My phone is dead, the sun has set and there isn't much in this part of town, abandoned buildings and empty lots. I hear a door open and close and nearly jump out of my skin. I look down an alley way I was just about to pass to find a finely dressed woman and man. I catch the eyes of the lady who gives me a kind smile, she tugs on the man's arm. "Edward, look." She says. "There's a girl." She's absolutely beautiful.

The man, strikingly handsome with dark messy hair peers in my direction and I decide to step out.

"Are you alright, dear?" The woman asks, she motions for me to join them, even in this lighting her eyes are a brilliant green, a color I've never seen before besides on glass bottles.

I know that my father has always taught me about strange danger but I'm lost and they look decent. I step forward.

"I'm sorry, I've taken to many wrong turns, I thought I was heading back to the board walk and my phone died, it was day light still when this first happened." I explain. "Could you give me directions?" I ask.

The man seems tense but the lady, kindly smiling, says. "Oh you poor thing, it's been hours. You've almost made it though, about two miles that way to the right on 8th street and then straight on for a few blocks."

I laugh, shocked, I really got myself lost. "Wow, my friends are going to mad at me." I can't believe this. "Um, thank you, for the directions." I turn to start leaving when the man's voice rings out.

"Wait, kid." He says, seeming to have soften up a bit. "Let us give you a ride, this really isn't the place you want to be, especially alone at night." Just as he says this, down the street the woman had pointed me to, a door slams open, rowdy laughter filling the night air, I realize that's a bar and I have to cross it to get back and now there are drunks sitting outside of the place.

I look back to the two well dressed people, I know looks can be deceiving but there's something about the woman that I trust.

I nod, "Thank you." I tell them talking a few steps closer, the lady leaves the man, meeting me about half way, she takes off her sweater and wraps it around me. I hadn't realized just how cold I was until now. She gives me another kind smile and steps back to the man. He's about to say something when the door that they'd just come out of opens up.

The man stiffens and the woman's eyes widen, she looks back to me and mouths hide, before a man steps out of the door way. I dive behind a dumpster, anxiety crawls over my skin.

I can't make out what's being said but I know it's a heated argument just by the tones being used and then I hear a strange sound, one I've heard before on movies and in real life, my breath catches and my heart jumps and starts pounding into my chest almost painfully hard. My vision blurs and I clamp my mouth shut, my hands flying over my mouth to stop the whimpers, a lifeless body falls to the ground, a strangled cry fills the air. I startle as a second flash goes off along with a sound of pressured air being released quickly, a second thumps to the ground. I press myself into the wall wishing more than anything that I could go through it and disappear.

"Leave them like the trash that they are, I wouldn't want their filth in my car." A male voice rings out.

"What about Edward, boss?" Someone else asks.

The first voice chuckles, "We wait to see if he can piece this together and if he does he'll show his face soon enough and I'll blow his head off." He says.

He has this strange accent but I can't place it, if I could maybe only see his face... I push myself off the wall and shakily crawl to the corner of the dumpster that hides me, I hesitantly peek around the corner, there are six of them. All men, well dressed in suits, not far from me are the lifeless bodies of the kind strangers. The woman's eyes are open, wide and staring at me. I have to hold back another sob.

Three of the men have long hair, two dark, one light colored, the other three men have short dark hair, they're all tall except one who seems to be the boss, he's shorter with long hair tied at the nap of his neck.

"Dispose of them in the garbage and let's go." The short man says.

More panic shoots through me as I realize I'm next to the only dumpster here. I press myself back against the wall and start making my way to the exit, if I could just get out of here unnoticed and alive that would be great, I could get help. Just as I make it to end of the alley someone shouts "Hey!" and a thwack hits the wall above my head.

"Kill her!" Another shouts.

I don't even turn back to them, no I run as fast as my short legs can carry me. As hard as I can, I push myself, I jump into an empty building, trying to still head in the direction the lady had told me before, three miles, I just have to survive three miles! More pings and thwacks sound out around me as shots are misfired.

I run across another street, down another alley way, through two more vacant buildings, two empty lots, down anther street before I start to hear the sounds of civilization. The sounds of screeching tires behind me let's me know they've found me.

Go, move it! I scream at myself as I push myself my hardest, my legs screaming at me in protest. Down one more alley way and I come running full speed out into traffic, the last thing I see is a bright light headed right for me before I'm swallowed in complete cold blackness.

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