What if Rose Tyler had an older sister? Two years older, Emily Tyler worked in a department store and was the one to meet the ninth Doctor, going off to travel with him but when Emily goes missing for a year, it's Rose's boyfriend Mickey who gets hauled in for questioning. Rose never gets jealous, well a little until Christmas Eve 2005 when they hear the sound of the blue box Emily goes off in and see a stranger stumbling out. After that, the two sisters get jealous of each other when Rose volunteers to look after the 'new' doctor and after his recovery, he asks Rose to go travelling with them.

In this story, it's Rose who is the unwelcome guest in the Tardis, not Mickey and will cover the first few episodes of series two and only briefly until Rose joins in their travels. Events may be a little timey-wimey!

~~~~{ silversurfer60 }~~~~

Emily Tyler had got home from work the night of the explosion at the department store in town she worked in, Rose and her mother anxiously waiting and relieved she hadn't been caught in the blast.

"No, I'd just crossed the road, I had to take the lottery money to Wilson, then all these shop window dummies started walking towards me."

Rose laughed, sitting down and picking up a magazine. "You've been watching too much sci-fi on TV Sis."

"Very funny Rose. You'll see when they start doing it everywhere else."

Emily was not going to say what had really happened, that a man in a leather jacket, a northern accents and big ears had pulled her out and sent her home after he'd asked her name and told her to run. The doorbell rang and Rose's part-time boyfriend was standing at the door.

"You ok Emily? I just saw it on the news."

"I'm fine Mickey, thanks for asking."

"Come on Rose, let's take her down the pub."

"Is there a match on?" Rose asked, tired of being a football and pub widow.

"I'm hurt by that remark," he huffed, trying to pull her up.

Jackie had been on the phone, telling friends and family her eldest daughter was safe and sound.

"Here, Emm, you'll get 500 quid if you sell your story to the papers."

"Give it here Mum," Emily replied then pressing the 'End Call' button and folding the aerial away.

"Well you got to do something, you're out of a job now. You should ask about compensation, me and Rose ain't keeping ya."

"I'll do something about it tomorrow. Are you going out Rose?"

"Nah, go on Mickey, you'll catch the second half."

Mickey left and Emily playfully swiped at Rose's legs, her feet on the coffee table.

"Don't know why you bother with him."

"He's better than Jimmy."

"Rose, anyone is better than that poor excuse for a bloke. Want to know a secret?"

Rose nodded while Emily made sure her mother was in the kitchen.

"That's not all that happened tonight, there was someone else in that basement."

"Who was that then?"

"This older bloke, says his name was The Doctor. I think he's the one who blew up the store. The dummies were really alive Rose, cross my heart. He stopped them, said they were tryin' to take over and he pulled the arm off one of them, it's in our bedroom."

"It had better not be on my bunk Emm."

"Chill Rose, I'll show ya later."

The next morning, Emily got up, her alarm sounding as usual, Rose kindly reminded her sister she had no job to go to.

"Gee, thanks for reminding me," Emily groaned, yawning and pulling the duvet back over herself. They had just got dressed when Rose heard a noise at the door.

"Mum, you said you'd got that cat-flap nailed down, you're such a liar," she called as it flipped towards her again.

Her sister was amused and stood behind her as Rose got down and saw a pair of legs at the other side of the door. Emily suddenly realised who it might be,

"'Erm Rose, why don't you go check on mum?"

"What? She's drying her hair, she'll be ages yet."

Emily had taken her place and saw the Doctor's head peering through the flap. She got up hurriedly and opened the door.

"It's you," the Doctor stated, looking first at Emily then at Rose. "What are you doing here and who's this kid?"

"Excuse me, I'm not a kid, thanks very much," Rose huffed. "Who's this Emily?"

"I told ya Rose, the bloke I met last night. I live here, what are you doing here?"

Jackie was still oblivious what her two daughters were up to.

"I was tracking a signal, it led me here. Have you still got that arm from that dummy then?" he asked, staring at Rose again and swearing he'd met her before.

"In the bedroom, you'd best come in then."

Jackie picked that moment to stop her industrial sized hairdryer she used on clients, her being a home hairdresser, which supported her and her two daughters. She looked up as the Doctor stood outside Emily and Rose's room door, Emily getting the plastic arm he'd thrown at her last night.

"Rose, what's that man doing in here?" she shouted, first fastening the tie on her dressing gown then tossing her hair.

"Something to do with the fire last night Emily said, she's just getting something."

"Oh. I hope she's gonna get compensation then?"

"We're talking millions," the Doctor grinned, thinking he'd also met this woman before but he'd never seen Emily, whom he never had even asked her surname last night.

"There's a strange man standing outside my bedroom," Jackie declared, clutching her dressing gown.

"Yes there is," he replied.

"Well anything could 'appen."

The Doctor shook his head. "No."

Jackie huffed and picked up her hairdryer again, after pushing the door to and seeing Emily coming out of her bedroom, the dummy's arm behind her back.

"Rose, make us a cuppa will ya?" Emily asked as the Doctor allowed her past and followed her into the living room.

She tossed the dummy's arm at him and went to join Rose in the kitchen, failing to see him through the open hatch look at himself in the mirror, saying it wasn't bad he supposed then picking up a letter addressed to a Jackie Tyler and last of all picking up a deck of cards and them all falling on the floor.

"Is this a good idea?" Rose asked her sister, seeing the Doctor's back to them as she looked through the hatch.

"Chill Rose, I'll just see what he wants, speaking of which, I'd best not leave him alone for too long."

Rose was still waiting for the water to boil when she heard a crash and thinking nothing of it, carried on singing to herself as Emily and the Doctor were first trying to get the arm from around his neck then he was trying to get it off her face with his sonic screwdriver and almost destroying the glass coffee table in the process. Rose finished making the tea and walked in, two cups balanced in one hand and one in the other.

She stood in the doorway as the Doctor freed Emily and tossed the arm away.

"What was all that about then?"

"Nothing," both Emily and the Doctor replied.

The Doctor decided it was time to leave but Emily wanted answers and went after him and none of their lives were ever going to be the same again.

Later on, Jackie had decided she would take matters into her own hands and call and get a compensation form for Emily so she dragged Rose along with her. They had just come out of the police station when Jackie got a call.

"Where did you get to?" she asked Emily. "I got you that compensation form, you can thank me later, me and Rose are just gonna do a bit of late night shopping."

Emily was still stunned that after following the Doctor into a blue wooden box they had landed by the side of The Embankment, staring at the London Eye and trying to figure out how the Nestene Consciousness was controlling the shop window dummies. Rose and Jackie were just talking as they came down the escalator of the shopping mall when they heard the sound of a shop window breaking and people screaming as childlike dummies smashed their way through the shop next door and one opened its hand to reveal a gun.

Jackie grabbed Rose and they got back on the escalator, running outside as they got to the top to find cars littered all over the street and a bus abandoned, people running everywhere. Jackie still held onto Rose as they tried to get behind the bus but as Rose turned around, more dummies were heading for them. One was about to fire at Jackie, Rose trying to pull her away when suddenly, the dummy toppled over as did the others.

They clung hold of each other as police cars arrived, picking up their discarded shopping bags. Rose's phone rung.

"Emily, where are you, don't go out, it's not safe."

She never heard her older sister let out a laugh of relief that her younger sister and her mother had escaped but what neither of them knew was that earlier on, Mickey had been nosing around and found himself caught up in the middle of it and when Emily and the Doctor had found the base of the Nestene Consciousness, he had been cowering in a corner claiming something was talking to him.

Emily had rescued the Doctor from the dummies and they had all got away in what the Doctor had called The Tardis. Mickey had staggered out in disbelief.

"What was that thing?"

"If I told you Rickey, you'd never believe me," the Doctor told him.

"It's Mickey and you'd best not tell me, no-one would ever believe me, especially Rose."

"Cheer up Mickey, at least you didn't get turned into one of them," Emily laughed.

"So, you've seen what this box can do," the Doctor told her, leaning on the corner.

"Is it always like that?"

"Yep," he nodded.

"You're an alien?"

He nodded again.

"Don't Emm, think of your mum and Rose," Mickey pleaded with her.

"Yeah, he's right, what would they think?"

"Well, thanks again Emily, you saved me," the Doctor declared.

"Yeah, I did, good job me and Rose were champs in gymnastics at school."

She pulled Mickey up and they turned around to walk back to the flats, hearing a strange noise behind them and seeing the dust swirling around where the blue box had been.

"Come on Mickey, let's see if mum and Rose are back."

They heard the strange whirring sound again and Emily turned around. The Doctor stood in the Tardis doorway.

"Did I mention it also travels in time?"

"Mickey, tell mum and Rose I'm going off for a while, see ya."

With that, she ran into the Tardis, leaving a stunned Mickey Smith standing there.

Mickey didn't know what to say when he got back to Rose's flat, she and Jackie trying to recover from what had happened and decided he'd best stay quiet. Rose would never believe he'd been in a blue box that moved and Emily had said something about travelling in time.

For a while, Emily kept calling to say she was out looking for a job and staying with a friend but Mickey suspected she was still with that Doctor though he couldn't say anything, Jackie Tyler would slap him silly for not saying anything to her sooner. Days turned into weeks, no-one on the estate had seen Emily Tyler and Jackie had been to the police twice to report her missing,

Rose and her mother were sat in the local police station while a second report was being typed up but Jackie wasn't satisfied.

"We'll have to do this on our own Rose, we're not gonna get any help here. I'll get Jimbo to print us some leaflets out and we'll pin them all around the estate and we'll find her ourselves. Where's Mickey been lately then?"

"Dunno, says he's been working but I think he's just avoiding me, he doesn't know what to make of it. I think he knows something Mum, he never said anything about that night those shop dummies were smashing up windows and shooting everyone."

"Rose, so ya think he's got something to do with Emily's disappearance?"

"No, he wouldn't do a thing like that, would he?"

"He was your boyfriend Rose. Go find that officer and tell him we have a suspect."

Mickey was hauled in a total of three times over the coming months. The months turned almost into a year and despite Rose trying to comfort her mother, Jackie had stopped taking bookings for her little home business, Rose had got a job at the local market working with her mother's sometime boyfriend Howard and they managed to keep their heads above water.

The 'Missing' poster of Emily was plastered on every door to every block of flats, on lampposts, bins and anywhere they could think of but it was approaching a year since Emily had been gone. They'd had a miserable Christmas and New Year, only going out on New Year's Eve because Rose had dragged her mother out, then they'd had to walk home in the snow from the pub when the car they were getting a ride in got a flat tyre.

They'd wished each other a happy New Year and Jackie had gone off to some bloke she knew saying she was hardly likely to get a better offer at her time of life.

"Aw, don't say that Mum," Rose had told her, holding onto her arm. "Don't stay out all night."

Jackie had let go. "Try and stop me."

Rose had laughed as her mother had walked off, they were both missing Emily terribly but they'd tried to make the best of the festive season but neither of their hearts were in it. Rose had gone towards the stairs but was passing a corner by a recycling bin when she heard a noise.

"Someone there?" she called out.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," a London accent called back at her, Rose just seeing the shape of a tall thin man lurching forward and holding onto the wall.

If she and her mother had come into the courtyard from the other direction, they would have passed the very same blue box Emily had been whisked away in.

"Too much to drink?" Rose asked curiously.

"Something like that. What year is this?"

"Blimey, you have had too much. It's 2005, January 1st."

"Really? Tell you what, I bet you're gonna have a really great year."

"Not really, not unless my sister comes back, she's been missing ten months."

"I'm sorry to here that."

"Why am I talking to a shadow?" Rose laughed, trying to get a glimpse of the man still hiding.

"Bit of a mess, you know how it is. Anyway, what's your name then?"

"It's Rose and you are?"

"No-one, just forget about me, I'll stagger home now. Go on, I'll be fine."

"Sure? Do ya want me to walk you home?"

"Nah, just live in the next block, I saw you and another woman approaching and I didn't want to scare you both."

"If you're sure? Night then and happy New Year."

"Yeah and you, been nice talking to you Rose."

"Yeah, see ya."

With that, she skipped the rest of the way, opened the door and ran up the stairs, thinking it was a shame she'd never got to see the man she'd just spent the best part of five minutes talking to. Two months or so later, Rose never seeing any male on the estate who vaguely looked like the man in the shadows from New Years Eve or sounded like him (she had been looking) she was in the kitchen, the living room being overtaken by even more leaflets as Jackie was about to go further a-field to try to find her eldest daughter. She looked out of the kitchen window, sure she could hear a strange noise.

Jackie hardly got out of her dressing gown since the new year and she had just gone to join Rose in the kitchen when they heard the front door opening.

"Mum, it's me, got held up at Shareen's, you know what she's like. Anyway, how have you two been?"

Emily stood in the kitchen doorway, Rose and Jackie dropping their mugs of tea on the floor.

"What? It's not like I've not stayed away for a few days before."

Emily turned to the living room, seeing the 'Missing' posters in a box and scattered around.

"What's been going on?"

"I think I can explain that," a voice called from the front door. "Emily, you've not been away for twelve hours, it's been twelve months, I got it wrong a bit."

"You're telling me," Emily replied as Rose and Jackie recovered from the initial shock and were both now hugging her.

"What did I miss then?"