After her failure with the pickup lines Diana knew she couldn't go back to Flash for help so she carefully reviewed her options. She decided perhaps getting a female's help would be better so she chose Black Canary. They got along well enough and she had managed to get Green Arrow so she had to know what she was doing. Although Diana wasn't afraid to say that Batman was objectively and subjectively far better than Green Arrow in almost every way.

She found the other woman in the training room wreaking havoc on a training dummy after one final kick Black Canary turned around to face her. "Hello is there something I can do for you, Diana?"

"Yes," Diana decided to be direct rather than try beating around the bush with hypothetical, "I want to know how you managed to get Green Arrow to love you."

"Why are you interested in him?" Black Canary asked playfully. Diana couldn't help making a face at the idea of her and Green Arrow together, luckily Black Canary wasn't offended she simply laughed before adding, "I suppose your type is a bit more dark and brooding."

Diana choked on air, "How-"

"Diana it's basically common knowledge that you like Batman at least among the less oblivious people I know," Black Canary smirked, "Meaning Oliver hasn't realized it. Before Wonder Woman could deny it Black Canary continued, "He's hot I'll give him that, plus that gravely voice I could totally get into it. But I couldn't handle his attitude, so I'll leave him to you."

"Okay yes I do like him, but my question still stands," Wonder Woman wanted to get back to the reason she approached Black Canary in the first place and off the topic of her apparently obvious crush.

"Honestly I didn't have to do much to get Oliver was the one originally interested in me and I didn't even like him. I fell for him because he was sweet, he was always there when I needed him and he constantly tried to show me how much he cared for me, I can't even remember how many flowers he's gotten me," Black Canary reminisced with a slight smile.

"So I'll buy Batman some flowers, perfect," Wonder Woman quickly thanked Black Canary and flew away before Black Canary could stop her.

Wonder Woman arrived on earth and tried to gather flowers quickly she flew and managed to snag flowers from a cemetery in the middle of a burial, an old woman's garden while she was planting them, and flat out stole some from a store. By the time she arrived back at the Watchtower she was feeling pretty good about her quest. All that remained was finding Batman and giving him the flowers as per Black Canary's instructions.

She was fairly sure he was in the monitor womb so she flew there not paying attention to her speed or surrounding. So if she smashed a few people out of her way she could hardly be blamed because they were unimportant. Batman noticed her presence and turned to face her just as she landed at her destination. She took a step forward and began to raise the bouquet she noticed an important detail, it was completely ruined.

She belatedly that in her excitement she failed to account for the fact that flying around at high speeds and smashing the flowers around would damage them. The roses were simply thorned stems with a few petals barely hanging on. It was too late to just hide them because they were half outstretched towards Batman already so she just froze and waited to see what he'd say.

"Why do you have those?" He asked a hint of a smirk appeared on his lips, but he didn't make any apparent moves to or away from her.

"I found these dead flowers," Wonder Woman said slowly still leaving them hanging in between them.

"And?" Batman encouraged to continue the story she hadn't really made up yet.

"So I picked them up," Wonder Woman added not entirely sure where she was supposed to go with this line of questioning.

"Clearly. What I want to know is why you're carrying them around," The smirk never left Batman's lips and Diana was getting more flustered by the second.

"I was going to return them to whoever dropped them," was the best Wonder Woman could spit out.

"I'd try Black Canary," Batman offered and Wonder Woman felt a sudden pang of fear that he knew everything that was happening he added, "Green Arrow constantly throws them at her, I've found flowers around occasionally."

Wonder Woman hoped that he was simply offering his help and didn't mean anything by it so she decided to bow out gracefully or as gracefully as she could at this point. "Right, I'll try that thank you Bruce."

"No problem, Diana," Batman replied as he turned back to the main computer. Before she had left the room he asked while typing, "Diana, do you like flowers?"

"Oh I don't know I've never gotten any as a gift, I think I'd appreciate the gesture if someone bought me some," she answered honestly still desperate to escape with her pride intact.

"Maybe I'll buy you some next time I'm in Gotham," he said calmly as if it wasn't an important matter like Wonder Woman had thought it was. The off handed offer threw her off so much that she tripped over nothing and landed hard on the ground. Rather than let him say anything she flew out of the room blushing for two major reasons the first being her embarrassing fall and the second was that Batman considered buying her flowers. She decided it wasn't a complete failure, but she wasn't planning on buying any more flowers.


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